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    Episode 8

    Elena was a beautiful person inside out. He made this assumption after reading five pieces from her. It was a pity that she had written something damaging about him. But it was something he could forgive.
    Aniekan felt pity for her. He didn’t know much about her family background, but she didn’t look like someone from a wealthy home. All he could see was a struggling young lady in her early twenties, fighting so hard to do something with her life.
    He was sure that Elena had learned her lesson. But he wouldn’t be the one to destroy her life. Right there, something stirred within him to help her out of this situation. Although Elena had almost ruined his life, he would forgive her and let her go.

    However, if she failed to abide by the ethics of publishing, fate would teach her a lesson but not by his hands.
    Aniekan was still staring at the striking photograph, when he heard a rap on his door. The only person he was expecting was Idara, his cook. Aniekan had asked her to make him a cup of green tea so he could sleep.
    ‘Come in, the door is open.’
    It was the strange quiet which filled the room after the door had closed that made him turn. Idara always came in with greetings on her lips. This was someone else.
    ‘You are not sleeping’, Ada observed from where she stood.
    Swiftly, Aniekan turned off the computer and faced her. He couldn’t let his lawyer know about his little research about Elena Benjamin.
    ‘Um, I couldn’t. Is there a problem’? This was the first time the lawyer was entering his room, and it shocked him greatly. Though Ada had a room in his house, she’d never visited him here before.
    Ada clenched her fist and glanced at his room, ‘It’s warm and cozy in here. You have a beautiful place Aniekan’. She smiled as she fed her eyes with the intricate designs on the wall.
    He shrugged, ‘I try.’
    She pulled in a deep breath, ‘I have kept the girl in a safe place where she would not be able to escape. You will not release her until her family pays the fifty million naira that she owes you. This is your opportunity to teach other bloggers and journalists a lesson. No one would ever tarnish your image’.
    Aniekan said nothing as she spoke, he carefully observed her. Before now, Ada had handled some cases he had with clients and investors. But never in his life, had he seen her so enthusiastic about a case. What was so special about this matter?
    ‘What if I don’t want her to pay the money? You told me that she was a student. Her family isn’t wealthy. Even if they were, they don’t owe me a thing. My score is with Elena and she cannot pay for what she did’.
    At first, Ada felt he was bluffing. But when he didn’t say more, she realized Aniekan had changed his mind. This would ruin all of the plans she had with Ese and she couldn’t let this happen.
    ‘Are you changing your mind? You cannot do that Aniekan. We have gone knee deep into this river, there is no going back’. She couldn’t believe her ears. This was the reason she preferred his brother. Ese was a viper. He was strong and ambitious, where Aniekan was a weakling.
    Aniekan’s brows were raised at her tone, ‘Yes I can change my mind. Elena almost ruined my brand, but she didn’t. Instead of paying fifty million, she would write series of apology letters and advertise my games on her blog. That is fair’. He felt this was okay for everybody.
    ‘F--k, you don’t even understand do you’? Ada could see that his mind was made up, but it was her duty to put him back on line wherever he derailed.
    He felt insulted that she would speak to him in such a condescending manner.
    ‘What don’t I understand’? Aniekan was starting to get upset.
    ‘See Aniekan…’ she moved closer to the table he leaned upon.
    ‘Even if we release Elena, she could sue us for kidnapping her and she has proof. Her father can bear witness that Ese and his men took her involuntarily from the house.
    If those facts are established, you could be the one to pay damages or go to jail. Your brand would be affected, and you could lose everything. It gets worse when she tells people that we locked up your house.
    We cannot let Elena go until she pays. You should have a re-think. That girl is evil, I can’t even look into her eyes. There is something strange about her, and we have to work fast’.
    Aniekan’s face paled as he realized Ada was being truthful. She was being protective and concerned. Though Elena had angelic features, he wasn’t in her heart to know what she planned. What if she sued him for kidnapping?
    ‘I understand your fears Ada, but isn’t there another way to settle this? I don’t need fifty million naira. My games are downloaded every minute. I make a hundred thousand every day. I don’t want her money’.
    Ada hated his reaction, ‘Why don’t you imagine losing all that followership? This is Nigeria, and if a celebrity is indicted in a crime, that celebrity is doomed. Just look at what is happening to R. Kelly. Imagine being hated by the same people who praised you for your genius game creations’.
    She sighed and closed her eyes. Well, she had done her part and she had faith that Aniekan would abide by her. He had never gone against her counsel, tonight wouldn’t be the first.
    ‘I must go now. Once morning comes, I’ll contact her family. Don’t be afraid, I got this’. She tapped him on the shoulder and swirled round, Ada was confident that she would get this money.
    Aniekan said nothing to her, he only weighed his options. Obviously, he had just few hours to decide what he would do to Elena Benjamin. Ada was right about Elena turning against him, but what if the lawyer was wrong? What if Elena was different?
    Her eyes flamed with anger and unrest as she marched out of the room. She failed to see the figure that approached with a tray and a teacup. This made the collision inevitable; the hot tea and the cup both crashed to pieces.
    ‘I-I am sorry Ma’, Idara stuttered as she realized what had happened.
    ‘Utter fool’! Ada restrained the urge to slap her because of Aniekan’s presence. Another person she abhorred was the foolish cook. Ada had her plans of sending her out of the white house soon. The time wasn’t ripe.
    Idara bowed her head and glared at the broken pieces, until the lawyer was gone. Only then did she release the breath she held, for the woman terrified her greatly.

    There wasn’t a night for the Benjamins, as they had been awake thinking of the best way to rescue Elena from her captor. One fact was established; Aniekan Umo was behind Elena’s disappearance and they had to find a way to save her.
    Elvis wasn’t comfortable around his parents. Their incessant quarrels had been the reason he’d left home in the first place. His mother was violent and toxic. She dominated his father, and he couldn’t get out of her grip for many years.
    Tamar was relieved as she heard a c--k crow, and the chirping of morning birds. It was time to get back one of her children. The absence of Elena quenched the joy she was supposed to feel on seeing Elvis; the son she had lost for many years.
    ‘We must hurry. We have to leave for his house’. Tamar rose to her feet. She staggered a bit from not sleeping at all. She hadn’t taken rest after her return to the country. How could she, when her daughter was in trouble?
    Mr. Benjamin stared after her. How could Tamar not show concern about their son who’d just returned home? He bit the down the urge to call her bad behavior. He wasn’t in the mood to trade words with her.
    They had fought enough before the arrival of Elvis.
    ‘I am sorry that we failed to ask about your wellbeing. After I saw your name in the newspapers indicted in a drug crime, I thought all hope was lost. We all thought that you were rotting in a foreign facility’. Mr. Benjamin was delighted to see his son.

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    marcus Victoria
    marcus Victoria
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    Episode 9

    Tayo dropped the phone and struggled to reach her bedside fridge. She needed to drink some water badly. After opening a bottle, she emptied the cold water into her mouth and then grabbed the phone again.

    Slowly, the memories of the night returned; detail after detail. Tayo remembered it all. She remembered the passionate kiss they’d shared and how his hands brought her comfort and pleasure. Only one memory stuck.

    She quickly tapped the search engine of her phone and typed in the names that haunted her dreams. Tayo vividly remembered the name of the blogger and how Elvis had reacted. He knew her from somewhere, and Elena was extremely beautiful that it made her jealous.

    Was he seeing the blogger?

    Angrily Tayo tossed her phone aside. The network was very poor and she had no patience.

    ‘Elena,’ she bit her lip as she called the name. Elvis was hiding something from her and it seemed she had just found his little mistress. Elvis was cheating with this blogger. That was the only reason he’d reacted that way.

    Revenge was on her mind. She wouldn’t give Elvis another chance to hurt her. He had tossed her aside without conscience; she would equally deal with him without second thoughts. Only that, she wouldn’t hurt him directly.

    ‘I know what to do. I’ll make him pay’. She pulled in a deep breath and dialed Aniekan’s number. She hadn’t made contact with Aniekan for six months now. The last time they’d met was at a charity fundraiser in Abuja.The princess needed his help, and she knew he wouldn’t turn her down.

    Ada had told Ese everything she’d discussed with his brother. Aniekan wanted to ruin her plans of becoming rich, but she wouldn’t let him.

    ‘If I don’t pressure him to see that this way is the best, he’ll let us all down’. She stroked Ese’s face. They were in the bathroom together. They secretly spent time together in the white house, to avoid Aniekan knowing about their relationship.

    Ese’s eyes burned in anger, ‘why would he want to forgive her? I told you we should kill him, but you said we should be patient. My brother is a weakling. I can’t believe he would jeopardize our plans’.

    Ada pulled Ese closer to her and pinned her lips on his left n----e, ‘my darling, you are impatient. You don’t with a battle on impulse. Victory takes years of planning and plotting. Your brother thinks he is smart, but in his wisdom lies great folly. I will not let him ruin this one. I promise’.

    Ese remained calm. Her words always had a cooling effect on him.

    ‘He stole everything that ever mattered to me. He stole Imaobong. He took away our parents’ attention. I want him to pay for it’.

    Ada understood what her man felt. She’d never liked Imaobong from the start. The b---h had Aniekan wrapped over her little fingers, but she was gone now. Only that, Ada was haunted by the dead woman in her dreams.

    ‘Look at me Ese,’ she cupped his fleshy face between her chubby palms.

    ‘I took care of Imaobong, didn’t I? Trust me baby, we’ll clip your brother’s wings and make a lot of money for ourselves’.

    A smug overtook Ese’s features as he stared deeply into the eyes of the woman he now loved. Ada had taken away all his pain and frustration. In place of those negative emotions, she had discovered his true potential. Ada had helped him channel his pain into hatred for his brother. He couldn’t wait to destroy Aniekan.

    ‘How is the girl? What plans do you have for her’? He asked.

    ‘She’s still locked in that dirty room. I contacted her family this morning. They should be here soon. I’ll send Idara to give her some food and clean clothes’. Ada replied.

    Ese nodded in satisfaction. His eyes ran over her naked body. He enjoyed having sex in the shower. He couldn’t miss this opportunity to pleasure himself.
    When he pressed her closer to his body, Ada quickly pulled back.
    ‘Do you hear that’?
    ‘What’? He asked with a frown.

    Ada gently moved towards the bathroom window and peeped through. Two people had just walked into the white house. She was quite sure they were Elena’s parents, because the woman shared a strong resemblance with Elena.

    ‘I have to go and meet them. They’re here’. Ada rushed out of the bathroom in excitement.

    Gloom clouded his handsome face as he glared at the people that had just walked into his house. They had to be Elena’s parents. This meant only one thing; Ada had flaunted his orders. She had gone ahead with her plans of causing Elena to pay for her crime against him.
    Aniekan hated it when he was undermined. For a reason, which he was unaware of, Ada felt he could be controlled.

    ‘No one takes decisions for me’. Aniekan peeled himself from the window and moved towards his wardrobe. He wasn’t interested in getting fifty million from a girl who was trying to survive. Elena seemed like a good person to him, and he was ready to trust his guts on his feeling.

    She shared so many similarities with his Imaobong; who was a writer too. He grabbed a black shirt and jean trousers and marched out of the room without his phone. He hadn’t touched the device since morning, and he wasn’t interested in anything else but Elena.
    All night, he’d thought about her and wondered if listening to Ada was the best. He’d gotten his answer, and he would act upon it.

    ‘Good morning sir’. Idara greeted. She had made a light breakfast for the lady that was locked in the forbidden room.

    ‘Morning, where is Elena’s room’? Aniekan asked.

    Idara knew the only person that would bear the name was the lady.

    ‘Um…’ she pressed her lips together, not knowing what to answer.

    ‘Don’t waste my time! Where is she’? Aniekan barked.

    Idara’s hands jittered, ‘I…I was about taking breakfast to the room where she is being chained. It is the forbidden room’.

    At first, Aniekan thought he hadn’t heard well. Only one room was forbidden in the white house; it was Imaobong’s room. And after her death, he had banned anyone from going there. The place was filled with dust and dirt; broken pieces of mirror and furniture lay scattered. He had destroyed those things in a fit of rage.

    Aniekan had been so angry and lost when Imaobong had died. Why would anyone keep Elena in such a harsh condition?

    ‘The forbidden room, who kept her there’? He asked in a calm voice.

    Idara stepped away from him. His eyes flamed with indignation. She had never seen her master this enraged.

    ‘The lawyer,’ Idara whispered. Then Aniekan did the unthinkable.

    He moved closer to the cook and collected the tray from her.

    ‘I’ll serve Elena myself, now be on your way’.

    ‘Thank you sir’, she scurried away.
    Aniekan seethed with anger as he marched towards the forbidden room with the tray in his hands. So, Ada had lied to him about Elena’s accommodation. She had been so sweet and convincing; Ada had assured him that Elena was well taken care of.

    Sorry for the late updates
    I was sick
    2 episodes as compensation
    Thank you

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    Marie Nkeng
    Marie Nkeng
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    Thanks for the updates,…the story is getting more interesting

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    I was sick


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    hope u are better now? this ada is an evil doer

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    marcus Victoria
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    Episode 10

    He couldn’t believe what Idara had just told him. If this information was correct, it would’ve revealed a hidden character of Ada he was yet to notice.
    As he moved towards the forbidden room, he almost bumped into Ese.
    ‘Good morning to you’, Ese stared at the tray in Aniekan’s hand. He wondered where his brother was headed.
    Aniekan ignored his greeting. He wasn’t in the mood to talk to anybody. All he wanted was to find Elena and apologize for the way his lawyer had treated her. He was going to release Elena, and he didn’t care if she would sue him for kidnapping after that.
    He was a good person, and Imaobong had always told him that kindness was a seed. The kinder you were, the greater the tree of your blessing would grow.
    As he neared the entrance of the dark corridor, something strange within him made him aware of another human presence. The hairs on his nape arose as he stepped into the corridor, leading to the forbidden room. The place had been dead for years, but it felt alive.
    Aniekan pulled a deep breath and quickly turned back. It seemed he had heard some footsteps.
    ‘Is anybody there’? He called to the dark, but there was no response. He reminded himself that there was no other person on this wing of the bungalow. He had to find Elena and get her out.
    Unknown to him, his instincts had reported correctly. A figure cloaked in black hid behind an old cupboard and watched as he moved towards the room that was once her own.
    When he stopped in front of the door, he fought so hard with the memories of Imaobong. Tears welled up in his eyes as he remembered the angel of his heart.
    ‘I miss you so much. I miss you everyday’. His heart cried out for her soul, but she was gone. She was dead to the world and there was nothing he could do to bring her back. Though he had all the money in the world, he was a miserable man.
    With great effort, he wiped his face and kicked open the door. At first, there was resistance, but when he kicked harder; the door gave way. And he stood face to face with Elena Benjamin.

    Elvis had refused to join them to meet Aniekan’s lawyer. He preferred to wait for them inside the car. He knew a man like Aniekan would have cameras all over his house, and he didn’t want to appear on any. He was now the new mask of the Knights of Robin Hood. For a man to remain a true leader of the knighthood, he had to hide in the shadows.
    Tamar and Mr. Benjamin had no choice but to go into the white house alone. At first, Tamar had been distracted by the incredible beauty of the billionaire’s house. But the minute she spotted the stone faced lawyer who came out to meet them with a briefcase, all her admiration fled.
    ‘Here she comes, the viper that wants to suck my child’s blood’. Tamar gritted her teeth.
    Mr. Benjamin heard what she said, but he composed himself, knowing that emotions would run high in this meeting. All he wanted to know was if his daughter was safe. He couldn’t wait to take her home with him.
    ‘Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin. I welcome you to the white house’. Ada wore her sweetest smile as she stretched out her hand for handshakes.
    Tamar hissed loudly, ‘I hope you aren’t expecting me to take that poisonous hand of yours. Where is my daughter’?
    Mr. Benjamin knew he had to step in, else Tamar would get all emotional and ruin things. He quickly moved closer to her and reminded her of the need to be quiet.
    ‘I know you love your daughter. I love her twice as much. Compose yourself, and let’s know exactly the kind of people we’re dealing with’. The faint smell of her cherry perfume distracted his mind, and just as he moved away from her, he noticed her diamond earrings.
    Mr. Benjamin was immediately curious. Where did Tamar get money to buy herself diamond earrings? Did she have a man? Was she dating?
    An uncomfortable heaviness settled upon him as he realized he was jealous.
    ‘If you think I’ll fold my arms and let my daughter be ill- treated by this people, I won’t’. Tamar fired back.
    Ada smiled and watched them closely. She was already in love with Tamar and the flamboyant way she was dressed. Definitely, they could afford fifty million.
    ‘Well, I don’t have time for corners, so let’s go straight to the point. My client may not join us on this first meeting, because he is a very busy man. But he and I have come up with an agreement…’ Ada paused and fetched a document from her briefcase, while Elena’s parents exchanged glances.
    It wasn’t long before Ese joined the meeting with his fierce looking men. Mr. Benjamin recognized him at once.
    ‘You know him’? Tamar observed the fear in her ex husband’s eyes.
    ‘Yes, he was the one that took Elena’. He whispered.
    Ada flashed a smile and offered Mr. Benjamin the document, ‘you must be wondering how I got your phone number and how Ese hot your address. We live in a digital era. Anything is possible’.
    Ada moved over to where Ese stood and rubbed her palms together; she was giving them space to absorb what they were reading.
    ‘I can hardly wait for them to pay that money, before we proceed to our next plan’. Ese stared at Ada, who was obviously delighted at the turn out of things.
    Ada said nothing, her smile only grew wider. It was the sternness in Tamar’s voice that changed everything.
    ‘I hope the content of this paper was written under some alcoholic influence’. Tamar began, but Mr. Benjamin grabbed the paper and hushed her.
    ‘I understand that my daughter did something wrong. But you cannot ask her to pay fifty million naira. Elena is just a student. She is struggling hard to finish her school. She made just one mistake, you need to bury this and move on’. He tried to make the lawyer see reason with him.
    Ada’s face had changed. The smile was gone and in its place was a scowl.
    ‘I don’t care about your daughter’s financial capacity. This was the reason you both were invited’.
    Reach 1.5m People On The Davina Diaries Marketplace. Advertise For Just N5000
    Elena had been asleep for hours. Her delicate body was still adjusting to the pain on her wrists and ankles and the newness of her environment. She was tired and afraid. This was the first time she would be sleeping in a dark and strange room.
    She’d dreamt of a woman in black dress strolling into her room. The woman had sad eyes, and the rest of her face was covered with black cloth. She had come to warn Elena about the white house. It wasn’t a good place to be.
    “You are not safe here. Go home,” those were the last words she remembered, before a pair of strong hands jerked her from sleep.
    Elena’s eyes roamed wildly as awoke. The room seemed brighter, and she could see it clearer. She slowly realized that she had slept for a very long time and morning had come.
    ‘Elena’? Aniekan called to her gently.
    He’d found her sleeping and hadn’t wanted to disturb her at first. He was lost in the admiration of her sleeping form. She wore a content smile on her pretty face as she smiled. And her short hair gave her this babyish look, which also reminded him of Imaobong.
    Aniekan cursed himself for not being able to let go of the past. Imaobong was gone, and he had to move on.
    The sound of his voice erased the sleepiness she was still feeling. She recognized Aniekan immediately. Tears sprang up in her eyes as she remembered what had gotten her here in the first place.
    ‘Please…release me. I promise never to write anything about you or your Game village’. Elena’s lips trembled as she begged.
    They had chained her like a dog, and treated her like a common criminal. She wouldn’t last long in this sort of living arrangement.

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    marcus Victoria
    marcus Victoria
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    Episode 11

    Please sir, I know you’re not a wicked person. I was quick to judge you. I just thought I was doing the right thing’. Elena paused. Her strength was failing her. She had lost energy from crying and wailing throughout the night.
    Aniekan was moved by her tears. People made mistakes, and this was the reason he would give her another chance. He had been trying to get Ada to think along the same lines, but she was bent on doing what pleased her.
    ‘Stop crying Elena’, he moved closer to her and raised her chin with his hands.
    Her glistering eyes met with his and he found it difficult to look away. Elena’s heart raced as she searched the dark eyes of the tech billionaire. A strange impartation filled her system.
    Though her strength was gone, a new surge of energy and hope filled her. What was he doing to her? Why were his eyes so powerful?

    ‘I am sorry’. Aniekan released her face and rose to his feet. Something about Elena attracted him, and he didn’t like whatever that was.
    ‘I brought you food and water. I am sorry about the way you were treated, I had no idea’. He untied the ropes that bound her and made her sit on the least dusty spot in the room. After which he offered her the tray.
    Elena continued to search him with her eyes, in a bid to read him. Why was he so kind to her? She had almost destroyed his reputation, yet he was offering her breakfast and soothing words?
    The thought of them being alone in the room scared her. What if this man had plans of taking advantage of her?
    ‘I am not hungry. Thanks for the food’. She pushed the tray away and quickly rose to her feet.
    ‘You’re not hungry? Why’? Aniekan could’ve sworn Elena was famished. Why was she refusing breakfast? He pinned her down with his powerful gaze, and she had nowhere to hide her thoughts.
    Aniekan noticed she was afraid, but of what?
    Elena watched as the corners of his mouth tweaked with a puckish smile. She noticed the tiny depressions on his cheeks; he had dimples. And he had this sexy look whenever he smiled.
    She felt guilty for admiring him. How could she admire someone that had the power to lock her up in here forever?
    ‘You think I would rape you’? Aniekan laughed.
    Elena was embarrassed by his question and the fact that he could read her mind. Was she that transparent?
    ‘Look, you’re just a kid Elena. I would never do something like that to anyone. And you’re way below my league, in age. I date people older or two years younger’.
    Elena didn’t like the way he addressed her, ‘I am not a kid’.
    Aniekan shrugged, ‘If that’s what you think. Now I came here to talk about what happened. I know you are sorry for what you did, and from what I gathered about you; you don’t have the means to pay fifty million’. He paused and watched her face, seeking to know her reaction.
    Elena couldn’t look into his eyes. She was fascinated by their darkness and gloominess. There was mystery in those eyes. She found it difficult to read him.
    ‘I want to make you an offer’. Aniekan covered the distance between them, so they were almost face to face.
    Elena couldn’t breathe as he moved next to her. His perfume was very masculine and powerful. It quenched the scent of dust in the room and it made her anxious. What did she smell like? Was her morning breath bad? What did he think of her looks?
    ‘Won’t you say anything’? He raised a brow.
    Elena shook her head. She couldn’t risk him perceiving a bad smell from her.
    ‘Well, instead of paying fifty million Naira. I want you to work for me and under pay. You’re a good writer, I read some of your pieces. I plan on getting a new creative writer for my newest game, “Demon Hall.” I’d like to have you on the team’.
    At first, she thought he was messing with her mind. Why would he make her such a wonderful offer after all she had done to him?
    ‘I don’t understand…’ Elena was forced to speak. She couldn’t believe this.
    ‘I know it is too much for you to take. But you are going to work for me and you’ll apologize online and in all media platforms’. He added.
    Tears splashed on her cheeks as she stared at Aniekan Umo. How could one man be this good? Getting a spot as a creative writer in Game Village was a huge deal. So many people dreamt of such a connection, but here she was.
    ‘Why are you being so nice to me? What do you want from me’? Elena asked in a shaky voice. This was too good to be true.
    He couldn’t hold himself back. He grabbed her small hands.
    ‘I don’t know what orientation you have. But I don’t want anything from you. You were desperate to make it, and that was the reason you tried to pull me down. I want you to make it doing something better than writing gossip. I am offering you an opportunity to better your life.
    You can take it or you leave it’.
    Elena’s eyes feasted on his face. She searched the deepest parts of her thoughts. Was he being truthful? Was he up to something?
    Satisfied with her scrutiny, ‘I’ll take it’.
    ‘Good. But you must live in the white house; I can’t have my workers coming to work late’. Aniekan released her hands immediately.
    Elena wasn’t comfortable with the last part. She wasn’t comfortable living with her new boss under his roof. Besides, the dream she had earlier, flashed in her mind. There was something strange about this house, and she didn’t want to be a part of it.
    ‘I cannot live with you sir. I…I prefer working from home’.
    He sighed, ‘You don’t have a choice Elena. You either take this job and what follows or you pay the fifty million’.

    Tayo had tried severally to reach Aniekan, but he wasn’t taking her calls. She had decided then to pay the white house a visit. She felt guilty for not reaching out to Aniekan for this long. Now she was going to ask for his help.
    ‘I can hardly wait’. She gritted her teeth as she got into the car. She would put Elvis and his little girlfriend to shame. She had it all planned out. Tayo hoped that Aniekan would take her advice and deal mercilessly with the blogger that had tarnished his image.
    The princess knew how soft hearted Aniekan was. In fact, her brother had told her one time that he had become very emotional after the death of his fiancée. Aniekan had the heart to forgive those who offended him. But she would make sure the blogger wasn’t forgiven.
    That would be her own way of paying Elvis back for what he did to her.
    After thirty minutes of driving, she finally reached the white house. The princess noticed the black jeep that was parked outside in the most awkward manner; cars were hardly allowed to park outside the white bungalow.
    And what annoyed her more was that the driver was directly in front of the gate.
    ‘Come on, get the hell out of my way’! Tayo honked. From her position, she clearly saw someone in the car, but what was taking this person so long to get his car out of the way?
    ‘Why are people so clumsy’? Tayo quickly turned off the engine and jumped out of her car.

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