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    I dey come…lemme read 4rm beginning

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    very interesting

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    U are wc back. Ride on

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    Let me go back to the beginning.

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    The Haunted Bride

    Season 2 Episode 20

    Aniekan closed his eyes briefly and inhaled. From the first time that he had seen her, a seed of affection had been planted within him, but he was fighting that growth. He was manipulating his emotions and that wasn’t healthy for anyone, even for him.
    Elena wasn’t a child. She was very mature in her thinking and her ways, but he just used her age as an excuse to discredit her. Deep down, he knew that he wouldn’t go long without falling for her charms. Something had to be done.
    “Something has to be done,” he whispered and climbed the stairs that would lead to the elevator.
    After her encounter with Regina, she had distracted herself by reading a material about ghosts and unwanted spirits online. Elena was certain that something mysterious was going on in the White House, but she wouldn’t tell anyone about it.
    From the article, there were good ghosts and deadly ghosts. She paused and caressed her chin; what sort of ghost was the black figure? Elena tossed the phone on her lap and leaned back on the chair. Her mind was a treasure keep of memories.
    At first, she had wanted to ponder on her experience at the White House, but the flashes of her encounter with Regina replayed. Elena wasn’t a fool. She was highly observant and sensitive to people’s actions and statements. She had noticed the fear in Regina’s eyes when she had asked about the wine that she drank.
    Why had she behaved like that? Why had she asked?
    Elena decided that she had more important things to do than think about the secretary, whom she was now friends with. She straightened on the chair and continued reading the material that she had downloaded.
    The black figure hadn’t harmed her in any way, so Elena didn’t consider it evil. She pulled out her jotter, and began to scribble some questions. This would help her to find the answers that she needed.
    1- Did anyone die in the White House?
    2- Was this person living there?
    3- What relationship did this person have with the indwellers?
    4- How did she die?
    She was about constructing the fifth question when the door flew open, and her secret admirer walked in majestically. Her heart stopped. Time stopped. Their eyes met together. Her chest burned, in yearning for his affection and attention.
    Aniekan knew it would be difficult to control his feelings. He had to make a decision; to love her or to push her away. But he couldn’t do that now; the pull in her seductive eyes was powerful. It could bring any man to his knees.
    It was the entrance of the secretary and the bellowing of her noisy heels that interrupted the special moment that these two were having. Regina knew that Elena was poisoned, and she had gone home immediately for the antidote, which the mortuary attendant had given to her, after the post mortem. He had done that, thinking that she had also been poisoned like her mother. But he hadn’t. She was safe. Thankfully, she hadn’t thrown the vial away. It will serve a purpose now.
    “Um, welcome,” Elena smiled.
    “Good day Sir,” Regina bowed her head. She was hesitant to move, as she had not expected to see Aniekan.
    Aniekan nodded to both greetings and moved out of the office. He couldn’t face the women now. He couldn’t even stay in the room with Elena! What had he been thinking when he’d asked Elena to share an office with him?
    Elena blushed as she stared at his muscled back. She ran a tongue over her lips and drummed her fingers on the table. She liked Aniekan. She really did…
    Regina cleared her throat and sauntered towards her table.
    “What is that?” Elena rolled her eyes. She knew that the secretary deliberately cleared her throat.
    Regina shook her head, “Nothing.” She dropped the vial before Elena and instructed her to pour three drops of the black liquid three times in her meal for five days.
    “What is this?” Elena grabbed the vial and ran her eyes over it. Though she had reconciled with Regina, she didn’t trust her completely. What if it was poison?
    Regina could read her thoughts in her voice. Elena didn’t have faith in her. She was suspicious of her action. At first, she hadn’t wanted to open up about her mother’s demise, but she had to. She didn’t blame Elena for suspecting her. A stranger didn’t just walk up to you with a vial, accompanied with instructions. She had to explain this…
    But what if she explained and Elena still didn’t believe her? That would be a waste of explanation. Regina decided to leave her mother out of it.
    “Do you wonder why I asked about the food or drink that you had this morning and who ministered it to you?”
    Elena ran her fingers over the bottle. She nodded. She remembered. The vial didn’t have any label. The blackness of the liquid stood out.
    “I’ve been thinking about it,” she admitted.
    Regina sighed, “I won’t say more. But I’d like you to ask around for ‘cherry powder,’ when you are done, you’ll know what to do.”
    Elena didn’t call her back. She simply watched as the secretary marched out of the office, but she didn’t call her back. Regina’s words reechoed in her brain. So she quickly dropped the vial and took her phone.
    But no matter how much she searched for ‘cherry powder,’ she couldn’t find anything related to that name. In her confusion, she smacked her hands on the table and her middle finger bent.
    “No…ouch!” Elena groaned in pain.
    Just then, Aniekan returned to the office. He was shocked to see her in pains. Her eyes mirrored every sensation that went through her body.
    He rushed towards her side, “what’s wrong?” He placed one hand on her shoulder, and the other on the table.
    The soft touch of his hands seemed to have a magical effect on her body, because the pain from the broken finger ebbed away slowly. It seemed like nothing had happened when he was gone.
    She pressed her lips together, “Um, I think I broke my finger…”
    “Let me see,” he removed his hand from her shoulder and grabbed her right wrist. He examined the five fingers on her hand, until he found the one that was broken. Aniekan bit his lip, he wanted to laugh.
    “What is funny?” Elena had noticed the fire in his eyes.
    “Nothing,” he quickly shook his head.
    But she knew it was something, so she asked again, “You don’t have to lie.”
    He dropped her hand gently on the table and looked into her eyes.
    “I thought you were strong, but you were groaning in pain for a little finger pain.” He chuckled.
    Elena smiled, “What if I break your finger and let you feel the “little finger pain,” with me?” She snorted and rolled her eyes. Elena was happy to see him laugh. It made him very handsome. And she felt more relaxed around him, in that state.
    He grabbed her hand again, “I can fix it, it is just a dislocation, but it would be painful.” He warned.
    Elena accepted, “Just make it quick.” She gritted her teeth and waited for the sharp pain that would follow.
    Aniekan was about straightening the bone, when a piece of memory flashed through his mind. He had been in this situation with Imaobong before. They had been playing and tossing pillows at one another, before she broke her index finger. She had cried like a baby and he had cajoled her to sleep. While she had travelled to dreamland, he’d carefully worked on her finger. When Imaobong had woken up, she was shocked that the pain was gone.
    “Aniekan?” Elena whispered his name. She noticed he was staring at her finger too much. He seemed trapped and lost in another world. What was on his mind?
    To be continued

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    Abdul Rahman AbdullahAbdul Rahman Abdullah
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    Abdul Rahman AbdullahAbdul Rahman Abdullah
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    The Haunted Bride

    Season 2 Episode 21

    The softness of her voice brought him back to reality, “I am sorry. I was just thinking…” he smiled softly at her. Everything about Elena reminded him of his Imaobong. But he quickly reminded himself that she was long gone. His best friend had been right, he had mourned his love for too long. Maybe it was time to open up his heart to someone else.
    Elena swallowed, she knew it wasn’t her business, but she was desperate to be close to him.
    “What are you thinking about?” She waited. Aniekan had been running his fingers over the bone that was displaced. He paused and looked into her eyes. Elena liked him naturally. And it had nothing to do with his fame or his money. He was sure of it.
    Was it right to encourage the chemistry between them? He didn’t want it to come off as exploitation. Elena could see the secret battle that he was fighting in his eyes. He was attracted to her, but for some reason, he was fighting it. He was pulling back. This hurt her more than anything.
    “Someone,” Aniekan whispered.
    She was tempted to ask who, but she remained silent. Obviously, Aniekan wasn’t interested in her, there was no point being curious about him. She felt hurt that he wasn’t even willing to try.
    Elena pulled her hands away from his’ and rose to her feet.
    “You know what? I can handle this pain. I will find someone else to do it for me.”
    She grabbed her things from the table and rushed out of the office, leaving Aniekan wondering where he had gone wrong. She seemed upset about something, but he couldn’t put his fingers around it.
    “Hey! Wait!” He tried to call her back, but she had already walked through the door.
    “Shit!” Aniekan kissed his teeth.
    Regina walked in just in time, with a tray of coffee.
    “Your coffee is ready sir,” she flashed a sweet smile.
    “Coffee be damned!” Aniekan swore under his breath, but loud enough for Regina to hear.
    Regina knew what was going on. The fire brewing between Elena and her boss wasn’t hidden. It was obvious.
    “I think you should tell her about your feelings. You will be less angry and you will drink less coffee too.” Regina winked, dropped the tray and rushed out of the office, before Aniekan could offer a retort.
    He wasn’t angry. He just stared at the coffee and shook his head.
    First, Seun had encouraged him to pursue his feelings, and now Regina? Was God speaking through him through the people around? Was it right to ignore what his heart was saying?
    He didn’t just like her. Elena’s hardworking nature had gained his admiration. She had passion for everything that she laid her hands on.
    “I think I love her.”
    Now, this wasn’t about the physical and behavioral characteristics that she shared with Imaobong. Elena was a woman on her own. She was unique. She stood out. She was fiery and dangerous. And he loved that.
    He pulled out his car key from the pocket. He knew that she would be heading for home. Aniekan was determined to find her.

    Tears burned her cheeks as she strolled out of Games Village. She walked as fast as her legs carried her, while ignoring the stinging pain from the dislocated finger. Elena was rewarded for her suffering when a taxi stopped right in front of her.
    She told the man her direction and they agreed on a fair price. She was about entering the car when Aniekan pulled over. He jumped out of his car and stopped her abruptly. Quickly, he pulled out some naira notes and thanked the taxi driver for his troubles.
    “I am sorry Sir, but she doesn’t really need a taxi now. Thanks for your help.” He flashed the old man a polite smile.
    The man’s face beamed with excitement as he collected the money. Elena sighed and rolled her eyes. Once the taxi was gone, she turned and faced him.
    “What do you think you are doing? Are you trying to show me that you have money or what?” She barked at him.
    Aniekan remained calm. A smile played on her lips as he watched her angry face. He said nothing.
    Elena was further angered when she noticed the mischievous streak in his eyes. What was he laughing about? She had her answer soon.
    “You’re so beautiful when you are angry. I should get you angry more times. Nothing beats the fire in your eyes or the beauty of your face when you are angry.” He laughed.
    Blood welled up in her cheeks. She felt shy as he issued such a sweet compliment.
    “You don’t have to be shy about it. You are a lovely personality and I am sorry if I hurt you with anything that I said in there.” He moved closer to her and collected her hands.
    Elena was touched by his simplicity. He hadn’t done anything bad, yet he was apologizing. She felt bad for acting impulsively. Maybe he was right to see her as a child.
    “I…I am sorry. I just don’t know…” She lied. She had gotten upset because she sensed what was true. Aniekan adored her, but he didn’t want to be with her.
    He pulled in a deep breath, “I know this isn’t the time or the place, but I don’t want you to think that I am like other men. I do not exploit women. I respect women a lot. But I cannot fight what I feel much longer…” He searched here yes, hoping that she would understand.
    The only thing that Elena could read from his statement was that he didn’t want to be with her. Her shoulders sagged. She felt like pulling out of his grip another time. This time, she would take a taxi to the Benjamin Mansion and not to the White House.
    But she was wrong. She had read his statement wrong. Aniekan loved her. He had feelings for her, and he was ready to admit them, no matter what it would cost him. Sensing her angst, he released her hands. Whenever Elena was calm, he would pour out his heart to her.
    “Are you ready to go home?” He asked in a firm voice.
    “Yes,” she nodded.
    “Fine, I will work with your finger.” He answered.
    Elena sensed a switch in his mood. She didn’t need a prophet to tell her that she had gotten him upset by her childish sulking. She was wrong to act this way. If Aniekan didn’t like her enough to be with her, she couldn’t force it. Love wasn’t forced. Love was freedom.
    The moment they had reached the White House, Idara came rushing towards them with a piece of paper in her hand. From the look on her face, Elena and Aniekan could sense her distress. Something had gone wrong.
    “Good afternoon, welcome,” her lips shivered as she greeted them. Elena’s eyes were too focused on her expression to answer the greeting. But Aniekan did answer.
    “Um, are you alright?” He asked as he shut the door.
    Idara paused. She pulled in a deep breath and tried to stop her hands from shaking. What she had discovered wasn’t something that would pose danger to anyone, it was just surprising…
    “I have something to tell you,” she began.
    “What happened Idara?” Elena ran her eyes over the White House, she tried to see if anything was out of place. But everything was fine. The cars were complete. Water still poured from the gargoyle. The gateman was at his post.
    Idara smacked her lips together, and offered Aniekan the letter.
    “I…I found it in the kitchen. I think she left it in a place where it can easily be seen. I had gone to the market for some shopping, but on my return, I met her absence.”
    “Whose absence?” Elena tried to catch up with Idara’s report.
    Aniekan’s keen eyes sharply picked the words of the letter. He could see why Idara was shocked.
    “Ada is gone.” He folded the letter and gritted his teeth. The letter was vague. It didn’t portray her intent. Why had she just walked out on him without any explanation? Aniekan felt Ada was upset with him for ignoring her these few weeks.
    He shrugged, well she deserved it. She had wanted to treat Elena unjustly and he hadn’t agreed to that. Elena’s predicament had revealed her true nature.
    “Gone? I don’t understand that…” Elena laughed. It sounded strange. How could someone who had seemed so calm and peaceful leave? She hadn’t shown any signs of discomfort.
    “Did she say why?” Elena swallowed.
    Aniekan shook his head, “no, but I think I may know why. I am not interested.” He was about leaving for his room, when his elder brother stormed out of the house furiously.
    To be continued ….

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