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    💫Episode 11💫

    Mia POV

    “One more hour in this class and I could just faint.” I muttered under my breath, my head resting on my desk. “I completely agree with you on this. History class is really boring, why are we even in this class.” Charles said.

    “Because we don’t want to be in music class.” I replied charles, sighing deeply. In my school, as a student it’s compulsory the student have to be in music, drama, dance or history class and I can’t dance, neither do I have a good voice and finally I can’t act, so here am I sitting side by side next to charles, in a boring history class. Charles also have the resentment I have for music, drama, and dance class.

    “Yeah, you are right. History is our only way out but this is so boring.” Charles groaned, placing his head on his desk, having a really bored look on his face.

    “Okay class, that will be all for today.” Mrs Brad announced. “Finally, some breakthrough.” I utter exasperated getting up from my seat. “Yup, this is one breakthrough have been looking forward to since this class started, another minute here and I’m so sure, I would be taking out of here with a stretcher.” Charles utters tiredly, putting on his backpack and together we walked out of the class. Okay, hold it right there, we weren’t able to walk out of the class, cause Mrs Brad just had to call us back.

    “Yes Mrs Brad.” I answered, turning around to stare at her with one of my best smile on my face, trying to be on my best behavior.

    “Why haven’t the both of you submitted your history project yet.” Oh wow, so she stopped me all because of a history project that I find so boring. I tried working on that project last night, and I couldn’t even type a full paragraph, without falling asleep.

    “Erm, I’m almost done with my project ma’am. I promise I will submit it on your desk, first thing tommorow morning.” I promised, maybe with 10 cups of coffee, I will be able to complete the d--n project. “What about you charles, will I be seeing your project on my desk tommorow morning.” Mrs Brad asked staring at charles, intently.

    “Yes ma’am.” Charles said nodding his head.

    “Good the both of you can go now.” She dismissed us, I and charles wasted no time in rushing out of the class, getting away from boring history.

    “I will be sleeping over at your house tonight, so I can copy your history project.” Charles whispered in my ears, as we stepped out of the class, I chuckled. “Blockhead.” I mutter under my breath.

    “I heard that.” He said, “you are supposed to hear it, I retort.

    “I would have replied you but I’ve got to go, to the music class and fetch my sister. When we meet again, Mia, I’m going to give you my reply.” He gave a chivalrous bow, with a charming smile on his face then walked away.

    “And I will be waiting in the parking lot, for that reply.” I yelled really loudly so he can hear.

    I chuckled watching him walk away to the music class, well I better go to the parking lot. We normally meet over there, I will drive my bike, back home while Charles and Sylvia will drive their bicycle home.

    2 hours and some minute, charles isn’t here yet, and there’s no sign of his sister, what could be keeping the both of them. If charles doesn’t come with his sister in the next minute, I will have no choice to live them behind.

    I waited for another five minutes before I saw Charles coming to the parking lot, without his sister. “Finally you are here, kindly tell me what took you so long to get here and where the heck is your sister, I thought you were going to fetch her.” I asked him confused, staring behind him, for his sister to come, she did not.

    “I couldn’t find my sis, Mia. I couldn’t find her in the music class or anywhere in the school.” Charles uttered looking so confused and helpless, what’s going on?.

    “I don’t get you, why won’t you be able to find your sis. Are you sure you’ve looked everywhere for her?.” “I have checked every available place in this school building, Mia. Why do you think I took so long. I’ve checked the gym class, the girls toilet and the boys toilet. I checked the field, all the classes, I even checked the boy’s locker room for her. And then I checked the principal office, the cafeteria, I’ve also…”

    “Hey, it’s okay, I get it. You’ve checked everywhere for your sis, but have you called her phone?.”

    “Yes, I have and she’s not picking. Her phone has been ringing, but she won’t answer it Mia. There is something bad happening to my sis, she always picks my call and you know that.” He exclaimed, looking so tired.

    “Let me try calling her phone.” I said bringing out my phone from my pocket, I dialled Sylvia number and went ahead to call her. “Her phone is switched off, Charles.” I informed him, bringing the phone down from my ear.

    “Oh God, this is bad. Where do you think she is, do you think she has been kidnapped.” He asked really shocked and afraid. “I don’t know Charles, I don’t know. But for now, I think we should go to my house and think this through.” I suggest.

    “Yeah, sure. Let’s go.” Charles said getting on his bicycle, I also got on my bike.

    “What about your sister’s bicycle.” I asked him, staring at Sylvia’s bicycle.

    “I will leave it here, I will come for it later, my main concern now, is to find my sister.” He said, I nod my head and hen started my bike.

    Sylvia POV

    Sylvia has just finished with her music class, she walked out of the class contemplating if she should go to the parking lot or she should wait for her brother to come get her, even if she’s no longer a small kid, her brother would still insist on picking her from class. She decided to go to the ladies first, take care of the little situation and then go back to deciding.

    Sylvia was already done emptying her bladder, when a handkerchief was placed on her nose, she struggled against the hand that’s keeping her in place, but the hand was awfully strong. Before she blacked out, she heard a voice whispering in her ear, “Sleep tight Sylvia, sleep tight.”


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    💫Episode 12💫

    Mia POV

    “Okay, I want you to think hard, I want you go think really hard, Charles, cause I want to ask you some questions and I would want you to think really hard and I will also want you to answer all the questions, sincerely.” I said to Charles, he nods his head and said, “okay I’m ready.”

    “Good. Now I want you to think. Has your sister ever had a fight with anybody.” I ask him.

    He thinks a little, “No.” He answers shaking his head sideways.

    “Does she has any enemy.” I ask again. “No.” He answered with no hesitation.

    “Are you sure she hasn’t be in any fight, she does not have any enemy.” I asked him again. “Yes, my sister hasn’t been in any fight, I know of and she doesn’t have any enemy. Besides what sort of enemy would my sister have, that would want to kidnap her.” Charles utters confused.

    “Hmm, if your sister wasn’t in a fight, she does not have any enemy. Then who would have gotten her kidnapped, wait oh my God. Could it be, she was kidnapped by Xander Clark.” I conclude, so sure Xander is responsible for Sylvia disappearance.

    “Okay…. I’m going to have to stop you right there. Who the heck is Xander Clark?.” Charles asked staring at me in confusion.

    “He is a man, who’s ego, is as big as this house. He is one of the most feared assassin in the world and now he wants to stamp his authority on me.”

    “Okay…. Xander Clark has a very big ego and he is also an assassin, got it. Now what does his ego, had to do with my sister, why did he kidnap her. Wait, don’t tell me this is his way of getting to you.” He asked thoughtfully and I nod my head.

    “Wow, well…. How do we get my sister back.” He asked. I paced around my room, thinking of what to do and how to rescue Sylvia, from that scumbags hold, no idea came to me. “Charles, I don’t how I’m going to rescue your sister.” I confessed, sighing deeply, still ransacking my brain for a solution.

    “What, you have to have a solution for this, you are the one with the brains that always comes up with solution. We can’t leave my sister in the hands of am assassin, who’s ego is as big as your house.” He uttered.

    “I’m not going to leave your sister in the hands of those man charles, I will never do that. So calm down, I just have to think of something and I promise I will not stop thinking till I have come up with a solution to rescue your sis. Your sister is in that egocentric man’s hands, all because of me, so I will rescued her.” I assured him.

    “Okay. So… What’s the plan.” He asked energetic.

    “Well… The only thing I can do right now, is to call Xander. I wish I have put a tracker on her, and then this would have been really easy to find her and I won’t have to contact that son of a b---h.” I groaned, bringing out my phone from my pocket. I dialled Xander number and on the first ring, he picked the call.

    “Finally, she calls. I’ve been expecting your call, Mia. What took you so long.” Xander irritating voice comes through my phone speaker. I hate his voice, I really hate his voice.

    “Where is my friend Xander.” I asked, my voice showing no emotion. “Oh your friend, she’s right here, tied to a bed, with tell naked h---y guys ready to rape her at my command.” He said casually, like he didn’t just say anything bad.

    “Xander!!!.” I growled angrily. “Yes, sweetheart. What can I do for you.” I could feel his grinning right now, at the moment and I wish, I could slap that grin off his face.

    “Xander, don’t you dare do anything to her. If anything should happen to her, I promise…”

    “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. I get it Mia, if anything should happen to your friend, you will send my to the deepest part of hell but guess what, I’m the one with your best friend, and so I’m the one who’s going to be giving the threats. If you are not on my bed, by 10pm tonight, I’m going to make sure, your friend here, get f!cked, in a way she has never expected before. 10pm, Mia. 10pm.”

    “Xander, don’t..” he hung up in me, that scumbag hung up on me.

    “So…. What did he say, is he going to let my sister go, did you guys come to an agreement.” Charles asks, impatiently.

    “Yeah, we came to an agreement. I will go get your sister charles, don’t worry. Now, while I go get your sister, I would want you to go meet my mum and tell her that I want the both of you to stay in the basement, for safety. Don’t worry she will know what I’m talking about.” I smiled at him, gave him a small pat on the shoulder then walked out of my sitting room, ready to go save Sylvia.

    Xander pov

    I stood by my mini bar in my living room, drinking from a bottle of whiskey, casually waiting for Mia, my eyes on the door. I know it’s kind of weird that I will kidnap her mum and now her best friend, all because I want her. Xander clark doesn’t work like this, but geez the urge to have is so strong.

    “Okay Xander I’m here, release my friend.” Mia shouts walking into the living room.

    “Slow down, miss Mia. Have you forgotten that I will have to give you a good f!cking before I really your friend to you.” I asks her smirking. Mia take in a deep breath, then said, “Fine, let’s go to your room.”

    “Actually Mia, that deal is off, I kind of want something else now.” I drawled, she stared at me confused. “You can’t just change the rules whenever you feel like, Xander Clark.” She utters angrily.

    “Yes I can. Your friend not getting raped tonight is solely laid on my finger tip.”

    “Okay fine, what do you want.” She gave in.

    “Marry me.” I blurt out.

    “You are joking right.” She asked chuckling.

    “No, I’m not.” I answered staring into her eyes.


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    What is xander upto?

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    Mumu Xander free that girl biko…

    Na by force to bleep or marry persi ni ?

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    My Guy is in love

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    Abiola Ifeoluwa KehindeAbiola Ifeoluwa Kehinde
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    This xander sef na by force

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    Xander is crazy

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    thats falling in love the wrong way

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