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    Emilia was coming out from the exit door in Shop-rite,she was carrying two polythene bags looking for a cab or bike to take her home.

    Suddenly a Black Toyota Camry Spider stopped abruptly closed to her,she tried to look at the person who was driving the car but the tinted glass didn’t permit her. `Hello’ a fair handsome young man said as he wound down the glass,the man grinned exposing the gap between his lower incisors.
    Emilia:Hola!(she looked at the man trying to figure out if they’ve met before). I don’t think we’ve met before mister or have we(She said coldly)?
    Man:Nope pretty,we’ve not,please call me Ebuka not mister. I just stopped to find out if you care for a lift,i can’t allow a pretty damsel like you to face the scorching sun looking for a cab.
    Emilia:Hmm! I rather stand forever than for a man to give me a lift (Ebuka tried to talk but she shushed him,as Ebuka ignited the engine to go,she thought to herself that it was better to accept his offer and save her strenght)
    Because she had been standing for nearly 30 minutes,she decided to accept his offer.

    Emilia: Okay! Ebuka stop i’ve accepted your offer.
    Emilia:Oh! Stop calling me pretty,i’m Emilia.
    Ebuka:Okay! Emilia. So what did you buy in shop-rite?
    Emilia: Some articles.
    Ebuka: (Inquisitively)Like…
    Emilia: (Harshly) It’s none of your business.
    Ebuka: Hmm! (He inserted a C.D plate into the C.D drive and it loaded and started playing).
    Emilia: (Emilia wished it was not this song,because it was her favourite,she tried to control herself from singing along but couldn’t as she sang along as if she was the one that composed the lyrics of the song,it was `Hello by Adele)Hello…
    Ebuka: Wow! What a nice voice.(Emilia ignored him and continued singing).Where do you stay?
    Ebuka:Would you get to chief Ayo’s crescent?
    Emilia:Yeah! I Stay in the street.
    Ebuka:(Joyously) I live in Maritime Avenue which is just about 2km from chief Ayo’s crescent.
    Emilia: Whatever(She said still singing).
    Ebuka:We’re already at chief Ayo’s crescent ,should i drop you at your house?
    Emilia:No! (She said bluntly)Drop me here!
    Ebuka: Okay! (He killed the engine) Please give me your cell phone number.

    Emilia: Nope thanks for the ride (she said almost running out of the car to the street, meanwhile Ebuka just shook his head in embarassment and drove off).

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    episode 2

    Emilia:Mum! Dad! I’m back. (Her father Mr.Ebo Ekun,rushed out).
    Mr.Ekun:Hey! You’re back,we’ve been waiting for you,what kept you so long?
    Emilia:It was traffic Jam and i didn’t see cab on time. What about mummy?
    Mr.Ekun:She went out to look for you,after trying your number but to no avail.
    Emilia:Maybe it’s network,let me call her(She dialled her mum’s number and talked to her for about 2 minutes) She would soon come,i’ve called her.
    Mr.Ekun:Okay,did you see everything you were told to buy?
    Emilia:Yes! But the peanut butter had an increase of about #100.
    Mr.Ekun:Okay let me go and rest.
    (The door is pushed open and Mrs.Esther Ekun enters).
    Emilia:Mummy! Welcome! You must have gone through stress.
    Mrs.Ekun:Welcome! The kind of stress you put me through hen! (She rushed and embraced her daughter).
    Mr.Ekun:Honey! This food is just too delicious(He licked his hands as he savour the Ewedu soup).
    Mrs.Ekun:Thanks.(All this while Emilia was mute as her mind was faraway,she was obviously thinking of Ebuka,she felt she owed him an apology for her hardness and coldness towards him,but she felt it was not an apology her mind was pondering on,but it was something stronger,she couldn’t believe it was lust because if it was lust she wouldn’t act that cold towards him).
    Mr.Ekun:Emilia why are you not eating and what is your arm doing on your chin(She didn’t answer as it appeared she was lost in thought).
    Mrs.Ekun:Emilia! Emilia!(She shook Emilia).
    Emilia:Hen! Mummy! (She rose to her feet like someone being remote-controlled).
    Mr.Ekun:What is wrong with you?
    Emilia:Nothing oh!
    Mrs.Ekun:Is the food not tasty?
    Emilia:It is(They stopped interrogating her but not without movement of the head,as they felt something was amiss,Emilia quickly ate her food,so that her parents won’t be worried).

    To be continued

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    episode 3

    Emilia and her mother were watching the night’s soap opera on Telemundo.
    Mrs.Ekun: Do you think angela would recognise him (In `second chance’ movie).
    Emilia:yes i think so (But she kept thinking of Ebuka, she then said something out of her thoughts she wished she didn’t voice out).
    Why did i behave that way?
    Mrs.Ekun:Behave what way?
    Emilia:(Realising herself) Oh! Why did salvador behave that way? (she Cleverly related it to the soap).
    All through the night Emilia was still pondering on her behavior to Ebuka.She later dosed off and dreamt she was with Ebuka and they were getting married, she laughed the dream off when she woke up in the morning. As she was getting ready to leave for work her phone rang, she dropped the cup of tea to find out who the caller was.
    She looked at the phone screen,it was an unknown number,not only was it unknown but it was an international number, she picked the call.


    Caller:Hello big sis.
    Emilia:Hmm! Emmanuella(Happily).How is Malaysia?
    Ella:It’s cool oh.I’m enjoying the university real good, how is dad and mum?
    Emilia:They’re very fine, should i give them the phone.
    Ella:Nah! I willcall them when i finish this call.
    Emilia:Okay, have a nice day. Muah!(She hung up after the call and continued to drink her tea with the wheat bread.

    Emmanuella Ekun was Emilia younger sister,she won a scholarship and secured admission to study Medicine and Surgery in University of Kuala-lumpur, Malaysia. Emilia wore her black wedge and stepped out of her room,she was co-operately dressed. She was working in Wazobia F.M as a broadcaster).


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    Nice start

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    Okay oo… episodes too short shall

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    Ride on


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