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    Olabisi Onabanjo University popularly called OSU or OOU
    changed me, It reduced the rate at which I make use of
    my gargantuan phallus even at its detumescence state
    but don’t even imagine its seize when it’s hard because it
    becomes dinosaurian such that even mothers of three or
    four get excited looking at the bulging frame from my
    pant trousers. Yes! You heard me right, mothers! I lay
    with anything under skirts. I had become a legend before
    leaving Lagos for Ago-Iwoye with the intention of
    painting the town red with my power rod but sadly I couldn’t because registration process under the main
    Campus popularly called PS or Permanent Stress is
    enough to run a man mad but thank God I didn’t run mad,
    before the commencement of lecture I already hated
    the school, registration process was cumbersome but
    when it was finally over I began to find something
    interesting about the school.
    On this Monday morning, I resumed my own class at the
    motion ground and went straight to join the Kegites who
    were gyrating and drinking palm wine which is available in
    abundance, then this lanky guy bumbled in, he stank of
    cheap liquor and cigarettes;
    ‘Haffa na my guy!’, he approached me with a stretched
    arm. I shook him and replied; ‘I dey’.
    ‘Me sef don see say you dey as you dey flex alone this
    early morning, na you dey enjoy o’, I laughed and replied
    him; ‘which enjoyment dey inside palm wine na?’.
    ‘Ahhhh!!! Enjoyment plenty ooo, oya make dem gimme
    something make I drink for your head na’, he said.
    I liked the guy’s courage and humility. It is obvious that he is
    not a fresher like me and he knew that I am a fresher
    yet he still decided to hang out with me so I called out to
    ‘Eya’ the palm wine tapper. I would have ignored him but I had so much cash on me and what I needed at that point
    in time was a mate to drink with me. I ordered for two
    gourds because my cup was almost empty so we
    started drinking.
    ‘My guy, thank you jare, I really need this drink, my girl
    friend just leave me because of one stupid yahoo boy like
    that, so the thing dey vex me gaaan’
    ‘Eh yah, sorry’, I tried to console him.
    ‘Which kind sorry you dey tell me, shey my mama die ni?, I dey go OGD hall go look for fresh fish there jare’, he said.
    With the way he addressed me, I assumed he didn’t
    know I am also a fresher, perhaps I was wrong to think
    he knew. So as we drank on, I contemplated whether
    to tell him or not, he made my thought easier because he
    is a chatter box so he talked on and on while I brooded
    over my decision. Although it sounded like it’s no big deal
    but to someone like me who has familiarised himself with
    undergraduates I knew making your status to a stalite
    known as a fresher makes you vulnerable to extortion
    and subjugation sometimes, so I decided to keep my calm
    and played along.
    When we finished our drinks, I paid Eya and we left the
    pub together;
    ‘Thanks for the drink bro, me na Nas, Nas o pe meji ni
    OSU yi’, he introduced himself with a self adulation.
    ‘Me na Last Born’, I said.
    ‘Okay na Last Born. So, where you dey go?’, Nas asked
    ‘Nowhere jare’, I lied. I knew I am supposed to attend a
    GNS class at OGD but I didn’t just feel like it.
    ‘Ehn ehn, oya follow me go OGD na make we go catch
    fresh fish’, knowing I had no choice because Nas looked
    and sounded like the type that will convince someone to
    do something out of his will but he didn’t need to
    convince me much because that was my real destination
    and I had no other place to go any way.
    OGD lecture hall was filled to the brim with all 100L
    students waiting for the lecturer in charge of the GNS
    course. Students from other levels who came to the
    lecture hall to hunt for babes and make new friends
    were almost as much as the 100L students themselves
    so the hall and its surroundings was busy like a hive when
    we got there.
    We quickly mixed up with the crowd and Nas found
    himself a babe in less than five minutes, three minutes
    later he found another one and by the time we had
    spent fifteen minutes there he has collected about
    seven phone numbers and making a girl laugh out so loud
    that he she could be heard ten yards away.
    Nas looked at my direction and saw me standing
    perplexed so he excused himself from the girl and came
    to me;
    ‘Haffa na, how many you don catch?’, he made it sound
    like catching a fish for real or like it’s that easy. It is easy
    for him any way.
    ‘Guy! Soji yourself o, no dulling for here. You suppose don
    catch one fish as par say you be fine boi, girls go even
    dey monkey for you’, as he spoke he noticed I wasn’t
    looking at or listening to him rather I was staring at an
    angel walking towards my direction.
    Nas brought me out of my reverie with a mocking devilish
    ‘Mugu! You don miss road, no just go there at all o, na Sisi
    Oge you dey look? That girl wey proud pass like say na
    she be president pikin. She no dey answer guys before,
    na now wey she win Sisi Oge you come dey look her?’.
    I ignored him and walked up to her but wished I hadn’t
    done so because I got the disgrace of my life as she
    looked at me as if God isn’t my creator, hissed and
    walked off to a Honda baby boy and left me staring at
    the rear of the car as it zoomed off while I stood glued
    there staring into blank space.
    …to be continued!

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    I guess Sisi Oge later got under your charm and was crazy about you.

    This tory be like say e go make brain die oooo


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    Where my fellas dey and those coolval clerks. Make una come with una register come call attendance oooo

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    @Adedayo plz am begging u anytym u drop anoda line am pleading dnt forgt 2 tag my name i nid 2 follow dz 2 end.

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    Nxt episode comez wen?

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    Nice Starter……ride on

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    This will be the first party I will attend while on campus
    so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it will take the
    shape of what I’m used to back home but Alas! I was
    proved wrong when I got to the venue by and it
    was deserted. I thought I’d missed the venue so I re-
    checked the broadcasted message which Nas sent and I found out that I am at the right venue at the right time
    so I decided to take a stroll.
    A course mate lives around Itamerin which is not far
    from the venue of the party so I decided to check on
    him. When I got there, the mumu boy was watching
    ‘Spartacus’ so I sat down and joined him in the intense
    show of ogreish and savagery intense love making movie,
    the film caught our attention and we were lost in it and
    before we could say “tick-tac-toe”, the time was
    almost midnight, I hissed, kicked off my shoes and
    prepared to share his bed with him when Shina, one of
    his hall mates barged in.
    Shina is one of the big boys on campus, Duru had gisted
    me that he owned a Venza, an EOD and a Lexus jeep so
    when he popped his head into Duru’s room his perfume
    alone is enough to take my eyes off the TV set;
    ‘Duru so u never sleep, abi u sef wan go the party?’,
    Shina asked Duru but Duru happened to be a dulling guy.
    ‘Bros no o, I wan read because we get GNS 102 test
    Shina laughed out louder than one could imagine so I wondered what was funny about reading for a test.
    ‘So na GNS you serious with like dis, guy you be mumu,
    dress up make we go party jooor’, Shina told Duru but
    Duru refused so I utilised the opportunity and asked Shina
    if I could follow him to the party. The guy agreed
    without thinking twice about it. Obviously, he didn’t want
    to go alone;
    ‘E be like say you be sharp boy, come jare make we dey
    go, I hope say you Sabi drink well o’, he said.
    His question excited me because he sounded like someone
    who is ready to get me drunk and I am always more than
    ready to show him that I’ve made friends with the bottle
    right from infancy.
    As he cruised towards the venue of the party, his
    headlights shone on a couple kissing and snuggling by the
    corner, they cursed him with the unexpected distraction
    but he just smiled and ignored them. They were the first
    set of many others who followed in nooks and crannies
    around the venue or at the rear seat of the cars parked
    around making out.
    The strong pungent smell of marijuana took the air as we
    alighted, that was when I realised I am attending a real
    party, my thoughts were confirmed when we entered
    the hall and the smell of marijuana, cigarettes mixed with
    body odour, liquor, alcohol, perfumes and sweat
    overtook me.
    Stepping off the cold night into the hall marked a sudden
    change in the atmospheric condition. The heat in the hall
    was like that of a bakery and I loved it, I loved the
    odorized atmosphere because it has a feeling of intimacy
    to it. Right from the entrance of the hall, the hyper
    sighted Shina and his praise rented the air;
    Shine Po in the building, make some nooooise!!!’.
    Prior to this time, I didn’t know Shina is the legendary
    Shine Po I’ve heard about even before I secured
    admission. With his influence, I got admitted to the VIP
    section with less traffic of dancers. As the bouncers
    made way for us through the dancers, I saw the angelic
    babe seated in the VIP section where Shine Po and I were being led to. The same girl who clunked out on me a
    few days ago, she is none but the Sisi Oge of Ogun
    She wore a black lycra dinner gown which clung to her
    skin like a second skin. I quickly made my way towards
    where she sat before Shine Po would. Two other girls
    sat on her left hand side and just one guy on the far left
    hand side having a tete-a-tete with one of the girls. I skipped her and went straight to the other girls after
    saying a brief hello to them I moved on the only guy in the
    VIP section obviously the financier of the exclusive
    section of the party whose table carries one bottle of
    Ciroc, two bottles of moet, several bottles of Andre
    and several other bottles of wine and liquors. I later got
    to found out that he is also a legendary OSU boy called
    ‘Omo Alhaja’.
    It is rumoured that he is as wealthy as Shine Po or
    wealthier than shine Po, whichever way it turns out only
    the parties involved knew how much there are worth.
    They both bought cars for whichever girls they dated on
    campus and offered humanitarian services like paying the
    tuition fees of less privileged students. I turned back and
    went to sit by the girl and said ‘hello’ she ignored me and
    concentrated on her phone. An iPhone 6plus, unlike some
    other guys that will be intimidated, I also brought out my
    blackberry bold5 and started pinging. Shine Po was
    already seated by the other guy and they were
    discussing in hushed tones.
    So as not to look like a fool I decided to give it a trial again
    as the saying goes “OSU boy no dey carry last” and I’m
    already a part of them. So I decided to take it rough since
    this babe doesn’t look like the type that will give in with
    ease so I startled her by pinching her elbow.
    ‘Are you mad?’, she spat at me.
    I replied her with a wide grin shouting at the top of my
    voice because there was so much noise coming from
    the speakers and I could hardly hear myself speak;
    ‘Wow, thank God, at least I know this babe that is giving
    me a sleepless night is not Dumb’, she smiled wryly and
    concentrated on her phone again.
    Twenty minutes later, she had loosened up because I
    didn’t give her a breathing space and I knew she wouldn’t
    want to walk out of the VIP section or leave the party
    that midnight so walking out on me like she did on campus
    is out of the question. I’ve also learnt that I am sitting in
    that VIP booth with the two wealthiest boys on
    Campus meaning for now I can make use of the
    opportunity and pose like a big boy or a big boy’s friend.
    Shine Po ordered for two more casket of champagne
    and this brought more attention to our VIP section, the
    hyper resumed his duty by hyping shine Po till the caskets
    arrived at our booth.
    Sisi Oge losened up even more because she laughed at
    two more silly jokes which I cracked while leaning on me
    then our slow bonding acquaintanceship was interrupted
    by the hyper again only that this time I heard my name
    and Sisi Oge’s summoned to have a dancing competition
    which is called “LOSE N STRIP”.
    …….to be continued!

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