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    Daniel no dey lie for wetin u no get

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    I got home that afternoon but karasco was no where to be found ” where could he has gone? ” I thought to myself in agitation.

    That evening grandpa drove in with his old Mercedes Benz . ” Where is this Daniel ” he shouted to the top of his voice .

    By then I was inside my room listening to Victor AD song if you no get money weting you gain .

    ” What have I done wrong again ? He asked me to leave the wedding and go home which I did . Why is he ranting my name now ” I thought to myself. I got up from my bed and went to answered his called.

    ” Am here grandpa” he looked at me from the head to the toe . Then I knew something must had gone wrong . My heart beat skipped as i began to find it difficult to breathe .

    ” Hmmmm” grandpa said, and nodded his head . ” Honey , this your useless son won’t just stop to amused me ” he said to grandma .

    ” He is your son , no matter what you say or will do to him . Am so tired. Let me go in and change up this wears, this is men’s talk count me out ” Grandma replied, and went to the inner room.

    ” Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. how many times did I called you ? ”

    ” Three times papa”

    ” Good . So you have choosing to disgrace me in this village right ? News heard it that you have started sleeping with the Young women in this village , is it true ?” Grandpa asked wrathfully .

    ” Grandpa , I don’t understand what you are saying like seriously . The truth about it, is that ever since I came to this village I have never ever stopped a lady or even tried to greeting them .” I replied in fear .

    Grandpa heaved a sign and looked me in the eyes. ” Where is that your useless friend ? what’s that his name again ? Ehn, ehn, ehenn, karasco . Where is he? Grandpa asked stammering pronouncing karasco’s name .

    ” What has karasco done this time cause I haven’t seen him ever since I got back” I thought to myself.

    ” Grandpa I don’t really know where he is at the moment ” I replied in a cracky voice .

    ” So you two jobless fools has gone round the village telling people that you both work in an oil and gas company making the whole maiden talking about you guys . Your name is everywhere in this villager. ?” Grandpa spoke wrathfully .

    Just then karasco walked in “come here my friend. Stand here ” grandpa instructed.

    ” I don’t know you , you don’t know me , I have never seen you in my life before but yet you have choosing to bring shame and disgrace to me mazi Amadi. ”

    ” Grandpa make you no vex abeg , I no know weting you de talk about ” karasco replied.

    Grandpa heaved a sign And looked at karasco. ” You don’t know what am talking about right ? He asked in annoyance.

    ” True , true I swear to God , I no know. you sef know say if I know I no go lie for you , because for this house wey I de so , na you be my papa , you don give me food for this house like say I be your true , true pikin , so if i know anything I no go hesitate to tell you . But the truth for now be say I no know weting you they talk” karasco replied.

    At that point Grandpa was wearing a sad face as he began sweating with anger .

    ” Hmmm, what you are trying to tell me here is that none of you told the village girls that you both work in an oil and gas company ? If none of you told them who did? ” Grandpa asked in perplexed.

    My heart began to beat as I started sweating I know karasco to well to speak even when he is not asked .

    ” Guy , please behave yourself no fall my hand , don’t tell Grandpa I told them that I work in an oil company please ” I whispered to his ears .

    ” Weting you de tell me ? Shey you know say me and you get problem and I no go ever forgive you , when you tell Dem say you de work for oil company i talk? When you tell them say you de import cars I talk? Why I go come tell your grandpa say you tell some ladies say you de work for oil company ” karasco spoke to Grandpa’s hearing.

    I became angry the more as my heart kept pounding, i began to panic. ” God why you come look me finish give me dis kind person as a friend ” I thought to myself, as I kept regretting hosting him .

    “So Daniel is you ? . But I asked you here more than ten times and you denied it . No problem. I think I know what to do with you ” grandpa spoke and left angrily.

    ” Guy you are a disgrace to our friendship, ever since I met you all you brought to me is bad luck . You are disgusting. I regret having you as a friend. You f-----g broker . All what you know is to eat and eat and eat without contributing one Naira . just go in there and pack your things and leave our house . ” I shouted at him in annoyance.

    ” Are you driving me out of your house ? Ben na me you de drive comote for your house? think ooh , na me your friend karasco oooh ” He spoke as tears dripped from his ears .

    ” Yes! I am asking you to leave , leave go to your own father’s house you have a father don’t you? Go abeg I don’t want to ever see you anywhere around my house you are a bad luck to me Biko disappear “. I added.

    ” I will leave your house Daniel , na me you look finish call bad luck abi? Papa God you de up de watch weting person wey I truly take as friend de call me ” he spoke looking as the sky as tears kept dripping from his eyes .

    Just then karasco went in , and packed his bags and left to God knows where ..

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    The next morning I was in my room listening to Rudy boy song reason with me , when Grandpa walked in .

    ” I don’t really know your problem , you have listened to this same song over and over again . If you don’t listen to this Rudy boy song ,you listen to Victor AD’s song . I have been monitoring the kind of songs you listen to in this house . See let me tell you something , if you don’t get up and work you will never hammer get that to your dead brain ”

    ” Grandpa you won’t understand . I have applied for a job online and soon enough your grandson will be a bastard millionaire , I will get you a private jet to be flying where ever you want to go ” I replied Grandpa wearing a smiling face.

    God knows I haven’t applied any, because the last time I applied job online was last year .

    “I don’t blame you , I think I blame myself , if I had sent you out of this house the very time you came , I don’t think I would’ve been seeing your useless face anywhere around me . Your mate are hustling in the city and here in the village all what you do is to stay at home , dress fine and go around telling people where and where you work . Anyways I don’t blame you ” grandpa added.

    I thought I have come to the village to rest my head up after all the city stress and landlord issues I never knew Grandpa’s wahala is really something .

    ” It’s better I go back to the city and go to jail ” I thought to myself wearing a sad face , just then Grandma walked in .

    ” Come to think of it Daniel, where is that your friend karasco ? ” Grandma asked .

    “What should I tell them happened ” I thought to myself .

    ” Where is he ? I haven’t seen him lately too as well ” grandpa asked.

    ” I was on my own ooh, when he came and told me that he is sick and tired of the house that he wants to leave to their village , I tried begging him to stay but he refused Saying he will be visiting time to time ” I replied .

    ” No wonder the compound hasn’t been swept ” grandma replied in amazement.

    Just then we both heard a knock on the gate , ” Daniel check who is at the gate ” grandpa ordered .

    I hurried up and went to the gate and unlocked it . ” Morning sir” I greeted in a respectful manner.

    ” Morning my son, you must be Daniel that works in an oil and gas company right ? Wow, you are looking fresh and good. I like your hustle at least you are not like those jobless young men we have walking round the village hopeless” the old man spoke in amazement.

    I became speechless as I couldn’t utter a word to him . I wanted telling him the truth that I don’t work in an oil and gas company . But with all his hailing and critics on the jobless young men walking round the village so I thought wisely to look different among them so I decided to reply him .

    ” Yes sir , it’s me . I came back last month to see my grandpa and will be going back to the city very soon. Am justing thinking of bringing this very building down to build a mason for my grandpa. That’s why am here . The last time I sent him ten millionaire for it, which he squandered God knows what he used it for . ” I replied the old man in a cracky voice .

    . “Good of you , I wish I have a son like you not that useless good for nothing son of mine who has chosen to be a driver .anyways Is your grandpa in? ” He asked .

    ” Yes sir, he is in. you can come inside and see him ”

    I watched the old man as he walked inside to meet grandpa .

    ” This man don’t know that his son is far, far better than me , his son has a job, a driver for that matter it least he is working what about me ” I heaved a sign and walked to the room .

    Some minutes later I heard grandpa shouting my name aloud

    ” Daniel, Daniel ”

    My heart began to beat , ” could it be that the old man has told Grandpa what I have told him about my work ?” I thought to myself as my heart beat kept on pounding .

    Watch out for


    Episode 5.


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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    Daniel too lie sha!

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    Itz ReindyItz Reindy
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    Ha ha ha ha aaaaaaa u think say e fool

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    Lifēøf Shy GúyLifēøf Shy Gúy
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    Keep it rolling bro

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    Is not like you no fit make am ooo, but this your lie lie go kobalize you

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