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    Stacey was heading towards Kim’s
    car at the end of the day when
    someone stopped her.
    “Stacey!” Axel yelled as he ran over,
    adorned in his football uniform.
    They had been ‘friends with
    benefits’ for a few weeks and the
    whole school seemed to know
    about it. Stacey didn’t quite know
    whether to be happy about that or
    Axel stopped in front of her,
    breathing heavily.
    “Can you come over tonight?” He
    asked and she frowned.
    “But it’s-”
    “Yeah Tuesday, I know.” He said.
    “That doesn’t matter. You gonna
    come round?”
    Stacey didn’t really know what to
    do. They had only ever ‘done it’ on
    Wednesdays and Saturdays. It was
    routine. It was safe.
    “Why?” Stacey asked and Axel
    “Does it really matter?”
    Stacey bit her lip. Everyone was
    looking at them. They couldn’t hear
    the conversation but they knew
    what was going to happen. Axel
    and Stacey were sex buddies…and
    if she suddenly said no.
    What would they do? How would
    they react?
    She shouldn’t care. She shouldn’t
    be bothered by other people’s
    thoughts. But Stacey was the glue
    of the cheerleading squad, she was
    the girl everyone was looking up to.
    She was Axel’s f--k buddy.
    And if she let everyone down…then
    what was the point of her even
    being there.
    “Okay.” Stacey said quietly.
    Axel breathed out in relief and
    nodded as a few of his friends
    came over.
    “Hey Ax!” One of them called out as
    they reached him, placing a hand
    on his shoulder and looking over at
    “So this is the girl you’ve been
    Stacey suddenly felt sick.
    They hadn’t asked if she was his
    girl or if they were together. They
    had asked is she was the girl he
    had been s------g.
    That was all Axel said.
    “She’s hot.” One of them said.
    “Bet she’d be a great f--k.”
    “You gonna share her, Ax?”
    The last comment made Stacey look
    up at Axel so quickly that she nearly
    got whiplash. He didn’t say
    anything for a moment and looked
    at Stacey, raising an eyebrow at her
    when he saw her shocked face.
    “How about it?” One of Axel’s
    friends said. “You wanna go for a
    ride with me too?”
    “No…” Stacey mumbled quietly.
    “Why not?” He scoffed. “You dress
    like a s--t so why the hell are you
    trying to act like you’re not?”
    That made Stacey look down at her
    outfit – a dark blue mini skit with a
    sleeveless shirt tucked into it.
    She hadn’t felt like a s--t when she
    had picked it out. She thought she
    looked pretty. A few days ago
    Stacey went shopping and bought
    lots of clothes for the summer that
    she thought would be cute and
    She thought they might catch Axel’s
    eye more and he would spend
    more time with her.
    But now she felt stupid.
    She felt naked in her clothes.
    “So what do you say, baby?” One of
    the guys smirked. “You wanna
    spend the night with me instead of
    Stacey looked over to the boy she
    loved and noticed how he just
    stood there, flicking through the
    messages on his phone. She slowly
    pulled her eyes away from him and
    felt completely hurt.
    He wasn’t even doing anything to
    stop them.
    Didn’t boyfriends stick up for their
    But then again…Stacey was his f--k
    buddy….not his girlfriend.
    Everyone was looking and everyone
    was watching. And that only
    spurred Stacey on more. She
    couldn’t look like a fool…like an
    Stacey looked up at the guy who
    was leering down at her, a pathetic
    smirk on his face and she smiled
    “Sure.” She murmured and put a
    hand to his chest.
    But no matter how much she told
    herself that the boy in front of her
    was the pathetic one…she had
    never felt more worthless or
    pathetic in all her life.
    Triple update! And that’s it for
    today (I think)! I hope that made
    up for the wait and I hope you
    enjoyed 😀

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    Alex Ȋ̝̊̅§ a fool,i hate his type………
    Stancy Ɣo̲̣̣̥ΰ don’t hv brain at all

    Yes we enjoy it man,thumps up.

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    Nah every character in this story offended you??

    I didn’t blame Stancey, she is doing that out of Love(or Lust), and Axel had no feelings for her except what he is gaining from her.

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    We realy enjoy it…its fantastic, a great work….

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    Stacey Williams had finally
    realized that she was trying to
    make Axel Teller jealous.
    It had been weeks since she
    had taken up the offer one of his
    friends gave her and there had
    been many more offers since.
    And she accepted each one.
    She came home late, worried
    her parents and her grades began
    to decline.
    When she got dressed in the
    morning, she looked in the mirror
    and she felt slutty. She didn’t dress
    to be pretty anymore. She doubled
    up on makeup – building up the
    foundation and coating on the
    She bought push-up bras and
    shirts that showed cleavage.
    Stacey Williams was not the girl
    she used to be.
    But her love for Axel Teller was
    still there.
    She flirted and coaxed her way
    around men…but every Wednesday
    and Saturday night she would be at
    Axel’s door and into his arms. She
    knew she was delusional.
    Completely and utterly
    But people say that you do
    crazy things for love…that you will
    do anything for love.
    And Stacey would.
    That was how painful it was.
    Stacey walked into school, her
    shorts clutching the skin at the very
    top of her thighs as she walked up
    the stairs. She felt a hand slap her
    butt and she gulped down the bile
    in her throat and instead smiled at
    the guy who walked off with a
    She got to her locker where
    Kim and half the cheerleading
    squad were stood.
    “Oh my god, Stacey, I’m so
    sorry!” One of them whined with a
    “What?” Stacey frowned.
    “You haven’t heard?” Another
    one snapped her gum and Stacey
    shook her head. “Axel’s f-----g the
    “What nerd?” Stacey heard
    herself say over the loud beat of
    her heart.
    “Scarlett.” She said. “The one in
    History who answers every f-----g
    Stacey looked away, opening
    her locker quietly. She glanced over
    at Kim who gave her a sad smile.
    Kim understood her. Everyone
    knew that Stacey was sex buddies
    with Axel. That they were friends
    with benefits.
    But Kim knew how much
    Stacey loved him.
    ‘You okay?’ Kim mouthed to
    Stacey shook her head and
    grabbed her books for first period.
    She shut her locker and
    sighed, grabbing Kim’s arm and
    pushing past the rest of the girls.
    They walked down the hallways
    when they heard a commotion
    round the corner.
    They stepped round the corner
    and saw a few people laughing and
    cheering two people on.
    Stacey watched with a glare as
    Axel wrapped his arm around the
    nerd, Scarlett’s shoulder, and kissed
    her. Passionately. Lovingly.
    Nothing like how he kissed
    Stacey shook with anger and
    stormed forward as they pulled
    away from each other. They noticed
    her as she walked near them.
    “B---h.” Stacey muttered to
    Scarlett and shoved her shoulder
    with her own making the girl fall to
    the ground and gasp in pain.
    “The f--k was that for?” Axel
    called out, wrapping his arms
    protectively around Scarlett.
    Stacey sneered at them and
    continued to walk down the
    hallway towards the washrooms.
    “Get the hell out!” She yelled to
    the girls in there and they ran out
    Stacey placed her hands on the
    edge of the skin and breathed,
    shaking in pure anger.
    She heard the door and looked
    over to see Kim walking in.
    “That f-----g bastard.” Stacey
    hissed. “I gave my virginity to that
    d--k. God, I’m so angry! I could
    always do better than him but I
    stayed with the a-----e. Always!
    Every Wednesday and Saturday, I
    was wasting my time with him!”
    Kim stopped beside Stacey and
    placed a hand on her back.
    “I’m so angry!” Stacey yelled. “I
    don’t even care anymore!”
    There was a silence for a
    moment – an eerie and unnerving
    “If you’re so angry,” Kim said
    quietly, “then why do you look like
    you want to cry?”
    I hope you enjoyed this!

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    Seeing something you want but
    could never have was a similar pain
    to being stabbed constantly in the
    You wanted to cry and tears welled
    up in your eyes but none
    fell…because no one wanted to look
    weak. And Stacey didn’t want to
    look weak in front of Axel.
    It was almost humorous from time
    to time as Stacey glanced over in
    science and could see Axel’s hand
    on Scarlett’s thigh; that she was
    jealous of someone she thought
    was lower than her.
    Someone she had never thought
    would be classed as competition.
    But there she was – the school’s
    nerd – laughing as she flaunted Axel
    around like a puppy on a leash.
    And it killed Stacey.
    Stacey looked up as she grabbed
    her stuff from her locker to see a
    blonde haired boy who she
    remembered was on the football
    team and hung out with Axel from
    time to time.
    “Hey.” Stacey replied.
    “So…” He said. “I was wondering if
    you wanted to…go out Saturday?”
    The day that she was meant to be
    with Axel…but he didn’t want her
    around anymore.
    He had Scarlett to warm up his bed.
    Stacey looked back up at the guy.
    “What’s your name?”
    “Scottie.” He said and Stacey smiled
    He just wanted to have sex.
    Stacey nodded tersely and closed
    her locker.
    “Okay Scottie.” She said. “Saturday.”
    “Five okay?” He asked and Stacey
    That was earlier than when most
    guys came over.
    “Yeah.” Stacey said. “Five’s fine.”
    “Okay.” Scottie smiled. “Text me
    your address.”
    The bell rang and Stacey frowned in
    confusion. “I don’t have your
    “Yeah you do.” He said, beginning
    to walk down the hallway. “I gave it
    to you last year.”
    Scottie walked out of sight and
    Stacey took her phone out, flicking
    through her contacts.
    Latino hottie.
    Chem class guy.
    Biology babe.
    Hot blonde jock.

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    Hanging from the handles on
    Stacey’s closet were two outfits.
    One was a short, grey pencil skirt
    paired with a baggy black cropped
    sweater which hung off her
    shoulder gently. The other was a
    bright red mini skirt with a tight
    tank top to tuck inside.
    Stacey bit her lip and sighed,
    glancing over at the clock on her
    beside table.
    It was already quarter to five and
    although her hair and makeup was
    completely done – she didn’t want
    to be late.
    None of the guys liked it when she
    was late.
    Stacey stepped forward and
    released her lip from her teeth and
    grabbed the outfit to her left.
    Walking down the stairs was
    proving to be painfully difficult in
    the short skirt and high heels. The
    skirt was flapping up and revealing
    nearly everything and the heels
    were seconds away from making
    her topple over.
    But it didn’t matter anyway.
    She wouldn’t be wearing them for
    long during her ‘date’.
    She got to the end of the stairs and
    grabbed her purse, walking into
    the sitting. She leaned against the
    door frame and sighed as the
    completely silent house greeted
    Stacey’s parents had gone to a
    work-do for her Dad’s job. They
    had told her it was only for adults
    and that it was just to celebrate the
    But Stacey has found the invite
    tucked away one day and saw the
    clear letters that stated that it was a
    party in honour of her father’s
    promotion she knew nothing
    And it was clear that kids could
    come too.
    She had just shrugged it off
    though. Her parents didn’t want
    her to be there and that was fine.
    The hurt didn’t last that long
    The doorbell rang and Stacey took a
    deep breath, ridding her mind of
    useless thoughts and walked out of
    the sitting room, grabbing the
    spare key as she went. She opened
    the door and Scottie was stood
    there – curly blonde hair adorned
    with a baby blue button down shirt
    and dark jeans.
    She smiled slightly and he smiled
    “You look great.” He said as he eyes
    trailed down her body and she saw
    him gulp a little.
    “You don’t look too bad yourself.”
    Stacey smirked. “So, yours or
    “Actually, neither.” Scottie laughed.
    “We’re going to a diner.”
    “A diner?” Stacey frowned.
    Scottie laughed nervously. “I
    needed a date for this family dinner
    thing I have.”
    Stacey’s eyes nearly buldged out of
    her head.
    “Family?” She breathed out and
    Scottie winced, rubbing the back of
    his head.
    “Yeah I’m sorry.” He said. “It was
    short notice and they’ve been
    bugging me for ages to bring a girl
    Was she suddenly an escort now?
    “So…you want me to meet your
    parents?” Stacey cringed. “Now?”
    “If you don’t mind.” Scottie bit his
    lip and Stacey sighed, looking at the
    ground before slowly staring back
    up at the blonde haired boy.
    “Fine.” She said. “But…just give me a
    minute, okay?”
    Scottie nodded and Stacey opened
    the door a bit wider. “You can
    come in, I’ll be back in a sec.”
    Stacey ran upstairs, her skirt
    swishing up and her heels making
    her nearly go face-first onto the
    ground. She got to her room and
    walked straight in, shutting her
    door behind her.
    Stacey had never met the ‘parents’
    before and it may not be in a
    relationship context but she was
    nervous all the same.
    She leaned against the door and
    looked over at her wardrobe door,
    staring at the outfit hanging from
    the handle. She sighed and pushed
    herself off from the door, heading
    towards her closest and picking up
    the smarter looking outfit.

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    Stacey had never been one for
    making small talk.
    That one fact showed profusely
    throughout dinner with her ‘date’
    and his family. There was Scottie’s
    mother and younger sister along
    with his older brother and his wife
    who had two small kids around
    four years old.
    The diner was small and quaint
    with colourful tiles walls and red
    booth with padded seating. Stacey
    had felt awkward when walking
    into the diner but as Scottie put a
    hand on her back and brought her
    towards the table where a large
    family was seated, she felt a little bit
    more at ease.
    They had ordered milkshakes all
    round and apparently this was
    something they did – a family ritual
    of sorts.
    It was then that Stacey had to force
    a smile on her face. Her own family
    didn’t even want her around them
    anymore. They had no family rituals.
    No movie night on Tuesday, eat out
    night every other week or a day
    where she sat with her parents in
    the same room for more than
    twenty minutes.
    Someone was always busy now
    and although Stacey wanted to
    force all the blame onto her parents
    – she knew that her ‘slutty’ outlook
    on life was the reason that they
    were becoming distant.
    But then again…what was the
    Sure, a parent didn’t want to hear
    that their kid had been sleeping
    around all over the place, but there
    were other ways to handle it rather
    than just throw Stacey away as if
    she had never existed.
    Was it really that bad to be a ‘s--t’?
    Stacey had sex.
    That was all she did and it wasn’t
    like the guys didn’t know what they
    were getting into. They were just
    as guilty as her. She had brought
    herself into this way of life for Axel.
    The idea that you had sex and then
    left before morning was a usual
    routine now.
    And it was all because of Axel; the
    boy who didn’t realize what he had
    right in front of him.
    “So you know Scottie from school,
    right?” Scottie’s mom asked from
    where she was sat directly across
    from Stacey.
    Stacey glanced out of the corner of
    her eye but saw Scottie talking with
    the rest of his family and realized
    that she didn’t have him to try and
    save her. She turned back to his
    mom and smiled.
    “Yeah.” She said, taking a sip of the
    strawberry milkshake that came in
    a huge metal cup with a large
    straw poking out of it.
    “That’s nice.” His mom smiled and
    Stacey gave her own one back.
    Why had she even agreed to this?
    Why had she agreed to go out and
    meet with the parents of a boy she
    didn’t know? Of a boy that she
    thought she would be having sex
    with tonight to then run before the
    sun came up?

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