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    Some say, when you leave this world, you go to a dark place, a purgatory before you leave it for good never to return.
    Some say that death cannot be cheated.
    Once you die, you cannot comeback.
    Thanatos will claim your soul.
    But what really is Death???????????
    On the lonely road, a car speeds like it’s been chased; the driver drove hastily, entering a street and into a mechanic workshop stopping abruptly scaring the female attendant who was closing the workshop for the day.
    A girl in her twenties alighted from the car and walked hastily towards the attendant.
    “Hello please my car is faulty, can you help me?” she asked the attendant who was scared by the way she drove in.
    “Am sorry we are closed for today” the attendant replied moving closer to her office while the girl entered the car shaking her boyfriend who was bleeding profusely.
    “Look at me Nate, am going to get help. Don’t close your eyes, am going to get the car working and we are going to go far away without looking back. We can beat this, just stay awake for me please” she said holding his face; she couldn’t control the tears that gathered in her eyes. She blinked and let them flow freely.
    Nate dragged his head up, fighting to breathe.
    “Am bleeding Kate?” he said breathlessly while the attendant watched them clueless of what was happening.
    “I know and am going to get us help, please don’t close your eyes, help is coming,” she said stepping out of the car.
    “Hello, Is he alright?” the attendant asked worriedly as Kate walked up to her.
    “Please, I beg of you to check what’s wrong with my car, it’s just stopped and I really need to move now,” Kate said ignoring the attendant question.
    “Is he okay?” the attendant asked moving to where Nate was.
    “Could you just check my God d--n car” Kate shouted frightening the attendant.
    “Okay, fine. I am not a mechanical engineer but I know a few things about car repair. I’ll check it” the attendant replied opening the bonnet of the car.
    “Please just help me check why it isn’t working. I am really in a hurry; I have to get going and I can’t hang about nor stay here, please” Kate said wiping the tears off her face.
    “I’ll see what I can do,” she said touching some part of the car engine. While doing that, Kate’s phone rings; she answers the call and places it close to her ear.
    “Kate its Juliet, where are you and Nate? Juliet asked over the phone.
    “We are stranded, is Max okay?” Kate asked
    “He’s dead” Juliet replied. Her cry could be heard over the phone.
    “Oh my God, but the throne, he went to destroy the throne, right?
    “He went but didn’t get to it. The monster got to him first and killed him” Juliet replied sniffing from the other end.
    “But that’s the last thing we need to do and be free. He won’t be able to SEANCE again. Oh my God! If Max is gone that means we are next” Kate said with a shaking voice and dropped the call. She put the phone back in her pocket while the attendant looked at her before going back to what she was doing.
    “Look, can you hurry up? I really need to go now”
    “Your engine got a problem and it seems to be malfunctioning. Sorry for eavesdropping on your conversation, what problems are you mixed up in? The attendant asked as Kate’s eyes widened.
    “Well there nothing anyone can do now, no one can help us” she replied sobbing and laughed like a possessed lady.
    In the car, Max fights for air, breathing hard and slowly, his face covered in blood. He takes in his last breath waking up in another realm: THE REALM OF THE DEAD.
    “NO, NO, Kate, get me out of here, get me out,” Nate shouted. Everywhere was dark and he could barely see anything.
    In the human realm, Kate roughens her hair, thinking rapidly.
    “I think I know what to do, let me go get my tools,” the attendant said heading to her office.
    Stepping into her office, she walked straight to the office telephone table and put a call through to the nearest hospital for an ambulance.
    Kate looks at the car and saw that Nate wasn’t moving. She ran to the car and opened it, she checked his pulse and he was still alive, she spoke and called out his name to wake him up but he couldn’t hear her for the realm he was in.
    Back at the realm of dead souls, Nate hears his voice and looked back to see his dead mother.
    “You are back son, I’ve been expecting you,” she said with a mischievous smile.
    “It’s so lovely to see you again son”
    “No, I need to wake up; I need to go back, I can’t stay here,” he said shaking his head.
    “Don’t you want to see me, again?”
    “I do mum but am not here to stay”
    “Your soul belongs to him now son. You gave it to him when you passed over, it’s his now, surrender to him” she said smiling.
    “No mum, I only wanted to see you, am not ready to die” he replied
    “That’s not your decision anymore, we will all have to surrender at some point. Now is yours” she replied closing the gap between them and stabbed him.
    Nate coughed out blood in the human realm bowing down his head, dead.
    His mother changed to a demon, it was actually the demon that had taken the appearance of his mother.
    “Welcome to the underworld” he laughed devilishly.
    Kate came out and called the attendant to hurry up, she entered the car and checked Nate pulse again.
    “Oh no!” she exclaimed checking his pulse the third time.
    He was cold as ice. She shoke him crying and pleading for him to wake up but he didn’t, he was dead. She laid him at the back of the car covering him with a blanket.
    “Rest in peace,” she said stepping out of the car.
    “Help me please” she shouted moving to the office the attendant entered earlier.
    “Help, please”
    She stopped half-way as a black figure passed her with an unimaginable speed. She looked back and didn’t see anything, it moved past her again and she looked back seeing nothing. Fear gripped her as she knew what it was.
    It passed her and she looked up at her front, where it passed. Her eyes widened at the thing in front of her.
    It was what has been chasing them ever since they came back from the ritual they did to see their love ones.
    Before she was a figure, it appeared not to be a human but looked human. Its skeleton face was masked with red eyes; it looked like it had no life in it and as something that crawled out from the darkest part in the pit of hell. Clothed in a black robe, its red eyes shone menacingly.
    “What are you?” she asked
    “I am THANATOS” he answered with a spooky voice and stabbed her with the long sharp, curved knife he held.
    The attendant who was on the phone conversing with the hospital ambulance attendant saw the scene but couldn’t see THANATOS, so she thought Kate stabbed herself.
    “You have to get here right now, she just stabbed herself” she shouted on the phone, cut the call and rushed to where Kate was with her hands on the stomach where she was stabbed. She held her tummy, coughing out blood.
    “Stay with me miss” the attendant urged her blocking her stomach with cloths to reduce the blood that oozed out. Kate’s vision was blurry and she was struggling hard to breathe. Bending her head, she closed her eyes waking up in the dark realm.
    “NO!” she exclaimed shaking her head vigorously.
    She turned back and there stood the demon that stabbed her. She shake her head as the demon ran towards her and stabbed her to death.
    In the human realm, the attendant shakes and checks her pulse only to find out she was dead.
    She couldn’t bear the whole scenario anymore; she stood up and ran out of the

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    Episode 2-4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

    Episode 8

    Last Episode

    BOOK 2.

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    Hmmm kind of scary.

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    seated with my popcorn and coke @ele1 @itzprince @hormortiyor com and join me………

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    @FB-DANIELEDEM I DON LAND, YOU ASKED TO SEE YA DEAD LOVED ONES, YOU GOT WHAT YOU WANT @emmy01 @atermarial @iphemloid abeg each of u should invite 3 people, and the 3 people should invite 3 people

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    nice start nxt pls @LadyG come c

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    Here i dey oo
    bring it on, let check it boya he 0 have salt0

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