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    Sav u are a good girlfriend indeed but i no that with what u said there patient will think before takeing any action… Genita ace save ur ass

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    Episode 25

    Magenta POV

    ‘There is no way in this miserable world that I’m going to wear this!’ I shouted as I walked out of the dress room. Vana and Tia took me shopping for bikinis, they were both selecting things they know I will never wear.

    ‘Sister Mary,’ Tia sighed. ‘It’s just bikinis.’

    ‘Stop calling me that,’ I snapped and held my exposed cheeks. ‘My ass is exposed, look!’ I turned around and showed them.

    ‘Oh, this is bad,’ Vana chuckled.

    ‘You think!’ I exclaimed.

    ‘Chill baby doll,’ Tia laughed. ‘So what will you wear? Choose yourself.’

    ‘Thank you,’ I picked up the robe and slipped it on. I walked back into the main store and began my search, I fortunately found one that I would be comfortable in. I walked back to them and waved my selected outfit. They shrugged.

    ‘You sure?’

    ‘Vana, it still looks sexy in her own kind of way,’ Tia smiled. ‘That way she will standout.’

    ‘Won’t she look like a creep?’

    ‘Who cares,’ Tia and I said simultaneously.

    ‘You haven’t bought yours,’ Tia reminded.

    ‘She has a whole box of them,’ I giggled. Vana winked at me. I rolled my eyes.

    ‘So, how’s your relationship with my brother going?’

    ‘Great so far, we are going on a date tomorrow evening.’

    ‘That’s nice,’ she smiled. ‘When you are at it, convince him to let Jace date me,’ we arched a brow at her. ‘I love him.’ She whined.

    ‘Better start loving someone else because it will be over his dead body,’ I said as a matter-of-fact.

    ‘He has to accept….’ She trailed off and stared into space. I looked at Vana with a knowing smirk, she wiggled her brows and giggled along with me. ‘What?’ She asked paying attention to us.

    ‘Nothing,’ I drawled laughingly.

    ‘Come on, tell me,’ she pleaded.

    ‘How many times have Jace hammered you inside his car?’ Vana asked smirking slyly. Tia choked on her saliva, she began coughing violently while we stared at her teasingly.

    ‘What… What are you talking about?’ She gasped out. I shrugged and looked at Vana.

    ‘Babe, what are talking about?’

    ‘I don’t know,’ she stroke her chin cheesily. ‘I think it’s about a certain friend of ours who is dating her older brother’s Casanova friend behind his back….’ Tia’s face went pallid. ‘What do you think he would say if he finds out?’

    ‘I….I…I don’t… Don’t…’ She gulped. ‘You are both talking nonsense.’ She said stammeringly. We laughed and shook our head.

    ‘How long have you been dating him secretly? Tatiana, this is huge.’

    ‘I’m not dating Jace!’ She cried distraughtly, her face turning pink this time. I wiggled my nose and smirked. ‘Fine! I’m dating him! So what?!’

    ‘So what?’ Vana asked gigglingly.

    ‘Is it a crime to be in love? Is it a crime if I date my bro’s friend!’

    ‘If it wasn’t so much of a crime, then why are you both hiding?’ I asked still maintaining my smirk. She sighed and sat down.

    ‘He’s going to find out eventually, you know that, right?’ Vana asked softly, Tia nodded. ‘Then you must also know that you are going to ruin their friendship and his face, right?’

    ‘I wasn’t left with an option,’ she murmured. ‘After Ace made my boyfriend dump me, Jace was the only one there for me, he made me happy and gave me a shoulder to lean on. As time started going on, I started liking him so I convinced him to date me behind Ace’s back.’

    ‘How does Jace feel about this?’ Vana asked calmly.

    ‘Terrible, very terrible. We have been dating for two months now.’

    ‘So he’s your rebound guy,’ I said knowingly. She opened her mouth to argue but shut it back because nothing came out. ‘Tia, what do you two do when alone? What do you two talk about?’

    ‘Mostly how stupid my ex is and mostly have sex, why?’ Vana shook her head and chuckled.

    ‘Does he comment?’ She asked.

    ‘Yeah, he’d easy to talk to.’

    ‘Have he ever said he loves you? Have you told him that either?’ She looked at her shoes. ‘How long do you two plan on using yourselves?’ I asked going to sit with her.

    ‘We aren’t u…’ I took her left hand and drew a heart on her palm with my index finger. She watched me carefully.

    ‘You only talk about your exes and all their problems, you confide in each other and then conclude the meeting by stressing the bed,’ I looked her in the eyes. ‘Tell yourself the truth Tatiana Davison, are you both dating?’ Her mouth slightly parted as she stared at my face nonplussed. ‘Look deep and reply that question.’ I stood up and went back to my bag.

    ‘Do you have all you need?’ Vana asked. I nodded, she packed up what I chose and walked out. ‘Follow or stay!’ She shouted to Tia, she’ll be fine.

    After that, we went to the place I used to work, Savannah insisted because she wanted to see Odyn. The other girls were all jealous when I walked in with Tatiana Davison, sister to Ace. You should have seen the way I was being murdered in their heads. We bought fried salmon before leaving, Odyn snubbed me throughout which I don’t really care much about. We ended in Savannah’s house, no one was around. Time for the bonfire was approaching fast.

    ‘Should I wax my skin or tone it?’ Vana asked holding two cans up.

    ‘Your skin is already waxed and toned.’ Tia who had been lost in thought chipped in.

    ‘Hmm,’ Vana hummed. ‘Okay, should I wear red or blue bikinis? Which one suit my skin most?’

    ‘Pink,’ we said simultaneously.

    ‘Anyone other than that?’


    I’ll just wear both,’ she walked back into her wardrobe room.

    ‘Unlike Ace who won’t mind, Mace will freak if you show up in less covering outfit!’ Tia shouted.

    ‘I know,’ Vana said grumpily. ‘Magenta, get dressed!’

    ‘I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t go….’

    ‘Eh!’ They both exclaimed.

    ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I’ll dress up now.’

    ‘Better,’ Tia smirked. I looked at the killer and sighed. Hope Ace won’t kill me tonight because I’m not ready. What was I wearing? I very short but light white tulle skirt, an white one strap back beach bra with halter strap neckline, and a white knee high gladiator sandals. My main target was to glow, trust me when I said the shit was glowing. ‘Change.’ I reluctantly changed into the wear, the bra pushed my boobs out too much, I couldn’t stop staring at my tempting cleavage and boobs.

    ‘Before you cut of your own boobs, here,’ Vana said chucklingly as she handed me a beautiful white robe.

    ‘Now you look like you are attending a swimming pool party,’ Tia joked. I smiled and wore it, didn’t tie the knot though. Vana was wearing a white asymmetrical skirt with pink hue, a pink beach bra with white flowers and a very shiny pink jelly slippers. Tia put the bikini in bikinis with her yellow wear, it really brought out her skin colour. ‘Are we ready to go?’

    ‘Have you met Ace?’ I asked her calmly, she understood what I meant and grumpily went to Van’s wardrobe to find something to wear. She came back wearing yellow shorts. ‘Now we are ready!’

    ‘Let’s make this party ours!’

    Ace POV

    The guys and I sat on a table watching the other kids play, yeah, I said kids. I just had this ominous feeling, like something bad is going to happen but what it is was what I couldn’t tell. Mace concluded that it would be Percy, that dirtbag. He gave the picture of Percy to every single guy present that if seen should be escorted out, his guards were assigned that duty too. I appreciate his help and concern but I was worried it might make Gen angry.

    ‘Relax dude,’ Jace laughed. ‘Your girl is not going anywhere, chillax.’

    ‘I don’t know, I just feel somehow.’

    You’ll be fine,’ Mace patted my back, he had drank too much already.

    ‘How’s Mimi?’ I asked with concern.

    ‘With Hans, she’s fine.’

    ‘And the divorce?’

    ‘I already know what to do, don’t bother.’

    ‘What do you plan on doing?’

    ‘Hans and I are going to care for her ourselves, you dummies are helping out too. From now on, we are dads and our girlfriends, moms.’ He said grinning from ear to ear like a creep. Jace shrugged and pointed at something.


    ‘Isn’t that Philip?’ I followed his finger point and groaned, first Percy and now Philip. Dirty useless P’s.

    ‘What is he doing here?’

    ‘It’s not everyday your enemy get to have a girlfriend,’ Mace chuckled sipping from his cup. I took the cup from him, stood up and walked to Philip. He’s a stupid guy who keeps trying to prove that he is better than me. His dad owns a lame casino, he drives a toy so he believe he’s rich. Stupid best don’t know what true money is like.

    ‘Phil, what are you doing here?’

    ‘Having fun, you?’

    ‘You don’t go to our school,’

    ‘This party don’t have a name tag,’ he looked around. ‘Where’s the cheap dress I heard you b…’ Before he finished his statement, punched his face causing a gasp. He staggered back and held his nose. ‘F-----g bastard! You broke my nose!’

    ‘F-----g bastard,’ I mimicked. ‘Don’t call her names or I’ll treat your f--k up.’

    ‘Why? Don’t like the truth? She’s a rag, one imma gonna use to wipe my floor and toss back at you.’ I punched him again, stupid p---k can’t even defend himself. I pushed him down to the ground and rained blows on his horrible face. My bandaged hand hurt a little but I didn’t care.

    ‘Ace! Ace let him go!’ Jace shouted not daring to go close to me. How dare he call her names!

    ‘Ace!’ I froze, f-----g kid sister. ‘Stand up this instant!’ I glared at her. ‘Please, leave him alone.’ I stood up from his body and kicked his rib.

    ‘Ace,’ Gen called softly behind me, I really didn’t want her to see me that way.

    ‘Ah! Is this the new butt towel,’ the fool mocked.

    ‘P---k!’ I kicked his ribcage again

    ‘Ace stop it!’ Genital yelled trying to pull me away. ‘Stop or I’ll leave!’ I left him and followed her as she dragged me away. ‘How could you! You know I hate violence!’

    ‘Gen,’ I stopped walking and pulled her back. Her chest hit mine, I imprisoned her waist with my hands. ‘You look hot,’


    ‘Let me compliment you Sister Gabriella,’ I joked.

    ‘How can you say that,’ she sobbed. ‘I dressed up like this because of you and yet I’m still a nun.’

    ‘You are tying a robe,’ I scoffed. She pushed herself away from me and removed it. Poor robe got dumped. ‘Okay now this is what I call hot! Couldn’t you wear normal bikinis sister in the Lord?’ She screamed in frustration and attacked my chest with her tiny fists while I laughed.

    ‘Ungrateful jerk,’ she cried. Is she seriously crying because of this?’. ‘After wasting my time y…’ I held her hands.

    ‘I was kidding,’ I laughed. ‘You look really beautiful,’

    ‘Really really?’ She asked poutingly.

    ‘Really really,’ I wiped her tears and adjusted the white flower hairpin she used in holding her hair at the side. ‘Almost perfect,’

    ‘What else?’

    ‘Hold on,’ I removed the diamond heart necklace with white gold puffed marinerer chains from my back pocket and wore it on her. ‘Now you are perfect.’

    ‘Isn’t this too expensive?’

    ‘You are expensive,’ she rolled her eyes but that didn’t stop her from blushing. ‘Let’s swim,’

    ‘I don’t know, there are other games around, how about we play them, drink a little before swimming.’

    ‘Fine by me,’ I took her hand and led her to the waterslide drink race. You slide down a tall waterslide, run to a roll of alcoholic drinks and drink one cup. First person to finish drinking wins. No reward, just for fun.

    ‘Can I play?’ Gen asked the tall guy, I think his dad was a tree. He smiled warmly.

    ‘Sure, you can go next.’

    ‘Yes!’ She kissed my cheek and ran to the slide with her opponent, I walked out to find Jace. As usual, he was sitting the middle of girls telling jokes. Where’s Tia?

    ‘Boo!’ She jumped into my front. ‘Did I scare you?’

    ‘I was so scared I peed my pants,’ I said sarcastically. She hissed. ‘What are you doing here? I thought you were studying for a test?’

    ‘Do you still study?’

    ‘Of course, I have a brainac for a girlfriend.’

    ‘Hmmm,’ she played with the sand by using her toe to draw.

    ‘What’s wrong?’

    ‘Nothing, I’m thinking about Mace and his siblings, they must be sad.’ She lied.

    ‘I have I am an idiot written on my forehead,’ I said ironically.

    ‘It’s nothing okay, my friends already solved it. Magenta is really smart, you shouldn’t leave her alone because they are a lot of haters around.’

    ‘True, watch Jace, he will drink again. Don’t let him.’ She nodded, I went back to Gen who was now dancing in a ring of guys, they were cheering for her. I stayed where I was, acting as a bodyguard.

    ‘Ace! Dance with me!’ She shrieked excitedly. I waved her off dismissively. ‘Somebody bring him,’ the guys turned on me dragged me into the circle. ‘Dance.’

    ‘I don’t know how to dance,’

    ‘Don’t know how to, just do it.’ She wrapped my hands around her rolling waist and danced. Is she trying to turn me on.

    ‘Go Genital!’ Vana squealed. Where the f--k is Mace?

    Magenta POV

    I’ve never had such fun before, everyone seemed to appreciate my presence. After dancing, some guys made us play truth and dare in a circle, Ace joined too because I forced him. He wasn’t that friendly so everyone was glad they had me to control him to play too. Then we played ring toss, sand castle build up and a game called find the bug. Ace was my partner in all and that was fun. After that, we went swimming where I had my first water make out.


    Anyways, I sat on a log drying my wet hair while Ace roasted the mush mellow and s’mores, he fed me whenever it was ready. Mace was sleeping on Savannah’s laps as she crooned and stroke his hair.

    ‘This place is too quiet,’ Tia who was beside not drunk Jace sighed. Everyone sat around the fire. ‘Ace, sing for us.’

    ‘Yes!’ Everyone agreed. Melody didn’t show up, neither did Berwyn or Olivia. Quincy left early with her new boyfriend.

    ‘No,’ he deadpanned. They all looked at me. I turned to him with puppy eyes and poked his cheek.

    ‘Ace?’ He glanced at me and sighed in defeat.

    ‘i really hate you,’

    ‘You know you don’t.’ I giggled. Someone threw him an acoustic guitar.

    ‘I play, you sing,’

    ‘Me?! I….’ Everybody cheered and agreed. What do I even sing? He started playing a song, like I’m gonna lose you by Meghan Trainor and John Legend.

    ♪ I found myself dreaming
    In silver and gold
    Like a scene from a movie
    That every broken hearts knows
    We were walking in the moonlight
    And you pulled me close
    Split second and you disappeared
    And I was all alone…♪

    ♪ I woke up in tears
    With you by my side
    Breath of relief
    And I realise…♪ he cut into my singing with a teasing wink. I choked on my saliva, his voice temporarily stunned me but I still sang with shaky voice.

    ♪ so I’m gonna love you
    Like I’m gonna lose you
    I’m gonna hold you
    Like I’m saying goodbye
    Wherever we’re standing
    I won’t take you for granted…♪ we sang together. I cleared my throat my sang clearly. ♪ cause we’ll never know when
    When we run out of time

    So I’m gonna love you
    Like I’m gonna lose you
    I’m gonna hold on
    Like I’m gonna lose you….♪ we sang on as everyone listened carefully. By the time we finished, everyone was dazed, even me.

    Can he get anymore perfect!

    ‘That – was – awesome!’ Someone shouted, soon they all cheered and clapped. A girl ran in with her phone.

    ‘Guys, you have to see this! Turn your phone on to Afternoon at USA.’


    ‘Elizabeth Shawn, the video that went live at the set….’ Ace brought out his phone, my heart was beating. He played the video.

    ‘So Elizabeth, what do you say about your viral lookalike?’ Mom smiled at the question and shrugged, it wasn’t her real smile, I knew it. It was her painful smile.

    ‘I have nothing t….’ She coughed into her handkerchief. ‘Sorry,’ blood was running down her nose and mouth. ‘Just a cough….’

    ‘Elizabeth! You’re bleeding!’

    ‘What….’ She trailed off and touched her nose. She gasped and stood up, just as she did, she slumped to the ground. My heart skipped.

    ‘Mom,’ I murmured and looked at Savannah with watery eyes. Everyone was watching my reaction, tears were flowing down my cheeks already.

    ‘Hey, chill,’ Ace said calmly. I couldn’t breathe, she’s sick. ‘Magenta calm down!’ I burst into tears and stood up, he pulled me down. ‘Magenta, your mom will be fine, calm down!’ The smart students were videoing it. Vana woke Mace up and ran to me, she and Ace took me out.

    ‘I’ll call my mom, we’ll go see her.’ God, she can’t die.


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    Episode 26

    Magenta POV

    I sniffed as I stared out of the airplane window, Ace’s hand clasped against my left in comfort and Vana my right. It had been three days, it took him that long to locate the hospital she was at and get his private jet ready. If I wasn’t so much in shock, I would have marvelled at the fact that he had a jet at his age. I don’t know why I was acting up, I thought I hated her but I guess I was hundred percent wrong, it was all in my head. Zach didn’t want to go but for the sake of watching over me and riding in a private jet, he came along with Tia who he was strangely bonding with.

    As for what doesn’t matter, the video of me panicking after I saw the video of mom already went viral so it was no longer a secret that I was her daughter. The only question was how?

    ‘The jet will land in a few minutes, we’ll be there soon.’ Ace whispered, I could never have asked for a better understanding and comforting boyfriend. He had been a sweetheart during the three days, more than he ever was. He stayed in our house, sit up and rest his back on the headboard while I use his laps as a pillow. Vana would hug me from behind, neither of them got any reasonable sleep because of my stupid nightmares. Then in the morning, Vana would force my miserable self to clean up while he made breakfast and then he would force me to eat as Zach tried to make me smile.

    I’m disappointed to say dad wasn’t useful.

    My mom and I used to have a very strong bond, I thought that bond had broken but I was proven wrong.

    I looked at Ace, he had bags under his eyes, he was tired and stressed out because of me. Vana was already dozing off, she kept nodding her head. I made up my mind to make it up to them after I calm down. I removed my hand from Vana’s and stood up.

    ‘Where are you going?’ Ace whispered, his hold on my hand tightening.

    ‘Nowhere,’ I sat on his laps and snuggled into his arms. ‘But everywhere,’ I whispered. He chuckled. ‘Sorry, I’m stressing you out too much. We’ve only been dating not even up to a week but I…’

    ‘I’m not complaining,’ he cut in. ‘Taking care of you gives me joy, it’s my duty and I don’t regret doing it.’ He said softly as he stroke my hair, he kissed my forehead and slid his hand down my back in comfort. I sighed and closed my eyes, definitely going to repay you.


    I found myself in an empty dark hall, the walls were deep green and the bulbs shaking like it had bad electrical problem. Not a single soul was in sight, the wind was tainted with an uncertain smell which was mixed with antiseptics. It was like antiseptic mixed with urine and something else. The hair at the back of my neck and my back itself stood up at the ominous and eerie feeling.

    ‘Hello? Anybody here?’ I asked shakily. I could hear droplets of water hitting something of metal, making a very unsteady sound. The sound of creaking doors and footsteps were terrifying me. I ran down the hall, I didn’t know where I was running to but I kept running until I reached a dead end. The end only had a door which was slightly opened, light flashed from the room like someone was watching TV in the dark. ‘Hello?’ I pushed the door gently, it made a long creaky sound as it opened widely.

    Where am I?

    I gulped and walked into the room, I could hear the straight ringing of a cardiac monitor, someone was dead in there. My legs trembled as I walked in, I held my breath ready for anything. There was someone on the bed, the dead person. My legs pulled me to the bed, my heart thumping at my chest badly, I was going to pass out because of fear. I inhaled and removed the sheet from it face, I staggered back at the face of the dead person.

    ‘No,’ I gasped shaking my head with disbelief. ‘This is impossible,’ I touched myself and looked at the dead person. ‘No,’ I cried. Her body was already drying, her veins black as night; it was me.

    I screamed as the reality of my own death hit me.

    Savannah POV

    ‘I always knew she still loved her mother, even though she pretended not to.’ I said tiredly.

    ‘Yeah, the first day I knew, I got that hint. She said she hated her yet she cried and remained in a bad mood.’ Ace said calmly as he stared at Genital who was still in his arms. We were already at the hospital but neither of us had the courage to wake her up.

    ‘She’s very emotional when it comes to her mother,’

    ‘I better wake her…..’ He paused and wiped the sweat out of her face. ‘She’s having a nightmare again,’ he said exasperatedly. ‘Magenta wake up! It’s a dream, wakeup!’ He yelled patting her cheeks.

    ‘Magenta!: I shouted shaking her. She screamed as she jerk up, almost bumping into his chin. She kept screaming and screaming while we tried to calm her down. ‘Ace do something!’

    ‘I’m trying!’ He shouted back. I removed the water bottle from my bag and poured it on her face, she gasped and shut up, panting as she tried to recollect her memory. This whole thing might make her run mad. Ace turned her face and kissed her, she was flustered for a while before she melted into his arms again and kissed him back. I sighed with relief and touched my forehead.

    ‘Ten percent of my life have been deducted,’ I sighed. Ace chuckled and slowly broke the kiss, she was crying. ‘What happened? Another nightmare?’ She nodded.

    ‘In this one, I died,’ she sobbed.

    ‘Your fear is making you see things, stop panicking Genny,’ Ace said softly as he wiped her tears. I give him the best boyfriend award, he have been there for her while her stupid brother do little up to nothing. He stopped at the hotel we booked earlier, said he’s tired and needs to sleep. Ace said he is avoiding meeting his mother in such condition but I know that p---k, he might love someone very much but that doesn’t stop him from being self-centered. The main reason we broke up.

    Tia stopped too.

    ‘We are here,’ I said with a tight smile. Her eyes widened.

    ‘Let’s go….’

    ‘Not so fast,’ he stopped her. ‘Breathe in and calm down.’


    ‘Psycho, can you excuse us?’ He needs to stop calling me, I’m not mentally deranged, I’m crazy. I didn’t say it though, I opened the door and stepped out. The fresh antiseptic smell hit my nose. I groaned and leaned on the car door with my hands inside the front pockets of my peach hood. I covered my face with my hood so no one would see Anne Carlin.

    ‘Aren’t you guys done making out?!’ I shouted after five minutes, the driver who was also outside chuckled. Ace came out first, he was wiping her blue lipstick off his face. ‘Seriously?’ He shrugged. She came out and ran to the hospital immediately. ‘Hey!’ We ran after her, d--n her cheetah speed.

    We caught up to her at the counter.

    ‘Just tell me her room number!’ She yelled.

    ‘Elizabeth Shawn is an important patient, we can’t just let anyone in here.’ The old woman replied calmly. Genital huffed and removed the scarf she used in wrapping her hair up completely. The old woman got confuse seeing another Elizabeth.

    ‘Oh! You’re the daughter!’ A young nurse exclaimed. ‘She’s Elizabeth’s daughter, I’ll show you her room.’ She didn’t wait for a reply, she ran around the counter and walked towards a gray hall. We followed her, many kept gasping when she passed with us. I already fell my hood down. Our resemblance to our moms was too much.

    We took the elevator to a private ward hall, Ace talked to the guards before they let us in while the nurse went back to her duty post. As we approached her ward, we could hear voices.

    ‘….ma, don’t leave. Your health is very bad, you can still treat it now.’

    ‘I’ve told you already, I don’t want any treatment, I want to die.’

    ‘We cannot let that happen….’

    ‘Well it’s my life!’ Genital pushed the door open and walked in first. I followed her in before Ace.

    ‘Magenta,’ wow, so alike. It’s like looking in a mirror. ‘What are you doing h…how did you…’

    ‘So you want to die,’ Genital scoffed. Her mom kept mute. ‘Doctor, what is wrong with her? Is it very bad?’

    ‘Er….’ He stammered. ‘Critical but treatable, she won’t accept treatment one bit. The first time I detected the disease in her blood stream three years ago, I warned her but she won’t take it, says she wants to die. She has less than three weeks before the illness becomes untreatable. Maybe you can talk to her….’

    ‘Start the treatment, she is not stepping her feet out of this hospital until she either gets well or die. If she won’t accept by will, then give her by force….’


    ‘Don’t call my name! You are going to take the treatment and fight for your life!’ Genital yelled slamming her foot on the floor. ‘I refuse to let you die, don’t wanna know your reason but you are not dying!’ She yelled. Ace hugged her from behind, wrapping his hands around her waist and resting his head on her shoulder. That used to be my job.

    ‘I don’t want treatment,’

    ‘Why? Because you are guilty about something?’ Ace asked calmly. She nodded. ‘Will dying right the wrong you committed? Will it fix what have been broken?’ She stared at her feet. ‘Maybe instead of dying, you can live and get back all you have lost, fix all your mistakes.’ Those words sank into her head.

    ‘And, we’ll be here to make sure you don’t die,’ I smiled skipping to my new mom. I sat in the bed and hugged her sidely. ‘You now have two daughters new mom, right my twin?’ Genny who was sobbing silently sniffed and swallowed the lump in her throat.

    ‘You will have your daughter only if you don’t die,’ she sobbed. New mom’s hands folded into a fist, I could see her eyes flashing with determination.

    ‘Okay, how much for everything?’


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    I pray your mom gets well

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    Waoo i love this friends of yours genita and i believe that she wount die and with time she will be fine

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    Episode 27

    Jace POV

    I glanced at Magenta who was singing softly to the music playing, she looked so beautiful with her hair covering her face. I wish I can remove it but I can’t, she would read meaning to it and that was one thing I didn’t want, her to stay say from me. I knew her three months before Ace knew she existed, I watched her from a distance unable to approach her. Something about her was calling me to her, something that made me care and love her even without knowing her. If I knew she would end up with my best friend, I would have made a move on her earlier. You don’t know how hard and heartbreaking it is to watch her fall helplessly in love with Ace because he indeed proved himself, more than I ever could.

    He was always there for her, being too perfect and stealing her attention completely. I tried my best by treating her mother like mine and jumping at every opportunity I had to assist her so she would at least noticed me but she was all Ace and no Jace.

    On the bright side, I never had a mother, she died after I was born and dad never got married again. In a way, Elizabeth was now my mom and it was painful knowing she might die as well. She was responding to treatment though too slowly, it was better than none. At least she loves me more than Ace, that makes me feel better.

    ‘Gen,’ I called nervously. She hummed and glanced at me. ‘After you finish buying the things you want from the supermarket, maybe we can stop at a ice cream shop.’ I suggested.

    ‘Sorry Jace, Ace need me to help him with his difficult science project, maybe next time.’ I gripped the steering wheel angrily.

    ‘Ace again,’ I said bitterly. ‘It’s always Ace…’ I bite my tongue to stop me from saying more. She looked at me smilingly and pinched my cheek.

    ‘Awwwn, my little brother is jealous,’ she teased. ‘Don’t worry, big sis will make it up to you.’ I chuckled and looked at the road, she calls me her little brother, she’s only a day older.

    ‘Can we at least stop at my dad’s office? I need to drop something important.’

    ‘I’ll wait in the car,’

    ‘No, you come along.’ She laughed and nodded. Stupid Ace.

    Magenta POV

    I wiped off the sweat from my head as I waited for Jace’s dad to arrive. I was at his office with Jace, my glass of watermelon juice was almost empty. Recently, I had been having frequent headaches, chest pain that cause lack if breath, dizziness and constant stomach pain but I didn’t want to bother anyone with my problem, mom was enough stress already. Ace had her moved over to New York so I could still school and attend to her. He still was stressed out by me and I was get to make it up to him or Savannah but I knew I would. I was feeling dizzy again and could barely breathe, that was the reason for the respiration.

    ‘Sorry for the delay Jace,’ a man apologized walking in. I looked over my shoulders, Jace looked exactly like him.

    ‘It’s okay,’ he smiled standing up from his dad’s swivel chair. ‘I have the stuffs here,’ he tapped the heavy brown envelope.

    ‘Hmmm, who’s this? You look familiar,’ Mr. Lawson said with a peer. I stood up and bowed in respect, wrong move for a dizzy person.

    ‘I’m Magenta,’

    ‘Are you perhaps related to Elizabeth…’

    ‘Shawn, yes.’ I cut in.

    ‘I was going to ask after Elizabeth McNair, not Shawn.’ He said calmly as he stride to his chair. He knew mom when she was married to dad?

    ‘She’s not fine, she’s sick but responding to treatment slowly,’ Jace grinned shifting the chair away from the owner. ‘She’s my new mom….’ He froze from keeping the envelope in his drawer and stared at him confusedly before looking at me.

    ‘How old are you? The last time I checked, she had no daughter, just a son.’

    ‘I’m eighteen, one day older than that clown,’ I said gigglingly. I was in pain. The envelope fell from his hands.

    ‘Dad, you okay?’ Jace asked with concern. He smiled sadly and nodded.

    ‘Your mother used to love Elizabeth so much, they were best of friends and their plans was that Liz would have a daughter and her a son so you both will get married. Fate is already making that a reality,’ my eyes widened at the revelation.

    ‘Dad, she’s Ace’s girlfriend.’ He looked at me absent mindedly and nodded.

    ‘Sorry about that, have you been offered anything?’ I nodded and pointed to my glass of juice. ‘Okay, send Rufus my concern.’ I nodded again and walked out, stupid. Why would I marry Jace when I have Ace.

    ‘Hey! Wait up!’ Jace shouted, he got to me and nudged my arm. ‘Don’t pay attention to what he said. Mom’s death shattered him, he couldn’t live with the memories so he destroyed every evidence of of her existing including her pictures, so he won’t get more broken. I don’t know how mom look like because of that, seeing you reminds him of her since your mom happens to be connected to mine and that is why he acted that way.’

    ‘That must be hard, not even having a mom to look at.’

    ‘It was, one time I found her locket and when he found out, he threw a tantrum and fell into depression for a month. Since then I stopped trying to find out about her, for his sake.’ He said sadly. I interlocked our arms and giggled, it caused a cough. ‘Are you alright?’ He asked coming to a stop. I coughed more violently with my hand over my mouth. ‘Gen?’

    ‘I’m fine,’ I coughed and cleared my throat. ‘Let’s go.’

    → → → → → → → → → → → →

    I fed mom slowly as I sniffed and let out small coughs, my chest still hurt badly. My hands were trembling again, it was doing that more often now. Mom was too busy talking about her business that she didn’t notice it. My eyes were watery, I should just accept that I have a serious fever or 160 typhoid.

    ‘So I think I should make the new chocolate children base, kids tend to buy more than adults, right? Since the adults are the parents, they will buy for their kids….’ I nodded. Pink polished nails held my hands gently, Savannah. She took over the feeding while giving me side glances, she was the only one who knew about my unnamed sickness.

    ‘I think that’s a great idea mom,’ she smiled. ‘I will definitely buy too.’

    You always buy,’ mom chuckled.

    ‘Excuse me,’ I stood up and walked to the bathroom, I coughed out well because I had been hiding it from mom. I coughed into my hands until the pain went down, when I dropped my hands, I saw blood. My eyes widened, I quickly washed it off with a beating heart. My hands were trembling again, I ran to the toilet and threw up blood. ‘This isn’t fever,’ I sobbed. I flushed the toilet, rinsed my mouth and ran out of the bathroom. ‘Mom, I’ll be back.’ I didn’t give them time to question me, I already had the doctor run a secret test on me. I needed to at least knew what the problem was and took my treatment quietly without bothering anyone.

    ‘Ah! Miss Shawn, I was just about sending for you,’ he said the moment I barged into his office.

    ‘Sir,’ I sat on the table. ‘I coughed and vomited blood few minutes ago, please tell me the test is out.’ I sobbed pleadingly.

    ‘No, we couldn’t detect anything wrong with you so we are reexamining your blood sample well. A doctor is coming from Israel tomorrow, he will check it well but I suggest we admit you u…’

    ‘No! I don’t want to worry anyone,’

    ‘You didn’t just cough out blood, you vomited it. Miss Shawn, that is serious.’

    ‘I don’t care, I’ll be back.’ I ran out of his office, God what is happening!

    Savannah POV

    I leaned on the balcony rail of Mace’s bedroom staring at the night star and praying. Magenital was sick, I knew the sickness wasn’t just any normal one. She can’t die on me, what will I do without her? How will I survive it. I couldn’t tell anyone because she made me swear not to but it was crazy since her life depended on it. Only Ace could convinced her into going, she’s afraid of hospital beds and that is why she was covering it up.

    ‘Hey,’ Mace whispered softly into my ear as he laced his hands around my waist. ‘What’s bothering you?’

    ‘Will you keep your promise of not telling a secret if the secret will cause someone’s life?’

    ‘What is wrong Vana? Tell me the truth.’

    ‘Magenital is sick, really sick but she don’t want anyone to know,’

    ‘Will it kill her?’

    ‘Maybe, I don’t know.’

    ‘If she dies, will you be happy?’ I shook my head negatively. He turned me around gently and caged me against the rail. ‘Doing something that will save her is not breaking your promise, it’s called doing good.’ I nodded.

    ‘Can I borrow your phone? Mine is charging,’ he deep his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone. I took the phone and went to his dial log to call Ace. I took in a deep breath before dialing his number and placing the phone to my ear.

    ‘Dude, I thought you said we are no longer friends,’ his voice boomed from the other end. ‘Why you calling now? Can’t stay without me, can you?’ Mace rolled his eyes and muttered to himself.

    ‘Ace, it’s me,’

    ‘Oh, where’s Mace? Don’t he have the testicle to face me? Mace I know you can hear me!’

    ‘Shut up d--k face!’ Mace shouted.

    ‘Ace, Magenta is with you, right?’

    ‘Not really, I’m driving to my place right now. She sent me to buy chicken for Salvador and Mimi, blabbed about me not acting like a good da….Mace this is all your fault! Your sister now calls me stupid f-----g daddy! Do I look old to you!’ I rolled my eyes while Mace laughed.

    ‘Take care of your responsibility man, every man must. At least you are the only one she calls daddy. I’m her big brother, Hans her crazy psycho, Savannah her unicorn, Magenta her pink eyed fairy….’

    ‘I get it! Geez!’ Ace exclaimed.

    ‘Mace please let me talk,’ I snapped. ‘Ace, Genital is sick but she won’t see a doctor, she made me promise not to tell anyone but I have to. She gets constant headache, stomachache and lack of breath. Dizziness, coughing, trembling hands and tiredness are another symptoms. You have to talk to her before she kills herself.’

    ‘I noticed her shaking hands and coughing, I told her and she said she was taking her drugs, why does she hate me so much!’ He cried. ‘I keep stressing m….thank you Psycho, I’ll call you back.’ He hung up.

    ‘What if he fights with her?’ I panicked. He took hold of my waist again and bit the bridge of my nose. ‘Mace,’ I giggled. ‘That tickles.’

    ‘Come on, smile for me, smile for Dada.’ I hit his chest.

    ‘Go away!’

    ‘Really babe? We’ll see about that,’ he threw me over his shoulder and bounced me up. I squealed and giggled as he took me inside.

    ‘Mace, put me down!’

    ‘With pleasure,’ he slammed me on the bed and s-------d me, I shrieked laughingly as he attacked my sides with his fingers. I laughed as I squirmed, my lung was almost out of breath and my eyes wet with tears.

    ‘Mace, please!’ I laughed. ‘I can’t breathe,’ he stopped tickling me. I turned to my left side and laughed the remaining one left in my stomach. ‘I hate you.’

    ‘Say what?’ He laughed and tickled my stomach.

    ‘Okay okay! I’m sorry!’ He chuckled and tucked my hair behind my ears. ‘Thank you,’ I smiled.

    ‘Yeah, I know I’m great,’ he said pompously, I rolled my eyes.

    ‘So great, his royal Majesty,’I hailed sardonically. ‘Long live the king of dummivile!’

    ‘Very funny,’ he said with an eye roll. I turned and laid on my back, a big grin on my face. He’s so ugly, I giggled to myself. ‘Vana, have I ever told you that you are the best thing that have ever happened to me? The one good treasure?’

    ‘You tell me that like everyday,’ I laughed. ‘Savannah, you are the best thing that have ever happened to me, the one good treasure, my heart. I love you bunny.’ I recited his usual words, he smiled proudly and nodded.

    ‘Do you know why I love you

    ‘You have given me the list twelve times, please don’t remind me again.’ I laughed. He didn’t say anything again as he crashed his lips on mine. I wrap my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He taste so good, like chocolate. My fingers dig into his hair as his dig into my ass as we kissed. I ran my fingers through his hair while the other slid down and caress the nape of his neck. He cupped my ass and pull me closer to his body.

    He broke the kiss and slid his tongue to my neck down to my collarbones, s-----g on my skin to leave a mark and move down to my chest, pushing the spaghetti hands of my nightgown down. I whimpered and covered my chest with my hands, too far. He raised his head and look up at me with pleading eyes burning with desire and lust. I shook my head negatively, he pouted and looked at me with big eyes.

    ‘Bunny please, don’t do this to me again. I’m tired of waiting for you to be ready,’ I looked at the ceiling and reluctantly removed my hands, it’s not like I’m a virgin anyways. ‘Thank you.’ He drew the gown down completely, leaving my chest exposed. He gave me one last look before taking my n----e into his mouth. I arched my head back and let out a small moan, he trail his fingers down my spine and flick his tongue on my hard n----e. I moaned his name, tugging at his hair and squirming. He swapped from one n----e to the other as his fingers worked on my core through my pantie. I groaned and kicked off my stupid nightgown, He moaned and held the waistline of the pantie I’m wearing and tore it out. Now I’m naked.

    ‘Mace,’ I moaned as he nipped on my t--s. He raised his head and let his eyes rake down my body. I smiled shyly, he brought his lips back to mine as he slowly massaged his fingers on my wet entrance. He t----t his index finger in, I arched my back again and moaned crazily loud. Our tongues glide together as his fingers work his magic, I was running out of breath but not ready to break. I moaned into his mouth and continuously squirm as his finger slide in and out of me. He broke the kiss and added another finger.

    ” Oh f--k.” I moaned and bite my bottom aggressively. I continued to moan as he keep up the pace of his finger thrusting. I breathe in with lips slightly parted as I reached my o----m. ‘Are we done yet?’ I gasped breathlessly. He slid his fingers out and slide it into his mouth.

    ‘Not yet,’ he smirked. He knelt up and undressed while I curse under my breath for deciding to sleepover at his place. I roll my eyes away from his bare self, trying not to think about how huge he was. ‘Can you go on pills? I don’t have any franger with me.’

    ‘Hell no! I’m not ready to be a mom!’

    ‘Chill, you can take pills,’

    ‘No way! My parents might love me like crazy but they will kill me if I get pregnant at this age, they won’t tolerate that. I don’t trust pills Mace so I won’t take it. Don’t you d…’ He pinned my hands above my head. ‘Mace, I’m serious, if you don’t have any foil then don’t force me….’ I muffled my rest complain as he shut me up with his lips. My instinct was telling me not to dare it or maybe it was fear but either one, I wasn’t ready for that risk. D--n his stupid lips, I kissed him back. He parted my legs and slowly t----t into me. I whimper and bite my bottom lip, he t----t further until he was completely in.

    ‘Don’t worry, you won’t get pregnant because I don’t want to be a dad yet.’ Stupid manipulating p---k. He t----t in and out slowly, giving my head no time to analyze. I moaned and dig my fingers into his back with every t----t he made.
    He groans with unsatisfaction and increased his pace. I moaned loudly, wrapping my legs around his waist and arching my back so he could reach the deepest part of me.

    ‘F--k, Van,’ he moaned and bent down to kiss my cleavage. My moans covered the whole room, his were barely heard. With every loud moan I made, he pounded in faster and deeper, I literally couldn’t breathe. My stomach clenched with excitement, I was close. I moaned his name and nipped at his ear.

    ‘I’m close,’ I whispered. He increased his pace, lifting me up slightly and going in and out with a speed I never knew he could muster. The feeling was the best, more than my time with Zachary or any other guys. ‘Oh my God,’ I gasped and threw my head back into the pillow as I reached my c----x. He kissed my neck to her collarbones and as he worked towards his own c----x. He reached his, his load happily releasing in me. He fell on the bed beside me, breathing heavily.. ‘I swear to God, if I get pregnant Father Macedon Delacroix, I’ll murder you and tell our child you died on top of a woman.’ I threatened under my breath.

    ‘Come here you,’ he pulled me into a cuddle and kissed my hair. ‘I love you babe.’

    ‘I love you too.’ My mind flashed back to Genital, I couldn’t feel the energy I usually feel coming from her through our weird connection. Please be okay.


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    Episode 28

    Magenta POV

    I laughed as Salvador and Mimi (Mace’s little sister) chased me around the house, I could barely breathe but I had to play with them. I ran to Mimi’s room and jumped on her bed, they jumped on me laughing and attacked me with the pillows. They were chasing me because I teased them about being couples.

    ‘Okay, I’m sorry,’ I laughed rolling down from the bed to the floor. They jumped on my stomach, hitting me more. I laughed and sat up as they left me. Salvador looked like the younger brother to Mimi which was actually the other way round. ‘Your wife is bigger than you, short bottle.’ He whipped me with the pillow as I laughed.

    ‘Enough,’ Ace’s voice boomed from the door, it sounded very cold. We looked at him, he was smiling but I knew that smile very well. What happened? ‘Hey guys,’

    ‘Daddy!’ Mimi squealed and ran to him while Salvador gave me a knowing look.

    ‘Mg baby girl,’ he carried her up and took her away.

    ‘He’s angry,’ Salvador said plainly. ‘I’ll take care of Mimi, you find out why he’s like that.’ Is it so weird that I take orders from a kid? I stood up, my eyes turned making me sway to the side. I staggered out of the room to mine, my throat was closing up again. I had vomited three times already, all blood. I opened the toilet lid, went on my knees and threw up again. I coughed as I vomited, my throat and stomach burning with an intense fire.

    ‘D--n,’ I murmured and stood up. I flushed the toilet and wiped my mouth with my palms which was pale blue. ‘God,’ I need gloves. I turned around and screamed, falling back on the toilet lid as Ace’s angry red eyes feasted on my soul. ‘Ace,’ I stammered. ‘I thought you were with Mimi….’

    ‘To this extent you believe keeping your health a secret is good? Magenta, do you even know what death is? How it feels?’ I stared at my feet as tears rolled down my cheeks. ‘You are dying yet you encourage your mother to live, how do you think she would survive if you f-----g die! How do you think Psycho will remain sane! How do you think I will F-----G REMAIN SANE!!!’ I flinched and burst out in tears, cupping my mouth as my body trembled.

    ‘I’m sorry….’

    ‘Sorry? Sorry Magenta? From the moment I started dating you until now, all I’ve experienced is stress, worry, headache and pain. As much as you make me happy, and as much as you make me a better person, i can count the number of times we have had a sincere worry free time and still have three fingers to spare. Do you think I like it? My first committed relationship to be filled with worries alone? I do not complain, I barely sleep, I eat less but I still make sure I do everything to make you feel better no matter how hard it is on me. How do you pay me back? You want to die, you want to leave me and everyone that cares about you because of what!’

    ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t want to bother you more with my problems….’

    ‘I wasn’t complaining!!!’ He yelled furiously. ‘I f-----g wasn’t complaining! What will your death do to me or your mother, father, sister and brother? Give us a reason to dab!!!’ I cried loudly, hoping it was soften his heart but he was beyond calmness. ‘Since you want to die, die. I will only mourn for few months and move on with the reminder never to fall in love with a weak and utterly stupid girl!’ He stomped out of the bathroom, slamming the door shut aggressively. ‘Salvador! Mimi! Get your things! We are leaving!’ I heard him shout. I stayed on the toilet, crying my eyes out. What is wrong with me? Am I cursed?

    After crying there for hours, I washed up and dragged myself to the bedroom. I walked to his wardrobe, I could barely feel myself alive. I opened the wardrobe and picked out his favorite shirt, I changed from the towel into it and went to bed. I was dozing off, my breath was under hold. I was cold and alone, Ace and I fought and that was serious to me. He indirectly said he loves me but regret it, what can hurt more than it. I shuddered as I tried to keep warm, my entire system was shutting down. Someone suddenly embraced me from the back, the familiar warmth giving me heat. He leaned closer and gently kissed my neck, despite me being freaking cold and lifeless few minutes ago, I was getting incredibly hot. He snaked his strong arms around my hips, bringing my back closer to his front.

    His touch awoke a heated feeling in my lower abdomen area, making me crave his touch more. I gasped when his hands moved to my ass and squeezed a cheek. He brought it even closer to his front, and grinded on it; making me gasp even louder.

    ‘You like that, huh?” He asked huskily, his breath tickling my neck. My eyes widened, that wasn’t Ace. I made to spring away from his hold but he pinned me down and forced his weight on me.

    ‘Percy, please leave me alone,’ I cried weakly, I had no energy to fight back.

    ‘Why should I? I came here to kill your pretty boyfriend but got you instead,’ he smirked. ‘Now hold still, this won’t hurt much.’ He removed a syringe from his pocket and injected me with the liquid.

    ‘Percy,’ I gasped.

    ‘Sorry, it will only paralyze you while I work,’ he said with an evil laugh. He started to gently shower kisses all over my neck, before they became hungrier and rougher than usual. I cried as I laid helplessly on the bed, the cold was back in the worse way. He moved up and crashed his lips on mine, kissing me roughly and impatiently. I cried louder, calling Ace’s name and hoping he would dramatically show up. ‘Why are you calling that bastard? I’m here for you, not him. Stop calling him or I’ll be hard on you,’ he rubbed circles on my laps. ‘You used to hate it when I used my tongue to kiss every area of your body, you never liked foreplay, only work. You were no fun but maybe you will love it now.’

    His dark blue eyes were swirling with lust and hate, as his hungry eyes ate up every inch of me. I lay beneath him like the helpless shit I was, “I love you so much Vanilla.”

    “I love Ace.” His eyes darkened with anger, making my heart lurch in fear.

    ‘You are going to regret saying that,’ with that he pounced on me, the Percy I knew will never hit a woman but he wasn’t Percy anymore. He rained blows on my face, increasing my dizziness and the pain in my chest. After bruising my face to his satisfaction, he tore off the shirt, removed his belt and that was how I got raped beyond brutality. It was all my fault, maybe if I was honest, Ace wouldn’t have left. ‘There, you love me now, huh?!’ He yelled manically, strangling my head. ‘Since I can’t have you, no one else will!’ He got of me and searched his trousers.

    My eyes were closed, I couldn’t feel myself anymore. I felt a sting on my neck, he injected me with something else.

    ‘Goodbye Vanny baby, see you in hell.’ My mind shut down halfly, I heard the door slam shut.

    ‘Get up Magenta! Enough of your weakness! Stand up!’ My subconscious yelled. My eyes opened sharply, I need to at least try to live. My phone was downstairs, my hope was less. Nevertheless, I thought of mom, dad, Savannah and Ace, dragging my will to survive from them. I rolled off the bed and landed in a thud.

    ‘I can live,’ I used the bed to stand up, a sharp pain surging from my pelvic to my brain. I held my breath and dragged myself to the wardrobe, I changed into another shirt and staggered my way downstairs. Blood was running down my nose as I coughed out some violently. I finally reached the living room and picked up my phone. I sniffed, my temperature was freaking hot now, my eyes puffy and face apparently swollen from the beating. I sat on the floor gently as I unlocked my phone and dialed his number. ‘Please pick up.’

    Ace POV

    I drove back to my house with speed, I’m such a fool, I shouldn’t have let my anger cloud my judgement. She was vomiting blood, I should have forced her to the hospital instead of leaving her alone after saying such hurtful words to her. I would have called her but I forgot my phones at Salvador’s room. I sighed as I parked my car in the parking lot, I need to apologise to her. I got out of the car, shut the door and jogged into the house.

    ‘Genny babe! Daddy’s home!’ I shrilled in a singsong. ‘Geni….’ I froze on my step, my hands sagging and mouth falling open. She was on the floor, her face badly bruised like she was beaten up and blood running down her mouth, nose and ear. Her phone wasn’t far from her blue palms, she wasn’t moving an inch. ‘Genny?’ I walked towards her with short trembling steps, is this a dream? ‘Magenta?’ I knelt down and touched her neck with shaky hands. ‘This is a f-----g dream, I’ll wake up and see her alive and sleeping beside me like the Angel she….this is not a dream! Magenta!’ I cried shaking her body violently.

    My head was hot, a fire had been ignite in my head. Fire of fear, disbelief and regret. I scooped her into my arms and carried her to the car, she can’t die

    Magenta POV

    I stared at my body in tears as the doctor tried to revive me, I knew I wouldn’t wake up, I was dead already.

    ‘You shouldn’t cry much, you still have hope,’ I gasped and turned to the voice, it was a girl. ‘Hi, I’m Kiara,’ she was light skinned with big brown eyes and curly blonde hair.

    ‘Why shouldn’t I be sad? What hope do I have?’

    ‘You are still alive,’ she smiled staring at my body. ‘Just in coma like I am.’

    ‘You are also in coma?’

    ‘Four years and during these years, I’ve learnt how to use my special half ghost powers. Why are you dead?’

    ‘Why are you in a coma?’

    ‘My step dad raped me, when I tried to speak out, he injected me with something. He was a doctor so whatever he used really worked. Now my mom thinks it’s a great illness.’

    ‘And he watches you with great joy?’

    ‘He’s dead, died three days after I was injected and no, I didn’t do it.’

    ‘Shouldn’t the poison be detected now?’

    ‘It has but the treatment course a lot and that is what my mother can’t afford so she pays for meditation to sustain me. I got tired of watching my body and crying so here I am, five miles away.’ She said nonchalantly.

    ‘I’m here because i was stupid,’ I sighed.

    ‘Things aren’t always what they seem love,’ she smirked. She was tall, probably a year or two older but really beautiful. ‘Come on, let’s find out what really happened.’ She smiled as she looked at the doctor leaving the theatre.

    Savannah POV

    My eyes were burning and puffy, my throat as dried as a dessert. I had been crying for three straight days, my painful rashes all over my body. Magenital still laid in her bed like a lab rat, an oxygen mask supporting her breathing. According to the doctors, the first thing was that she was poisoned. The poison was a slow killer, one that have been in her system for a month and few days, by the calculation, it fell on costume charade night. Surveillance cameras spotted Berwyn sneaking in and out of school and when she was arrested and questioned, she admit to poisoning my twin and not regretting it.

    Two, before she passed out, she was raped and injected with another chemical which was clashing with her system. Ace already knew the culprit and was searching for him. All those didn’t matter, all I wanted was her alive.

    Berwyn POV

    I stared at Melody lamely as she preached to me, my hands were cuffed and two female cops standing behind me. I didn’t give a f--k, that b---h was dying and that gave me so much peace and joy. What else was there to live for? She stole my place, the love of my life and my face. Everybody forgot about me, I became a laughing shit. Although the poison I stylishly gave her through someone was to make her flower flow endlessly until she dies, I couldn’t be more happy for buying the wrong drugs that caused her a lot of pains; better than I hoped for.

    ‘Berwyn, you will be sentence to death if she dies because the person you poisoned is rich. Your parents have no job again, your life is ruined just because you couldn’t let go of a man. Where is Olivia who kept encouraging you? Gone, like she never knew you.’

    ‘F--k her, as long as the b---h dies.’ I spat smugly. She leaned closer on the table and smiled sadly.

    ‘I should have told them who your culprit is, should I?’ I rolled my eyes.

    ‘If you tell them, Olivia will get imprisoned too.’

    ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish,’ she smirked falling back to her chair. ‘I won’t have her to share my own father and after her, I will rid him of her mother and bring my own mother back where she belongs. It’s called taking advantage of bad situation.’

    ‘You are a snitch, you snitched on me!’

    ‘I told the truth!’ She yelled back. ‘I’m tired of covering up the fact that both you, Quincy and Olivia are responsible for her condition!’ She yelled and gasped like she said it out mistakingly. The cops immediately looked at her. ‘I meant….I….er….’

    ‘Come with us Miss Melody,’ the taller woman said coldly. Melody put on a guilty face as she followed her out, she smirked deviously at me before leaving. I tilted my head in confusion, to think of it, Melody knew I was going to poison her but didn’t stop me. She knew all along that Magenta was dying slowly but she kept shut, I gasped as realization hit me. Melody hates me! She used my obsession to trap me.

    My heart thumped against my chest, what did I do

    Magenta POV

    I sat on the bed with mom who was staring at my body in tears, that is all she have been doing. I knew who killed me and why, what I couldn’t believe was who actually poisoned me. I will surely make Quincy pay, they all will.

    ‘Mom,’ I looked at the door and smiled, my glorious boyfriend plodding in. He really needed to shave and take care of himself, too bad I will die. ‘You don’t need to cry, your health is delicate.’ He whispered as he stroke her hair, he was in pain and blaming himself for leaving me alone. Zach, dad and Savannah walked in.

    ‘Have you caught that idiot? Her rapist?’

    ‘He fled to South Africa,’ Savannah sighed. ‘Ace’s dad is already contacting the president, we are going to catch him.’ They surely will.

    ‘Liz,’ dad called softly sitting on the bed beside her, the way she glared at him was frightening. The doctor walked in that moment with a big smile, a short light skinned woman behind him.

    ‘Ah! You are all here, good.’

    ‘Any good news?’ Ace asked eyeing the new face.

    ‘As a matter of fact, yes. This is Dr. Penny Williams, as instructed Mr. Davison, I got a doctor who can handle the case perfectly.’

    ‘So? What is the news?’ Dad asked with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

    ‘There is just one way to save her now,’ Dr. Penny said briskly. ‘The poison have been neutralized but the remains still flows in her blood stream thereby making the poison very active. The solution is extremely dangerous but since she dies either way, we are going to purge her blood vessel.’

    ‘I don’t understand,’ Vana said confusedly.

    ‘I’m going to flush all her blood out…certainly it’s not possible to flush all out but if I can flush out up to 75 to 80% of her blood, it would be quickly replaced. The new fresh blood will overpower the poisoned one, thereby purifying it. With the drugs I brought, her heart can pump more cleaner set into her vessels.’

    ‘So where is the problem in it?’

    ‘Her heart is weak and might not last long enough to carry out the operation, that’s one.’ Dr. Drew replied.

    ‘And we need six piles of blood to replace it. Her blood group is the rare type and we don’t need any bought blood. Only her relative which share the exact group will have to donate.’ Dr. Penny explained.

    ‘No problem, dad and I can risk it, we’ll donate.’

    ‘Wouldn’t that be too much from two people?’ Ace asked with concern. Mom started laughing psychopathically with her head back and eyes closed.

    ‘What’s her own?’ Kiara asked puzzledly, we all were.

    ‘Now Rufus, should I tell them or would you?’ She asked with a creepy grin.

    ‘Liz, please….’

    ‘Once upon a time!’ She shrieked swaying back to forth with legs tucked into her butt. ‘I was a beautiful young woman who was minding my own business before I fell in love with a bastard,’ she grinned at dad. ‘He was everything to me, I could kill to make him happy, make him smile. Unfortunately, he knew this and always used it against me, to the extent that when he went bankrupt one time, he convinced me t….’

    ‘Elizabeth, please!’ Dad cried distraughtly. What’s going on? Ace, Vannah, Zach, please excuse us.’

    ‘Mom, finish the story,’ Zach said through gritted teeth.

    ‘Thank you my son,’ she giggled. ‘So!’ She clapped her hands gossipingly and laughed. ‘He met a rich man, the man didn’t want to get married but needed an heir. He for some reason wanted me to be the mother of his heir because I’m pretty and he was desperate to have me. My darling husband,’ she tickled dad’s chin. ‘He went to the man and struck a deal with him, i would bear the child for him. It was stupid but the I loved my husband too much that I did it. I was blindfolded every time I met the man so I won’t know his face and later come for my child. In conclusion, I slept with the unknown mask six times before I got pregnant.’

    I started laughing too, understanding where the story was heading at.

    ‘Take heart,’ Kiara tapped my shoulder.

    ‘I grew attached to the child, the baby in my womb meant so much to me so when the pregnancy became six months old, I refused bluntly to the contract,’ mom said seriously this time. ‘After a week of arguing, this idiot,’ she smacked dad’s head. ‘Let me keep the baby as ours, told the man the baby later died after birth. I got to keep my beautiful daughter but then left her after he went bankrupt again and tried to convince me into repeating the same thing. I realised he didn’t love me, he ruined my life!’

    ‘I’m sorry,’

    ‘Let’s forget about the Magenta is my half sister stuff first, who is her father? We need him.’ Zach said angrily, I was crying. So that’s why mom left.

    ‘Dad!!!!’ Vana roared furiously. He bowed his head sadly.

    ‘I never called off the deal,’ he started sadly. ‘I was the only one who knew the gender and number of babies in your womb so I lied to you. I made sure you gave birth through operation so you wouldn’t know you bore twins. I gave the younger one to him, the boy and let you keep the girl, neither of you knowing the truth.’

    ‘So now you are telling me that Magenta has a younger twin brother somewhere!’ Ace yelled. ‘Who the f--k is the man!’

    ‘His name is Jay Lawson and the boy is called Jace.’ My jaw dropped simultaneously with everyone, what!



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