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    Tope is now a mother n u r d father of baby

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    Hahahaha Two Learners

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    Mayb U Don Get Pikin 4rm Her

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    (Episode 12) THE HEAT OF VIRGINITY
    She held my hand and led me into the church. I didn’t know
    what to think or expect, I just needed to know what was
    wrong with her.
    We got into the church and what caught my eyes was the
    sight of children playing on a mat spread on the floor. Then I
    said. “Okay Tope we are in the church, tell me what is going
    on? And why did you decide to blank me out completely?
    She said. “I thought it was the right decision, ending
    everything we started 2 years ago. But I was wrong and I am
    I then said. “Okay, now tell me why are you not in school? Is
    your mother okay?” She then gushed out in tears. It was
    becoming irritating and I grew impatient and….. I heard a
    tiny voice of a kid saying. “Mummy sorry.”
    The little boy then embraced her by her leg and she carried
    him up. I was shocked the baby looked very much like me
    when I was little…. He had the shape of my eyebrows and
    my droopy eyes. I then stuttered. “Is… That your child?” As
    sweat began to drip from my face. She then replied sobbing.
    “This is our Adeoluw ….This is our son.”
    I then said. “How come, how is it possible?” She said. “He is 2
    years old, you are the only man I have slept with, he even
    looks like you.”
    I then said. “Oh my God!” As I sat down on a bench because
    my knees became weary. “Tell me everything Tope.” She
    said. “3 weeks after you left Kogi. I became ill and I was
    vomiting. My mom then asked me if I was seeing any man. I
    told her no. She took me to see the doctor, he ran some
    tests and the result was that I was pregnant. My mom beat
    me in the hospital with her slippers. When we got home, she
    threw my stuffs out and disowned me. I went to meet my
    closest relative and in spite of all the pleas my mom refused
    to take me back……” As she started sobbing. I held her hand
    tight to comfort her and said. “Continue.”
    She then said. “My relatives insisted I tell them who was
    responsible, but I refused. I didn’t want to implicate you and
    I know you didn’t mean it. You have always wanted to help
    me. So I did not tell them. 4 months later, they started
    maltreating me and I then decided to leave. A pastors wife
    took me in and I was there for 1 year. That was were I gave
    birth to junior and worked with the church’s primary
    school”. I then said. “You mean this church?” She said. “No, I
    came to this church about 6 months ago. I had to leave the
    other place, the pastor made some advances on me, I
    reported to the wife and she threw me out. I have been here
    since. It’s been terrible Adeoluwa ….”She began to cry out.
    My mind was heavy and I knew I had to do something about
    her situation. She suffered because of me, her education,
    her family. I felt so much indebted to her. I then said.
    “Tope, I know everything can’t be okay, but I will do
    everything possible to make sure you get the best in life.
    God has blessed me with a good job and money is not a
    problem. I will get you an apartment here in Kogi and every
    month I will send you N200,000 for you and Junior.”

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    (Episode 13) THE HEAT OF VIRGINITY
    She then said. “His name is Adeoluwa.” I took a pause and
    looked at him, he was already asleep. I didn’t know whether
    to touch him, carry him or something. I was just too
    unprepared for these before me.
    She then said. “I cannot stay here in Kogi.” I then said. “Then
    where do you want to stay?
    You can’t come with me to Lagos”
    She said. “adeoluwa , I have nobody, nobody. I have been
    rejected by my family, friends and relatives. The only person
    I have is you and my baby. I can’t stay far away from you,
    I said. “Tope, a lot has happened these few years. I have
    moved on and you being close could affect everything my
    mother has established for me, everything I have worked
    hard for recently. It can destroy me Tope.”
    She then said. Adeoluwa , I understand but I need someone
    to run to, someone to depend on. I will never interfere in
    your life again. I just need a new place to start all over, I
    don’t want my baby to go through what I went through. I
    need to further my education, you helped me once and I
    know you can help me again. I can’t provide for and protect
    our child Adeoluwa……
    I started to reflect on everything she said. I looked at the
    child, my child and I felt so sorry. I knew I can’t deny them
    solace, cant deny them what they want. That’s my blood
    she’s talking about. I was hasty in conclusion.
    I looked at my watch and it was almost 1 pm. I then said.
    “Tope, if we have to go to Lagos we have to go now. Go pack
    your things, I will be waiting in the car.”
    It took us about 5 hours to get to Lagos. I lodged them in a
    hotel and handed her N50,000 in case she needed anything
    urgent that night. I then left for home. I avoided everyone
    and went straight to my room. I was very unsettled and
    completely in distress.
    Ella had been calling me but I was too weak to pick her calls.
    The following day, I drove to pick Ella so we could go to
    church. She noticed I was not myself and she asked me.
    “What is wrong Adeoluwa ? you have been acting strange.”
    I said to her. “I am pretty ill, but I will be fine.” I insisted it
    was a flu.
    After church service, I dropped Ella at her place and I went
    home to get some stuffs for Tope and Junior. I got Tope a
    new Phone and Junior, some of my old toys and lots of
    candies. I got to their hotel room and she appeared more
    relaxed. Next thing I heard was. “Daddy!!”.
    I saw the excitement on his face, it sent a cold chill through
    my spine. Then Tope said. “Junior, come on stop that. He is
    uncle not Daddy.” He then said. “uncle!”
    I smiled, for he looked so adorable. I gave him his goodies
    and he said. “Thank you uncle.”
    I was amazed and there was this urge inside of me to spend
    time with him.
    I then said. “Tope, try and relax today, tomorrow you will go
    shopping with Junior.
    Here is N150,000 for you 2. The driver will come tomorrow
    in the morning, he will also help open an account for you as
    well. I have told him to secure an apartment for you in a
    very good environment. It will take you guys 3 days at most
    to furnish and set up the place to your taste.”
    She then said. “Are you not going to be around?” I said. “I
    told you I will be traveling this week and will be very busy. I
    may not see you till I return from my trip. But I will always
    call you….”

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    Wow… Adeoluwa is kind o… But try and open up to ella and see her reaction

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