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    Synopsis & Character Descriptions

    Six men break in to a high security bank vault but are soon left counting the cost of their crime when the door closes behind them. Trapped in an enclosed space and with time running out, the six men must put their differences aside in order to devise a plan that could literally save their lives.

    The leader and organiser of the break in. When his plan unravels, his calm nature is replaced by paranoia as he searches for the reason as to why his plan went so badly wrong.

    JIMMY – Full of anger and hostility. He is quick to show his rage and often belittles less confident characters.

    JEZ- Aspires to be ‘top dog’. He constantly antagonises Tony in the hope that he will react and show weakness. Jez is cocky, arrogant and has a very high opinion of himself.

    COLIN- Physically strong but mentally weak. Colin is there to provide the muscle and nothing else. Best described as a ‘gentle giant’.

    DAN- Nervous and ‘jumpy’. He regrets getting involved with the bank robbery and spends much of the time complaining.

    SPENCER- The technical expert. Spencer is intelligent but not emotionally savvy. He can often deliver bad news in a very mechanical manner.

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    Link To Available Episodes

    Scroll down for episode 1-4

    Episode 5-7

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    Ride On

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    The Heist
    EPISODE one

    Voiceover: Twenty or thirty years ago, robbing a bank was easy. All you needed to do was walk in, show a gun and demand they put the money in the bag. But things have changed. Security has improved. A man can’t just stroll in and shout and scream. One man can’t rob a bank. But six? Six men can. This… is ‘The Heist’.
    Six men stand in a line. The leader (Tony) steps forward. He looks down the line and makes eye contact with every member of the group. After a few seconds he gives a slight nod. The men step forward. They each have a black bag. They take out balaclavas and put them over their faces. When they are ready they stand back in a line. Again, Tony looks down the line. After a few seconds he gives another nod and the men begin to break into the large bank vault. Once inside, they start emptying the contents into black holdalls. We hear the SFX of the vault door closing.

    Jimmy : (Shouting) Jesus Christ! Who was supposed to stop the door from closing?
    Tony : It doesn’t matter. Somebody just get it open. Colin!
    Colin goes to the door. He tries to open it but it won’t move.
    Colin: Stuck.
    Jimmy : What do you mean stuck? Try it again. ( Aside) Thick bastard.
    Colin tries the door again with the same result.
    Colin: Door’s stuck.
    Jimmy : (Getting angry) I don’t believe this!
    Tony : Just stay calm. You carry on filling the bags. I’ll sort it.
    Tony looks around the vault. He sets eyes on Dan.
    Tony : Dan, give me a hand will you?
    Dan : (Nervously) What? Me?
    Tony : Yeah.
    Dan : Can Colin not help?
    Jimmy : (Angry) What are you doing? Stop pissing about and help him with the bloody door!
    Jimmy pushes Dan towards the door. Dan and Tony try the door. It does not move.
    Tony : I don’t get this. Why won’t it move?
    Jez: (Calmly) Need some help Tony?
    Tony : No, I’ll sort it.
    Jez: You sure? (Mockingly) You seem to be struggling.
    Tony : (Getting louder) I said… I’ll sort it!
    Tony and Dan stand looking at the door. They are puzzled.

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    ride on ride on ride on ride on

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    Tony and Dan stand looking at the door. They are puzzled.
    Dan : (Panicking) Maybe it’s the police!
    Tony : It’s not the police.
    Dan : (Panicking) Maybe they know!
    Tony : They don’t know.
    Dan : (Panicking) But what if somebody told…
    Tony : (Raising his voice) DAN! Just stay calm. Give me a minute to think.
    Jez: (Mockingly) What’s wrong Tony? Messed up?
    Tony does not look at Jez.
    Tony : Shut it Jez.
    Jez: I’m just asking.
    Tony : (Snaps) Well don’t. I need a minute to figure it out.
    Jez: (Trying to provoke a reaction) You mean figure out how you messed up? Bad planning if you ask me.
    Tony faces Jez.
    Tony : Well no-one asked you so shut your mouth.
    Jez: Or what?
    Jimmy jumps in the middle of Tony and Jez.
    Jimmy : Listen ladies. As nice as it would be to see you two kick the shit out of one another, at the end of the day, when all things are said and done, and you look at things from all angles and you take it all into perspective… (Shouting) WE’RE STUCK IN A F-----G BANK VAULT!!!
    Colin is sat next to a key pad.
    Colin: What’s this?
    Jimmy : (Sarcastically) It’s a monkey with a spanner! What does it look like?
    Colin: A key pad.
    Jimmy sarcastically applauds Colin.
    Tony : That’s it. Well done Colin.
    Colin: Thanks. (Colin laughs to himself) . Monkey with a spanner. What an idiot.
    Jez: Brilliant. A key pad. So all we have to do is punch in the handy 5 digit code and freedom is ours. Oh… hold on… there’s a problem with this plan…
    Tony : Jez…
    Jez: What is it?…
    Tony : I mean it Jez…
    Jez: Oh that’s it. (Nasty tone) We don’t have the handy five f-----g digit code!
    Dan : (Panicking) Well how do we get out without the code?
    Jez: We don’t! Ain’t that right Tony?
    Tony ignores Jez and turns to Spencer, who has been trying to operate a small hand held device.
    Tony : What do you think Spencer? Can it be broken?
    Spencer : Unlikely. If it’s like any other bank security system, it runs from the main network. This links it straight to the authorities, so any damage and the police will be here in sixty seconds.
    Tony : Well can you not just type in numbers and hope for the best?
    Jez: (Exasperated) Jesus Christ!
    Spencer : Won’t work. You only have three attempts to get the code right.
    Dan : What happens on the fourth?
    Spencer : The police receive instant notification that someone is in the vault. We’re stuck guys.
    The men begin to remove their balaclavas.
    Jimmy : Great. Bloody great.
    Tony : Right listen fellas, we need to stay calm.
    Jez: (Sarcastically) Yeah. Everyone stay calm. Everything will be ok. We just need to stay calm and listen to Tony’s plan.

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    All of the guys fall silent and look at Tony. He is beginning to feel the pressure.
    Tony : (Nervously) I… well… I think… well… the best think might be… I’ll contact a mate, he’ll sort something.
    Jez: (Sarcastically) Brilliant. Do you wanna use my mobile? Hold on. I can’t seem to get any signal in this big metal box. That’s weird. How about you Jimmy? Spencer? Anyone?
    Tony : OK, I get your point.
    Jez: (Becoming annoyed) Yeah but do you? Because as far as I can see, you don’t get the point. You organised this farce so you sort it out.
    All of the guys remain silently staring at Tony. Tony looks around the room. He considers what he is about to do. Tony looks at Dan.
    Tony : Dan?
    Dan : (Panicking) No, don’t Tony, you promised.
    Tony : (Pleading) I know but we’re desperate. If you can just help…
    Dan : I can’t. I don’t know anything…
    Jimmy : What the hell are you talking about?
    Dan : Nothing. We’re not talking about nothing.
    Jimmy : If you know something that might help, then why are you not telling us? (Raising his voice) Tell us!
    Dan : (Getting louder) I don’t know anything.
    Jimmy : (Raising his voice) Tell us, or you’ll get the shit kicked out of you.
    Dan : (Defiantly) Then kick the shit out of me.
    Jimmy laughs.
    Jimmy : Oh… not by me… Colin.
    Jimmy gestures to Colin. Colin grabs hold of Dan and lifts him of his feet. Dan screams with fear. Jimmy is shouting orders to Colin (“Make him talk”, etc… ). During the ensuing commotion, Tony manages to split them up.
    Tony : OK. OK. He… he works here. At the bank.
    Spencer : (Shocked) He’s an insider?
    Jez: (Raging) You hired an insider? He could have been working for them. Or worse, for the police.
    Tony : Well he’s not.
    Jez: He could have been.
    Tony : But he’s not.
    The rest of the guys back off, leaving Tony talking to Dan. The group are clearly angry with Tony.
    Dan sits with his head in his hands.
    Dan : You bastard Tony. You bloody bastard.
    Tony : (Pleading tone) I’m sorry Dan.
    Dan : (Almost crying) You said you wouldn’t tell anyone.
    Tony : I know, but we’re desperate.
    Dan : (Almost crying) They’ll know… they’ll know that it was me. They’ll have evidence. Loads of it. You bastard… you bastard.
    Tony : I’m sorry Dan, but we need to get out of here. We’ll sort all this out later.
    Dan lifts his head from his hands and looks at Tony.
    Dan : I knew I shouldn’t have listened to you. I don’t even want the stupid money. Why couldn’t you have asked someone else? Why me?
    Tony : (Trying to instil confidence in Dan) Because I trust you. And right now we’re all depending on you. Please Dan, you have to think. Do you know anything about this vault that might help us… anything?
    Long pause as all the others stare at Dan. Dan shakes his head.

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    Long pause as all the others stare at Dan. Dan shakes his head.
    Dan : No… well, nothing that will help us anyway.
    Jimmy : What do you mean?
    Dan : This is one of the most secure vaults in the world. So secure that when closed, nothing can get in and nothing can get out.
    Jimmy : (Sarcastically) I think we’ve guessed that genius.
    Dan : (Sternly but still scared) No, you’re not listening to me. Nothing can get out, but more importantly for us… nothing can get in.
    Long silence. The group look confused. Spencer realises what Dan means.
    Spencer : Oxygen.
    Jez: What?
    Spencer : Oxygen. Air. This vault is airtight.
    Jimmy : (Disbelief) F-----g hell!
    Colin: I don’t get it.
    Jimmy gets right in Colin’s face.
    Jimmy : He means we’re dead.
    Short pause whilst Colin registers Jimmy’s comment.
    Colin: Dead? We’re gonna die? In here?
    Colin: I don’t think so.
    Colin starts screaming “HELP” and “HELLO”. The others stare at him until eventually Jimmy, Jez and Tony join in.
    Spencer shouts over the top of them.
    Spencer : Stop, stop, what you doing?
    Jimmy : What does it look like?
    Spencer : You’re using air. Preserve the oxygen in here. Give us the best chance.
    Tony : How much air is in here Spence? I mean… how long until… you know?
    Spencer : I don’t know… three hours, four tops.
    Dan : Ha… try thirty minutes.
    Jez: (Shocked) What?
    Dan : I don’t think you realise how secure this vault is. As soon as that door shuts we have one hour. And by my watch, we’ve been in here for just over thirty-two minutes.
    Jimmy : (Irate) Brilliant! Absolutely bloody brilliant!
    Colin: (Scared) I’m not dying in here, no way!
    Jez: Not sure you’ve got much of an option Colin… thanks to our esteemed leader.
    Tony : There’s got to be a way out, just give me time to think.
    Jez: Time is a luxury that we can’t afford Tony. So when you’re ready… we’re all ears.
    All stare at Tony. Tony looks at the group. He takes a few seconds to think. He looks back at the door. The tension is evident.

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