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    Antony Jefferson was living a
    peaceful uneventful life where
    nothing ever goes wrong he had
    married the woman of his
    dreams Isabella Willis.everything
    went well until 2 months after
    the wedding when tony came
    back home to find Isabella’s dead
    body shot and killed by an
    unknown person.Tony’s life took
    a drastic turn as he was arrested
    and charged for his wife’s
    murder.He was later rescued by
    his uncle who escaped from
    prison 20 years ago.He took Tony
    to a place where law and order
    does not exist(the city of
    sins)Tony must now use his new
    abilities to avenge his wife’s
    murder and investigate a group
    known as the killers guild who
    seems to be at the center of
    everything while struggling to
    survive in the Sin city all together
    a place where there are no rules

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    woah landed and the third to comment….literally

    @oluwaferanmi tanks dearie for the beep…

    danny ride on

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    Thanks for the comments guys it really means a lot…

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    The vultures soar through the
    sky.They were moving in a
    circular form.Tony got up from
    the sand.He was standing in a
    TONY:Where am i?.
    He couldn’t help but feel repulse
    by the foul odour he was
    perceiving in the area,he looked
    around and to his horror he saw
    thousands of dead body lying in
    the soil,he felt a wet stickiness in
    his hands,he took a look and saw
    that his hands were covered in
    blood.Tony could no longer
    control himself as the reality
    dawns on him.
    TONY:Have i done this……did i
    kil..l….all this people… it can’t
    The whole world was spinning
    around him,he knew he was
    losing it but struggled to hold on
    to reality.He struggled to escape
    from the huge wave threatning
    to consume him.But he couldn’t
    hold his ground as the wave
    rages on.At the very last moment
    someone held his hand and
    pulled him out of the wave.Tony
    looked up to see who it was and
    was suprised to see his uncle
    Freddy beckoning to him to
    follow as he walks away.”What is
    he doing here?”Tony wondered
    as he follows his uncle.After a
    long trek they came to a place
    which Tony believes to be
    paradise.The place looked so
    beautiful and Tony felt relief and
    save here.
    TONY:Where are we…
    Tony barely finished the
    statement when the wave
    returned all of a sudden twice as
    big as before,consuming
    everything in its path along with
    FREDDY:Run Tony Ruuun!!
    Tony turned and ran as fast as he
    could with the wave chasing
    after him.He tripped and fell and
    as he was about to be consumed
    by the wave he woke up from his
    nightmare,screaming at the top
    of his voice.
    ISABELLA:Honey what’s wrong
    please calm down…was it
    another nightmare.
    Tony could only nod his head as
    he hugs his wife.

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    Etz Froshberry
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    Here. Thanks @oluwaferanmi

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    CITY)Season1 Episode2
    My name is Antony Jefferson,am
    an high school biology
    teacher,with a simple approach
    to life.If there were a fight or
    argument i’d stay well out of
    it,Because i believe violence is
    never the answer to anything.I
    have been nicknamed Doveman
    due to my gentle and reserved
    character both at home and my
    place of work.Some at times refer
    to me as a workaholic and this
    fact may be true in various
    ways.Not only do i leave for work
    at very early hours,am always the
    last person to leave the school
    premises,i work harder than am
    being paid for but it doesn’t
    matter,cause i love my work
    more than any other thing i
    never miss classes nor do i take
    leaves.Most people might
    misunderstand me and think am
    doing this for an extra pay or
    salary increase,but that is not the
    case.I just believe in been the
    best at everything i do.Like my
    father Jack Jefferson used to say
    “if a thing is worth doing then
    it’s worth doing well”.Today is
    just another regular day i woke
    up at 4 am as usual and am off to
    work by 5:30 am,I was just
    about zooming out of the yard in
    my Toyota Camry when i heard
    my neighbour Mr.Turner’s Voice.
    ”Don’t step on my plants you son
    of a b---h,i just planted those”.
    Mr Turner happens to be my
    annoying 65 Year old
    neigbour.There are no fence
    between our house so the old
    chap at times plants his crops on
    my yard.But i never complain
    about it. ”Got it Mr Turner” i
    replied as i slowly pulled my car
    out of my yard careful not to step
    on any of the crops that had
    been planted all over my
    yard.Then my phone rang it was
    my girlfriend Lizzy calling,that got
    me distracted and i ended up
    ruining most of the plants,i drove
    away in haste as my old
    neighbour cursed on.My phone
    was still ringing when i got on
    the highway so i stopped my car
    and picked it up,i wish i hadn’t.
    “Hy hello Lizzy.” “DON’T YOU DARE
    I HATE IT WHEN YOU……….” Lizzy
    just so happens to be my
    girlfriend most people says she’s
    the exact opposite of who i
    am.WHILE am calm and reserved
    she’s loud and annoying but you
    know what they say opposites
    do attract i happen to love her
    very much but at times she
    complains too much and this
    morning am in no mood for any
    of it.SO i placed the phone Down
    and drove off.Four minutes later i
    picked my phone back up to see
    if she had quiet down but i
    wasn’t in the least surprised to
    realise that she was still talking.
    “………………it doesn’t matter
    whether it is Red or Pink i mean
    what’s the difference.” what’s
    she talking about??? Well atleast
    she as changed the subject.
    “…are you even listening”
    “Yeah..right i am” “Where are
    you?” “Am on my way to work i’ll
    call you when i get there.”
    “Alright bye love you” “Love you
    too.” (Hangs up) I checked the
    clock and realised it was already
    6:30 am i was running late so i
    sped up to 60 km/h its the
    highest speed I’ve ever reached,i
    drove on looking forward to a
    new day at evergreen high.

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