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    *{the love mystery}*

    Around 2pm one Tuesday, i was sitting down under a mango tree shade. It was so hot that afternoon. I kept my position for a while, after reading all i could absorb in my little head, i just needed to relax but the pleasure am deriving from my point of view if far comforting compared to the pain i was enduring from my buttock due to the root of the tree i laid it.
    I never knew i would met that which gave my eyes so much pleasure again until i found it right beside me in the examination hall.
    Jenny! I called myself “what the hell is wrong with you! John is back there at home, why checking out this exam boy.
    “i was losing focus already”
    Hey, babe! face your computer and do what you have to, i said to myself again.
    It was JAMB.
    We had no time left after a while so everyone submitted.
    On our way out i saw him again, i had tried all i could to make him noticed me, but it seemed luck wasn’t on my side. I almost called him, oh! i didn’t even know his name, but i had it in mind to walk up to him when i called myself again, hey Jenny”, don’t be stupid! what exactly is wrong with you! I felt so guilty, its ok if i admire and appreciate God’s work on him, but am in love already while i have my boo at home, he used to be the only one’ i love him so much but i don’t know why i was checking that…..
    *as i was saying all that i saw this handsome dude closed to the street seeking for a taxi,”*
    I walked up to him quickly,
    Hi! hi,” he replied
    He continued…
    How far? How was the exam, hope it’s fine,
    *ohhh wetting concern him with exam now, we both did it, i talked to myself. Only if he can read my mind*

    We were there for quite some minutes trying to get transport, at a point i saw he wasn’t hitting where i wanted him to so
    i said, am Jenny, Jennifer! Oh! That’s beautiful; he said, thanks i replied..
    ‘am Fola Williams; wow! What a cute name.. He smiled, thank you he said.
    I asked for his number, he said ok! Immediately i brought out my mobile, handed it to him so he could type is mobile line,
    “While he was still typing,” a call came in but before i could even turn back to him (cause i was smiling at myself facing other side)and collect the phone to answer the call, he told me the caller and i was like…
    “abi God won punish this boy”i said that in mind though. (i meant the caller).
    I ignored the call and i flashed Fola with my number too after typing it, so he also could have my contact,
    I wanted to keep on talking with him when he got a cab..
    Ok! Bye Jenny!.. Bye Fola!.. I will call you; I said.
    So John wanted to spoil my show abi.. That was why he had been calling me, Fola saw the caller he even said it.. My sweet.. Is calling.. I was like oh God why did i even stored this boy number with that..
    Hey Jenny you’re going crazy already, hope you know that is your boo, hmm! I thought am going out of my mind… I have to leave its getting late even the batch that did the exam after us were done..
    “ohhh his calling again..
    Hello, hello o,
    Hey Jenny have been calling cause i believed by now you will be done,
    So!… I replied
    So what! How was the exam hope it went well,
    Thanks..! I said, (wait how does that answer his question..) “Na him sabi jare..!
    Jenny Jenny are you there?
    ….hey we will talk later bye! *i cut the call*

    On getting home.. I had to rushed to the toilet; on getting back, woo! 2 missed calls… Its fola,
    I almost called back then i thought of it, what if he asked about the #sweet of a thing, i was thinking..
    After some time i concluded what to tell him, *my mother*

    *we really talked so much everyday from that day till i made my intentions known to him indirectly and he did just what have ever been expecting of him* we got on, and that was how our love story started..

    *And since then i started ignoring John i changed his name on my mobile to just “John” immediately i got home that very day*

    This is just the introduction how the *mystery* started

    Stay connected… You won’t want to miss this..

    Episode 1 loading….

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    Links to available episodes

    scroll down for episodes 1-4

    Episode 5, 6&7

    Episode 8

    Episode finale

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    Adediran Tomi
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    *{the love mystery}*

    *Episode 1 …*

    ..early in the morning on one faithful day; i was barely awake from my sleep.
    ‘i have woken up but felt so tired maybe lazy to get off from bed when i had knock on my door, at first i refused to answer and then couldn’t open my mouth…
    However, i found my way to the door somehow, unlocked and opened…
    Mum! What is it, did you need to get something from my room? ؛i was surprised cause such don’t happen;
    You couldn’t even greet! She said; as a young lady you better learn how to wake up early, it’s almost 7 am and you’re still on bed, when you get to school go and be sleeping like that ok and also in your husband’s house.. Not here!
    … Am sorry mummy, i was only surprised, good morning mum, and how was your night?
    ‘Mum didn’t answer me… She just said..
    Anyway someone is asking after you, he is outside he said he is your friend and need to see you…. Omg! Who mum? What’s his name? Mum just stood up and set for the exit, mum? …. what i heard from her next was; ….go and find out your self…
    Left for the living room, holding to the ‘door handle’ still wondering who it could be, with my left hand i drew the curtain aside… John! I stepped out and closed the door behind me. What! Why? What are you look for? What are you doing here by this time of the day?
    *all John could do and give as an answer to my questions was to get on his knees!*
    Jeez! John! Why kneeling for me please get up, no body not even mum must see you this way, he kept his post; Jennifer, i love you so much but i don’t know why you just keep ignoring me all this while,
    “I was touched but i kept that in mind,” ok John get up first so we can talk better not this way! [He stood up]
    See John we can’t talk here, when am free i will call you so we can meet somewhere better not here…
    He insisted he wants to know what was wrong right there; but i said i will call you later! See it’s too early and i got a lot of chores to do, i don’t want mum to start…. *i haven’t finished that line when i heard mum called me, Jennifer will you get in here!*
    John i will have to see you later i have to go. He never alter a word till i closed the door against him. Am not sure when he left but am sure he didn’t leave anytime soon.

    (Me and John always meet here when we are still good.. A place with cool nature ,beautiful tall tress and lots of lovely fruits..such an evergreen land mark )
    John has been waiting for me for quite sometime, actually i met him there,
    He looked so down like the whole world was resting on his shoulder…
    John, sorry i kept you waiting, i was busy doing some things.
    ‘Oh its nothing; he said!
    Sorry i couldn’t really have time with you in the morning, you know i got lot to do…
    Jennifer, that is fine please all i want to know is exactly what is going on.
    …ok ok! John, am sorry for what ever way you thought i have been treating you, since i went for my Jamb it all seems have been ignoring you, of cause no, why would i, i love you John i always do; so what on earth would made me say i don’t or ignore you! Actually that very day i was so tensed off that was why i was reacting that way, am sorry still, i should have giving you a chance..
    …Jenny! that wasn’t the only time you did, if not until now, since then you haven’t given me a chance, did i do anything wrong?
    ‘Of cause no, just please try and understand what am saying, ok ok i promise i will change… Trust me my baby! You know how much i love you, oya sorry please…
    Hmmm… Alright have heard but please ……..
    {OMG i said all that? But yes of cause i still love him i know i do, but i still can’t get it why i fell in love with Fola but i … i don’t even know what to think anymore.. Fola is an emblem of the kind of man i want, what i still don’t know is if am truly in love or in lust… I will…}
    Jenny! Jenny!! Yes yes yesss! Eh John am sorry i was just thinking over something am sorry.. (I was so lost in thought)
    So you mean you haven’t been listening to what i was saying?
    ..oh i said am sorry now John dear am sorry..
    *(My phone rang, it was Fola i didn’t picked but it kept on ringing then i took an excuse from John and spent about 8minutes with fola..)* i came back expecting to continue our conversation.. But John asked; who was that on the phone?..
    I said..
    actually John! the truth was that i got engaged after my Jamb that very day…….
    …John wouldn’t let me finished.. He busted in..
    What! To who? He asked furiously….
    Of cause that is the truth i can’t hide it anymore, i got engaged to a very wonderful, and charming……

    Stay tuned!….
    *episode 2 loading…….*

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    Henry Sanctus
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    hmmmm ok ooo ride on

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    Adediran Tomi
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    *(the love mystery)*

    *Episode 2*

    Wonderful and charming..
    …..Course ever!
    Since i left the examination hall, and i heard how the examiners and supervisors were praising and encouraging we that registered for science courses especially we the medicine students, so i decided to get engage with my studies more even before i gain an admission for easy learning. So that was what i got engaged to, so what do you mean by who?…
    Wow! At first when i heard engaged i thought you found someone else… Thank God it’s not..
    So you got engaged to books, or your course rather, That’s a good one actually, but still you have to find time for me; Anyway i heard the result is out…
    What! I screamed…! Jesus! Are you serious, John?
    “Of cause am serious;
    But i checked last night it wasn’t yet online..
    Jenny! One major thing i would keep saying is nothing but please don’t ever forget you got someone back home please!
    John, you know i love you and you alone, no one else, i promise i won’t forget you, no matter what i will always come back for you, ok!
    John.. Please i need to go so i can go and check my result in the cyber cafe so please let me go, i will call and let you know the result…
    *I gave John a peck and bid him goodbye!… He called me back about 3 to 4 times as much as i could hear but i was so much in haste so i didn’t take a look back at him.. I just left.*


    …. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhh! Yes! Thank God i made it; i did it.. Everybody was so amazed at my result..
    I just couldn’t believe my eyes!
    I can’t control myself i just have to spit it out..
    … Now am an undergraduate…!
    People came around right there in the cafe and were amazed at my result others ask and where like wow!
    Some people wished me congratulations, most people actually and few gave me monetary gifts for a Job well done. This is amazing..
    …. i left the ‘Cafe’ and right on the bike i called Fola, oh baby guessed what!
    …he asked what!
    My score now!
    ..ok ok, 250?
    270 Then;
    So, what?
    I scored..
    *Derm! F----d up my card got finished, i hope he called back!*
    my phone rang as i was about putting it back in my purse;

    I knew its Fola so i just picked and didn’t border looking at the caller…
    …i picked and said… “hello o baby! Sorry for the other time my”….
    {As i was about saying my card got finished, he cuts in..}
    It’s alright i know you’re so much in haste and curious to go and check the result so how was it?
    *…“Jesus! God saved me, so its John i thought its fola.. If i had finished the statement i would have been in soup by now! Another quarry to answer” cause i don’t want to do away with him yet*
    Hello, Jenny.. Are you there..?
    Yeah, yes baby am here, i was just happy that’s why sorry for leaving that way ok!
    I had a very good score but i won’t tell you now till we see..
    But! Why can’t you tell me now!
    ..don’t worry it meant to be a surprise…
    Ok! I like that and am waiting..
    Ok then bye!
    Love you Jenny!
    Love you too!

    *Uhhhh! Before me and John could finish our conversation i was already home… I didn’t meet mum at home!*
    *I sat down all alone so happy.. I stood up walk to the middle of the sitting room and back to the dining space, i keep going to and fro and was talking to myself, my happy self,*
    wait who should i owe this to,
    Is it the prayers, encouragement and support of John or the Uniqueness of Fola the handsome dude that i saw before going into the exam hall and i still sat close to him.. Hmmm.. Of cause my gratitude goes to Fola.. Cause when i saw him i thought i would forget all i read but rather see the result despite the distraction in the hall too…
    But John too took a very tangible part! Anyway thanks to them both!
    …ohhh why hasn’t my love called back since, i want him to be the first i will tell before John; that was why i made it a surprise package for John.
    … Fola told me his own first too, which means he cherished me! So i have to honour him too..
    John thought he was the one who told me about the result, but the call i received while me and him was conversing in the hood! I heard it there first..
    …when fola called he told me first and told me his score too,
    But brother John was first concern about relationship before telling me..
    I kept talking for minutes.. *and Suddenly i heard that thick male voice right behind me…*
    And who the hell is Fola?
    I turned immediately and i almost entered the ground…
    I couldn’t say a word, i don’t know what to say i kept mute..
    Am going to ask you for the last time Jenny, who is shola!!!!?…..

    Stay connected… next episode Loading…

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    *(the love mystery)*
    *Episode 3*

    … Are you deaf! Who is he?
    As i was about opening my mouth to say its Fola not shola… Someone knocked at the door…
    And will you go and open the door?
    I went straight to the door still with a great shock lying inside of me.. I opened and it was mum!
    Welcome ma; welcome she replied i took what she brought and her bag inside.. She saw him on sit in the dining…
    …..ohhh sweetheart! When did you come back… Sorry i went to the market… And how was the trip?
    It was fine, and you? Fine too, me and your daughter is fine. We only missed you so much!
    So has she gotten something for you to eat?
    No not really, i came back few minutes ago, in fact she just took in my bag now that she was taking it what you brought.
    Ok then! Mum said!
    Since i came i had been talking to Jennifer concerning…..
    *Hey Jesus! dad didn’t even try to forget this! (I was standing behind the kitchen door listening to them)*
    (As he was about telling mum about Fola, mum just cut’s in)
    …hun Daddy and Daughter… See Let me go and get you something to eat first while you go and shower, by the time you will be through i will almost be done with the food too!
    …(ohh thank you mummy i said that in mind),
    *mummy left him to go and freshen up, while she was coming towards the kitchen, i quickly did like i was arranging the utensils..*
    “hey Jenny.. As she comes in; what are you doing, common give me a helping hand so we can get something for your father fast…

    *About 4:30 pm*
    …. After dad was done with the food and the two of them had gist on his business trip, i just kept praying dad won’t go back to our matter…
    He stood up and said, Jenny; i was shocked, not knowing what he wanted to say, ‘go and clear that table and wash those dishes! Ohhh, thank God!
    He told mum he needed to go and rest his head for a while! Mum said alright..
    I finished washing the dishes and went straight to my room! Mum joined dad too…
    OMG! 23 missed calls.. (As i picked my phone up)
    I never knew it was… Shit! So i haven’t changed the profile, demn!
    8 by Fola, 15 by John!
    As i was trying to borrow some credit, John called again..
    » hello, Jenny; i had been expecting you, would you still be able to come?
    ‘No! Not again today, i don’t even know when..
    ..Why Jenny, what happened?
    “dad is back; so you know the way i go out will have to reduce…
    But i will try to come and see you soon!
    “ok baby, see you soon then.. Love you..
    ….Love you too!
    (After the call i borrowed #200 call credit)
    I had to call Fola, ‘ I dialed his number 4 times he didn’t pick up, the fifth time he picked…
    Hey! My sweet have been calling you..
    Sorry! I was with dad and mum when you called!
    … Ok Jenny! So what do you score in Jamb?
    Yeah! I wanted to say it when my credit got finished at noon, actually i wanted you to be the first am gonna tell and even till now i haven’t told anybody yet, even my parents, actually they don’t know about it yet.
    … So you guessed wrong at noon, let me tell you,
    Fola you won’t believe this at trust me, i scored….. (Jennifer!!) Ma! ma!! ma!!! .. *i cut the call* ohhh! Am coming mum! I stood up and went out,
    Mum; Jennifer take(giving me #1000 note) get your daddy glo card #500 and get me mtn #500 too! ( almost at the door, i turned back)
    Mummy, please i need card too.
    Go and meet your dad, at least he’s back let me too rest.
    Mummy now please!
    …(she loss her wrapper and gave me #200)
    Thank you mum! (I left)

    (Since i came back from getting the card i couldn’t get a chance with Fola ,i had to start getting things done for dinner, me and mum actually)

    *At Night That same day*

    After dinner dad and mum was watching the T.V sitting on the three sitter while i was just sitting next on a one sitter chair by the right next to mum!
    , hey Jenny!
    Yes dad,
    I thought your Jamb should be out by now isn’t it?
    .. I forgot i said i will ask her too; said mum!
    Dad yes it’s out i forgot telling you,
    Yeah, that reminds me who is that guy? Fola or shola, who is he or he’s he a she?
    (There was this kind of movie beat going on in my head, ga gaauhn, and a heavy beat in my heart, i can’t even think of a lie since afternoon)
    Oh, it’s Fola sir! He….
    (Mum broke in)
    Honey you found her with a guy? In this house…?
    (Me and dad responded together) No!! (Dad continued)
    I only heard her talking about him, actually i didn’t hear what she was saying about him but i heard the name about twice..
    So Jennifer, who is he; mum asked
    …he was the one who helped me check my Jamb result, at the cafe this afternoon..!
    Ok! Dad said,
    So how was it? Mum asked..
    He said it’s good! But hasn’t tell me the score, that was why i was talking about him when you came in, i had no money on me that was why i didn’t go myself..
    Eh eh! So why didn’t you now answer me on time when i was asking?
    Sorry dad, i was just carried away and worried what the score might be..
    How did you know him? Mum ask..
    He is my mate! I said..
    Ok, by tomorrow remind me so i can give you so money to go and check..
    Thank you daddy!
    Good night mum!
    Good night dad!
    (I left for my room, locked the door and gbam on my bed..)
    ‘oh thank God, i almost turned to water, ok let me call Fola, so by tomorrow i will go and see John pretending am going to cafe,
    ,Hello fola, (i was already dialing his number while planning for tomorrow)
    “Sorry i had to cut the call, mum called me and sent me on an errand! So how are you,
    ‘Am fine,
    “Fola, what happened you sound dull, am sorry now!
    …not really am on bed, already sleeping when you called.
    Alright sorry for disturbing then, ok can i say the score now?
    Yes, of cause you can!
    ….Ok i got 318!
    What! OMG!
    That is quite awesome, congratulations dear..
    (after few talks and gists, Fola kept silence on the phone)
    Fola! Fola, baby!
    I heard no response, i guessed he slept off! I cut the phone and lay me heads too, thinking how am gonna play it right between them both.

    Episode 4 loading… Stay online..

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    *the love mystery*

    *episode 4*

    **the next day i could feel the grip of the busy old immortal on me *THE SUN*escaping through my window as the curtain was shifted aside..
    I managed to stand up and adjusted the curtain,
    Why is the sun early today or did i woke up late? Where did i put this phone sef (I picked it from the floor as i locked down, the screen was facing down) OMG! Jesus..
    (My phone screen is ink spilled, the screen is broken) …ouch! How manage? How did it happen? Dad must not hear about this even mum, ohh… The phone rang i couldn’t even see the call but i was able to pick,
    Hello, jenny!
    Hey John, how are you, good morning, lets meet by 11am i will meet you there.
    Ok, then. Hope you’re fine?
    …yes am good, see you later..
    (call ended)
    I left for the kitchen after taking water, saw mum coming towards the kitchen,
    Mum, good morning ma,
    Morning dear how was your night?
    Fyn ma..
    Dad still sleeping? I asked
    By this time?
    Your dad left again this morning, he said he have to deliver some documents by hand in his company’s headquarter!
    Ohhhh! What of the money he said…
    I know that is your own concern.. He left it with me, and also added more pending when he will be back.
    Thank you ma….
    ..(i quickly freshen up and set to go out)
    … Mum,‘the money, i want to go to the cafe’ now!
    *she handed over the money to me*(everything) she added; and if you like spend all today and come meet me ok! Mind you, don’t stay long o, i want to send you somewhere!
    Ok mum! Bye!
    Eh eh.. Jennifer.. Please call your dad tell him he shouldn’t forget what i asked him to buy.
    (Oh Jesus! With which phone, am doom)
    Mummy, you call him na, i haven’t load the card i bought yesterday.
    Ok then, bring me my phone in the room,
    (I quickly brought it cause John would have been waiting by now)
    *Fola hasn’t called this morning and he just left like that last night, anyway i will call him later..*
    I was saying that on my way to the hood (where me and John do meet.)


    ..hey Johnny, my baby am sorry!
    It wasn’t easy leaving home that way..
    I know Jenny; i understand!
    ..So, what was your score?
    Ohhh, sweet i scores 318..!
    Waow! Omg that is awesome!
    Am proud of you baby, i am, i told you it will come out so very good, all we need is work hard, pray and believe, and you see it worked…
    Yes o! Baby it worked!
    So what’s your plan now?
    Actually am waiting for post utme ni o…
    Don’t worry that will be great too..!
    My Jennifer too will now be an undergraduate of the University of lagos! Hmm my Medical Doctor!
    Ohhh, John you can say that again.
    I love you so much Jenny..
    I love you too John,
    So ho have you been Jenny? How is dad, and how was his trip..
    Do you said dad? Ha, he left again this morning, actually he said he won’t be staying this time, just to submit some documents,
    Oh.. Your mum is really coping o..
    Eh; wetting she won do now.
    John its so cloudy o, i need to go i guessed its gonna rain,
    Ok, dear let me see you off.
    (We were on our way to get cab when the rain started just like that..)
    …..Oh God.. John what are we going to do? am not gonna get cab like this you know..
    …Lets wait under a roof; Jenny, or go to my place rather, you know my house is closer here and no one knows how serious the rain gonna get.
    ..your place? Why your place John! Lets wait here till the rain would stop…
    Ok ok, sorry for saying that we only do not know how serious it gonna get and you know, this place is a bit uncovered… But its fine lets wait..
    (We stood there for some minutes and we were having fun, gisting and joking, the rain got serious and am already in love with the fun we are having, so i told John to let us go to his house)

    *At John’s house*
    Welcome to my humble home, baby.
    Wow, its a nice place..
    What of everybody, mum and dad?
    The went to there working place and would be back in 2 to 3 hours time at least..
    (After every introduction and looking around, me and John got back to our fun)
    John, common switch the T.V let’s watch movie a interesting one..
    Ok, Jenny..
    (John put it on and channeled it to a movie station, in the movie there were some romantic sessions, and the mood we are together with the movie really got me high)
    Hmm, John i love the movie,
    I love it too.
    (We moved closer and kissed. that isn’t a new thing between us actually but what is new is the privacy)
    John, please hold me, (he embraced me tight and even touch me b**bs at chanced, i love this moment)
    John, am so so in mood, please John make love to me, have never felt this way before(i was undressing as am saying all that, and i never let the kiss and romance stop cause i don’t want anything to cut this mood at all)
    John, oya please, come closer, (i drew him closer and was losing his belt)
    Oh, Jenny.. John said; “oh i feel the same way too, but…..
    …Shhhhhhh!!!! (I didn’t let him finished, am almost completely undressed, John cloths too are gone i took those away and it belt is undone..)
    John, please come, I need you right now..
    Jenny, let me put…..

    Episode 5… Loading….

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