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    The choirmaster 1

    Paschal was a handsome choirmaster in the church. He was in his early thirties and possessed a very enchanting personality. Whenever he was at the helm of choristic affairs during church service, the atmosphere was always lively and entertaining. His charismatic conduction of the choral songs was always a beautiful sight to behold and most of the church members looked forward to seeing his performance during church services. He was also blessed with a very wonderful alto voice that whenever he sang solo, it felt like the angels had come down to commune with the congregation. He was indeed blessed with music abilities.
    de9jaspirit stories
    But beneath that handsome, charismatic choirmaster with a great personality, laid a man whose third leg was beyond control. Paschal had a weakness for women, especially the beautiful ones. He would go to any length to bed any woman he had lusted after. He made sex a criterion for having a lead role in his choir, thus he had bedded more than half of the ladies in the choir using this method. He didn’t discriminate, he slept with both married and unmarried women as long as they accepted his terms. Aside the female members of the choir, Paschal had also slept with many of the beautiful girls in the church. He used his handsome looks and popularity in the church to woo these girls. He was really good at persuading and convincing ladies. I guess that was also one of his natural gifts.

    Sometimes, a few of the female members of the choir who had refused his terms and were denied their rightful roles in the choir had reported him to the head pastor. But he’d always escaped due to lack of evidence. None of his previous preys was willing to testify against him. They were probably too ashamed to admit that they slept with their choirmaster for a role in the house of God. After each of these accusations, the accusers were always dismissed from the choir for trying to bring down a man whom God had been using to touch lives through the choir section of the church. He always escaped.

    Some other times, some female members of the choir had engaged themselves in cold wars. They had fought each other silently over who was the Paschal’s acknowledged girlfriend. This usually happened when each of the fighting parties found out that Paschal was sleeping with each of them. When this happens, these girls would stop talking to each, avoid each other like plagues and talk bad of each other at their backs. Also, they would compete themselves in showing care and attention to paschal, thus buying gifts for him, doing his house cleaning and giving him unlimited access to their bodies. Paschal who would have been eyeing another girl at the time of this Cold War would sit back and enjoy the freebies before pushing out the warring parties for his new catch.

    Among Paschal’s league of church girls was Edna, one of the head pastor’s beautiful daughters. Edna was in her mid twenties and third year in the university. She was very smart and intelligent that it took Paschal so much time, effort and resources to woo her. She defiled all the tactics Paschal used which were effective in wooing the other ladies. She was exposed in secular things and only accepted to mingle with Paschal on financial basis. Paschal who would do anything to get inbetween any lady’s legs accepted her terms and they kicked off a money based relationship. While in this arranged relationship, Paschal was still having field days with his numerous women. That didn’t bother Edna for she knew what she was there for; money.

    One Friday, Edna was broke. She needed money to foot the bill of her weekend groove. She couldn’t go to her parents because she knew they would not yield. It hadn’t been long she went back to the hostel and the money they gave her was supposed to last longer. She also knew they’d ground her and she’d not groove the weekend anymore. She thought of many possible avenues to raise the money she needed for her weekend jollification but none came to her mind except Paschal her financial boyfriend. She dialed his lines severally to inform him that she was coming over to get some cash but he wasn’t answering. The lines would ring and disconnect. She was frustrated. After calling him for sometime without being able to reach him, she decided to go to his house and check if he was there.

    That evening, when she got to the bungalow where Paschal lived, there was no sign of him. But the door was locked from the inside and his footwear was at the doorstep. She brought out her phone and started calling him again, probably thinking she’d hear the phone ring from the inside. But that didn’t happen. Her frustration heightened. She was completely fade up and visibly angry. Her last hope of getting the money for her weekend expenses had been dashed. She sat a while by the doorstep before standing up to leave. As she was about to leave, a thought occurred to her to go round the back to Paschal’s bedroom’s window and check. Probably he was fast asleep with his phone on silent mode.

    At the window of Paschal’s bedroom, she looked in and what she saw made her smile widely.

    There, Paschal buried his head inbetween a woman’s thighs and was sending her to the clouds using the pleasure of his tongue. The woman was Abigail, the assistant pastor’s wife. Edna smiled to herself, she’d hit a jackpot.

    What happened next?
    Find out!!!


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    blackmail, seated

    Links To Available Episodes

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    Last Episode.

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    Ho ho hooooo new story here oh

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    Bring it on

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    Bring it on

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    Emmanuel affairs
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    Hmmmm.. nxt

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    This girl go finish u(money)wit blackmail

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