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    Wow. Seated already bring it on

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    Ride on

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    ?Episode 3?

    Xander’s POV

    I picked up the newspaper and read the headline again with a huge smirk..


    I squeezed the paper and three in into the firewall watching it burn to ash..

    I can’t stop being happy, this was a dare from and I won’t waste a single time to take it up,

    Someone had just dared me, a special agent named Jaden, I really wonder what gave him the morale, I guess his time on earth had elapsed..

    What was he even thinking before agreeing to come out to the light, he had been on my trailed on every mission and whenever I tries tracking him down, he covers his moves and goes into hiding…

    I guess some motivational speakers had talked courage into him and I’m not in any way ready to miss this awesome opportunity to slain him..

    I would make his death so painful that he would regret ever coming into this earth as an agent…

    “Hey Benny!!” I called one of my men..

    He walked over immediately…

    “Check for the closest family member of this man here” I said handing the picture of the agent to him…

    “When you find their location no matter the country, notify me!” I ordered and he bowed and left..

    “Dan!!” I called the other one..

    “Arranged my special weapons, both knives of different sizes and guns, my black store should also be ready, make sure there is enough bullet, some team had challenged us and I can’t wait to waste their lives like always!” I stated with a mean voice

    He nodded and walked out also…

    I stood up, stretch myself before heading to my plan room,there are things I need to know before attacking because, I don’t wanna kill most of them at the battle ground, I want to abduct them and bring them here…

    I would torture them to death and show the world what it takes to dare me, this would be a lesson to those chick who thought they got some children training…

    I took the picture of the agent which was lying on the desk of my room, after looking at it with a lopsided grin…

    I wrote a RIP…


    Jaden’s POV

    “Has the assassin called?” I asked just as I got into the undercover where our base was..

    I and my team had been undergoing series of training to face this unseen evil..

    I kept trying hard to convince myself that I can do this, yes…I need to do it, it so really getting out of hand, people killed on daily basis without anyone being able to do anything,

    The country is in danger, I need to fight this once and for all…

    I would be the first man to ever challenge this deadly killer, I don’t really know how trained he is but with the missions he had carried out so far, I had no doubt than to believe he is truly trained..

    How can someone carry out 50 mission singlehandedly without being caught or chased..

    He moves like the shadow at night, no one can notice his presence till he is done with their job..

    “Sir he is calling!!!!!!” Lina one of my team squealed and I felt my heart skip beat..

    He really called?..he had saw the news and called, was he actually accepting the fight??..isn’t he aware that we may come with different weapon and armour that could destroy him…

    “Sir..what should we do?” Rake asked as he saw I wasn’t saying anything..

    “Take the call…” I muttered breathing heavily.

    “Hello…is Jaden on the line?” The hoarse voice of that assassin sounded through the speaker..

    “Track his location!” I muttered to one of my computer operator but got a shrug from him..

    “Already tried doing it but it was locked!!..I can’t get it..” He said and I took a deep sigh before sitting down..

    “Hey I’m jaden you terror, you worst nightmare, I’m out to bring you down for taking the lives of innocent citizen” I said with a stern voice erupting laughter from the unknown killer..

    “Where are we meeting, I’m hungry for you blood, I can’t wait to shred you whole body…it has been long I waited for a day like this!!” He growled making my heart skip beat but I swallowed hard and maintained my strong tone.

    “I’ll send the address to you, make sure you come, if you don’t…I’ll count it as a defeat and shameful escape, if you think you are powerful, this Is your time to show it!!” I stated and I could hear giggles..

    “I rather burn my balls than run away from a little kid…let’s meet and know each other well… Mr agent ” he laughed and hung the call..

    “Arrange the special anti terrorist group with sophisticated arms…make sure you choose the well trained..you should have grenades and other deadly weapons…we ought to bring him down!!!!!” I howled

    “Yes sir!!!” They all left and sat all alone trying hard to imagine how powerful this man is, he accepted the dare knowing fully well that it would be well planned..

    I really wonder what power he got!!!


    I quickly sent the address of a wide empty field to him, it was a land at the outskirt of the town..

    Knowing well that it would be a deadly attack, I choose a place far away from the people.

    The time was 7:00, am..

    If he should come, then I don’t think he would survive it…

    There are up to 60 well trained agents, I pray he comes and get killed..


    I was morning the next day, all through the evening and night yesterday had been used up in training…

    I was able to make them all determined to bring the killer down once he showed up..

    I had even set up different strategies on how to get him..

    It was 6:00 when a call from him came in, I couldn’t believe I shuddered when I was told of his call..

    “I can’t wait dude, just called to be sure you guys hadn’t run” he chuckled

    “We are waiting for you, let’s see what you got” I said and he hung the call abruptly.

    Finally…it clocked 6:30am, all the other agents are all at the site in readiness, I was standing with my special team, we are five in number..


    “Hey let’s go guys” I ordered and we took our special weapon and head out in our car…

    I quickly put a call to the so-called assasin..he took it immediately.

    “I’m already on my way, just few minutes I’ll be there, are you really ready for this??” He laughed and I shrugged.

    ‘Till then.. ”

    The call hung up and the car was accelerated..

    My car was at the back of our other car, I was sitting alone with Rake and Lina..

    Just then, something caught out sight making us all screech the car to halt…

    Three people was lying on the ground with bruise and cut over their, it looked like an accident occurred and the driver who caused it ran away…

    I quickly stepped down of the car and rushed to the body only to meet the greatest shock of my life…

    The two people were my mother and wife, I felt shaken, my whole body shook as I felt horror, they were both unconscious and were bleeding..

    I could dee the car I brought for my wife shattered out of the accident…

    The road was very less busy as it was an unusual route and it was early in the morning..

    “What are we going to do?” Lina asked and I raised my face to give a reply before something strange happened..

    A bullet from nowhere struck into her chest bringing her down immediately…


    I quickly jolted up with my other team who brought out their gun in readiness…

    We heard a tinkle sound from where the body of wife was, I quickly searched her only to see a bomb set up on her body..


    We all faced the body to disconnect the time bomb before it explodes and kill us all, that was part of our mistake because it gave whoever that shot the first bullet the chance to attack…

    Before anyone could know, bullet railed through the air, we all tried scrambling for safety but the bullet was too fast and there wasn’t much hide…

    Right in my face, I saw my team being shot as they tried finding the shooter who seemed to be shooting from the forest beside the road…

    Just then, someone tapped my shoulder and I turned only to see a scary looking man smirking at me..

    “My name is Xander the killer, nice meeting you” he smiled

    My eyes widened as shivers ran through me…

    I glanced at my wife and mother only to see them shaking some part of their body..

    “They would die in front of you in a brutal way, that’s their punishment for having anything to do with you…she shouldn’t have married you” he laughed and I charged at him with a blow which he caught so easily…

    He twisted my fist before I could wriggle my hand off, he had already broke it so easily and fast, sharp pain rushed through me..

    He punched my face and I almost black out…

    It was soo painful that I thought my face was on fire..

    I watched him as he moved to my wife and tap her, she woke up and looked around..

    He took her to me,

    “That’s your hero who you got married to,he can’t save you now, you shouldn’t have married him!!” He smirked and i could see horror in her eyes as she cried for help..

    “Please I….” The sound of bullet was heard, I looked up to my wife and saw her heard burst open with a bullet as she fell on the ground…

    “No!!!!!!!!!” I screamed rushing at him with rage only to receive three bullet into my legs from behind..

    Oh,I just forgot they were three,I fell in pain and watched as he took my mother, she was crying so bitterly and I couldn’t do anything to save her, I had promised to always be there for her but right now I couldn’t save her, my greatest treasure…

    The killer brought out a pen knife and cut off her ear then her b***t before stabbing her…

    It was a horrific scene, my whole body seized, I felt dumb and couldn’t move any part of my body,

    My mother dropped dead then he turned to me..

    “Bye Mr jaden, next time don’t dare me, I’m not your match” he laughed before heading to his car..

    Did he just spared my life???


    I sat up and waited for them to leave which they really did, they all drove off, I gritted my teeth in fury as I hobbled to where my dead wife and mom were, I swear I must revenge their death…

    Just as I made to hold my wife up, I heard the tinkle sound and blinking light…


    The bomb..it was now reading 00:3 seconds..

    My eyes widened and I made to run but the bullet in my legs wouldn’t let me…

    With terror, I lay down there,

    Xander POV
    Just as we drove a little bit far, the bomb exploded….

    “Boss are you sure he died?” Benny asked

    “Check this…” I said and handed a device to him..

    The video tape of the bomb blast was displaying, we all saw how his body shattered into little pieces….

    Another mission accomplished…


    To be continued…

    Rip Jaden?

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    ?Episode 4?

    Xander’s POV

    I couldn’t hold the huge grin on my face as I slumped on the couch after taking a cool bath..

    All that happened on the road wasn’t recorded in the CCTV cameras on the street but it was all recorded in my device, I had connected it to the cameras to get the full tape of how he was killed with his mother and wife..

    I needed the video tape so I can show the world what it takes to dare me…

    My initial plan was to abduct him and torture the daylight out of him but I later changed my mind, I was craving so much for his blood..

    Very soon, his death would be the talk of the town, no one would really understand how he died till I share this video to the world..

    I’d edit out my face and that of my men while they watched the rest of the movie…

    I could remember how the people praised jaden for picking up courage to end it all..

    They had already started chanting him as a hero…

    Less did they knew that painful death was what awaits any one who cross my path.

    Just then, my phone rang..

    I checked and it was Chan..

    “Hello dude??”

    “Hey, buddy, my mission starts tomorrow, I got Information that my target wasa lady who is also an assassin but she does her work for good, she kills thieves and arm robbers thereby saving the people around her” he explained making me arch my brow..

    “I don’t get you…a female assassin killing for good,like,saving people from being robbed by killing the armed robbers or thieves?” I asked

    “Oh yes, I also heard that she lives with her mother only and is even a high school student” he said and I jolted up abruptly..

    It sounded so queer, can I even call someone like that an assassin, she goes to school and lives with her mother..

    “Well..she would be dead soon…” He said with a sigh..

    “But…what did your client say was her reason to die?” I asked

    “She killed seven of his men who came to kill a man for reporting something which I can’t even tell” he breathed and my eyes widened

    “I am having the urge to see this girl, she is strange to me, if she could bring down seven men, that means she is well trained..” I said and he exhaled

    “That’s her own cup of tea tho, all that ends tomorrow because death awaits her, I don’t give a d--n about any other thing, she Is even dying with her mother going first..” He growled

    “Yes man..cause her pain by slaying her mother’s body, don’t even kill her with a gun, use the knife to skin her so she would feel excruciating pain.. I grunted

    ” as always…” He muttered

    “You can send her pics to me, wanna see her face and check how she looks to kill seven men singlehandedly” I said with a short laughter

    “Sure…I’ll..just a minute..” He said and hung the call..

    I dropped my phone and head to my room to dress up, I just felt like going to the club, it has been a little bit long I visited there all because I had been busy with mission, now I got some breathing space…

    I need to go watch some naked sl*t and even f**k some a**s before returning home, I wouldn’t even have mercy on myself when I drink different alcoholic wines..

    I wore a tuxedo suit and trouser, brush my hair, spray she love perfume after rubbing a strong lotion..

    Okay…yes..outside the world of assassin, I look like a gently guy, a cool one who talked less..

    Looking at me, you would be forced to swear that I’m not an assassin, I looked like those gentle guy with a sweet heart…

    Ladies drools around, well, it all ends on the bed, after a hot rounds, I dump and dispose you like a trash….

    I got to the car garage and made to picked one of my car, but later decided against it, let me take a cab to the club…

    Well…that’s part of my way of covering my real identity…

    I’m being known and called the unknown killer while I had talked and smiled with them all,

    Wow!!..that’s how good I can cover up my self..

    I took a cab and it dropped me off in front of the club which was already blaring musics..

    Everywhere was almost filled with men and women, I got into the main hall and people were all dancing and cheering,

    Men and women held their waist as they dance to the rhythm of the music..

    I sat down on an empty seat there and ordered for a drink…

    Just then, five boys who looked rough and haggard staggered in and everywhere became calm, the music even seized, I really wondered why???

    I could see some people even hiding their faces, I felt like laughing.

    If only they knew who I was, no one would stand close to me or stay in the same club hall with me…

    I sat there watching the stupid boys as they swaggered to their seat

    Someone walked over to where I sat with a smile and free mind which was not in anyone’s face….

    She looked so calm and unafraid of the so-called boys that just came..

    She was a girl with a black jacket and trouser, her hair was pure dark and was reaching her neck, I couldn’t see her eyes because she was wearing a dark glass.

    “Had been looking for who to ask this question…who are those boys and how could they stop the music with their presence??” I asked without even glancing at her..

    “I don’t have any business with those guys so I don’t know anything about them!” She snapped

    A waiter walked up to the boys with her head bowed,

    “Sir, what can I serve you?” She asked with a trembling voice..

    The boys laughed out scornfully as they looked at her body

    Right in my eyes, one of them brought out a gun and point at her head leaving her quivering..

    “Right here and now!..pull of your gown and stand stark naked!!” The one with the gun ordered and cocked the gun to show he was serious..

    The waiter cried and pleaded but the men wouldn’t listen, I was even enjoying the show, I love the tears and I wish one of the men would just shoot at her legs or hand to spurt out blood..

    “Please I can’t….” Her word was cut with a blow followed by a kick leaving her sprawling on the floor in pain…

    I smiled and turned back to my front ready to see the girl that had once came to sit with me only to find out she wasn’t there anymore..

    I shrugged and turned back to the show only to also find out something new there,

    There was now a turn of event, a strange lady clothed with black was now facing the men with pen knife..

    I looked at her intently and something struck my mind..

    This was the same lady that came to sit with me..

    I stared at them all ready to watch how she would be killed by those men who looked dangerous in their own way..

    I wondered why this girl would take a challenge of fighting those men just to save the waiter..

    This was the case of jaden, who knows death would also come her way..

    The men laughed in scorn as she challenged them for a fight.

    It was more like a taunt, they sneered at her, the people around also laughed as they knew what would happen to the lady…

    “Are you fighting….” A blow from her shut his mouth leaving him falling on his butt..

    I was stunned at the weight of the blow from a young female..

    The other men rushed at her in rage and what I saw left me startled, I had never seen a lady like this before, she was so skillful..

    Her blow would never miss the sensitive part of the body and before five minute could elapse, the men lay on the floor in pain grunting heavily…

    “My name is mia and I don’t allow evil” she muttered and before anyone could see it coming, she brought out a gun and fired quick shot into their heads….


    There was an uproar in the hall..

    I looked around and turned back in few seconds only to see she was gone, so fast and swiftly like a cat..


    To be continued…

    Now we know who our Mia is…??

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    Xander is heartless…ride on

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    I hope Mia d**ns Xander

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    That’s my baby.

    Zander or Xander , she will b your nightmare.

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