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    “You’re welcome. Want
    a drink?” he asked me.
    The guys almost
    automatically scooted
    to make space for me.
    When I realized what I
    was doing, I almost
    stepped back,
    wondering what on
    earth had gone into me.
    I would have left,
    pretending none of
    ever happened, if I
    hadn’t caught sight of
    my reflection on the
    glass surface of the
    Juice Bar’s fridge. I
    looked different. I
    looked like I wasn’t as
    broken outside as I
    So I looked at the guy
    again. “Why not?”
    That was the end of
    my relationship with
    The guy from that
    night? He was my
    second kiss. With
    tongue. Which, to me,
    back then was pretty
    much screamed
    marriage and
    commitment. Of course
    it wasn’t. It was just a
    one-night make out
    session. In a juice bar.
    With all his friends
    With Cedric watching in
    the distance, frozen in
    The name of that guy?
    I had no idea.
    Ironic, really, how the
    end was also
    the beginning of
    something else. That
    was how I began
    plotting my revenge.
    That was how I began
    coming to the
    realization that in all
    I hated Cedric.

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    Chapter 2
    Wow. Is there not a
    limit as to how much a
    guy could actually be
    such an egotistical,
    bigheaded, cocky jerk?
    Well, with Mr. I-Have-
    Nice-Biceps-Right? guy,
    guess there isn’t. And
    frankly? He disgusted
    me to death. Especially
    since 1) he had
    absolitely no idea how
    drunk he was, 2) he
    wasxin love with his
    biceps, 3) and he
    practically wanted to
    kiss me the moment
    saw me.
    He smiled at me. “Well,
    “It’s Kyla,” I corrected
    He looked around the
    room. “Where?” he
    asked, and I fought the
    urge to slap him. He
    didn’t even know my
    name. So as he looked
    around the room with
    all these swaying,
    sober, half-drunk, really
    drunk party people
    dancing to the lame
    Super Bass song, I tried
    my best not to hit
    Biceps Guy where it
    I could do that. I could
    kick him right there—
    he’d probably swear,
    most likely cause a big
    ruckus that would
    attract the attention
    the room, and end up
    crying like the big baby
    he was—and I’d just
    act all childish-like and
    innocent, tell him I
    didn’t mean to, kiss
    him, and he’ll forget it.
    As easy as one-two-
    Fortunately, though, I
    didn’t do that. Not
    because I could actually
    control my temper
    (trust me, I have anger
    management issues),
    and especially not
    because I was nice and
    I didn’t want him to cry
    like a baby in the middle
    of a high school party
    where half the student
    body could see him. No.
    In fact, it was because
    of this: I didn’t want to
    end up kissing him.
    I mean, did he even
    brush his teeth? Those
    unidentified objects
    stuck to his gums
    just repulsing. There
    was simply no way I
    would kiss him.
    So I stood up from his
    lap, where I somehow
    ended up five minutes
    ago when he pulled me
    down with him.
    “Where’re you going?”
    he asked me.
    I gave him my best
    look, batting my
    eyelashes at him, and
    bent down to whisper
    something into his ear.
    By the way his whole
    body tensed, I knew he
    was turned on. Way
    turned on.
    “So, I’ll just wait for
    you upstairs. I think
    bedrooms are
    available,” he
    back—huskily, I might
    add. While some people
    could be sexy with the
    whole husky voice, he
    simply sounded like a
    drunk pervert.
    “Sure. I’ll be there in a
    minute,” I said and
    winked at him.
    He jumped out of his
    seat, clearly excited. I
    sighed and watched as
    he disappeared into the
    crowd of dancing
    people, up the stairs,
    while I stood there and
    paused, before turning
    to the door to leave.
    The party was a dump.
    There were hardly any
    cute guys. And besides,
    Cedric wasn’t there, so
    what was the point?
    When I walked out the
    door, I never planned
    staying back. I had no
    plans of going to the
    room where Biceps
    most likely undressed,
    would be waiting for
    No Cedric, no thanks.
    “Yo, Evans.”
    I looked to my side.
    one person ever called
    me that. Excluding my
    teachers, but I really
    didn’t expect to find
    them standing in the
    middle of a high school
    party where students
    are getting drunk,
    getting laid, or getting
    silly. So despite the
    lack of light, I knew
    who it was.
    Seth Everett.
    “Need a drink?” he
    asked me.
    “Nah. I’m leaving,” I
    and eyed the skanky
    draped all over him. By
    the way her lipstick
    was smudged, I was
    guessing they were in
    the middle of
    something. And by the
    way her blue eyes sent
    cold glares in my
    direction, it was a no-
    brainer that she did not
    like the interruption.

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    “Really.” Seth cocked
    head to one side and
    smiled. In the darkness
    of the lawn, he
    almost mysterious. “So
    you finally abandoned
    Biceps Guy.”
    I raised an eyebrow.
    “Excuse me?”
    “Oh, you know. That
    guy with the yellow
    teeth and all.”
    Now I was impressed.
    He actually noticed
    that? “Yeah. I did. And
    why do you care?” I
    made myself sound
    flirty. Why not? After
    all, he was still talking
    to me. About Biceps
    Guy. Which meant he
    actually noticed me in
    the party while he was
    in the middle of a make
    out session with
    another girl.
    “I don’t,” he said, his
    head still cocked on
    side. “Aren’t you quite
    the heartbreaker?”
    I laughed. “That,
    sweetheart, is the
    understatement of the
    One corner of his
    rose. “Ain’t that right.”
    And with that, I left.
    I wasn’t really the
    heartless Dam I
    seemed like. If I was, I
    wouldn’t have stayed
    up all night after that
    party, thinking of all
    things that could have
    gone differently had I
    not made Biceps Guy
    wait in vain. Thinking of
    that hollowness in the
    pit of my stomach
    because there I was
    again, with a guy
    whose name I didn’t
    even know, a guy who
    wasn’t Cedric.
    If I really didn’t have a
    heart, then why did it
    still hurt so badly
    whenever I thought of
    I’ve tried. I’ve tried and
    tried, over and over
    again. But the truth
    was, I haven’t, not
    even once, moved on
    forget about him. He
    was still there, in my
    mind, in my heart, in
    I might have easily
    walked away the night
    we broke up. I might
    have made out with a
    random guy on a juice
    bar, but that was just
    because I didn’t want
    to seem like the
    brokenhearted girl I
    knew I was. Because I
    wanted Cedric to walk
    to the juice bar to pry
    me off of that guy and
    take his words back.
    He didn’t.
    No one, not a soul, saw
    me walk away from
    those guys in the juice
    bar that night to cry in
    the comfort room. No
    one saw me wipe my
    eyes as frantically as I
    could. And no one, not
    one of those guys,
    came to check in on me
    in the bathroom while I
    did. I don’t think
    even noticed that I had
    already ran off.
    No one saw me break.
    I wanted it to stay
    way. So a week after
    of our breakup, I
    promised I wouldn’t cry
    over him again. I
    wouldn’t let myself be
    weak again. I changed
    myself, covering my
    broken heart with
    makeup and a new
    wardrobe. I started
    going to parties and
    flirted with other guys.
    At one point, Cedric
    began going to parties
    too, and that was
    when I started to
    out with guys, making
    sure he was watching.
    Sometimes, though,
    pain would hit me so
    hard I can’t help but
    like everything was
    pressing down on me,
    missing him so badly it
    hurt. I missed holding
    his hand, I missed the
    feel of his arms around
    me, I missed the way
    he would always,
    always trace my lower
    lips with his thumb
    before leaning in to kiss
    me, I missed the smile
    that sent my heart
    skyrocketing to the
    Like on nights like this,
    that pang of hurt
    just come and all I
    do is lie in the dark, in
    my room, buried under
    the covers of my bed,
    close my eyes, and
    think of him, him, him.

    “Heads up!” somebody
    I looked up, to see a
    football rocketing
    towards me. I dodged
    only a second too late
    and BAM! It hit me on
    the forehead and I
    almost fell back if
    somebody hadn’t
    caught me from behind.

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    “Hey, watch it!” came
    the voice from behind
    me, and I recognized it
    immediately. I looked
    to see Seth Everett. He
    wasn’t looking at me,
    though. He was looking
    at whoever had
    that football in my
    To my surprise, it was
    Cedric. Cedric, who had
    never played football.
    At least not that I
    knew of. He ran
    towards me and I
    wanted to run off as
    far away as possible
    before he could actually
    get near, but I was
    rooted to the ground.
    Seth had a firm grip on
    my shoulders, and I
    would’ve have looked
    like he still affected me
    if I did run away.
    So I stayed there.
    Seth did not pick up the
    ball. Neither did I. So
    when he came, he
    picked it up and looked
    up at me.
    In the morning light, his
    brown eyes seemed
    amber and I realized,
    really, how tan he had
    become. It wasn’t a
    deep tan, but it was
    enough for me to
    notice. I also noticed
    how much longer his
    black hair was.
    So he wasn’t just
    Football-Playing Cedric.
    I wondered, for a
    second, how much he
    had changed.
    “We’d appreciate it if
    you don’t try hitting
    people with your lousy
    throw,” Seth told him.
    I pursed my lips
    together, trying not to
    defend Cedric, not to
    spat at Seth for being
    such an Bottom. It was
    almost a reflex, for me
    to feel protective of
    So we stood there,
    Seth behind me with
    arms on my shoulders,
    and Cedric in front of
    me, at arm’s length, in
    the middle of the
    grassy courtyard of
    school. A lot of people
    passed us by, some
    going to the peach-
    colored building to my
    right, some going out,
    changing classes or
    having break.
    But in that moment, it
    felt like it was the just
    three of us.
    “I don’t have a lousy
    throw,” Cedric said
    through gritted teeth
    before looking at me.
    “I’m sorry. Are you
    okay?” I heard the oh-
    so-slight, softening of
    his voice as he turned
    to me.
    I held my head high and
    stepped back until my
    back could feel the
    warmth of Seth’s
    chest. I made the
    gesture obvious, and
    even held one Seth’s
    hands on my shoulders.
    “I’m fine,” I said and
    smiled sweetly at him,
    “it was just a lousy
    throw after all, wasn’t
    it?” I cocked my head
    the side, still smiling,
    thinking, Do you regret
    breaking up with me?
    Are you hurting? Are
    you jealous?
    But really, the only
    question that ever
    really mattered was—
    Will you take me back?
    “Of course,” he said.
    I was almost startled,
    wondering, if by some
    chance, he had
    answered my question
    with an “of course,”
    before realizing he
    couldn’t have heard the
    question. And he
    wouldn’t want me
    Besides, I realized he
    was talking about his
    throw when he added,
    “I’ll work on it, and
    time, I’ll try hitting you
    again to see if it
    “Why not?” I asked
    shrugging. “I’ll probably
    be twenty seven by
    Seth snorted and
    Cedric’s face darkened.
    Seth slid his hand so
    that he was half-
    hugging me, one arm
    draped across my
    shoulder, as he let his
    other hand slip away.
    He put it in his pocket
    and looked at me.
    The two of us went
    off, leaving Cedric
    standing there.
    Seth kept his arm over
    my shoulder, even as
    we walked into the

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    “So, catch you at
    lunch?” he asked me.
    I thought about it.
    Thought about the
    Cedric used to rant
    about Seth. About the
    way Cedric hated him.
    I smiled. “Why not?”

    Oh my gosh! I can’t
    believe somebody
    even read this!
    Thanks a lot and I’m
    so, so happy about
    everything! Thanks
    so much! Hope you
    enjoyed Chapter

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    Famous pen ur d best,i luv all ur can i becm as good as u..i want 2 ryt stories too.

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    Tbabie itz easy!! Just use what you qat in you until you become an ultimate star non shining you will be!

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    Avatarsharity dekar
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    luv ur stories bt pls update the girl he neva notice quickly

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