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    The choosen one {the beast of gevaudan}
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    written by #horluwap1
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    ones upon a time in the early 80s, a small village named GEVAUDAN was situated in the outskirt of Paris.
    The village was peaceful and all the villagers relate with themselves in
    peace and harmony, it was just like a big family living in different houses. They quarrel less and conflict is an enemy to them. But they have one problem which always gives the king and the villagers of gevaudan headache. because of there size and quantity, it was very easy for Paris, being a big country with large troop of armies to ride them, they demand tribute from the people of gevaudan with force and 70% of their first harvest in a year must also be sent to Paris.
    Their king, king davala,was already old and he is a coward, he is not ready to liberate his people from their plight because he
    is afraid it might lead to war which he is sure will wipe
    out their existence on earth.
    After some years, king davala died and his son picked up the mantle.
    The name of the new king was jovacik,
    king jovacik unlike his father was very tough and was not ready to tolerate the Paris again,
    when Paris sent her delegate for her usual tribute, king jovacik refused them and by doing so,
    Paris declared war upon them,
    king jovacik’s council plead with him to reverse his opinion of going
    to war with Paris because it is a lost battle even without fighting it but
    all there pleas fell on king jovacik deaf ear. He is ready to die in war than remain a puppet to the Paris like his father was.
    He knows it is a suicide mission but he is ready to take the risk.
    He gave a verdict that every male of each house in his village ranging from ten years upward must be prepare for the battle, he asked for the supply of many weapons and he wrote to his neighboring villages for help
    but they decline him
    because of their fear for his opposition.
    When all hope was lost, a man appeared out of nowhere,
    he looks like someone who has been staying in a hole for a long time, his cloth was tattered, his hair and beard could be compare to that of an animal,
    because it doesn’t looks like a blade has ever find it way to it before, he is stinking of foul smell, his eyeball was too dark and his fingers were sharp, but through all
    this defect, one could still see that he is very handsome with
    a great height which most
    women always fall for.
    People were surprise when he seeks an audience
    with king jovacik,
    they were very sure that he is not one of them because they
    all recognise there self,
    king jovacik stunned them more by accepting to see the man.
    the second day when the man left the palace, people were unable to recognized him again, his outfit has been changed, his hairs has been kept, except for his sharp nails, the foul smell emanating from him has turned into a cool one that can attract
    the love a princess.
    But the villagers were so intuitive about what could have transpired between the ghost man, as they have named the man, and their king.
    After king jovacik encounter with the strange man, his mood has seem to change drastically,
    from his moody form to a pleasant one.
    The people around him noticed this and asked the reason for the change.
    He explained to them that the stange man is their hope of survival out of the doom which they find there self,
    he explained further that the strange man is a beast, and he has been living inside the forest for more than 1000 years, he is like a guardian of the forest and always help any one he seems to come across in the forest.
    And the good news of it is that he is here to help us win the battle against Paris,
    his councils was very disappointed that their king is so unwise, leaving the fate of their race in the hand of a strange man whom he bearly knows, they asked him why he so much believes in the stranger and
    for what course is the stranger helping them,
    king jovacik replied that he has heard the myth of the beast from his grand father when he was still a kid,
    and the beast changed to his beast form in
    my very eye when i asked for proof of what
    he called himself,
    he changed to a giant which have never seen before and his body was filled with fire, his teeth became sharpen and his finger nails was as long as half a sword, his eye changed colour and his breath was fire like a dragon, king jovacik explained to them and they all listened with awe expression.
    His course of helping us is that he is tired of living alone inside
    the forest and wants to be
    among the humans,
    and as the myth goes, it was said that the beast only harms the wicked but has never hurt the innocent, so i made him a deal that in exchange for his success over the Paris, he will become one of us. The councils found no fault in king jovacik decision and follow suit with him.
    The battle really took a bitter toll on Paris armies, they were being murdered at night at their camp by an animal as they called it and they loosed more than 80% of their men in the animal attack.
    The captain of the Paris army asked for reinforcement but was surprised to only see one of them, he was the only survivor of an animal attack that killed all the reinforcement sent to the captain, the survivor explained that as they were coming to meet the captain and when it was night, they decided to rest and continue their journey the following day,
    but as they were sleeping, an animal which was emanating fire from it body attacked them,
    with speed that they have never seen before,
    it was very fast and before 5 minutes, thousands of soldiers were already
    sleeping in their own blood. The animal only pardon me and asked me to deliver this message to you that if
    you don’t call for retreat
    before nightfall, nobody is going to return home among all of us..
    The captain after short deliberation on the matter called his men to retreat and return back to Paris.
    The people of gevaudan were very happy for their victory
    even without holding a sword, they hailed the beast and thanked him for his
    The king kept his promise and allowed the beast to live among them. The beast was given the name THE BEAST OF GEVAUDAN, OUR PROTECTOR.
    King jovacik has an elder sister, his father’s first child.
    She fell in love with the beast of gevaudan and married him. she got pregnant and gave birth to the first ever hybrid, half human half beast. the beast was very happy and he make sure not to fail in his duty of protecting GEVAUDAN from any threat and the people never relent to shower him with praises which later form one of the factor that caused his downfall.
    King jovacik has no hatred for the beast at first but with the continuous been showered on the beast by his subjects, he started growing the
    seed of jealousy and hatred in his heart, how dare they honour him more than i the king, are they referring him to be their real king and me a common throne sitter, all sort of rhetorical questions were bubbling in
    his mind with
    no one to answer them.
    After his sister has given birth for the beast, king jovacik felt his throne been threatened with the birth of the child,
    His dreams were filled with nightmare of
    him losing the throne to the beast, the beast existence itself is a threat to him because the beast is powerful than him.
    After much pondering on how to get rid of the beast,
    he decided to visit one of the sorcerer living in a village far form his, he has heard about the sorcerer’s potency
    from many people.
    After meeting with the sorcerer, king jovacik got his solution to his problem.
    All he just has to do his give the beast a sip of his son’s blood and he will
    become vulnerable to kill.
    On getting back to the palace, he sent words to his sister to come and dine with him, he asked her to come along with her husband and child.
    The sister not knowing his brother’s plan agreed.
    On getting to the palace, king jovacik wife, the queen collected
    the child from them with the excuse of wishing to play with him,
    but she was acting according to her husband instruction, the beast and his wife went to the dining hall while the queen took the child to her husband.
    The king quickly took the child to his room and cut the child’s wrist and collected his blood inside a cup.
    But to his amazement, the child’s wrist healed, but he was happy with this development
    because his parents will not know that he was injured.
    he mixed the blood with some wine and offered it to the beast in the dining hall.
    The beast became very weak after drinking it and
    king jovacik seperated the beast head from his
    body not minding his sister pleading for the life of her husband.
    After killing the beast he decided to also kill the son, not wanting to leave any leverages that might harm him in the future but to his astonishment, the child was nowhere to be found.
    After fruitless searching for the boy, king jovacik also killed his sister.
    After Paris heard that the beast of GEVAUDAN is dead, they wage another war against GEVAUDAN and wipe it existence off the earth.
    Paris took over the village and named it Marseille.
    watch out for episode one!!!!!!!!!

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    hmm… seated

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    my wife @myraruby where are u

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    Thanks for the Iv @Jummybabe.

    serve Yourself

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    Will the Hybrid (beast son) come to their aids or for revenge?

    Pls, don’t abandon the story.

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    wow, seems interesting. I hope you will be consistent in posting

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