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    # The_Choir_Girls_and_I # Episode_2
    She was fair, beautiful with wicked curves that could drive one mad. I was taller than her, so i could see her features. As usual with the girls of this generation, the two top buttons of her dress were open and i could see the top of her bre*asts rising and falling in harmony with her breathing. I was getting hard already by merely looking at her.”Thank you”, i replied, when i could find my voice.
    “I’ve never seen someone play the keyboard the way you do”, she said, “it was awesome”.
    “I thank God. Besides, i’m not that good” i replied. If there is one thing i dont do, it is to brag that i’m a good keyboardist. I love the instrument and despite the fact that i can play it well, i never let pride get in.
    “You have an amazing voice”, i complimented her. She blushed.
    “I don’t.”, “I dont even know how to sing”.
    I just smiled at her and said “wash”, then she started laughing. Each time she laughed dimples appeared on her cheek. It

    complemented her beauty. I stared at her, from her head, looking at her lips and imagining me kissing them, then to her
    bre*asts. They were the average sized oned. Hot and well balanced. Then i stared down to her hips. Man, she’s got some deadly curves. I started thinking how hot fu*cking her will be.
    “are u going to the reception?” I asked her. From where i was standing, i saw mr camry getting more impatient.
    “Yes I am”, she replied,
    “Sweet. I’m about going now. A driver is waiting for me. Care to go with me?” I asked her, hoping she’d say yes.
    “As much as i’d love to, i cant. I have to go change. But gimme your number, when i get there i’ll call you”. That was even better, i thought. I gave her my number and told her
    my name. She saved it and flashed me. I asked her name and she said “Angel”. I smiled and complimented her. Then i left.
    Mr Camry was waiting in the car with two girls. I recognised one of them from the choir. The other was sitting at the front, so i sat down
    with the chic from the choir.
    The journey to the reception hall was very eventful. the choir girl was giving me the green light right from the moment I got into the car. she introduced herself as Mimi and got
    talking. The journey was kinda long as the reception was in a nearby town. we talked about school stuff and many other stuffs but my mind was not in our discussion. My mind was going through what chiwetalu agu will describe as “sempeyinpa”. This supposed
    chorister was putting on a very very short gown.
    It stopped at her thighs revealing chunks of her very fresh laps. I would have been looking downwards throughout the journey, had it not been the fact that the top of the gown was even more provocative. the gown was a

    handless one, with the v-neck of it cut deep down that it seemed her Bosom would spill over any minute. Minutes flew by as I worked my magic on her and she started becoming free with me. Then I did something I do more than play keyboard. I made her laugh a lot. I told
    her joke after joke as she laughed. she’d hit me playfully and fall on my shoulder. The driver was kinda quiet all through the journey. At one point I had to look at him to be sure what was keeping him quiet, only for me to discover that the girl up front was rubbing his lap and doing some other stuff on him as he drove. I said a silent prayer that he won’t
    crash the car. Then I focused on Mimi. as I told her one of the jokes my friend (God bless Ericardo for being such an amazing comedian. I really used his jokes to work wonders on ladies.) told on stage.I rubbed her laps and
    she kept smiling like someone who just had S£x with her husband. Then I ran my hand inside the gown..she shifted a bit and smiled at me. I looked at her in the balls and she blushed.
    Then she whispered something to me that shocked me. She said “wait till we get to the reception… I’ll show u that I’m naughtier than you”.

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    Make we see

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    Nice one.

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Wooow,dis guy is in for a nice treat,..
    Ride on!!!

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    Straight to the reception

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    That means Mimi is definitely ever ready for the real action than all the preambles our guy was up to.

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    Emmanuel affairs
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    Hmmmm.. straight up.. next

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    Itz Reindy
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    Church gals hmmmm

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