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    Magenta Vanilla McNair, an average teenage girl in the school for the rich under scholarship. Smart, intelligent but very inferior. She was raised by her dad, her mother left after her father went bankrupt. Her older brother and father was all she had but that didn’t stop a girl from dreaming like every other high school girls. Who does she dream about? The Greek gods of Magnificent Royal High.

    Her long time crush, bad nigga Ace T. Davison and his group of jolly hot gods. They rule the school, richest and most popular kids. A surprisingly unexpected incident brought them together, gold and plastic. What happens when things change for the innocent sweet girl and how it affects her, for good or bad. Find out as you read on.

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    Magenta POV

    I hummed as I jogged down the stairs, I was wearing a washed cuffed jeans, blue collar top and pink ballerina flats. My brown hair with strawberry blonde highlight swished behind me in it glossy ponytail form. I jogged into the kitchen and chuckled at my dad, he was always in the kitchen every morning cooking. I would have seen it as weird but hell, that’s the way it had been since I was born, even when mom was around. She never did the cooking or the house chores, I never really got taken care of by her, just my nanny. I sighed, it really affected dad after she left twelve years ago because he loved her but neither Zachary nor I liked her.

    ‘Good morning dad,’ I chirped.
    ‘Good morning love, did you sleep well?’ I hummed as I skipped to the breakfast table. My plate of nutella toast with extra berry jam was ready, I took a huge bite from it and moaned.

    ‘Good as always, thanks dad.’

    ‘If I don’t take care of you, who will,’ I smiled and ate my food merrily. ‘So, it’s the last semester and before you know it, you’ll be in college with your big brother.’

    ‘Nay, Savannah and I plan on going somewhere else not close to Zachary. You know after they broke up, things have been very awkward between them, especially with his new girlfriend always around.’


    ‘Not to mention how overprotective he is of me,’

    ‘True again,’ Savannah is my best friend, we met when I first attended Magnificent High under scholarship as a freshman in junior high, we’ve been friends since then. Savannah Carlin was really wealthy, filthy wealthy. She was the daughter of Anne Carlin, the richest cosmetic brand owner and the wife to Billy Carlin, world top movie director alert! When you see her, you’ll never know whose daughter she belongs to because she made sure no one knew because she hate the attention.

    She once dated my older brother but things didn’t go too well for them so they broke up, their relationship have been awkward ever since. Vana as she preferred to be called was a really enthusiastic person, loud, free and social, an extrovert. My opposite. Unlike her crazy weird sassy self, I was the lame brainac who easily got intimidated, sacred and an introvert. It was strange why she loved me but she did, we were the opposite of each other and that was what made us great friends.

    ‘You’ll be late, eat faster.’

    ‘What are your plans today?’

    ‘I have a lot of new recipes I plan on trying today, if any can be a hit, then McNair is about to get something huge!’ After so much hard job searching, dad settled for his chef skills. He owns a mini restaurant which neither grows or falls, just in one zone.

    ‘That’s great dad, wish you luck.’ I finished up my food just as Vana’s car honked loudly outside. Well, not a car but er….she bought a cab, gave it out to a jobless man to support him but with the condition that he would drive her to and fro from school. She didn’t want any fancy car.

    ‘That’s your ride,’ Dad smiled.

    ‘Bye daddy,’ I picked up my backpack and ran outside before she stomped in and made fun of how slow I was which was ironical because she’s the worm. Most times that is. ‘Best!’

    ‘You’re late!’

    ‘Huh uh,’ I entered the car, joining her at the backseat. ‘Looking Magenta, Genta.’ She popped. You’ll probably wonder why the hell I’m Magenta Vanilla McNair. Well, let’s just say mother was a vanilla loving freak, where I unfortunately got my vanilla obsession from and my lips and eyes are magenta by color. Rare, in fact I don’t think anyone has that but viola, I had it. My eyes and plum magenta lips were the worse, I got bullied a lot as a child because of them so I wore contact lens to change the color to brown.

    ‘Looking Vana,’ I chuckled. She wore a pink leather jacket over a armless shocking pink crop top and coral mini leather skirt. She topped it up with pink faux cowboy boots, I mean who wears cowboy boots with such outfit? She looked at me and grinned.
    ‘That’s me,’ I rolled my eyes and dipped my hand into her bag, there’s always something sweet in her bag to eat. As much as she’s a pink freak, she’s also a candy and junk food psycho. ‘So, finally decided to date a boy this semester? This is the last stage of highschool and you need to live.’

    ‘Speak for yourself blockhead, Zach was your only boyfriend and you’re yet to date anyone just like me.’

    ‘At least I live, I go on dates and break guys hearts, isn’t that better?” The driver chuckled.

    ‘Really,’ I slurred sarcastically. She squealed and clapped her hands.

    ‘This year, I’m scoring a boyfriend from one of the Greek gods, who would you say I date?’

    ‘You can never be in their league,’ I realised how stupid it sounded after I said it, I mean she’s the only daughter of Billy and Anne Carlin. ‘Sorry, I forgot whose daughter y….’

    ‘I don’t need to be their daughter to get one of those hunks,’ she smirked. True, Savannah was and still is a beautiful girl, even more prettier than I am. She was way too beautiful to be with a girl like me. If I must say, the prettiest one in Magnificent High. ‘Please don’t feel bad, don’t worry, I won’t steal your crush.’ She said wiggling her brows teasingly. I blushed.

    My crush, the guy I’d liked since freshman year. The main god of MH, Ace Davison. He was everything a girl would ask for, sexy, hot, rich, good looking and did I forget to mention sexy? He’s way too dreamy and perfect to be with an imperfect human being like me. I was nowhere close to beautiful.

    ‘Oh honey, mom asked after you.’
    ‘Sorry I haven’t visited, you know how I feel around them and in your house.’

    ‘Or how you feel around my brother,’ she grinned. I giggled and rubbed my palms together. Her brother was my second crush, nice and sweet but in a relationship. ‘Don’t worry, he moved out so he’s not always around.’

    ‘Thanks,’ the cab pulled over at it usual stopping spot, a building away from the school. ‘Here we go.’

    ‘I know this year will be different for us….’

    ‘You say that every semester,’ I laughed stepping out of the cab. She followed me out poutingly.

    ‘I’m certain this year will be much more different,’

    ‘Sure it will.’ We waved the driver, Elmer bye and walked to school. We chatted about our expectations, hers was always the same. “I want a unicorn and my true love to buy me a baby.” That makes no sense but that have always been her wish and she meant business.

    We got to my locker, we were a locker apart which was cool because no one really used the one between ours. We were laughing when the hall quiet down, MH Queens was passing by, everyone always kept shut including Vana. They were called Sexy Lotus, stupid name for stupid people. Their leader, Berwyn Sinclair, rude, snooty and arrogant. She acted like she owned the world just because she was dating Ace and her dad is rich. She’s not even as wealthy as Savannah yet she overdo everything. Next, Melody, she wasn’t that much of a b---h but she still was. Her mother was a model just like her, the third one, Olivia was her stepsister. Olivia is worse, always trying to prove that she’s the best amongst all in her own way.

    ‘Bitches,’ Vana muttered.

    ‘What else do you expect?’ I sighed. They walked pass looking like expensive dolls. I might not know how to dress myself up but I wasn’t a novice when it came to knowing about fashion and brands. We went back to our normal activities just before the screams erupted, they were coming. I gasped and strained my neck, looking for him.

    There they were, the Greek gods. Ace walked with his hands in his pockets, his signature seductive smirk on his lips. His undercut comb over pomp looking perfect as always. I sighed dreamily and slid down my locker, his scent was all I could perceive. Ace was as arrogant as he was cute, he was filled with pride, sly and mischievous. He came from a long line of wealthy people, from both sides and he was also rich on his own. His perfect toned and well sculptured muscular body gave him the model look, he was a freaky model and he was great at it. Jace, he was the funny loud, crazy one. He was always making funny remarks and lighting anywhere he was with his joviality and rowdiness. He was really nice, sweet and well, a jock. Mace, the dude was quiet, cold, not easy to read but he was the only one amongst them who wasn’t always chasing skirts. No one knew much about him because he’s a private person.

    ‘Stop ogling him and face your work,’

    ‘What work?’ I asked absent mindedly. She slapped my shoulder and laughed.

    ‘You’re lost hope.’ I rolled my eyes, yeah, lost.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    I was at work, I worked at a café to gain extra cash. It was rush evening hour, the air-conditioner was bad, the music player spoilt as well as the TV so it was making our work worse with complains and nags. I dropped the tray on the counter and dabbed the droplets of sweats off my neck and forehead.

    ‘This place is so boring, I want to quit.’ The girl who sells at the counter grumbled, up till now, I don’t know her name.

    ‘Can’t the manager repair it already,’ the other sale girl hissed. ‘I’m going to melt.’

    ‘Just get this order to table six,’ the only person’s name I know sighed.
    What’s his name again?

    ‘Hey Odyn, what would you say we go backdoor and do something crazy?’ Countergirl asked flirtatiously as she played with her hair. Odysseus snorted.

    ‘I don’t like wide holes.’ Was his cold reply. The other two girls laughed mockingly.

    ‘Odyn that was harsh,’ girl one sniggered. ‘What would you say w….’

    ‘Odessa, get the order to the costumer before I mark you as disobedient.’ He threatened.

    ‘Whatever,’ she took the tray and stomped away. Odyn as he was called was the assistant manager and the chef. He was a really good cook and a no nonsense person, we’re friends though. He spells his name with a “Y” instead of an “I”
    ‘The rest of you, get to work,’ he snapped. They faced their business immediately. ‘You okay Gen?’

    ‘Yeah, just tired,
    ‘How was school?’

    ‘The usual.’

    ‘How’s that crazy friend of yours? I haven’t seen her for a while,’

    ‘She’s f….speak of the devil,’ Savannah walked in like a model. She dyed her platinum blonde hair pink, well sort of mixed it up in a way and it really suited her more than her natural platinum blonde hair.

    ‘Genital!’ She squealed, I cringed at the stupid nickname she made for me. ‘I’m here!’ She announced.
    ‘For what?’ She rest her chest and elbows on the counter and winked at Odyn.

    ‘Hi Savannah,’ he smiled.

    ‘Hi O’Ryan….’

    ‘Again, it’s Odyn….’

    ‘Still don’t care. You texted me about how lame this place is and since I wasn’t born normal, I came to do this….’ She climbed the counter and screamed. ‘Hey! I’m here to entertain you all while you sweat to death or die of indigestion! Aren’t I generous!’

    ‘Savannah, get down from there,’ I whispered.

    ‘Here’s my song,’ she cleared her throat. ‘Are you ready?!!!!’

    ‘Girl, go sit….’

    ‘Shut up old man. Listen to me all you crazy walking corpses,’ she’s not drunk, she’s just being Savannah.

    ‘Whoa oh oh
    Oh oh oh, oh oh oh
    Whoa oh oh
    Girls in the house
    Throw your bras
    And dance like you own this place
    Shake you hips
    Swing your legs
    And make the boys all yay
    It’s like the period when you
    Let your mother rain on you
    It’s like the time when
    Daddy said shame on you….’ She sang, her voice was nice but… know.

    ‘ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaah, thank you for listening, you’ve been a great crowd.’ She bowed and jumped down from the counter.

    ‘You’re lost your mind,’ Odyn chuckled.

    ‘Never had one puss,’ oh boy.
    To be continued.

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    Episode 2

    Magenta POV

    One week and a day gone, time was flying fast. I did my usual, ogle Ace from a distance, chat and study with Vana, go to work and come back. Dad was preparing breakfast again, why don’t I cook? You’ll wonder. When I cook, if the hottest don’t kill you, the pepper will. I was a “you must eat my food hot” kind of girl and a “no spice, no gain.” Dad got tired of chewing ice so he banned me from his kitchen, rude if I must say.

    ‘….and he said the new food lack taste and style, I’ve never been so much insulted.’ Dad finished his sad narration. Vana who spent the night over was listening attentively while I read a book. According to him, a man and his wife insulted and criticized his new made meals.

    ‘How dare he insult my second dad’s meal! Is he mad!’ She huffed.
    ‘I don’t know, now no one will buy the new food,’ he said sadly.

    ‘They will, you don’t have a marketing daughter for nothing. Be rest assure father,’ she placed her hand on his shoulder. ‘You’re going to get a big sale as long as my name isn’t Savanna Carlins,’
    ‘Your name is Savannah Carlins,’ I said chucklingly.

    ‘No, my name is Savannah Carlin, Savannah with an H at that ending and no S at the ending of the Carlin. I said Savanna Carlins, not Savannah Carlin, get it?’ I face palmed myself while dad chuckled.

    ‘You’re not alright Savannah….’

    ‘Aha! See, he said Savannah, not Savanna,’ she exclaimed grinningly. I rolled my eyes with a smile. ‘Genital….’

    ‘Please don’t call me that…’

    ‘You call me Candy Crush….’

    ‘Because you love candies and it’s a sweet name, what the hell is genital!’

    ‘Genital, can you help me polish my nails?’ She asked sweetly with a twinkle of her eyes. She’s never gonna stop calling me that.

    Later at school, I was in class when the principal sent for me, I was dying of anxiety because I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. I walked into his office nervously, the bulky middle age man was busy with his specs on.
    ‘Good morning sir,’

    ‘Sit down Magenta,’ he said calmly without sparing me a glance. I walked to the chair and sat down shakily. For three minutes, he was busy going through files and papers before clearing his throat. ‘Sorry, give me a minute…’ He trailed off standing to his feet. He walked to a bookshelf and searched for something while I took in the glorious office. ‘I’m back,’ he sat down and dropped a file for me. ‘Open it,’ I opened the file, it was mine.


    ‘As you can see, your record since you came to the school have been stainless, perfect. Your grades are the highest in the entire school, cleanest if I must say.’


    ‘So, I have a request for you,’ I nodded. ‘There’s an important student I want you to tutor, if you can tutor him well, the school will offer you scholarship to Magnificent University.’ I gasped and covered my mouth.


    ‘Only if you can help him, he’s hopeless.’ I nodded with a grin.

    ‘I’m in!’

    ‘He’ll be here soon,’

    Ace POV

    I rolled my eyes as dad whipped my papers continuously in the air, grandfather just stared at me with utter disappointment and mom, she was frowning.

    ‘Never in the history of The Davison family have such dullness being found, where did you get your fish brain from?!’ He glanced at mom after saying that. ‘I don’t remember being so dumb!’

    ‘He’s not dumb, just choose to be like that,’ mom cut in sharply. ‘Have you forgotten I received extra honors for….’

    ‘Well I don’t care! Just look at his results! Straight Fs, not a single A or even something as poor as Es or D-, what is this?!’

    ‘Neron, please calm down,’ grandpa sighed. ‘His modelling is getting in the way….’

    ‘No it’s not! I just hate books….’

    ‘But you can impregnate six different girls, huh?’ Mom scoffed. ‘You’re lucky we were able to skilfully get rid of all the unwanted babies…’

    ‘Whatever, it’s not my fault the bitches got pregnant.’ I huffed.

    ‘Ace, I will not take this again, I already spoke with your principal, he’s getting you a tutor for the semester. If you don’t pass, I’ll not only disown you, I’ll ruin your life and career to the ground. Is that clear?’

    ‘Whatever.’ I stood up and walked out. Why would I take a tutor? That shit sucks, I’ll pay him off to make my life better. I jumped into my bike and drove off, stupid family. I parked at the school parking lot and climbed down simultaneously with Jace who came with his car.

    ‘Hey, what’s up with your dad?’

    ‘He got me a tutor, imma gonna pay him off,’ I sighed. He grinned and nudged me. ‘What?’

    ‘What if it’s a pretty her?’

    ‘Who else will he choose than a nerd?”

    ‘What if it’s a pretty nerd?’

    ‘F--k off Jace,’ I jogged into the building, I was late for class but who cares. Jace walked off after pestering me while I went to the principal’s office to see the unfortunate loser that dare thinks he can teach me. I barged into the office room and walked pass the secretary without greeting. ‘I’m here,’ I announced as I barged into the office. As expected, someone was there and surprisingly a her. I thought with my reputation with girls, they would get me a him. My job made easy.

    Her brown and light strawberry blonde hair was up in a messy bun, strands of hair scattered around her neck which I admitted was impressive and deserve some hickeys.

    ‘Good morning Ace,’ her body stiffened. Oh, she wasn’t expecting me to be the person, interesting. ‘Please sit,’

    ‘Is this her?’ I asked eyeing her smooth tan skin. She wore a sweater dress, the only skin in view was her legs which was almost hidden by the table. Nerd alert.

    ‘Yes, this is Magenta McNair, she’ll be your tutor for the rest of the semester.’

    ‘What sort of name is Magenta?’

    ‘I don’t know,’

    ‘Girl, turn around,’ I commanded. She stood up quivering, interesting. She turned around with the same shakiness and smiled awkwardly. Not my kind of girl but she was pretty, really pretty. ‘Not bad,’ I smirked giving her a once over, the dress brought out her slenderness. ‘What’s the meaning of you name?’


    ‘Use words idiot!

    ‘Use words idiot!’ He snapped. I was freaking out, I couldn’t breathe or control the quivering of my body, the guy I had been pining over from a distance for years was standing there looking at me like he was going to rip off my head. We are almost in the same class all the time, he’d never noticed me but I was in trouble. ‘Can’t you talk!’ I clasped my hands together and looked at my shoes, gosh, really wish Savannah was here.

    ‘Magenta is a colour, a light purple, purplish-red, or pinkish purple color obtained from mixing red and blue light. You can say it’s like fuchsia and fuchsine and you’d have known that if you studied.’ Principal Maxwellian replied for me.

    ‘What does color has to do with study? Do you know mustard and carrots are also colours?’ Principal Maxwellian bit his lower lip. ‘And you went to school,’ Ace scoffed. ‘Why is your name Magenta? It sounds like a goddess’s name.’

    ‘Is she her parents? Ace, do you want her help or not?’ Please say no, please say no. He looked at me again and smirked.

    ‘She’s good,’ I almost passed out. ‘Walk with me,’ he walked out. I scurried behind me with beating heart. ‘Why’s your name Magenta?’

    ‘My eyes,’ I stammered. He turned around abruptly, an action that made me collide with his chest. I almost fell but his hand went around my waist in a flash and pulled me close to him, he smelt so heavenly. My cheeks burnt up, especially when his index finger lifted my chin up. Electricity emanated from his finger as he peered into my fake eyes. ‘Lens,’ I stammered.

    ‘Take it off,’ he commanded.


    ‘The lens, take it off,’ he let go of me, loneliness coming on like a b---h. With shaky hands, I successfully removed the eye lens and looked into his bright chestnut and chocolate eyes. He stepped back with a bewildered look, his mouth slowly parted. I gulped and fondled with my fingers. ‘Interesting,’ he smirked. ‘From now on, I don’t want to see that lens…’ He trailed off and looked around the empty hall. ‘Your eyes are too beautiful to be covered.’ With that said, he walked away while I gaped. Aside from my dad, brother, nanny and Savannah, no one had ever said my eyes were beautiful.

    My head had swelled with excitement and my throat itching to squeal endlessly but then I remembered, he didn’t tell me if I would tutor him or not.


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    Episode 3

    Magenta POV

    ‘No f-king way!!!!’ Savannah shouted, we were in parenting class, at the very back of the class. I was telling her what happened and her reaction was planing to expose us.

    ‘Miss Carlin, have anything to share with the class?’ The teacher asked frowningly. She whistled and blew him a kiss. ‘And what is that?’

    ‘It’s me being gruvishly groovious,’ she said with a nonchalant shrug. I chuckled.

    ‘Are those even words?’

    ‘Check your dictionary and you’ll find out,’ she did winkingly. He sighed and went back to his lesson.

    ‘Gruvishly groovious, really?’ I asked chucklingly.

    ‘I’m my own dictionary,’ she said smugly. ‘Now to what really matters, Ace T. Tentacles is your new student….’

    ‘Davison,’ I corrected. She smirked, the naughtiness in her smirk giving out the double meaning of her words. ‘Ugh! Ew! Gross! You’re crazy!’

    ‘Not today love, not today,’ she smiled leaning back on her chair. ‘So, what’s up? What did he say?’
    ‘He said I’ve got beautiful eyes and insisted I take off the lens,’

    ‘And you don’t still believe him?’
    ‘Of course I do,’ I said blushingly.

    ‘Then why are you still wearing it?’

    ‘B…b….I don’t know,’ I shrugged. She chuckled, the bell rang. She stood up and gave me her bag, the girl whose bag I always carry. Her bag is always stuffed with loads, shoes, dresses, laptop and candies.
    When you see her loaded bag, you’ll think she likes books but the only books in her hands is always her jotter, her book of designs and one big book she use in jotting the important notes down. That’s if she doesn’t forget it at home which she does three out of five in the week.

    ‘So when are you teaching the hunk?’ She asked as we walked out of class. She was going through some fliers.

    ‘What flier is that?’

    ‘For people to come to your dad’s restaurant,’

    ‘They won’t come,’

    ‘Leave that to me, just go ahead and order our food,’ she said absent mindedly as she searched her pocket for her wallet. She brought out her pink leather wallet, one designed with diamonds. ‘Don’t manage my money for me, just buy whatever you want and what I want, okay?’ I nodded. I would still manage her money, I’m sort of money conscious. I took the wallet and walked off. ‘I said you should eat there this evening or I’ll break your head!!!! If I don’t see your name written in the register, I’ll find and kill you!!!!’ I heard her yell before I walked into the other hall. Gosh, she’s impossible.

    At the cafeteria, I bought our foods, cheese burgers, fries and two bottle of coke. I went to our usual spot, a spot everyone barely noticed. I sat down putting the trays down, brought out my phone and shielded my ears from the noise with my earphone. A message popped in when I was eating, one from Zachary.

    “Hey sis! How’s life?'” I almost squealed, he was mostly busy just like Fransisco, Savannah’s brother so they barely had time for me or Savannah. My fingers punched in the words hastily.

    ‘Life is hard, I miss you.’

    “Awwwwwn, she misses me. Sorry about my busy schedule.”

    ‘I know, how’s Avery?’

    “She’s alive, unfortunately.”

    ‘Uh oh, what happened this time?’
    “Nothing she haven’t done before, I’ll handle it.”

    ‘Well, it’s not like I care. How’s school?.

    “How’s your tank? Still dry?’ I whimpered, dirty brother.

    ‘Do you have to always be you?!’
    ‘Yes, I have to be me,’ Savannah sat down opposite me like she always did, I didn’t check though. Another message popped in, one from Fransisco, two blessing in one day.

    “Hey Penguin!” My cheeks heat up, he always called me that to exaggerate how cute I was. I giggled. I racked my head for a cool reply.

    ‘Hey Fransisco” I face palmed myself. ‘Hey Fransisco, that’s so lame,’ I whined.

    “Heh heh, how ya doing sunshine? You’re in school? Of course you are, beautiful nerd.” I giggled again, I’m sure my face was redder than cherry.

    ‘Lolz, what are you up to?’ I sent him and bit my lower lip in anticipation.

    “Nothing much, just thinking about a certain gorgeous someone with the most beautiful magenta eyes and lips haunting my dreams.” I squealed and covered my mouth, laughing like a stupid girl who was chatting with her crush. Well, I was anyways. My phone got yanked away, I gasped and raised my head to snap at Savannah but my eyes came in contact with perfection. His dark eyes stared at my phone, invading my privacy.

    ‘Hmm, didn’t I tell you not to wear those fake shit again?’ He asked nonchalantly as he pocketed my phone. I eyed my phone hopelessly, their messages were still popping in. ‘Take that off before I remove it myself,’ I obliged and removed the lens with little difficulty. I blinked my eyes to get use to the stinging and then looked at my hands shyly. ‘Better.’
    ‘My phone?’ I asked under my breath.

    ‘I’m hanging on to it for now,’ my eyes averted to his two phones on the table, one iPhone and one Hawaii legit phone. His fingers were ringed with black diamonds, his nails painted gray with metal skulls on each solid nails. I gulped when I realised he was wearing a Rolex Daytona wristwatch, that piece cost $17.6 million dollars. Does he steal for a living? ‘I forgot to give you the time you’ll bring yourself to my longue for the stupid lesson. What do you say everyday after school, except Wednesdays and Fridays?’ It might have sounded like a question but it was more of a concluded decision. I nodded and drummed my fingers on my laps impatiently. ‘If I fail, you’ll take full responsibility for it, is that clear?’ I nodded.

    ‘Can I have my phone back?’ I asked inaudibly.

    ‘Sorry, I don’t speak mute,’ I cleared my throat and raised my head nervously. ‘You said?’

    ‘My phone,’ he brought it out and smirked.

    ‘This old thing?’ He dipped it into his hot whatever he was drinking, like he was ducking cookies in milk. He did it thrice while I stared at my poor phone with watery eyes and in hopelessness. ‘Here,’ he threw it at my face, the phone smacking my left cheek hard which was bound to leave a bruise. He stood up and pocketed his phones with his evil smirk still on. ‘Don’t be late, oh and welcome to my hellfect world.’ With that said, he walked off to sit with his friends. I had used that phone for three years, three good years and it was almost fine. Tears ran down my cheeks as I kept it in my bag, there was no way Savannah would see it or she’d attack him. Everyone was technically laughing at the unfortunate girl, me.

    ‘Genital!’ My body tensed, I couldn’t let her know. She’s as harsh as a mother hen and I knew what she was capable of doing. She got to me and lift my face up by my chin. ‘Start talking.’

    ‘It’s nothing, I was eating and the sauce got into my eye, it burns,’ I lied. She looked around, everyone watching me amusedly. I mean I just lied but it wasn’t abnormal, I wouldn’t dare report Ace. To them, what can she do? But to me, she can cause a serious problem.

    ‘Right,’ she said exaggeratedly, obviously not buying my story. ‘Anyways, daddy just called, Pantseecoke sent me a box of new chocolates! A whole new type, if I like it, I can order for more!’ She squealed. Pantseecoke is what she calls her brother. She changes peoples name like no man’s business. I stood up and smiled.


    ‘Let’s get out of here and buy vanilla ice cream!’ She shrieked, my lips curved into a grin.

    ‘I’m always game,’ she giggled and dragged me out of the cafeteria, not because I can’t walk but because she’s insane.

    Ace POV

    ‘Did you have to do that?’ Jace asked poutingly immediately I got to them. I smiled and sat down. ‘I like her name, Maglificent.’

    ‘The other girl looks a lot like Fransisco Carlin, don’t you think Mace?’

    ‘Who?’ He asked absent mindedly. I rolled my eyes, he’s always with his phone. I kicked his leg under the table. ‘Ow,’ he said sarcastically.

    ‘I think she looks more like Elizabeth Shawn,’

    ‘I’m talking about the one with pink hair,’ I huffed.

    ‘Well, that one looks like Ann Carlin,’

    ‘Idiot!’ I smacked his head with my hand. ‘Anne Carlin is Francisco’s mother, use your head!’

    ‘No, Ann Carlin is Nicki Minaj’s daughter and Fransisco is the son of San Antonio.’ I sighed and shook my head.

    ‘What do you plan on doing with that naive girl? Hope you won’t try that?’ Mace asked still not looking up from his phone.

    ‘Nerds aren’t my style but this one is exceptional, she’s beautiful in a mysterious way. I can’t put my finger on it but whatever, I’m still going to explore her.’ He raised his head and gave me his signature bored look.

    ‘You see that girl?’ He glanced at his phone. ‘She’ll be the death of you.’

    ‘Huh?’ Jace asked mirroring my confusion. He chuckled and went back to his phone. He can be a weird creep most time. Eh, whatever he says.


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    Episode 4

    Magenta POV

    Vana scrolled through the list of new candies she could buy for herself, it’s funny how she had never gotten any tooth issue. She would shove the phone in my face to show me the picture.

    ‘So? Which one should I buy first?’

    ‘Didn’t Fransisco just sent you a whole box?’

    ‘And so? What if I finish the box?
    What then would I devour?’ I rolled my eyes and shut my locker. ‘So, you off to teach Mr Tentacles?’

    ‘Can you not call him that?’

    ‘I’ve being calling you Genital for as long as I’ve known you, do you think you can ever stop me from calling him Tentacles when you haven’t successfully stopped me from calling you Genital?” She asked sneeringly. I chuckled and flung my bag over my shoulder.

    ‘Just promise you won’t buy the whole factory?’

    ‘If it taste good, I will.’ I rolled my eyes and smiled.

    ‘You can’t buy a whole factory babe,’

    ‘Yet I bought a pet shop for Kiki as a Christmas present last year. She was so proud of me,’

    ‘You’re Kiki you idiot,’ I huffed.

    ‘No, I’m Savannah Kiki Carlin, the girl I gifted the pet shop to was Kiki Savannah Carlin, get it?’

    Do whatever you like then,’ we were walking now with me holding her hand so she’d walk faster. I stopped, let go of her hand and kissed her cheek. ‘Bye love.’

    ‘We need to get you a boyfriend or someone you can just randomly kiss,’

    ‘Like you can just kiss a random guy like that,’ I scoffed.

    ‘DNCE, kiss a stranger,’ she walked to a guy typing his phone, pulled his collar and kissed him. I watched them with a frown as they made out, she broke the kiss first, kneed him and winked at me. ‘That’s how you kiss a random boy!’ I rolled my eyes and walked to the other hall.

    ‘You’re out of your mind Savannah!!!’

    ‘Never had one!!!’ She shouted back. I shook my head and skipped to Ace 3 longue. They are called Ace 3 because their names all end with “A-C-E” my heart temporarily stopped beating when I saw Berwyn and her crew coming my way. I tried my best to avoid eye contact. They walked past me, I released the breath I was holding with relief.

    ‘Stop,’ I froze, my breath getting caught up in my chest again. ‘Turn around,’ I rubbed my sweaty palms on the sides of my thighs and turned with a furiously beating heart. ‘Who are you and where are you going?’ I bowed my head with fear. ‘Don’t let me ask you again,’ she warned.

    ‘I’m M….I…I’m going to….’

    ‘Of course you’re going to throw yourself at my boyfriend, his room is the only one in this hall,’ she stood with arms akimbo and cocked her hips. ‘Now, who gave you the permission to see my man?’

    ‘I’m not going there to throw myself at him, I’m his new tutor….’
    ‘Why would they give him a girl when they know he’s a nymphomania?’ Melody asked quizzically.

    ‘I don’t know, I’m just going to do my job,’ I stammered.

    ‘So,’ Berwyn purred as she walked to me with a slid like movement. ‘You were given the opportunity and you took it, why?’ I was shaking already, she was really cruel. She suddenly grabbed my hair roughly with her hands and yanked it. I screamed and held my dress, I dare not touch her hands. ‘You think you can steal my boo from me you ugly looking stick!!!’
    ‘I was only going to teach….’

    ‘Enough talking!’ She slammed my body and head on the wall thrice. I whimpered in tears. ‘You’re not even pretty you ugly little thing, how dare you!’ Olivia joined her in beating me up badly until my body ached allover, Melody just leaned on a wall staring at everything with pity.

    ‘Berwyn that’s enough!’ She finally yelled, she came to them and pushed them both away. ‘Don’t you have any single sense? You just saw her and beat her up, what is wrong with you and your obsession?!’

    ‘Are you yelling at me because of her?’ Berwyn asked in shock. Melody sighed and helped me up, I couldn’t see well because of the tears running down my cheeks. I was sure my head, nose and mouth was bleeding.

    ‘Let’s go,’

    ‘Melody, seriously?’ Olivia scoffed.
    ‘I’m tired of you both childish behavior,’ she took my hand and helped me out to the clinic. ‘I’m sorry about them,’ I nodded as I still cried. ‘What’s your relationship with him? Just teaching?’

    ‘I haven’t even started yet,’ I cried.
    ‘You’ll be fine.’

    Ace POV

    I bounced my crossed leg on air as I waited for the stupid girl to show up, not that I wanted to learn about stupid books, just what is behind that cheap lame outfit she wore. Berwyn walked in cursing under her breath.

    ‘Uh oh, who got you upset this time?’ I asked chucklingly as I dropped my phone.
    ‘Melody, she’s….’

    ‘I don’t care anymore,’ I said uninterestedly. She sighed and smiled. ‘How are you today?’

    ‘Just hanging,’ she sat on my laps and smirked seductively. ‘What you doing here all alone? Don’t you know it’s bad for a sweetheart like you to be alone?”

    ‘I’m waiting for my tutor, my old man insist I keep one of those shit,’

    ‘And you agreed to keep one?’
    ‘She’s worth a one-nightstand,’ I said smilingly remembering her unsure sexy body. I really wanted to remove her dress and see if her body was worth it. ‘Her name suits her eyes,’ she scoffed and rolled her eyes, sliding down to sit on the chair.

    ‘Can’t you just stick to one girl? She’s not that beautiful with those useless cheap outfit.’ She uttered jealously. I smirked and licked my lips.

    ‘Berwyn, what did you do?’

    ‘How do you mean?’

    ‘Berwyn,’ I sang warningly.

    ‘I only put her in her place. You don’t need another girl Ace, I’m enough for you,’

    ‘Really?’ I asked chucklingly. I smiled and picked up one of the fag from the bowl and put it end into the lighter’s fire. ‘If I remember correctly, I don’t have a reason to be faithful to you. You’re not my girlfriend, just a proud snooty shit I f--k and couldn’t get rid of. You claimed my babe title, I didn’t argue so I won’t disgrace your cheap ass but I’ve warned you to stop poking your nose in my f--k case. Stop thinking you’re important because you’re just like my other swings, trash to be thrown away when I get fed up. So tell me dear w---e, why should I be faithful to you?’ I said with a lopsided smirk. She was crying already. ‘Gosh, you s--k, stop wetting my expensive couch with your smelly droplets.’

    ‘You’re calling me names because of that thing?’ I rolled my eyes and exhaled the fag smoke in her face. She coughed and stood up.

    ‘I don’t want to see your dirty face for three days….’

    ‘No! You can’t chase me away because of that classless nerd, that ugly cheap w---e!!!’

    ‘Ironic, isn’t it now darling?’

    ‘Are you trying to call me a w---e?’

    ‘Nothing new I haven’t called you before b---h, get lost,’ I smiled picking up my glass of blush wine.

    ‘She’ll never take you away from me!!! Ever!!! I’ll make sure she pays for this insult!!!’ She yelled angrily and ran out in tears. I chuckled and inhaled more fag. I picked up my private phone and called Melody.

    ‘Meet me at the usual, I’m h---y,’


    ‘Oh, what did Berwyn do to the girl that ought to tutor me?’

    ‘Beat the crap out of her, I left her at the school’s clinic, she’ll be fine.’ I hung up and puffed, curse that b---h for ruining my plans.

    Savannah POV

    I searched from class to class for Genital, she sent me her “I’m crying so come comfort me,” text.
    The text was just figures and randomly typed letters. Who could have insulted or beat her up again?

    ‘Pink haired!’ I swirled on my heels and glared at suspect number one, ignoring his glorious good look and charms. If my sister wasn’t dying for him, I would have made him mine a long time ago. ‘Whoa,’ he laughed. ‘What’s with the eye bullet?’

    ‘What did you do to my sister?’

    ‘That thing is related to a lovely treasure like y….’ I raised my hand in disapproval.

    ‘Cut the smoulder f--k and go straight to the point,’

    ‘Playing hard to get?’

    ‘Are you going to talk or am I going to walk away? I have someone important to be searching for. What did you do to my sister?’ I asked upsettingly.

    ‘Why don’t we forget about her,’ he stepped closer to me, his scent temporarily shutting down my brain. His hands went around my hips, sliding to my open thigh and to my ass. I closed my eyes so I won’t get mesmerized by his hypnotizing gaze. I scoffed and kneed him, I moved away fast and breathe out calmly. ‘F--k you,’ he groaned.

    ‘Dog, don’t ever try that with me again,’

    ‘Just give me the b---h’s number,’ he grunted out.

    ‘I don’t remember knowing any b---h except your dog babe, who you referring to?’ I asked scornfully.

    ‘Maglificent, her number?’ I scoffed, I saw Olivia spying at us. I smirked and walked closer to him, I removed my hairpin pen and scribbled the number of the chocolate company I memorized and kissed his ear.

    ‘Stay clear off my sister, if you hurt her feelings, I’ll do everything in my powers to break you to the ground. Don’t think I’m bluffing, I mean business,’ I walked out of him, f----d up Ace. I went outside and like expected, she was outside the school at the bus top, bench crier. I love the girl but her inferior shit was annoying, all she did was underestimate herself and live like a f-----g vampire’s teabag. F--k, she’s beautiful and gorgeous without makeup, she never wears one yet she still stands out. Berwyn is all makeup and artificial, what’s her shit? Genital is beautiful, fashionable even though she doesn’t dress herself up, fancy, classy etc. Why can’t she see that?! Her self-esteem needed boosting and I wasn’t going to give up until I achieved that. I walked to her and snorted.
    ‘Let yourself get beaten up again,’ I stated the obvious, she sniffed. Her cheeks were plastered and her head bandaged.

    Sorry,’ she sobbed. ‘I should have remembered that I was a nobody instead of trying to mingle w….’
    ‘Er, don’t try that rubbish shit with me, let’s have ice cream again, you need it.’ One way or the other, she must change.

    Berwyn POV

    ‘I’m telling you, she was allover him and he was licking her allover,’ Olivia said seriously. ‘He even gave her his address, you should have seen it,’ I went to see Olivia because she insisted I come so she could pass an important information to me, she was telling me about how Ace was drooling over the same nerd we beat up.

    ‘Are you seriously talking about the same nerd girl?’ Melody asked incredulously. Since she was Olive’s older stepsister, they lived in the same house and somehow, I ended up in her room. I can’t stay away from her, she might not agree with everything I do but she’s my best friend.

    ‘I wasn’t talking to you Melody, f--k off,’ Olive hissed.

    ‘I can’t believe Ace could stoop so low as to follow a peasant like that, how could he even insult me like that! For that thing!’

    ‘Berwyn, he’s Ace, that’s number one. Number two, you are not dating, you’re making yourself too cheap for him, too available to insult and three, the girl she’s talking about was the same girl I took to the clinic with my own two legs and hands. How could that same badly beaten up girl be with him? Aren’t you seeing the impossibility of the lie?’ She asked in bewilderment.

    ‘Wyn, have I ever lied to you?’ Olive asked sadly, I shook my head negatively. Melody sighed and turned back to her mirror. She picked up her favorite red lipstick and smeared it on.

    ‘Olivia, why do you like lying? What do you gain?’ She asked chucklingly as she smacked her lips.

    ‘You weren’t even there, how can you tell!!!’ Olive yelled defensively.

    ‘I was at the other hall, I saw the girl you’re talking about. The very same girl kneed him, the one I saw looked like a menace and you’re lying because you know your limit,’ she rolled the lipstick back in. ‘Ignore my sister,’

    ‘Why should I ignore the truth?’ I scoffed, she shrugged.

    ‘I tried,’ she clipped on a pair of ruby earrings and smiled with satisfaction. ‘How do I look?’ She asked twirling her chair around to face us.

    ‘Like you’re going to give a guy a b-----b,’ Olive said buoyantly.
    ‘That’s the original plan,’ she said winkingly.

    ‘With who? Your mystery boyfriend?’ I asked sardonically.

    ‘Oh no,’ she said with a very sly smile. ‘We aren’t dating, I’m smart enough to admit that to myself. He’s more like an ATM machine and a future means to destroy someone I hate with so much passion,’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Bye girls.’ She grabbed her bag and walked out.

    ‘I swear, that girl is too secretive, silent snake,’ I nodded in agreement. ‘So, what do you plan on doing with her? The nerd?’
    ‘What I always do, make her wish she was never born.’


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    Great work bro

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