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    This is a short story titled “The Confessions of a teenager”
    This little story of Johnpaul,a p--n addict, is an eye opener.
    We hope you find it interesting.
    I have to put this down so that
    whoever gets to
    read it will learn of the miserable
    life I lived, if at
    the end, I choose the path of
    death tonight.
    My name is Johnpaul. I am a
    little above fourteen years of age
    and addicted to
    Before the end of
    today, I want to put an end to
    this, or put an end to my life. Lying down here on
    my hard bed, nothing else
    bothers me but this
    darkness. This Iroko tree has
    stayed too long and
    its leaves have made a mess of
    my life like a pig’s
    If I cannot be free alive, I will go for it dead. I do not want
    to have anything to do with
    p*rnography any longer. I am
    shrinking in this
    darkness, and I need light. Just
    some minutes ago, I almost Molested a n
    innocent young girl. This is
    So, I am writing this in
    anticipation of my
    funeral. If I just do not get a way to end all of this, I will end my life.
    I want to be able to say no to
    p*rnography and do
    without it. If I do not break free
    from this inner
    darkness, I will forever deny my eyes of the
    brightness of the sun. I want to
    stop. I want to go to the Internet
    and not
    go near p*rnography. I want to
    look at the opposite sex and not feel guilty.
    I want to close my eyes and imagine positive things instead of nude girls.
    I just
    want to be free.
    has to be this night!
    Watch out for episode 1 soon.

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    My name is johnpaul.You may be
    wondering why i want to take my life
    to end it all.yes,i have made up my
    mind to take my life,to be free.
    To be
    free from everything. The pains and the shame.
    Some certain
    circumstances in this world has made
    me a changed person.
    A changed
    person on the evil side.
    I am going to tell you how it all began.
    My problem began the day my father brought
    home a fourteen-inch
    set, and a video
    disc player that was silver
    coloured. I was ten years old, about leaving
    school.I was happy,knowing
    that we now have a television
    in our house,though my father
    didn’t allow us watch the television most of the time.
    “go inside and read your
    books”he always said.
    I once heard kenneth whisper
    to kelvin”he would soon leave
    for one of his business trip.we shall see if he will carry the
    television with him”
    Our father returned from a
    business trip only a month ago
    and everyone knew he would
    soon embark on another business trip.
    I wondered when
    he would put and end to those
    business trips of his
    After dad left for his business
    trips we were
    already used to, the two pieces of electronics
    became Kenneth’s property.
    was the first child
    of the family. He knew how to
    operate the TV and
    VCD-player so well as though he
    worked in the
    factory where they were
    In no time,
    Kenneth and Kelvin who is also
    my elder brother, started bringing
    home movies which
    were mostly Hollywood movies
    we commonly
    called “American films.”
    After dinner every evening, they
    would slot the
    disc in and we all would sit
    and watch the
    pictures on the screen like faithful believers
    listening to the pastor.
    Kenneth, Kelvin and
    Osarugue, my only elder sister,
    sat on the dirty
    brown sofas we had then. The rest of us pinned our soft
    buttocks to the hard floor.
    But i never knew what was coming my
    To be Continued….



    epsode 3

    epsode 4&5

    epsode 6&7


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    I have seven siblings from two
    mothers and one
    father. My father married my
    stepmother after my
    mother was unable to give birth
    to a child after six years of marriage. As if controlled
    by some external spirit, my
    took in few months after my
    stepmother was
    brought home by my father. However, my
    stepmother was already
    pregnant. Kenneth my
    eldest brother was born by my
    stepmother before
    Osarugue, my sister, was born.
    Kelvin came next from my
    stepmother’s womb,
    and then I did from my mother’s.
    My mother took
    over the baton completely by
    giving birth to two other children -Victory and Nosa-
    giving her a
    perfect number of two males and
    two females. My
    stepmother balanced the
    equation by giving birth to a set of female twin twelve years after
    I was
    born. Father was hardly ever at
    home while I was
    growing up, and even up till
    now, he is rarely at home. He spent more time away
    doing business
    than taking care of us at was
    sweet. Really sweet,playing with my brothers
    and sisters.
    People said polygamous homes are not
    peaceful but our own home broke that
    theory.We lived in peace that strangers
    can never notice the home was polygamous.
    They always allowed us
    play anything we wanted to.They
    never had time to follow us around or
    spy on us since they were always busy
    breaking melon and should i say
    gossiping. Our father
    only spent four
    days in a month with us, until
    recently he
    increased it to six days. He claims
    he is doing his best to ensure we have a good life.
    I never had time to be
    with my dad,to know and learn things
    from him,just like other children. I
    his efforts though, but it is unwise to
    shop a shoe for a foot that has been cut off from
    the body.
    From one movie to
    another, the TV became
    irresistible. Sometimes, we would
    watch movies up till midnight before my
    stepmother would send
    us out of the living room like
    tenants owing rent. ……..
    To be continued….

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    I Sight You @samnolimit …Bring It On .

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    Dnt 4gt to vote for @victoriouschild as d next miss coolval

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    More pls

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