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    hey guys, I’m reposting this story for those of us who missed it before we lost the story months back.

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    Episode 1
    He pounded away.
    It was the same away he did it every time…pull my clothes, pull his trousers…s--k my nipples and tell me how beautiful I am before he starts pounding. I looked at him with his yes closed and wondered what must have made me like him. It definitely wasn’t his money; I was a lot richer than him….maybe it was because he was funny?
    I looked at him as he closed his eyes and beads of sweat formed above his brows; all I could wish for was for his to c-m on time. Today was to special for me to stop him halfway. Suddenly he let out that all too familiar groan that signaled his much awaited release. His hold on the top of the mattress beside my head became firmer, and then he started his epileptic-like movement as he came.
    Acho: Tee, you are so sweet
    Me: get up, I have to clean myself, hope your bathroom is clean. Running water?
    Acho: Yes it is.
    He made himself a cup of milo as I strode along to the bathroom.
    Me: So how was your trip to Oshogbo on Wednesday?
    Acho: it was okay, my friends send their regards. So where will we go to tonight?
    Me: nowhere, I will be going home.
    Acho: but its, Friday, no lectures now, lets go and eat fish.
    Me: I heard about you and yewande, that you guys have been boinking all over.
    I came out of the bathroom, headed into his kitchen to see if I could eat something. Immediately he joined me in the kitchen with rage in his eyes
    Acho: I cant believe you are listening to all those bad-belle people that want to see us apart. Wicked and jobless people.
    Me: Heartless people!
    Acho: you know its only you..
    His arms were around me, he started kissing my neck, I could feel his d--k starting to get hard again.
    Acho: You know I can never do that to us, I am so lucky to have you.
    Me: awwwww adorable.
    Acho: so will you go out tonight with me?
    Me: How did you happen to be at Oshogbo and Ijebu-ode together?
    Acho: I don’t understand you.
    Me: My uncle owns an hotel in Ijebu-ode, my cousin is the manager. He saw you come in on Wednesday. He still recognizes you from my birthday party.
    Acho: he must be mistaken, I wasn’t at ijebu-ode. He cant be too sure, many people look like me.
    Me: anyways, he said he was sure you were gonna deny so he snapped you from a distance, while you were beside the pool with a lady.
    I brought out my phone and showed him the pictures.
    Me: that is your favorite shorts yeah?…i dunno why you like it sef
    Acho was speechless for a while, he wanted to talk but the words seemed elusive.
    Me: don’t worry…we are cool.
    Acho: I am so sorry, I love you. She was all over me and i…
    Me: don’t worry, I understand. Sometimes I can be a difficult gf.
    Acho: Tee, we can get through this…I swear it was a one time thing..
    Me: is that yewande? She has nice boobs oh.. hope you didn’t tweak her nipples too much like you do mine? I tell you that shit hurts..
    Acho: babe, stop naa, you are scaring me.
    Me: relax Acho..
    Acho: if you knew since Wednesday, why are you just telling me now, why allow me make love to you.
    Me: first, that wasn’t love making, it was just sex, secondly, I rather break up with you to your face.
    Acho: babe please…what will I be without you?
    I laughed, there was nothing edible in his kitchen.
    Me: now that we have confirmed that you didn’t use the 20k I gave you in Oshogbo, can I have it back? Except you used it for Ijebu-ode..then I understand.
    Acho sat down on his mattress, he looked defeated.
    Me: see me off to the bus-stop, its time for me to bounce!
    Acho: babe, is it really over….i mean just like that?
    Me: Yes bae…

    I wasn’t sad about the break-up, being single was something I felt was right for me at this moment in time. Moreover, the student union government elections were around the corner, Abayomi wanted to be the President and had approached me to be his vice. Not like I agreed with all his policies or was really crazy about being elected, I saw it as an opportunity to do something’s differently, another icing in the cake is that no igbo-girl had been the vice-president of the school. I liked breaking bounds.
    Checking my phone as I got home, I saw 22 missed calls from my Acho, 1 from my dad, and some bbm and whatsapp messages. I called my dad.
    Me: goodevening daddy
    Dad: evening dear, how are you?
    Me: I am fine, I got the alert, thank you.
    Dad: when are you coming home? It’s been two months since we saw you, abi lagos they bite you?
    Me: dad, you know exams starts in 2 months, I can’t miss any lectures now.
    Dad: this has to do with that election abi, your sister told me. Why not just focus on your studies? Remember your school is in the southwest, you don’t stand a chance.
    Me: I also know I am a student of the school, with all the qualifications to run for electable positions.
    Dad: I hear it’s very violent during elections, cultists and all
    Me: I am not a cultist so they have no problem with me.
    Dad: okay o, hold on for your mother..
    Mum: Tana, my are you?
    Me: I am good mum.
    Mum: how are your studies, what of Acho?
    Me: studies is good, I and Acho have broken-up.
    Mum: what happened? I like that boy o..very respectful.
    Does Yewande’s mum utter the same rubbish wherever she is? I thought to myself
    Me: I just wanna focus on school now, boys have too much wahala
    Mum: that’s good my dear, make sure you go for mass too, only degrees won’t take you to heaven o..
    Me: I know ma..mum I have to go now, my indomie is burning..
    I felt a pinch of guilt for lying to her, but I had to. She could talk on the phone for hours, I wasn’t in the mood for that now.
    I went to the kitchen to make myself some creamy lunch made of cereals when my phone rang, I made up my mind to ignore the call if it was my mum. That woman can worry somebody ehn…
    It was Abayomi.
    Abayomi: We are to meet some people for fundraising this evening, please you have to be there.
    Me: where?
    Abayomi: Babis
    Me: okay, I will be there boss.
    Abayomi: you can bring your boyfriend.
    Me: you mean Yewande’s boyfriend..
    Abayomi: I don’t understand.
    Me: he was f-----g her at my back
    Abayomi: that guy ehn, people can be stupid can he cheat on somebody like you. If you had agreed to date me when we were in 100 level, all this rubbish….
    Me: how is Toun my friend? I am sure you would never cheat on her
    Abayomi: that you are single…
    Me: how is Kofo?
    Abayomi: why are you asking me about Kofo?
    Me: because I know you have been f-----g her behind your girlfriend.
    Abayomi: chai, who told you?
    Me: I have my sources
    Abayomi: me and Kofo are just close friends, you know she helps with our campaign?
    Me: by f-----g everybody to vote for us?..loooolz
    Abayomi: you know I hate you abi?
    Me: I know Abayomi, but its only me that tells you the truth. Toun is my friend, if you don’t call it quits with kofo A.K.A universal charger, I will tell Toun.
    Abayomi: you are mean, mean as hell!
    Me: I know sugar, that’s why I am your padi-padi
    Abayomi: carry your wahala dey go…see you tonight, don’t be late o..
    Me: aii bro.. muah
    Abayomi: yeye girl.

    Abayomi was my best friend; I could do almost anything for him. We almost dated while in 100 level, but he was too serious with school and politics…I liked him because ultimately he was a good guy at heart, had a G.P.A that could make your parent disown you and adopt him and he was kind.
    I was surprised when he had insisted I be his vice for the elections. I didn’t think I had the pre-requisites. I am igbo, I don’t have many friends, I was relatively young at 21, I hadn’t ever showed interest in politics. But he had insisted that I would help him swing all the non-Yoruba votes to our camp, because most of them wanted a voice at the government. He also said I was the only one he could trust.
    Our opponents was radical figure, his nick-name was National, he had been class-rep of his department since I could remember, he was liked by lecturers and was a good orator. I doubted our chances of defeating him but I had to stand by Abayomi.

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    Episode 2

    It was 9:30pm when I woke up from my sleep I immediately remembered that I had to be at babis for the fundraiser. The election was to hold in 6weeks time, though we had campaign posters all over the campuses (mini and main); National was having the upper hand. He had more financial power than Abayomi.
    Abayomi came from what I would describe as an average family; his dad was a retired banker while his mum was a civil servant. My dad ran 8 big stores in Alaba international market. He dealt with the importation of Samsung and sharp electronics.
    My dad didn’t go to secondary school talk less of a university. He came to Lagos immediately after the Biafran war, worked as a sales boy for Mr koledowo of blessed memory at idumota. Idumota was one of the biggest markets in the 70’s. Things went smoothly for a while until Mr koledowo’s wife died. He never really recovered from the shock. He himself died November 17th, 1979, leaving his store to my dad. Shortly after his demise, his family came to close the store leaving my dad with nothing. My dad had made some friends with some Ghanaians who were regular customers. Mr Antwi allowed my dad stay with his family provided that my dad worked for them for free. As providence would have it, in 1983 the Ghanaians were evicted from Nigeria. Though the government of Nigeria said it was due to economic hardships, my dad always maintained that it was a form of retaliation. In 1969, Nigerians had been evicted from Ghana. Once again, my dad inherited another man’s store. Fast forward to 2007, my 47 year old dad, Chief Dike was a millionaire; my mum was an house wife.
    I had supported the elections financially even more than Abayomi, but it wasn’t enough. A lot of freshers adorned tee-shirts with National’s beaming smile on them. Even some girls in my compound had theirs, disloyalty!
    I wouldn’t have been able to get to babis on time if I had boarded a taxi, I decided to meet John, my neighbor who had a car and could easily drop me off.
    Me: john!
    No reply…
    I knocked his door but he didn’t open, I was forced to peep through the window because I could hear music from his one room apartment. Lying in bed was John, with his naked albeit a G-string girlfriend sprawled like an eagle beside him. Cans of sprite and a bottle of Johnny walker were nearby.
    I walked to Itamerin bus-stop to get a bike to babis.
    Babis was crowded when I got in, it was filled with most of the club guys and girls unwinding from the week long lectures. I skimmed the crowed until I saw Abayomi seated with some people just by the bar. I was squeezing myself for a way through the crowd when a hand pulls me back. Turning back I saw the slim body and apologetic smile of Acho.
    Acho: I thought you said you were staying indoors tonight
    Me: its really none of your business Acho
    Acho: I see you have already forgotten about me
    Me: you are kindha smart, now let go of my hand some people are waiting for me.
    Acho let go immediately, ‘yahooze’ by olu-maintain was booming in the back-ground as a couple of students flooded the park that stood as the dance floor.
    Acho: I will miss you
    Me: I bet you will honey.
    She continued walking to the area were Abayomi sat. he didn’t see her as he continued arguing fervently with somebody, she didn’t recognize the person nor the other people sitting around the table. It wasn’t long before Abayomi saw her and screamed.
    Abayomi: you can be very annoying!, we have been here since 9pm, look at the time you are coming
    Me: Ab, is that how to talk to a lady, your mum did a rotten job raising you
    Abayomi: you papa left yansh!
    Me: ishiewu
    Abayomi: come and hug me jor
    Me: body odour o….
    I quickly scrutinized the people sitting around the table. Dada was at the right hand side of Abayomi, Kofo sat at his left with her fake lashes almost covering her eyes, Uche was holding a bottle of Gulder while Qudus sat at the corner. Seeing Uche there left me with an uneasy feeling, he was one of the boys that was feared in mini-campus where most of the science students of the university received their lectures. Those were the people I recognized, the others were unknown, and maybe they were from the main-campus.
    Me: sorry I am late guys
    Most people responded by saying don’t worry…its aii…no p…except Uche..he just smiled that wicked…no evil smile.
    Uche was about 6’4, very big and hardly spoke. With the clampdown on cult activities by the state government, a lot of students were on the low-key, many denied the different confraternities they once flaunted, I couldn’t fix Uche in a group. I knew he was a computer-science student though.
    Abayomi: wetin you go drink madam?
    Me: Gordon spark and asun
    Abayomi: I said drink not drink and eat, I resemble Acho
    Me: oh sharraaaaaaap
    After few pleasantries and drinks, we got down to business.
    Abayomi: Tana, we have two sponsors that really want to invest in our campaign
    Me: oh really…that’s nice..who are they?..
    Abayomi: let me allow them speak for themselves…Michaela let her hear you..
    I Looked at Michael and remembered him also. He was one of those geeks that had no money in 100L and 200L, but with internet runs, him and his type were all over the place. He still had bad dress sense though, like most geology students did.
    Michael: Tana, you are as beautiful as ever…
    I almost puked..
    Me: oh, thank you dear
    Michael: I am glad we would be supporting your campaign..
    Me: the pleasure is all mine Mikolo
    Michael: you too fine walahi!
    Pretending to blush…buys can be dull mehnnn..
    Me: Michael I am blushing, what do you have for us?
    Michael: going straight to the point, I like that in a are…
    Uche: Michael abi Mikolo you dey waste my time oh, wetin dey worry you sef, you neva see woman before?
    I was both happy and uneasy..Michael seemed to swallow saliva.
    Michael: we want to support the movement with 500,000naira
    Me: wow..thats nice..
    In my mind I was thinking he was dumb, what if we lost? gulf money be dat oh…come to think of it, I really needed a gulf-car.
    Abayomi: it’s really nice and I assure you people, we will win.
    Me: Michael, what do you want in return?
    They always wanted something in return, some wanted seats in the senate, others wanted academic favours.
    Michael: I want to be given the license to build the only Cyber-café in the SUG complex.
    Abayomi shot a quick look at me; he wanted to see if I had a problem with it before I even spoke.
    Me: That is huge Michael…
    Abayomi: for 500,000 naira that is huge.
    Michael: we would give the government 10% of the monthly profit..
    Me: that is risky Michael, 10% for how long, Till our tenure is over?
    Micheal: it will continue with your predecessors
    Me: so they will collect 10% without having missed a heartbeat?
    Michael: aren’t you doing this for the good for all?
    Me: 600,000naira Michael
    A couple of students crowded Michael to whisper into in his ears, I guess they were his advisers. He smiled after a while..
    Michael: my people and I agree only in the condition that kofo is removed as campaign manager.
    I looked at Michael and couldn’t stop myself from smiling.
    Kofo: no way! Why do you want to do that…are you interested in my position?
    Abayomi was calm, I knew he didn’t want to disappoint his side-chic at the same time we all knew she wasn’t a good campaign manager..
    Abayomi: why do you want her off?
    Michael: she doesn’t represent what we want to be associated with.
    So yahoo boys get reputation too? I thought to myself
    Abayomi: And that is?
    I laughed and was immediately burnt by Kofo’s blazing eyes
    Michael: let’s just say she is too cheerful and we are serious people. And she has no experience for the position.
    Kofo: and who are you to decide that?
    Abayomi: kofo, if you don’t have 600,000naira to give us now, I suggest you calm down, we would look for another position for you.
    The respect I had for Abayomi quadrupled immediately, kofo sank low..
    Me: and do you have a candidate in mind to replace her?
    Michael: yes, we want somebody that is experienced, that is loved by all…from main to mini-campus, from ago-iwoye to ijebu-igbo..that has won all the elections he served as campaign manager for..
    Me: and who is that?
    Michael: we want Timi
    I almost collapsed, out of everybody why Timi?..After everything, almost changing school because of him..
    I wanted to talk but Abayomi spoke faster..
    Abayomi: we agree, I will personally speak to him
    Abayomi looked at me and smiled, this was his own way of revenge for the kofo debacle, plus he always liked Timi.
    Michael: it’s a deal ladies and gentlemen.

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    Episode 3

    My mind kept capturing Timi’s face though I tried shutting it down, I had to focus on the meeting. Abayomi ordered for more drinks but I wasn’t interested. He even teased me with asun, it didn’t work.
    It was Uche’s time to talk; I wondered what someone like him would want from us. I also didn’t like the fact that Abayomi wanted to make a deal with people like him.
    Uche: We will support the campaign, make it hitch free, protect you the candidates..wetin we want dey small compared to what we are giving in return.
    I liked the way he switched from pidgin to English without breaking a sweat..nice..
    Me: and what do you want oga bros..
    He didn’t laugh, mumu boy..
    Uche: not me, I am here with respect to a client..
    Me: like you are working for someone, a student or who?
    Uche: he rather not disclose his identity now.
    Me: we can’t work with shadowy individuals.
    Abayomi kicked me with his legs beneath the table
    Abayomi: what does you client want?
    Uche: he wants all the video gaming rights in mini-campus, he wants all the compact-disc selling rights in mini-campus, he also wants to open a restaurant.
    Me: he doesn’t want lecture halls too?
    Nobody laughed, nobody got the joke…
    Abayomi: your client doesn’t want any of his businesses in the main-campus? That place is more lucrative. Instead of the monopoly, it will be easier for us to allow him have some in the mini and main-campus. What if we have a difficult senate that doesn’t approve?
    Uche: he is also ready to offer you 1.4million naira
    I saw the greed in Abayomi’s eyes…
    Abayomi: who is he?
    Uche: I can’t say for now, dat one no necessary
    Me: we can’t assure an unknown person that we will give him all the rights, million or no million. What if we are dealing with a devil?
    Uche: why don’t you think about it, Abayomi, you get my number abi?, call me na.
    Without further ado, the meeting finished.
    Uche stood up and was about living when kofo stood up.
    Kofo: Uche, are you passing by olopomerin?
    Uche: yes
    Kofo: you have a car right?
    Uche: yes..
    Kofo: can you drop me off at home?
    Uche: sure
    I had to give it to kofo, she played it well. She got back at Abayomi for leaving her hanging out to dry. That car thingy too was deep, Abayomi was carless.
    Abayomi tried focusing on his Star lager, but I could see he wasn’t enjoying it.
    Me: Abayomi, oya come and stop taxi for me lemme go home.
    He hissed at me and kept looking at Uche and kofo’s direction. Uche turned back almost immediately and looked at us with a wicked smile on his face. Just as they got to his car, he gave Kofo’s bums a soft pat she didn’t seem to mind.
    Abayomi: I don’t think we should accept this Uche’s client’s offer
    Me: looooool..because he is taking kofo home?
    Abayomi: you dey mad
    Me: Ab, free kofo..lets talk about Timi, you know I can’t work with him
    Abayomi: its too late sis, I already texted him and he replied, he said he is interested.
    Me: you couldn’t wait for both of us to discuss
    Abayomi: 600,000 naira baby, I know your father can give us
    Me: ode..i hope Uche fucks kofo’s lungs out tonigt
    Abayomi: wetin concern me.
    Me: no be your chic?
    Abayomi: your friend Toun is my chic, for your information I am sleeping in her house tonight.
    Me: nope you will sleep alone..
    Abayomi: you trust dis your witch-craft o, na you go sleep alone, better go beg Acho… go see na..
    I picked my phone and dialed a number
    Me: Toun…are you home, I broke up with Acho…I need your support. I am heartbroken.

    After receiving sympathy from her, she hung up..
    Abayomi’s phone rang..
    Abayomi: baby what’s up…..
    … are you serious?
    ……baby she is not heartbroken, she is drinking Gordon spark here, flexing…
    … na…I need you tonight…
    ……Toun don’t do…
    Toun hung up.
    He looked at me and swore plenty in Yoruba.
    Me: I guess you are sleeping alone?
    Abayomi: demonic girl
    Me: heheheheheheehehehe

    Toun: I am so sorry about Acho, so that guy cheated on you?
    Those were the first words she said I as entered her room. In as much as I wasn’t heartbroken, I wanted to talk to somebody about Timi. Toun like Abayomi had been friends with me since I was at 100L, they knew how it started, they also knew how it stopped happening.

    I was sitting in class when noticed a boy was staring at me. I tried ignoring him but he didn’t stop, it seemed he was looking for my attention. I decided to steal bolder glances at the stranger. Whenever he caught my eyes, he blew kisses. After a while I started laughing, he was laughing too. Though I must admit that he looked easy in the eyes and Timi was fine mehnnnn. He had baby-like features. His afro was black and his shirt, chinos pants and loafers looked smooth. Suddenly students started moving to their sits, signaling the arrival of a lecturer.
    Lecturer: Timi! What are you doing here, aint you an economics student?
    Timi: mummy oh! I was missing you, that your sweet smile…I had to follow you from main campus to mini-campus.
    He screamed back at her, she laughed so also most of the students in the auditorium. She evicted him from the class, I noticed a couple of girls winking at him as he walked out. He blew me one last kiss when he noticed I was still looking at him. Toun was sitting beside me and was very excited
    Toun: that boy is fine o, babe don’t dull o..
    Me: I don’t like fine boys, they have too much wahala.
    Toun: commot dere, you dey fear heartbreak.
    I am not sure I heard anything the lecturer said, the boy with the blowing kisses kept clouding my mind. After lectures as I strolled out with Toun, I saw him standing at the corridor. Fine as a button! The boy had been waiting for me. I felt good.
    Timi: Fine girl, how was lectures?
    Toun left me without as much as excuse me.
    Me: fine
    Timi: I am Timi by the way..
    Me: hello Timi by the way
    He laughed so loud, his voice, his dimples… were beautiful

    Timi: what’s your name?
    Me: Tana
    By this time he was beside me, looking at me like he was searching for something. I liked the perfume he wore, and the way he licked his red lips when he spoke.
    Timi: Oluwatana can I buy you lunch?
    Me: I am Igbo
    Timi: Tanachukwu can I buy you lunch?
    I laughed, I was defenseless…my brain said “play hard to get”….
    Me: No problem…
    He took my hand and led me to the cafeteria like we didn’t just meet me some moments ago. After a while, I couldn’t stop myself from holding him too, first gently….then firmly….we fit effortlessly. I enjoyed the glances people threw at us. he didn’t need to ask me out, I believe we started dating during that walk to the cafeteria.

    To be continued

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    So captivating.
    2 cannot walk togeda unless dey agree. I wonda hw Abayomi n Tana will work togeda.

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    I luv dis story die…let’s get it rolling.

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