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    Tunde Bamitale had just left UBAA( United Bank for Africa and Asia), where he was the CEO. He had a hectic day and was going to withdraw some money in order to have lunch.

    Tunde was a tall, young handsome man of 28 years, dark in complexion and with a oval, hunkish, face . His build was anything but hunky, with an embarrassing pot belly being the main highlight of his upper body. His trouser hid the legs, but his speed tells the story of an under exercised legs and body. He had two kids, both of them by Ifeoma, his lovely Igbo wife who was a Medical Doctor.

    Tunde, despite his physical failings, was a tough nut to crack, as his physique belied a strict nature, in which he enforces his principles. He does a good job of obeying them as well, which is evident in him using the ATM machine instead of getting money ‘within’ the bank.

    As he was about inserting his card in, He had a phone call which he picked

    ‘We have you in our sights. If you try to stop that transaction,You will be shot dead!

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    Tunde was unfazed as the call ended. He had received such calls before with little or nothing happening. Those that proved a bit stubborn were taken care of by the military or by personal security.

    While Tunde was walking freely, a sniper located 50 kilometres from him was on high alert. He had been watching Tunde since the day before and was given instructions not to let go of him for one second. Mr Soji Martins was an ex-marine in the US Army and was part of a group of assassins know as the KILCH, which was made of ex-special agents and ex-marines, who were hired by Political ‘powers’ to take out opponents. They soon bonded to form the group and this was their first Mission together. The Contractor of the job was very, very discreet, though he was known to Garba, their leader. The Mission itself was equally risky.

    The Objective of the Mission was simple: Break up the Clan

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    Tunde was carelessly bouncing around the area, totally oblivious of the danger he was facing. As he was about leaving for home, 3 hours after receiving that ominous call, he received another one.

    ‘Mr Tunde, you have expressively refused to give in toi our terms. Be ready for the consequences that follow’.

    The call dropped dead again. Mr Tunde was really flustered at the call and had made plans to call Jide, one of his friends at MTN, to trace the call, when he suddenly fell flat to the ground.

    Mr Martins had been watching idly from a distance since, waiting for instructions. As he was munching some pop-corn, his intercom buzzed.

    ‘Target failed to adhere to terms, take Immediate action!’

    As soon as he got that instruction, Martins repositioned and focussed at Mr Tunde. He specifically picked his weapon, ASD-10, which was a secret code for his type of sniper, which was specifically made to avoid detection of an attack. Its bullet was unique in that it was as thin as a needle, but had a fatter end which was there for a reason. As Mr Tunde was about entered his car, Martins fired at him.

    Mr Tunde dropped dead, with a cut to his brain. Objective Accomplished!

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    Martins returned to the Ivory Tower, One of the ware-house owned and run by the KILCH. As His mission was finished, he got to the system panel inside the house and entered QUICKLY DO.

    Almost Instantaneously, The Monitor came on, welcoming him back. It soon changed to the Vendor, a code name for the boss. His real name is George Manus, or Ihenobi George Manus. He was tall and dark, quite trim as well.

    ‘Martins, well done and Good work with the execution’. ‘It is all over the news that he died of a heart attack, but you should have used one bullet, not three you know’.

    ‘Sorry Sir, but I had to make sure he did not enter the car with those documents……..’

    ‘Of course, it was part of the plan to ‘blanken’ the papers wasn’t it’? ‘Take a rest and watch some football, we will meet at the Zenith tomorrow, 1800 hours local time, understood’? Vendor concluded before going offline.

    Coporal Sunday Adeyemi was in an angry mood. He did not like the intervening hands of the DPO on this matter. To him, the death of Mr Tunde was a stain on the security of the Nation and its citizens, which he had vowed to protect.

    But DPO Dayo Fadeyi had relieved him of investigating the case, which irked him. He know the DPO does not do things without a reason, yet he found it incredulous that he was off the case, as he was the best officer they had. The DPO had ordered him and Sharon, who was also removed from the case, to see him before he leave.

    He intended to do that, and tell that Geezer a piece of his mind!

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    Ifeoma laid on her bed, crying. It was just yesterday but she felt it has been a million years, yet she hurt badly. Tunde had distanced himself from her emotionally after she gave birth to Omolara, her first daughter and second child, so she should be feeling nothing for him.

    But it was not his fault, as he was just made the GM of UBAA and had a lot of responsibility in his hands. He had worked with fervency that even defied the meanest of his critics, his father. His father , who had consider Tunde a failure up to that moment, now saw him as a blessing in disguise, as his position opened up more avenues for his father to obtain more connections, something which was his father’s past time.

    But more importantly, he had planned to retire at the end of the year so that he will more time with her and her son.But he was denied all that, when it seems all too sure that it will happen.

    That is what hurt her the most!

    ‘Ifeoma, it’s time to bury him’. Lakunle said.

    Lakunle was the elder brother to Tunde and a close friend to Ifeoma. In fact it was him who introduced her to Tunde, before Tunde took the initiative and dated her.

    The rest, they said is history.

    As she went to meet her husband, or rather his body, she swore to herself

    His death will be avenged!

    Corporal Adeyemi got to the DPO’s office red-hot. He was about to speak to that old man, but first remembered to salute him. He was surprised to see, Corporal Sani, Constable Chijoke and Constable Uloma in the office.

    D.P.O Musa acknowledged their greetings and handed them a letter each. The contents of the letter shocked him and everyone else in the office, save for the D.P.O. himself.

    They had just been dismissed from office!

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    They looked at the D.P.O, their temper displayed on their faces. To Corporal Adeyemi, this was the height of intimidation. The Others felt the same.

    Before they could react though, the D.P.O passed another letter and told them to read it one by one. When Constable Uloma, who was closest to him saw it, she gasped with some facial sign of remorse, Same with Chijoke and Musa. When it got to Corporal Adeyemi, he read it and felt a bit sympathetic. The D.P.O was also dismissed. He saw that as extremely unfair. The D.P.O did not deserve that.

    The D.P.O looked at them smiling. ‘If you are done for the day, lets take a walk.’

    Soji Martins landed at the Zenith, waiting for the remaining members of the KILCH to come around. Adeshot was the first to come in. Adeshot, a nickname for Adeshina Sanmi, was from the commando unit in Nigeria. Don’t be deceived, though, he was highly trained and could kill a full grown man with a pencil ( at least that was what Martins heard). Next to arrive was Sergent Walters, who was a Nigerian Officer trained by the US, had served in Afghan, Iraq and Syria, and was part of the espionage group that took down seven key members of the HAMAS group in Palestine. How he was recruited was still a mystery. Next is Tola Williams, who was the least skilled of them all. A soldier who had turned rouge,Tola was mainly useful for brute murders, which can be useful to deter people.

    They all waited for Vendor to pop up the screen. As they waited, the door creaked opened.

    Vendor has arrived!

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    Dayo Fadeyi walked them (including himself) out of the station and into the barely bearable heat. He turned to see their faces as he made for his car.

    He then asked, ‘Can I drive you guys home?’ They nodded in affirmative manner, which led he to open his car for them. After they had entered and he was about to drive, he said, ‘I have something I want to discuss with you.’

    Vendor looked at them all. He was proud of his team members abilities. but there was no time for dwelling n such today.

    ‘Mr Martins, good work on the mission you were asked to perform.’ The Documents were successfully blankened, which has covered up any trace of our sponsor been involved in the attack.’

    ‘Our next objective is to hack into the files of the Ministry of Defence and get information about the latest set of weapons they are about to bring in. We are to know when they are coming, what route they are passing through and who is supposed to handle it.’ ‘After we gather such Information, we decide our next move’

    ‘Adeshot, you have been in the Military before and you know your way around that Ministry.’ ‘I assign you to this job.’ ‘Remember, this is a stealth job and it must be completed in two weeks’.


    With that parting shot, Vendor turned back and left the room, leaving Adeshot with the Mission.


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