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    Another story here, and it’s 18+ beware😜

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    Tonight was Disco night and Jenny an I were choosing our wardrobes, for me that was simple black linen slacks, a black Gucci shirt and belt with black loafers, cool understated and chic I thought.

    Jenny was in a quandary, she could not make up her mind between “Bling “and” Exhibitionist Sexy”.

    Bling was a one piece silk jumpsuit covered in rhinestones which set off her Super Model figure to advantage.

    Exhibitionist was an extremely short sheer voile button through mini dress with only a tiny string underneath, no bra no stockings or tights.

    “Wow! You look f-----g amazing! It’s the dress without a doubt, looking like that we’re sure to be invited into the VIP area”

    In fact she was almost naked in the outfit she now modelled for me, the material of the dress was gossamer thin and practically see-through, the string was a tiny triangle of flesh coloured fabric that just covered her waxed p---y, the rest of it was indeed a piece of string that disappeared between her buttocks, the effect was nude from the back view, and as near as dammit nude from the front as well.

    I was getting h---y looking at her twirling about on her high heeled sandals, as the skirt flared out on each spin I got a perfect view of her arse and plump barely covered c--t.

    We set off in high spirits for the new high end night club that had recently opened to great acclaim and “Buzz”.

    Giving up her coat at the cloakroom she immediately started getting admiring glances from the other revellers. When she was under one of the down light spots she seemed to be wearing nothing, in the darker areas of the dance floor you could see she wore a flimsy dress but not much else.

    We were having a great time dancing and drinking, she had accepted a few invites to dance and I got the opportunity of admiring my ultra sexy wife showing off her extraordinary body each time she entered a pool of strong light.

    She came back to our table chuckling to herself, and confided in me that she had received several invitations to join other parties, or blokes on their own. “It pays to advertise” she quipped, and thanked me for insisting she wore the flimsy outfit, as it was making her one of the most popular girls in the club.

    We had been married a number of years, and had a great sex life together, she had had no outside affairs, that I was aware of, since we had been an item. When we first met she was in her teens and stills a virgin, and, as she said, never having slept around she saw any reason to start now that she was married to the man she loved.

    All of which suited me fine, except that I regularly fantasised about her being f----d by someone else.

    I never confided this piece of information to her as I was slightly ashamed of my lewd fantasies.

    The club Manager arrived at our table with an invitation to the VIP area situated on the first floor, but wired into the music system like the ground floor. As we went up the spiral glass stairs I and half the club got a great view of the twin globes of her perfect and unadorned arse. “Too bad Guys, she’s all mine!”

    Arriving at the VIP area we were shown into a swish lounge, all crystal chandeliers and deep sofas, and as we arrived one of a group of four well dressed handsome young guys came over to greet us, saying how much they had enjoyed our dancing on the CCTV and had extended an invite to us to join his group.

    He was utterly charming and the others seemed to be the right sort to be hanging out with.

    We were getting on great guns, laughing and joking, and generally enjoying each others company, when the guy who had welcomed us, Bob I think was his name, made a suggestion to Polly, which caused great mirth to all and sundry.

    Bob’s suggestion was that since we had the lounge to ourselves with no other prying eyes present then why not Polly gives us a solo performance on the small dance floor. He added that they were of the opinion that not only was she the best looking chick in the place; she was also by far the best mover of the lot.

    After some persuasion she agreed, and set about her solo performance, which started Disco and became more than somewhat burlesque.

    The small dance area was down lit, so it was as though she was completely nude, as the lighting effect was such that her flimsy dress seemed not to exist. She was gyrating away for the first few numbers, but began to gain confidence as she went along, she could see the effect she was having on the group, which was pretty dynamic, everyone on the edge of their seat, all from what I could see, with a hard on.

    She began stroking her breasts and tweaking her nipples, alternating with rubbing her arse and tummy.

    It was very very sexy, and from the applause and whistles when she came back to join the group, very much appreciated by all.

    On her return from the dance floor two of our newfound friends made space for her between them and insisted she sit with them for a change as I had monopolised her all evening

    Bob spoke up,” well now that was just great, and it was getting better and better as you went on.”

    “Tell me Polly, what is your all time FAVOURITE drink?”

    Without hesitation she replied “Roederer Crystal Brut”

    “Well then, here’s a deal, if you do another solo number, but this time WITHOUT the dress, (and lets face it with the lighting in here we’ve seen the lot anyway) then I’ll get you a bottle of Crystal, how’s that?”

    Looking at me quizzically, but also seeming quite pleased with herself, she said “It’s fine with me as long as my partner agrees”

    “It’s your gig Darling”

    “Then it’s a yes from me “she replied.

    Lots of laughter and wolf whistles from the gathering.

    “I’ll have to catch my breath first though, that last number was long and energetic”

    “Wait till you’re doing it in the nip, it’ll be 10 times easier”

    “Start getting it off”

    “Show us ALL of what you’ve got”

    And more of the same till she began unbuttoning the dress from the top to her waist, having reach that far she stopped, and proclaimed “If I am going any further than this I need some Dutch courage in the shape of a glass of Crystal.”

    Wit her open dress her full rounded t--s were clearly visible to all, and her neighbour to the right politely enquired “May I” and cupped her left breast in his hand stroking her n----e between thumb and forefinger.

    At first she stiffened, but then gently took his hand out of her dress and put it on her thigh, “now now don’t be naughty” she murmured and gave him a little peck on the cheek.

    Not embarrassed he started feeling her thigh, which seemed to be OK with her, for the moment anyway.

    The Crystal arrived to great rejoicing, and she was served the first glass with elaborate ceremony.

    She downed it in one and heading for the floor she undid the last of the buttons and shrugged off the flimsy garment giving us our first uninterrupted view of her splendid backside.

    She started hotter than where she left off, rubbing her lower tummy, her arse cheeks and t--s, playing with her nipples, and occasionally sliding her fingers into her miniature G-string but not, it seemed to me, putting any fingers into her c--t.

    This erotic spectacle went on for several discs, and as she warmed to her performance the guy, who had fondled her t-t when they were on the sofa, got up and joined her on the floor, dancing till her his hands on her hips swaying with her to the beat. Taking one hand off her hip he cupped a t-t in his hand and as before massaged her n----e between his thumb and forefinger till it stiffened to fully erect, this time ,either distracted by her dancing or by lubricity brought on by the fact that she was dancing almost nude in front of complete strangers. She allowed him full reign with her magnificent breast

    He worked on the other t-t as the first and had her and taking deep breaths closing her eyes and taking deep breaths, head held back in almost total abandon. I He left her t--s and placing his hands on her swinging hips he suddenly pulled the two bows of her string, undoing them without warning, the string fell to the floor, Polly looked down at her last vestige of modesty, and carried on dancing to the beat. Her partner returned both hands to her erect nipples working them as before with the same erotic effect, then sliding his hand the length of her torso to place it on her throbbing p---y. She seemed to f--k his hand with her pelvic movements, for a moment or two, but then took his hand and replaced it on her neglected t-t.

    The other guy who had shared the sofa with her before the start of her second dance session took to the floor, he took his place facing her, his opposite number was behind Polly, rubbing his crotch against her pert arse whilst playing with her nipples to her obvious delight. He began rubbing himself against her moving body, and then slowly cupped her c--t in his hand, the other stroking her arse cheeks, and arse cleft.

    Again, at first she seemed to resist, but then eroticism took over and she melted into his hand, I noticed that from passively holding her hot c--t, he had begun to frig her with one or more fingers, his hand moving rapidly up and down between her creamy thighs.

    She had her first (if not second) o----m right there and then on the dance floor.

    As she recovered, panting and groaning, she snapped to, and obviously realising she was totally nude in a club being pleasured by two men she had never seen up to that very evening, and disentangling herself from the two guys she made it, unsteadily, back to the sofa, flopping down and asking where her dress was.

    No dress was forthcoming, but another glass of crystal was immediately offered.

    Her two dancing partners now took up their places either side of her on the sofa, as before, as soon as they sat either side of her they carried on where they had left off, one concentrating on the t--s and nipples, the other on her wet c--t, now massaging her c--t, without a word of complaint from her, on the contrary she was opening her legs and thrusting her p---y towards the invading fingers.

    As she groaned into another o----m, the fellow sitting next to me asked

    “Is she always this fruity?”

    “I’ve never seen her this hot, and certainly not with a bunch of strangers”

    Bob chimed up “Not surprising old Boy, she had a double shot of the female version of Viagra in her first glass of champers as soon as she arrived in our lounge, and for good measure her first Crystal had another shot of it too , she is hotter than hot, you aint seen nothing yet fellows”

    “You WHAT?” I spluttered.

    “Relax, from here on I’m in charge , so shut up and enjoy the show, it’s going to be fantastic, by the way if you play your cards right, and behave yourself, we’ll even let YOU f--k her as well!”

    I was about to stand up and confront Bob, when the burly type next to him shoved me back in my seat, “Take it easy, Bob’s in charge, no one gets hurt, we all have a good time, especially the little lady”

    With that I was relegated to the roll of spectator as my innocent wife was debauched by four studs before my eyes.

    The action on the sofa was hotting up, Polly was in a state of sexual arousal I ore had never before witnessed, the guy on her p---y was now pumping her at high speed with three or four fingers, he was whispering something in her ear as he un-zipped his pants to remove a big rigid p---k.

    She seemed to disagree, and shook her head, but still took his impressive tool in her hand, wanking the s---t and fondling its bulbous head, rubbing her thumb over its oozing tip, More whispers, and then obviously a “yes” as she opened her legs wider, and quickened her wanking of his s---t, till he rolled over from beside her to between her welcoming thighs.

    “You want me to f--k you, you’re sure, OK? Tell me to f--k you, say it say F--K ME!



    His p---k slid into her sopping c--t to the hilt, and he began a master class in how to f--k a willing c--t.

    She was on another planet, being thoroughly f----d by a complete stranger, cumming repeatedly, and making a lot of noise about it. She hadn’t even glanced in my direction for a second opinion when she asked to be f----d, she was in an erotic world of her own, the centre of which was her throbbing c--t.

    The guy on her t--s now had his impressive p---k out of his pants, and kneeling next to her on the couch he rubbed it on her lips till she opened her mouth and holding his s---t she swallowed a good half of his offering. He began to f--k her face as she wanked and massaged his stout s---t, playing with his balls with her other hand.

    Bob told Kev, the guy who was f-----g her c--t, to get underneath her and keep up the good work as she shuddered into yet another o----m.

    He did what he was told and soon had Polly facing him, on top, his d--k deep in her c--t, as she f----d herself on his rod.

    Bob approached from her rear looking at her pink rosebud of an arsehole; still a virginal hole as she had never let me in it, maintaining it hurt too much and was, in any event, “unnatural”

    Bob said to Kev “Smear a bit of juice on the rear entrance door, it looks a bit dry to me”

    Kev took his sopping took out of Polly’s dripping c--t, and painted her arse ring with a liberal coating of slimy c-m and c--t juice, and reinserted without missing a beat.

    “”You’re NOT going to touch me there “Yelled Polly as Bob stuck two fingers deep in her fundament.


    He now had three fingers pistoning in and out of her tight little hole.

    “I, I, I HAVEN’T COME HERE TO BE BUGGERED, I just let your friend in to my p---y because I was terribly excited and no more than that I’m not a W---E .STOP -PLEASE, STOP.”

    Bob continued and now had four fingers in her semi open arsehole, spitting on his substantial mushroom p---k head, he offered it up to the small pink target Pressing steadily he managed to get the bulbous head into the reluctant orifice

    Polly wailed with obvious pain and indignation as her secret hole was violated by an unknown.

    Bob began with small in out movements, gradually increasing the in strokes till eventually getting his entire sizable d--k into her.

    Starting at a modest pace he began taking her arse cherry, slow deep thrusts, hold inside, then steady withdrawal, till the large head was half exposed then another t----t into her fundament till its entire length was imbedded in her.

    She had stopped whining and was busy s-----g c--k at one end (She had been slapped hard on the face when she had stopped giving the bow job as her arse was being raped), her p---y was full of rampant c--k which was what she had asked for and what she had wanted to begin with.

    Now she had a third d--k to deal with, and from what I could see and hear she was getting used to the idea of anal sex, even if it wasn’t her idea of a perfect night out.

    Bob started giving instructions to his team, “This little slapper’s hole is so tight and hot I am going to c-m any moment, I’ve never had such an anal f--k in my life, she is the best ever bar none. Once I dump my load in her shit tube, you stop with the blow job Ed, and get on the sofa under her and get in her wet little c--t from underneath, at the rate she’s f-----g herself on Kev’s p---k your in for a great ride.

    Once I’m out of this hole you take over Kev, you’ll love it, tightest little shit hole in town. Harry it’s your turn for a blow job once she’s cleaned up mine after I’ve had my c-m.”

    Harry, the burly guy “minding” me nodded his assent.

    Things speeded up all of a sudden as Bob started is ejaculation in her arse, she upped her pace to match the thrusting, which indicated that she was starting to enjoy it again after a rough start to her first anal f--k, Bob started bellowing that he was cumming in her tight responsive little hole, he started slamming into her at great speed and violence, t----t after t----t deep in her fundament producing farting and squelching sounds mingled with her orgasming noisily and lengthily. Finally Bob was done, and his big dripping c--k came out of her strained hole with a plopping noise. A gush of c-m poured out of her open arse running down over her c--t and dribbling over Kev’ balls and p---k.

    Bob walked around the sofa where he stood in front of Polly and holding his soiled member in front of her disgusted face order her to “Start cleaning B---h”

    “That’s been in my arse, it smells of shit and c-m, you can’t be serious about me s-----g that!” Said Polly rebelliously, but the rebellion didn’t last long, Bob looked her strait in the eye and growled “There’s no time for that Darling, you’re here to get f----d by all of us, there is no other reality, that f-----g includes cleaning up everyone’s p---k after it has c-m in one of your holes, if that happens to have been your arse hole, then so be it, now if you don’t want a good slapping get s-----g and don’t give me any more crap”

    He roughly shoved his big dirty p---k deep in her mouth, and watched as she s----d and licked each inch

    Of its substantial length,

    “Good Girl, you’ve got the message, keep it up and well give you another glass of Crystal.”

    He then went to the service table and filled a glass from the bottle of Crystal, dropping something into it before passing it to Polly who gulped it down, probably delighted to change the lingering taste in her mouth.

    I reckoned that she had just taken yet another dose of Female Viagra. So she would probably still want to f--k long after everyone else had run out of steam.

    Harry stood up un-zipping his pants and producing a monster c--k pulling back its heavy foreskin as he strode around the sofa, Polly who was trying to hit a rhythm with her two new invaders, the one in her c--t had gone in without a problem, she created a bit of a fuss over Kev’s rough entry into her arse, still somewhat tender from its previous occupant,” you bastard Kev, you were so nice when I asked you to f--k me in my p---y, you seemed to care that I had a good time and you didn’t hurt me at all. Now you are behaving like a brute, can’t you be nice to me like before F--k you Kev stop hurting me and slow down”

    Kev grunted and reduced the violence of his anal stabbing, which quietened her, and from her pelvic movements it appeared that she was joining in and beginning to enjoy things.

    When she looked up and saw the size of Harry’s d--k she wailed, “Your not thinking of sticking that thing into me, it’s monstrous, it wont fit it will rip me apart.”

    Unmoved he held her chin with one hand while he guided the giant p---k into her sweet little mouth with the other. It sure filled her mouth and it was only about quarter ways in!

    Bob cam over to me and warned me not to do anything stupid and all would be well.

    I was having hugely mixed feelings about the gang bang, on the one hand I had always harboured the fantasy of her getting thoroughly f----d by more than one guy and that aspect of it was hugely sexually exciting, but the reality of the brutal treatment of my little Darling was hard to take. Ever since she had done her two dance numbers I had a huge erection, even when she was being forcibly arse f----d I was as hard as a rock, and secretly wished it was me that was buggering her arse. She, once she had gotten over the arse episode, seemed to be having a good time, even if chemically induced nymphomania was part of the whole deal.

    I had no idea where I was going to fit into Bob’s scenario for Polly’s f--k fest. But I was left in no doubt that I had no rights in the matter, but I would get to f--k her at some stage which idea was keeping me as h---y as hell.

    Next one to c-m was Vick, it seemed that the tightness of her arse tube was having its effect on her sex partners

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    He bellowed and bucked as he shot a huge lode deep inside her, she was lunging back to meet his thrusts, so it seemed things were going better for her than before.

    As Vick pulled out a stream of thick creamy c-m gushed out of her hole and ran all over her c--t and thighs pooling on top of Ed’s nether regions.

    Bob gruffly, asked me “Now Darling husband, you ever f----d your slapper of a wife in the arse?”


    “Why not, you wimp”

    “Cause she didn’t want it”

    “Ask her if she wants to be f----d up the arse now”

    Having heard the exchange Polly spoke up, “Yes I do want him to f--k me in my new hole, and I want him to f--k me now, so stop the chat and let’s have your big d--k in my shit hole”

    I had never heard that kind of language out of her in the past, but it made me, if that were possible, even hornier than before.

    I dropped my pants and taking my massive horn in my hand I held it up to her still bubbling hole, and with one steady shove I was up to my balls inside her, It was fabulous sensation , her colon gripped my tool along all of its length, tight ,firm, and slippery, Great.

    I began f-----g her hard, and she responded lewdly, talking dirty and writhing against my thrusts, I could feel the other hard p---k on the other side of the membrane separating her two holes, which was a strange and unique sensation.. I shouted that I was about to c-m, and the other guy, ED, shouted he was also on the point of popping his cork as well.

    We made a spectacular double c-m, hammering into her soft holes and filling them to the brim with boiling spunk. I had never had such a huge c----x both in terms of the intensity of sensations and quantity of c-m, which was prodigious to say the least.

    It was my turn for clean-up, and arriving in front of her she grinned at me as she took my soiled tool in her mouth, before s-----g it in she enquired “What’s it like to have a Nympho W---e for a wife?

    “F-----g great” was the only possible answer.

    She did such a good job on my p---k, that when she had finished, not only was it clean, it was also hard again. But it was “time out” for everyone except Harry and his giant c--k.

    We watched in awe as Harry moved to put his monster member in her over used c--t, placing the mushroom shaped purple head at the opening of her wet lips, it slid slowly as she groaned in pain and pleasure, her hole was getting a serious stretch as each inch of tool slid into her c--t, half way in and he stopped,

    “You OK Sweetie?”

    “How much more of that thing you got?”

    “Same again”

    “Keep on sliding it in a bit at a time, but go slow till all of it is in. Once were there and it’s fully inside me we can start to show these other guys how to really f--k!”

    We gathered round to see the exhibition, her c--t lips were stretched to the limit round his massive s---t which slowly began its withdrawal from the depths of her snatch, she moaned with pleasure as the large bulbous head reamed her hole, the it appeared at the opening of her c--t lips half in half out when with one t----t he sent it squelching bask inside her to its hilt, she cried out, in alarm under such an onslaught, “SLOW DOWN FOR PITTY SAKE, YOUR HURTING ME WITH THAT POLE OF YOURS”

    He took no heed , and started shafting in and out the entire length of his massive d--k, soon she was moaning and writhing into her first o----m of many, they f----d like that for what seemed like ages, till le pulled out with a s-----g noise coming from her excited c--t, roughly he turned her on to all fours and immediately buried his c--k even deeper into her wet hole, more moaning and orgasms as he f----d her to the absolute limit, he withdrew his livid c--k and held it against her arse bud, and started shoving at the puckered opening, but try as he might there was no way of fitting the swollen d--k head inside her tight bum hole. He gave up trying to force his way in and slid it back into her c--t where he knew it fitted snugly. He frigged her arse with several fingers for a while but realising it was never going to fit with out doing serious damage to her; he concentrated on his impending c-m. His thrusts speeded up to a blur as he shouted his way to o----m, pumping and pumping her willing hole full to bursting with his white creamy jism , rivulets of the stuff was running out of her hole as he pounded more in, making farting noises with her c--t as she came for the Nth time. As he withdrew his p---k from her c--t we saw a torrent of c-m flowing out onto the seat cover in a bubbling pool of erotic mess.

    Recovering his breath he went round in front of her and offered his dripping p---k for her to s--k clean, this she did, not only without complaint, but with obvious pleasure, licking his balls and the enormous length of his c--k with relish.

    “Great F--k thanks, but sorry about my shit hole Harry, I’ll have to do stretching excursuses in case we ever meet again and you want to brown hole me with that mighty tool of yours”

    That got a round of applause and a lot of laughs.

    She was f----d again by everyone including myself, in every hole and in every combination possible.

    Finally we ran out of steam, but not her, she gamely asked if anyone fancied a last f--k for the road as at this stage she was ready for anything they could do to her.

    No takers due to sexual exhaustion, but one by one they kissed her good bye and fondled, frigged.

    , or squeezed various parts of her, now, familiar anatomy.

    Her dress was found, but not her miniscule G-string (someone had taken it as a souvenir of the nights debauchery), putting it on seemed pointless as it hid nothing, but she still had to exit the public part of the club.

    Arm in arm we headed out, and as we were leaving the club Manager gave me a DVD case “A memento of your visit to the VIP area Sir and Madame, a double DVD in HD of your entire evening with us I’ve seen it and I must say congratulations to you Madame you are one hell of a girl, and obviously a really great f--k! Come back ANY time you wish as our guests in the VIP section”.

    On the way home I reminded myself to get on my laptop as soon as possible and delete all the emails to the organisation “We will f--k your wife” especially the ones to Bob setting up to-nights little party, after all I wouldn’t want Polly to know it was all my idea to have her f----d mercilessly for an entire evening by a bunch of virile well hung unknowns.

    When we got home and into bed she asked me to f--k her in the arse! A perfect end to a perfect evening.

    More of this will follow, I know for sure.

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    I ended it this way😜

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    pull d trigger on

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    The husband is sick

    Interesting story

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