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    He let out a frustrated
    groan. “One day,” he
    said, “one day you’ll
    realize you’re taking me
    for granted. And you’ll
    fall helplessly in love
    with me.”
    “I highly doubt that.” I
    looked out the window.
    That would never
    happen, I kept telling
    myself, it would never
    When Kyla Evans was
    dumped by her best
    Cedric, she was
    devastated. Convinced
    that her whole life
    came tumbling down,
    she promised that she
    would definitely get
    back at him, seeking
    nothing but revenge.
    She abandoned her
    glasses and
    determined to make
    Cedric regret ever
    dumping her. What she
    wants: Revenge. How
    she’s planning to get it:
    By going out with the
    school’s biggest player;
    the person her ex-
    boyfriend loathes the
    Seth Everett.

    HEY! I’m new (sort
    of), and I’m not sure
    about this, but I’m
    posting anyway.
    Here. Hope
    somebody reads it.
    And just to be clear,
    this is just the PLOT
    (or summary, or
    synopsis, or
    storyline, or
    whatever else you
    call this), not the
    prologue or first
    Okay. Peace out.

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    If I could fly in any
    direction, where would
    it be? Would I be
    in one direction? Would
    be fixing my gaze and
    limiting my focus on
    one, straight line?
    I be following that
    straight line, enjoying
    the way the wind
    would rush to meet
    the way the clouds
    would softly dissipate
    as I pass them, the
    way my eyes would
    automatically flutter
    Or would I let the wind
    take me anywhere?
    Would I go north,
    east, west, or a mix of
    all these directions—
    going nowhere in
    particular? Would I let
    time pass me by as I
    glide effortlessly
    through the limitless
    sky? Would I close my
    eyes, feel every little
    thing in the world—the
    soft hum of the wind,
    the coldness of the sky
    enveloping me as I
    flight, the way my
    would release itself
    from my
    —and feel as light as a
    feather carried by the
    wind in midair? Would I
    slip into an endless
    flight, never fixing my
    gaze on a straight line,
    never giving myself
    limitations and
    I would probably
    the second one. To let
    every little worry
    completely slip off of
    my mind. I would
    probably take flight and
    get carried away. Flight
    means freedom. It has
    no restrictions. It has
    no limitations. It allows
    you to feel like leaving
    your worries far below
    you. Flight must be a
    wonderful thing.
    But I could never fly.
    Ever. Not in the way I’d
    want to. I could never
    soar through the skies,
    not now, not ever. But
    that’s okay. I don’t
    have to fly, because I
    found something
    better. Something else.
    Something way better
    than flying.

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    Chapter One
    I hated Cedric.
    Every little piece of him
    —from his gorgeous
    brown eyes, his
    adorable geeky smile,
    and the way he would
    look when he was
    solving a difficult
    Calculus problems,
    eyebrows slightly
    furrowed in
    Of course, I hadn’t
    always hated pieces of
    him. In fact, they used
    to be the things that
    kept me on my toes,
    the things that never
    failed to make my
    thump, sending
    butterflies to my
    But then he broke my
    And the worst part?
    There was no way I
    could’ve seen it coming.
    It was his birthday.
    Seventeenth of June, in
    the middle of summer.
    We’ve been spending
    more and more time
    together. Sometimes
    we’d read in his room,
    listening to some
    occasionally taking a
    break and making out.
    We started going out
    two years ago. He was
    my first boyfriend,
    kiss, first date—and I
    really believed that he’d
    be my last. At that
    point, it didn’t seem
    possible that we would
    ever end up the way
    we did.
    The funny thing was
    that everything was
    sailing smoothly. I was
    in love with him, and I
    was falling deeper
    everyday. I would
    up to thoughts of him
    and fall asleep with the
    memory of his voice in
    my head. I thought it
    was the same for him.
    Apparently not.
    “Wow. You really
    overdid yourself,” Hail
    said as she gazed at
    my birthday present
    We were in my room,
    both of us seated on
    my bed as we tried to
    decide what I should
    wear for my date with
    Cedric later. We agreed
    to meet on the beach a
    few towns over later
    at six in the evening. I
    couldn’t decide which
    dress to wear. I’d gone
    shopping, something I
    didn’t normally do, but
    ended up buying three
    dresses. I called Hail to
    help me choose. The
    moment she walked
    into my room, she saw
    the guitar and her face
    lit up.
    “You think he’d like it?”
    asked her, looking at
    the corner of my room,
    where I had placed the
    guitar case, propped
    against the wall.

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    I had been saving for
    months to buy Cedric a
    new electric guitar. I
    took a part-time job at
    a little boutique in town
    and saved most of my
    allowance so I could
    come up with enough
    money to buy it.
    “He’d love it!” Hail told
    me, her eyes shining
    bright. “You guys are
    the cutest couple in the
    world. It’s really
    amazing how you
    started off as best
    friends before going
    out. Pretty soon you’d
    marry each other and
    be your maid of honor.
    Then you’d be having
    babies and—”
    “Oh, my god, stop it,” I
    told her, fighting the
    urge to blush.
    Of course that was
    exactly how I
    envisioned it. I thought
    there was no way we
    wouldn’t eventually get
    That night, I didn’t
    dressing up, which was
    saying a lot. I was the
    type of girl who
    preferred comfort over
    appearance, choosing
    wear a sweatshirt
    a cute blouse. But I
    wanted to make
    Cedric’s birthday
    so Hail helped me curl
    my brown locks. I
    applied some makeup,
    something I wasn’t
    exactly quite fond of.
    We ended up choosing
    the plain white
    sundress that looked
    surprisingly good on
    I brought the guitar
    with me, nestled in its
    case. I used the straps
    of the case and carried
    it like a backpack,
    underestimating the
    guitar’s weight.
    So I stood there in the
    cold, summer night
    my sundress on and a
    guitar case slung over
    my back, waiting for
    Cedric to show up. At
    some point, I set the
    guitar down, propping it
    carefully against the
    sand. He was
    It had been two hours
    and he wasn’t picking
    up any of my phone
    calls. I was starting to
    get worried.
    “Hey, babe. You play?”
    At first I thought it
    was some sort of
    weird, out-of-character
    joke from Cedric, but
    when I looked up, it
    wasn’t. In fact, it was
    Seth Everett.
    He stood in front of me
    with his hands shoved
    deep in his jean
    pockets, his sandy
    brown hair strewn over
    his forehead.
    If I didn’t know any
    better, I would have
    been flattered. I’d seen
    him in school and have
    heard rumors about
    and the way he’d move
    on from one girl to
    another without
    hesitation. If that
    wasn’t enough for me
    not to like him, there
    was also the fact that
    Cedric, for some
    didn’t like Seth.
    “What?” I asked him.
    My throat felt dry,
    making me realize how
    long I’d been standing
    “I asked, do you play?”
    He nodded at the
    A small smile was
    playing across his lips,
    the smile that
    effectively made half
    the female population
    at our school swoon.
    The same smile that
    used when he was
    hitting on another poor,
    pathetic girl.
    Was it possible that he
    was hitting on me? I
    had never really been
    under his radar, seeing
    as I was practically
    invisible at school. Not
    that I would complain.
    I raised an eyebrow at
    him. “Um, no.” I looked
    sideways, hoping he’d
    get the picture and
    leave when he figures
    out I wasn’t
    I doubted that he even
    knew we go to the
    same school.
    I saw him open his
    mouth to say
    something, but as if on
    cue, Cedric arrived,
    looking almost out of
    breath when he saw
    me. He eyed Seth coldly
    before dragging me
    away, leaving Seth
    standing there with
    same cold look on his
    I tore my eyes away
    from Seth and looked
    back at Cedric. I was
    too relieved to see he
    was fine that I’d
    forgotten about being
    mad at him for being
    late. “Happy birthday,”
    He glanced at me. My
    heart did this weird,
    little dance when I saw
    him look me over,
    checking me out—
    appreciating the fact
    that I dressed up. But
    the look on his face
    was replaced by
    something serious. My
    smile shifted into a
    slight frown.
    “There’s something I
    have to tell you,” he
    told me, his voice

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    Nice continue pls

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    Famous PEN, are u for real, I noticed all Meshack Shaxee’s stories have changed into your name. The thing I don’t understand is if u r d same person. I’ll appreciate it, if u reply.

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    Am still the same person as meshack dear!! Don’t worry am using my writing name! Hope you like the new view… Stay update, and i hope you subscribe to our email to receive our updates!

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    “What is it?” I pushed
    past the lump in my
    throat and tried to
    the queasy feeling in
    my stomach away.
    “Kyla.” He ran his
    through his hair and
    looked into my eyes
    before averting his
    and taking a deep
    breath. “I think we
    should break up.”
    I blinked, shaking my
    head. “What?”
    The guitar felt heavier,
    the wind seemed
    colder, I suddenly felt
    so bare and exposed–
    “I’m sorry,” he said,
    looking down, his voice
    “Break up?” I asked
    him, fumbling for the
    right words to say.
    “You’re joking, right?
    He shook his head, ever
    so slightly. I felt as if all
    the air was knocked
    of me, like somebody
    had just punched me in
    the gut. I was shaking
    my head, trying to
    make sense of
    whatever was
    “What are you talking
    about? What–what’s
    wrong?” I searched his
    face for any clue, but
    I could see were his
    brown eyes, apologetic
    and pained. “Why?”
    He just shook his head,
    looking down. “I’m
    “We can–we can talk
    this out,” I tried again,
    reaching for him, but he
    took a step back and
    pursed his lips together
    in a pained grimace.
    I felt like he had just
    slapped me. I opened
    my mouth to say
    something, but closed
    when I realized I
    couldn’t. It was hard to
    summon my voice,
    impossible to find any
    I looked at him one last
    time, waiting for the
    punch line, waiting for
    him to take back what
    he just said, waiting
    anything. His eyes held
    mine for the longest
    time and it almost
    seemed like he was
    going to reach for me.
    But he just dropped his
    gaze and repeated the
    words “I’m sorry.”
    My eyes started to
    water. I shook my
    head, taking quick,
    shallow breaths as I
    waited for something
    more, but nothing
    I took a step back,
    feeling as if somebody
    had just ripped my
    heart out.
    And the worst part
    was that it was Cedric
    who did it.
    I took another step
    back and before the
    tears could fall, I
    around and started to
    walk away, fighting
    urge to run, hoping he
    would call me, ask me
    to stop and turn
    Hoping he’d catch up to
    me and stop me from
    I will not cry. I fought
    the tears from falling. I
    will not cry.
    When I walked by the
    juice bar, some guys
    who were hanging out
    there had whistled. I
    turned to them. One of
    them smiled while the
    rest stared. At me. I
    was being hit on. Again.
    When I looked back,
    Cedric was still there.
    What nerve, I thought.
    Showing up two hours
    late without
    explanation and
    breaking up with me.
    What freaking nerve. I
    wiped the unshed
    from my eyes, careful
    not to ruin my makeup.
    I knew Cedric was still
    watching me. I knew
    was looking. That was
    probably why I stepped
    towards the juice bar
    and approached the
    who was smiling at
    “Enjoying the view?” I
    asked him.
    He looked me up and
    down before looking
    back into my eyes.
    “Very much so.”
    I looked at Cedric again,
    and I could see how
    surprised he was. I
    could see it, his eyes
    wide, his mouth agape.
    Was he hurting? Was
    starting to regret his
    decision? Did he even
    care? I looked back at
    the the stranger in
    front of me.
    “I’d take that as a
    compliment,” I told him.

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