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    ?The Imperfect Daughter?
    ⚫Episode 02⚫
    Oh my God, I saw him. I met my crush Alessandro Anthony.

    I met him.

    I met him.

    I met him, God I said that already. He was so handsome more than on the television.

    But he was about to get angry when the sauce poured on him but i don’t know what stopped him.

    He would have scolded me by then. Oh my, no one would believe me but i met him.

    I’m glad i met him but it was in a bad way.

    I place the groceries in the dinning table removing the food stuff one by one remembering what happened earlier.

    I realised the sauce… oh God, the sauce poured on his shirt.

    My mom would kill me.

    How can I explain to her that I met Mr Anthony and I poured the sauce on him.

    Lame right?

    “So since I sent you, you are now back?”, she said from behind and I tried not look at her.

    “There were a lot of people at the supermarket”

    “Shut up! What you are always good at is lying”

    “I’m not lying… ”

    “Don’t talk back at me”,I kept quiet and she checked through the groceries.

    “Where is the sauce”

    “It’s poured so i left it”, I said and to my surprise she gripped my dress at the neck and pushed me outside.

    Perpertual saw how my mom was disgracing me and she laughed…

    “I don’t care whether you have money or not but make sure i get my sauce. Useless girl”

    I stared at my mom. I didn’t take my bath that morning so i decided to take one book from the kitchen and sadly head to school.

    I had Chemistry that morning… thank God, I wasn’t with Perpertual in that class like she would laughed at me for hours.

    I was good in the chemistry so the teacher was friendly with me.

    I greeted Mr Blakes and sat at the back listening, attentively.
    I had no money, what will i do now.

    Then the principal introduce a girl in our chemistry class.
    She was tall and held something against her nose. She is an asthmatic patient.

    She was introduced but i didn’t hear her name.

    My thoughts were outside the window.
    When will my parents love me.


    “Miss Johnson”,Mr Blake said.

    “Sir”,I answered.

    “You teach Miss Allison what we learnt since last week”.

    “Okay sir”,he said.

    “Have a seat, “,Mr Blake replied to her.

    She walked through and sat down beside me.

    “Hi”,she smiled at me.

    “Hi”, I said back


    “Athena”,I replied and concentrated on the tutor.

    We mixed some acids while she stared at me.

    After class, she tried to chat. She was chatty but i hate chatty.

    By an hour, I liked her. She talked about her parents, her birthdays which made me jealous a bit.

    We went to the cafetaria for lunch. She sat close to me having some snacks.

    “So tell me who is the famous girl here”,she asked.

    “That’s her on my right. Perpertual”,I said and she quickly turns to see her.

    “Wow, she is hot and beautiful “, she said eating her chips while I nodded.

    “Who the hottest guy?”,She asked.

    “Micheal and he is Perpetual boyfriend”,I pointed at him but his eyes met mine then he quickly waved at me and I just smiled.

    “Oh shit, he is so hot… so hot. I want to take a pic with him”,she blushed.

    “Relax … We have electronics after lunch, you will see him”

    “So cool”

    She kept stealing glances at Micheal.

    What a girl.

    It was lunch and Michael quickly sat close to me.

    “Hi…”,he said.

    “What are you doing here, Michael . I thought I told you that I don’t want see you anymore after so called girlfriend humiliated me with noodles”

    “I’m sorry..”

    “Okay I forgive you… now go”

    Then Anna stood there taking pics of the three of us.

    Micheal decided to stay with us in our seats as I started to listen to the tutor.

    School closed and I walked alone. Then i heard a voice.

    “Athena, Athena … wait”

    I rolled my eyes seeing it’s Michael.

    He ran towards me, “What do u want?”

    “I just want to know where you stay ”

    “Just back off..”,I said and walked away.

    What’s wrong with him?

    He has been stalking me.. I moved to the supermarket and tookthe sauce and I stood waiting for the lady for the.price.

    She mentioned price and quickly some paid for it.


    I rolled my eyes.

    “What’s wrong with you?”

    ” Nothing… I just want us to be friends”

    “Not interested”,I said walking away but he got my wrist and hand me a new phone…

    “1037 is the password … I just want us to be friends and that’s all…”

    He left me as his driver took him.

    Did he just gave me a new phone…

    Oh my… it’s cool.

    I slowly moved home. Mother asked for the sauce and I hand it to her.

    She eyed me from head to toes and chuckled.

    I moved to my room and took some shower.

    I stared at the phone and switched it on.. then I pressed the code.

    it’s opened and i create an account for Facebook.

    I saw a blog … Talk to me, that’s the title.

    I decided to give a try and typed something.

    Then i sent message to Micheal.

    Me: Thank you

    Him: You are welcome.


    Everyone gathered around as I signed hoping to see her but she was gone.

    Elvis my driver parked infront of me as I entered but the girls were just desperate to take pics with me.

    Some just gave me a wet kiss.

    I went home and took some shower. I decided to stay at home.

    I took my laptop and decide to look through my blog..

    Talk to me.

    I just thought it would be nice if people share their problems and I would help them if I had to.

    Then I saw a cartoon like profile with the name Athena.

    I quickly opened it.

    Athena : Its just hurt when your parents aren’t pleased with what you do..
    They maltreat u everyday and praise someone else’s daughter.
    They just make you useless and insult you that you are the most ugly thing as you begged them to come to earth.
    They allowed you to stay indoors .. I’m lonely with no friends
    Even if you are the first in class they are still not happy about it. I’m broken
    That’s what I’m going through..

    I read it and its hurts…

    I need to help her.

    Athena… such a pretty name.

    Me: I’m sorry… tell but what school… can u please send your pic and your school.

    Athena: Yes …

    She sent a pick and my heart hammered.

    It’s her.

    The girl I have been dreaming to see…

    She sent the address of her school.

    West High…

    It’s will be so nice to visit her one of this days…

    She doesn’t know it’s me…

    I would like to know her more.

    Athena.. . I said the name between my lips .

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    Nice start, ride on.. Big ups to you @kelly-kelvin

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    Ride on

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    Bring it on

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    i don show like flash
    my bae
    @ladyg come and entertain me *winks*

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    Oya this one dat daniel just dea colour comment wetin we see o

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    Nice start

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