The Enemy Within

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    Episode 1
    Written By ChiChi
    “I want to quit this affair Linda,”.
    “I am tired of this whole relationship”. Mark noted
    He was sitting right in Linda’s sitting room.
    “What’s wrong baby,”Why do u want to quit?” “Did I do something wrong?” Linda asked with a surprised expression written on her face.
    “is not about you Linda,is about me,I have never found peace since I started dating you and cheating on my wife.”
    “I feel guilty going home everyday to see my beautiful wife showing me love when I know am not worthy of her love.”is killing me inside”.

    ” Mark,I love you,I don’t care whether you are married or not,”
    “I understand and I love you so much,”
    she tried reaching out for his lips but was pushed by him.

    “stop this nonsense Linda”.
    “where is your conscience?” “for Christ’s sake, Joyce is your Friend, Your best friend, Your childhood Friend.” he fired angrily.

    “And so?”I love you and that’s what matters,To Hell with what you or Joyce or anyone thinks or feels.”she responded.
    “You are sick Linda”
    “We are done!”
    “Get that into your Head!”
    With that he Stormed angrily out of the house.

    Linda laughed,”You are mine Mark,”
    “You must marry me and I must get what I want even If it means killing Joyce I will

    Mark POV
    My name is Mark Johnson.
    A fair Handsome gentleman with Average Height and Nice body Structure.
    I may not be that richest billionaire you think of but at least I run the one of the well known oil company it left by my late father.You may think I am blowing my own horn but that’s just the fact.
    Alot of girls admired back then in my university days but none of them got my attention.
    I saw them as total distractions.
    Until after Graduation, took over the company as the Manager that I met this charming lady named Joyce in an eatery one day.
    We became friends and things later work out well, began dating and later got married.
    I never regretted marrying her.
    She is everything I need in a woman.
    She understands,loves, supports, encourages in every aspect of the marriage.
    Why on Earth I thought of cheating on her still remain a mystery to me.
    Not with anyone else but her best friend Linda.
    Oh!!! Women are devil!!
    Linda knew this yet refused to let go of me.
    And I was so deep in the mess that I realized I was deeply hurting my wife without her knowing.
    I thought about this whole illegal affair and I decided to quit before it becomes late.
    But what I never knew was that it was late already to get out of this mess!!!

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    Right here

    Link to Available Episodes
    Scroll down for Episode 2-3

    Episode 4&5

    Episode 6&7

    Episode 8&9

    Episode 10&11

    Episode 12&13

    Episode 14-16

    Episode 17&18

    Episode 19&20

    Episode 21

    Episode 22

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    Episode 2
    Joyce POV
    I have just finished setting dinner on the table.
    Awaiting my sweet hubby from work.
    I loved this guy so much,
    He is all I needed in a man.
    So caring, loving,sweet, awesome…I mean everything, despite the fact that I am yet to give him a child three years into the marriage.
    I would have never forgiven myself if I had rudely snub him like I did to other men at the eatery that day.
    Till date, I can’t explain the force of attraction that drew me to him.
    Lol,is a day I will love to replay Everytime.
    Enough of the praises now
    Let me tell u a bit about myself.
    Am d only child of my late parents.
    A graduate of University of Lagos
    With degree in Business administration.
    I had to quit my job after marriage because hubby said it was too stressful for me.
    He opened a boutique and also employed sales girls to do the job.
    My only duty was to collect money after sales and also check how things are going.
    I spent almost all my time at home
    Okay now, let’s pause here for a while.
    Hubby is back home and I need to go Welcome Hubby.
    Marriage is very sweet but make sure you watch out for enemies****

    Linda POV
    Linda is my name
    A graduate of unilag with a degree in Marketing,yet to get a job
    U can imagine what the country looks like now.
    Thank God I am still able to carter for myself
    Plus the ones I get from my sugar daddies and side boyfriends.
    I used “side boyfriends” because am unable to fall in love genuinely with any boy and the one I fell in love with sadly is married.
    Oh how he knows how much I love him.
    Mark is everything I need in a man
    Till Tomorrow I so much hate Joyce for taking him away from me.
    I mean why has she been the lucky one since childhood?
    Everyone is attracted to her and none to me.
    She always seem to be the lucky one.
    I never used to mind her till she began dating Mark.
    I was the first to notice him at the eatery when he walked in.
    But like always,she used her charm to draw him and like a blow to my face, they got married.
    I succeedly seduced him at my apartment one day when he stopped by just to pay a visit and complained about Joyce’s childlessness,and it worked at well. Since then,we have been dating secretly,not until he came yesterday to breakup with me for no reason.
    Sadly Am not going to let go of him.
    He is mine and I must become his wife by hook or crook even if it means someone has to get kill.

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    Episode 3
    Mark has finished eating the last piece of chicken on his plate.
    Dinner was just great like every other day.
    Joyce is such an excellent cook
    and everything prepared by her was well seasoned with great taste!
    He is grateful for a bundle of blessings like her as his wife.
    She is just the perfect type in everything.
    Smart, beautiful, intelligent,a great chef both in the kitchen and the bedroom.
    She sure knew how to leave a satisfied smile on his face after every sex.
    She knew how to rock and wine that waist and backside very well making him to desire more of her.
    What ever made him to get into that affair with Linda,her childhood friend?
    Was it due to the absence of a child?
    Well that’s painful too
    Three years gone,and not even a voice to call him daddy.
    What’s really wrong?
    Is she barren?
    But the countless numbers of tests has proven that everything is medically ok with her.
    The thought of childlessness was the reason he had pushed himself into the arms of that Delilah Linda.
    How he wished he had never stepped his feet into her house that day.
    She knew he was fustrated and used that opportunity to seduced him and as stupid as he was,he felled.
    Oh what a deep fall!!!
    He just prayed is not too late to get out.
    He has lost count on the number of times he got between her legs.
    Her apartment,his office,hotels,too many to count.
    He was glad he has broken that bound between them but will she accept it willingly?
    He hoped so!
    His thoughts were pushed away by the footsteps of Joyce emerging from the kitchen toward him.
    “I hope you enjoyed the meal bb?” She asked sitting on a chair next to him.
    “Oh yes baby.”
    “like always,you are simply the best.”he replied giving her a peck.
    “oh please stop flattering me boo.”she blushed
    “If I don’t feed you who will?”
    “I know baby” and that’s why I love you so much” He kissed her again.
    “Thank God is weekend” I have missed you so much”.
    “miss me?” “But you and I are together everyday after work.”
    “I know baby but I love to be with you every minute of my time.”
    “I love you so much baby.”
    “I love you too boo.”she kissed him
    “That’s remind me,Linda called this afternoon and extending her greetings to you.”
    The mentioned name of Linda put him completely off and a guilty and anxiety feelings came upon him.
    He hoped she won’t let the cat out of the bag oneday.
    The expression he had seen on her face after the breakup has been clearly understood that she is not willing to let go of him easily.
    He knew Linda for the few times he had spent with her and he knew that it won’t be easy.
    “Are you ok boo?” Joyce asked looking at him.
    “oh am perfectly fine baby,was just lost in thoughts.” He responded
    He must tried as much as possible not to make Joyce suspects him.
    “you know what baby?” he said changing the topic.
    He won’t let the issues of Linda affects his mood.
    “You have just given daddy the physical food,”
    “So why don’t we go upstairs for the bedroom meal?”
    “No,No” she replied picking up the tray of plates about heading for the kitchen.
    “Mommy has alot of work to do in the kitchen sweetheart.”
    “Can’t they wait?” He asked frowning his face.
    He badly needed sex to ease his troubled mind.
    “no boo,they can’t wait,but maybe I can spare a quickie.” She replied with a naughty smile as she walked away.
    Mark smiled.
    That’s one thing he loved about Joyce
    She sure knew how to turn him on.
    And he loved her for that.
    With that,he followed her to the kitchen.
    Kitchen quickie won’t be a bad idea.
    Trouble was sure heading!

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    Thanks for the iv @jummybabe

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