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    Nnnn lily i like what u do…. Letz see how the meeting goes

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    Still following

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    we are following you next pls

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    Chapter 17; To the meeting

    “You will be coming along with me,” Nora says.

    Shit! What about my plan to think of a plan? Wait… is that even a plan?

    Anyway, I need to delay this…

    “I can’t, I am grounded. Let’s do this some other day,” I say.

    She just raises her eyebrows.

    Shit! It didn’t work…

    “Okay, but my mother won’t let us go through the front doo— don’t tell me we are going out of the window…” I say in surprise when she points at the window.

    “We are running late. Please cooperate.” Nora says while starting to move.

    “Hey, what if we both fall down and die. Let’s do this some other day!” I say desperately.

    It’s a bit too much of a lame excuse and I think Nora also agrees because she does not reply.

    “Hey! At least let me change into something else first,” I tell her.

    I am just wearing a loose white shirt and pajamas. I don’t think the mafia king would appreciate it if I show up to him looking like this.

    “You don’t need to worry about that. We will provide you with clothes later. Now, come.” Nora says.

    F.u.c.k! I am out of ideas…

    Reluctantly, I start moving towards the window with her.

    “Hey, you might be a ninja but I am not. I won’t jump down from here no matter what you say.” I say in my last attempt.

    “There is no need to do that. We have a ladder.” Nora answers with her expressionless face.

    I look down from the window and see that there is a rope ladder attached just below my window. It looks like there is some sort of metallic hook at the end of the ladder by which it is stuck there.

    Man, this hook is digging into the wall deep and the ladder also looks really strong. I don’t think it will break or anything…

    F.u.c.k you all!

    “You go down first,” Nora says to me.

    I look back at her with a frown.

    “Why? This thing won’t break, right? You go first,” I tell her.


    “You don’t speak much, do you?”


    “Ahh~ okay, I will go down first,” I say with a shrug.

    Carefully, I get out from the window and rests my feet on the wooden rod of this rope ladder.

    After I have gone a few steps down the ladder, suddenly the ladder starts to tremors a bit.

    F.u.c.k! Don’t tell me it’s breaking!

    I look up fearfully and see that Nora is also starting to get down.

    “Hey! Go back! Go back! We will do this one by one,” I shout to her.

    She completely ignores me and keeps coming down.


    My face gets buried in Nora’s crotch. Even though she is wearing jeans, I can tell the softness of her ass.

    F.u.c.k! I am getting suffocated and this Nora is also not moving at all now… what should I do?

    “You know, you can move down too,” Nora says in a low voice.

    Oh…I forgot.

    “S-Sorry,” I apologize to her after removing my face from her crotch.

    “Never mind. Please start moving,” Nora says simply.

    Getting down on the ground, I start looking around for any sign of my mother. If she finds us, there is no way she would let me go. Yes, this might work.

    F.u.c.k! It seems like she is still in the kitchen. I don’t think I can yell…

    Mum, can’t you show up when I want you to? At least once? You always do when I don’t want you to…

    “Come on! We need to get inside that van,” Nora says while pointing at a grey colored van parked directly in front of my house before starting to move towards it herself.

    Shit! I cannot see any way out now…

    Silently, I follow behind Nora with slow steps. Stopping beside the van, she quickly opens the back door and gestures me to get inside, which I follow.

    “What?” I leak out a voice in surprise.

    There are no seats here, it’s just empty space behind the driver’s seat with just a fluffy matt spread on the floor.

    Well, I am not entirely sure if it’s totally empty because there is no light and the windows are tinted pure black and are not even letting a single ray of light in.

    “Move a bit forward, please,” Nora says from behind.

    I move aside and sit down on the floor there. Nora also enters the back of the van before closing the door shut. Instantly, it becomes completely dark inside the van; so much that I cannot see even an inch in front of me.

    A few seconds later, the van starts to move.

    “We can open the lights now, Nora.” A voice comes from the darkness.

    I jump from surprise from this sudden voice before realizing that this tone is strangely familiar.


    With a clicking sound, the lights switch on inside the van and make everything visible to me.

    “ZOE!?” I exclaim loudly in shock.

    Sitting in the corner of this van is the familiar figure of Zoe. She is wearing denim jeans which is a bit baggy and a really loose yellow colored T-shirt which is surprising to me because I didn’t think that anything would be loose on her with those humongous t--s of hers.

    But why is she wearing such casual clothes?

    “How much time will it take to reach there,” Zoe asks Nora while completely ignoring me.

    “Around 20 to 25 minutes. We should start changing our clothes, I think.” Nora answers.

    Change our clothes? Here?

    Wait, before that…

    “What are you doing here, Zoe? Don’t tell me that you are coming as well…” I ask her.

    Zoe herself told me that the squad leaders are well known in the underworld, so, if she comes with me, won’t it totally ruin what we are trying to do?

    Zoe finally looks at me. I can tell just from looking at her face that she would like anything other than to answer my question.

    “I was appointed to this position just a few months back, idiot. Information on me should still be really vague, unlike Abigale or Clara. And also… Abigale thinks that it would be better if a squad leader is with you in the meeting.” She answers me.

    For some reason, her expressions are a bit strange. In her usual angry tone, when she is talking to me, I can trace a slight fear mixed in it.

    It feels like I have heard her talk like this before… wait, that day in the car, when Abigale called Zoe to tell her something! She must be asking her to come with me…

    F.u.c.k! Even Zoe is scared to meet this King!

    This is making me even more nervous…

    “Hey, Zoe! What if he sees through us? What will he do?” I ask her, thinking that she might understand my concern as she herself is scared like me.

    “It does not matter. We will think about it when that happens. Now, don’t ask me any more stupid questions, bastard!” she says to me ruthlessly.

    Well, I thought wrong. But Zoe, I don’t think I can tell you this up front but I really hate you, b---h.

    And what is this shit about “we will think about it when that happens”, huh? That’s exactly how idiots die in movies, you know?

    “We should be really changing our clothes now,” Nora says urgently.

    After giving her a nod, Zoe picks up a cardboard box lying beside her and starts taking out a few smaller boxes from within it.

    “Hey, bastard, change your clothes!” Zoe says to me while handing me one of the boxes.

    There is no need to call me bastard every time, b---h.

    I open the box and see a very expensive looking black suit inside. There is also a pure white shirt here.

    Man, this may look good on some people but I am going to look like a waiter in it…

    “Isn’t there something else I can wear?” I ask Zoe.

    “Shut up!” she answers.

    F.u.c.k you!

    I see that Nora and Zoe have also taken out their dresses. Both of them have a similar looking mini dress with the difference being only in size and color. Zoe’s dress is red colored while Nora’s dress is white.

    Simultaneously, out of nowhere, both of them start to undress out of their current clothing in front of me. Zoe takes off her loose yellow T-shirt and Nora takes off her white Cami-top.

    Nora removes her top a little faster and I find my eyes stuck to Nora’s large t--s wrapped in a black bra. I can also see the smooth and dark colored skin of her slightly muscled and s.e.xy stomach.

    Before I can get the full blast of Nora upper half-n.a.k.e.dness, Zoe also finishes removing her T-shirt.

    “Woah,” I leak out a small voice.

    Her t--s are so huge that they are almost spilling out from the red bra which is wrapped around them. The deep cleavage she is showing looks so alluring and s.e.xy that I find myself lost in them for a bit.

    What the f.u.c.k are they doing? Have they forgotten that there is a man with them here?

    I look at Nora again and see that she has already taken off her green jeans and is exposing her s.e.xy dark thighs and her ass in a black panty to me.

    “Hey, f.u.c.ker, we don’t have all day, change!” Zoe yells at me.

    I look at her again and see that she is also lowering her jeans. Her pure white and plump looking thighs show themselves. I couldn’t tell with Nora clearly, but Zoe’s red panty is digging into her crotch.

    “C-Camel toe,” I speak out unconsciously.

    “What did you say?” Zoe looks at me with a jerk.

    “N-Nothing,” I say while averting my eyes.

    “When are you going to start changing, f.u.c.ker?” She asks exasperatedly.

    “I-I am,” I say while quickly lowering my pajama.

    I start taking unbuttoning the shirt too but stops after looking at Zoe’s expressions.

    What is wrong with this Zoe?

    Her eyes are staring down at something and are wide open as if in shock. Her mouth is also hanging open.

    I look around at Nora in confusion.


    She has also stopped wearing her clothes and her expressions are exactly similar to Zoe’s which is truly shocking for me because I thought that she doesn’t change her expressions that easily.

    My eyes trace their line of sight…

    “F.u.c.k!” I speak out loud.

    My d.i.c.k, which is half erect from seeing all this half-nudity is completely exposed.

    I totally forgot that I don’t wear underwear at night because morning woods are really uncomfortable for me due to the size of my erect c.o.c.k.

    I quickly pick up my pajama lying beside me and cover my d.i.c.k with it.

    Before long, both Zoe and Nora remove their gazes from my crotch with a jerk at the same time. Their cheeks are a bit red now.

    “Q-Quickly dress up, I-Idiot,” Zoe yells at me.

    None of us speak anything after that…


    “Man, that was awkward,” I mutter to myself.

    Right now, I am sitting on the backseat of a pure black sedan and trying to fix my hair with a comb.

    Nora is driving the car while Zoe is sitting on the passenger’s seat beside her.

    I thought we will be going to the meeting place in that van but for some reason, we change into this expensive sedan after some time which was waiting for us along the way.

    The reason I am combing my hair is that Zoe asked me to groom myself a bit before meeting the king.

    I don’t think that I will look much better but well, at least Zoe and Nora are looking presentable enough in their dresses. And yeah, I am feeling a bit relaxed sitting in the back seat, to be honest. I was having a hard time looking away from the deep cleavages they both are showing in their dresses before.

    “We are almost there,” Nora says suddenly.

    What? We are going to a hotel to meet them?

    I thought I have to go to the king’s hideout. Well, it’s better. I don’t think he will kill me if in a public place.

    This hotel is much smaller than the one in which we meet Abigale in, but for some reason, it looks high-class.

    It is only a triple story building but is spread in a really wide area. It looks like the design and theme of this hotel are inspired by the historic events of our country.

    We park the car in the open parking area outside the hotel and moves out.

    “Hotel Crown. Owned my Maxim Bosi himself.” Zoe says while straightening her dress a bit.

    “This hotel is owned by the mafia king?” I speak out, surprised.

    Zoe didn’t respond.

    F.u.c.k! I am so dead…

    Moving inside the hotel, which looks even more grand to me now, Zoe stops to talk to the receptionist who is a small middle-aged woman.

    “We are here to meet—eh— the king,” Zoe speaks while whispering the last word.

    The receptionist’s eyes open a bit wider but her expressions didn’t change from her professional smile.

    “Please follow me,” she says politely.

    The receptionist starts walking towards a back corridor which is directly opposite to the one leading to the main part of the hotel. Me, Zoe and Nora also follow behind after her.

    The corridor is not long and before we reach a plain looking door at the end of it. On top of this door, there is a sigh attached on which it’s written in bold letters-

    “Staff only. Do not open.”

    Please, don’t open this…

    But God doesn’t listen to my prayer and the receptionist opens the door before she gestures us to enter.

    Zoe and Nora get inside first and I follow reluctantly.

    “Woah,” I leak out a voice again.

    There are no artificial lights here but the visibility is clear because of the fireplace in the corner of the room which is also giving it a strange and scary vibe. This room is filled with many expensive looking artifacts but the most noticeable things here are the weapons hanging on the walls. On the left side, there are many old and beautiful guns hanging neatly and on the other side, expensive looking and equally beautiful swords are hanging.

    My gaze then falls in the middle of this room where a sofa is placed. A person sitting there and watching us silently.

    Wait for a second, that looks like a—

    “I am the King of Yreles. Bow down to me. Right now!” A high pitch voice suddenly comes from the person sitting on the chair.

    I look at this person and my eyes open wide in shock in shock.

    What the f.u.c.k is this?

    The king is a…girl?

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    Chapter 18;Meeting The King(part1)
    “What are you waiting for? Bow down to me, now!” The girl says with a superior look.

    What is this?

    She does not seem like a mafia boss at all! In fact, she looks more or less my age. She has an average height with a pretty good-looking face. Her hairs are black in color and tied up in double ponytails with a few bangs loose on her forehead. Her eyes are beautiful dark pink colored eyes which looks even better with her small nose and thin lips.

    She is wearing a black tank top and blue jeans, above which I can trace her curves. Her b.o.o.b.s are on the smaller side but they are enough to clearly show their existence. In contrast to that, even though she is sitting, I can tell that her butt is round and meaty.

    I remove my gaze from this girl and look at Zoe and Nora in confusion and see both of them looking back with similar expressions.

    Suddenly, Zoe fixes her confused look and turns to the girl again…

    “Can you please call Mr. Bosi?” Zoe says.

    To my shock, she sounds surprisingly polite, unlike her usual tone.

    Oh yeah, I remember, she and Nora are posing as the members of my gang and also my secretaries.

    “Bosi? Of course, I am Bosi! My name is Chloe Bosi!” the girl says smugly.

    What? She is related to the King? I need to be careful with her then…

    “We are here to meet Mr. Maxim Bosi, madam,” Nora says with the same polite voice.

    Woah, these guys can act well…

    “I am Maxim Bosi’s right-hand woman who can call herself the king as well!” she says with another smug smile.

    You should at least call yourself, right?

    “Okay, can you please tell when will Mr. Bosi come to meet us?” Zoe asks again.

    Zoe, you don’t sound like yourself when you speak this politely.

    “Come to meet you? Hahaha…Who do you think he is? He won’t meet any small fries like you, so, he left me in charge!” she says excitedly.


    Well, thank god! I don’t have to meet the actual king for now…

    I remember that Zoe was scared too so I look at her face to see a similar relieved expression as mine…but it is not there.

    She and Nora both are staring at this Chloe.

    “But I heard that Mr. Bosi always do the matters related to the other gangs himself. Is something wrong with his health?” Zoe asks.

    Yes! Please let something be wrong with his health!

    “No, there is nothing wrong with his health. And you are not even important enough to talk to me, so don’t ask any questions anymore, okay? I will only talk to your leader!” Chloe says while turning her gaze to me.

    I can tell that Zoe is starting to get angry at this girl but her face shows nothing.

    “So, what is the name of your gang?” she asks me.

    Name of the gang? What?

    Is a name even necessary? I don’t think I have heard of Zoe’s gang’s name… they always call it “our crime organization”.

    I look at Zoe and see her staring at me as if telling me to say anything fast.

    “Well?” Chloe asks while tapping her feet on the ground.

    “W-Well, the name of my g-gang is…ehh…” I start to speak.

    “The name of your gang is “Ehh”? That’s a strange one…” she says suspiciously.

    “No! The name is… The Blue Cross!” I say.

    I think I remember a similar name of a gang like this… But I can’t remember where…


    Everyone is just staring at me now with their eyes wide open.

    “Seriously? The Blue Cross? But it is similar to the name of our gang, The Black Cross…” Chloe says with a frown.


    Zoe is glaring at me as if she would like nothing more than to hit me right now…

    “Y-Yes… That’s where I got the inspiration for the name of my gang,” I say pathetically.

    “You don’t stress your brain much, do you? Well, it’s kind of expected from the wannabe small-fry gang like you… trying to copy the more powerful one’s name… hahaha,” Chloe says with a laugh.

    I am not liking this Chloe much, to be honest…

    “By the way, you don’t seem like a gang leader to me at all, you know? You are too young to be one and I can also see it in your face and the way you talking that you are scared right now…” she says suddenly.

    I can see suspicion building in her eyes.

    Shit! I am doing this really badly!

    If it keeps going like this, then she will guess the truth!

    You know, that’s why I wanted to think of a plan.

    It is obvious that this Zoe and Nora came prepared, only I don’t know how to do this properly…

    Suddenly, a strange and reckless idea hits me.

    Wait… it’s just acting, right? Zoe and Nora are acting as my subordinates, so, I just need to act as their gang leader, right?

    This is it! I have seen enough movies to know how a gang leader’s behavior should be… let’s just act like them!

    I straightened my back and form a wide smile on my face.

    “Hahaha… you fell for that, huh? I expected better from the right-hand woman of the King,” I say with a fake laugh.

    Both Zoe and Nora look at me with a jerk.

    Chole is also looking at me in confusion.

    “I fell for what?” She asks.

    “Oh, you still can’t guess it? Well, it’s a pity… I was just trying to test if you can guess the real me or not. But sadly, you failed,” I answer her with another small fake laugh.

    All the three women in this room are staring at me in surprise.

    Even I don’t know how I am speaking this confidently now. Maybe it’s because I know this is just acting? Well, I will think about it later.

    “The real you? What are you talking about?” Chloe asks.

    “Oh! I was just acting like I was scared of you before to see if you can tell or not. In fact, I am not scared of you at all!” I say confidently while raising my arms a bit.

    Nora is looking a bit impressed by sudden confidence and even Zoe is raising her eyebrows slightly at me.

    F.u.c.k yeah! Even I am impressed with myself!

    “Well, you do seem different than before… but if you try to test me again or something, you will regret it!” Chloe says angrily.

    “Okay, I get it, baby,” I tell her with a wink.

    “Don’t call me baby!” she bellows at me.

    Shit! I got too far with that movie’s dialogue.

    But well, though she is really angry, she also doesn’t look suspicious anymore

    Yes! Maybe I can make it out of here alive if I keep this act up!

    “Hey, by the way, why are there only women with you? I saw through the cameras that only these two arrived with you here. And even in the file of your gang members we prepared, there were only photos of women in it. In fact, you are the first guy we have seen in this gang, who also turned out to be the leader,” Chloe says.

    This time, her expression turns even more suspicious than before.

    Wait, didn’t Abigale said that they still don’t know much about their gang?

    How can that be possible when they have a freaking file on the members?

    I look at Zoe for help and see that even she is looking a bit agitated now.

    “Well, that is beca—” Zoe starts to speak.

    “Shut up! Didn’t I tell you before that I will listen to only him.” Chloe cuts in-between angrily.

    Hey, at least let my subordinate speak!

    F.u.c.k! I cannot think of anything to say here?

    Hmm… how about, that there are other men but I keep them hidden?

    But wait, why would I keep them hidden? And all the time?

    No, that sounds pathetic as hell.

    But still, what can be the reason for there being a single man in a gang filled with ladies?

    “I am waiting for your answer, you know? Don’t tell me that you are trying to test me again!” She says in anger.

    F.u.c.k! I cannot think of anything! I am dead now—


    I look around and see the faces of Nora and Zoe. They both look as if they have prepared themselves for the worst thing now.

    I know, this situation is somewhat similar to what I saw in that movie… but if I did what the hero did there… I don’t even know what Zoe and Nora would do to me afterward…

    F.u.c.k it! I will do anything to get out of here!

    I regain my previous confident posture and look at her with a smile again…

    “Oh, the reason is simple… don’t you see it?” I ask her mockingly.

    “Just tell me, bastard!” Chloe yells.

    “Okay, okay. You see, I am a playboy, baby!” I say with a wink.


    “I said, I am a playboy!” I repeat with another wink.

    “Playboy? What kind of explanation is that?” Chloe asks while giving me an exasperated look.

    “I am a playboy! I love women! And I don’t want any man except myself around them, so, men are not allowed in my gang.” I say with a laugh.

    F.u.c.k! Now that I say it out loud, this sounds even more pathetic than hiding my men for no reason…

    “What? Wait a second, so, you are saying that you take only women into your gang, right?” Chloe asks.

    “Y-Yup!” I answer.

    I can feel cold sweat forming on my forehead.

    “Even if I agree that you somehow manage your gang with only women in it but still, there were a lot of women therein that file. You are telling me that all of them agreed to be with you?” She asks while looking at Zoe and Nora with a frown.

    “Because it doesn’t look like that these two here like you that much…”

    I look around and see that both Nora and Zoe are standing at a considerable distance from me.

    F.u.c.k! This was not in the movie… I need to think of something else.

    I need to up my game a bit and directly move to the part after which Zoe and Nora might kill me…

    I again give Chloe a confident smile.

    “Well, to be honest, girls like me too much, that’s why they all agree to be in my gang. Hahaha… And even these two, they are just being shy…come here!” I say while grabbing Nora’s hand and pulling her towards me.

    In the next moment, her body slams against mine as her huge t--s get pressed against my chest.

    Come on! I can do this!

    Moving both my hands around her back, I hug her tightly…

    …and start fondling her ass.

    Her white skirt lifts up a bit as my fingers dig into her soft flesh.

    D--n! Such a great ass…

    Nora’s eyes are opened wide in surprise as she stares at my face. She opens her mouth to speak, but before she could say anything…

    … I move ahead to kiss her straight on her soft lips.

    After a few seconds where I even licked her plump lips once, I separate my mouth from hers.

    Nora is staring hard at my face with stiff expressions.

    “Please don’t say anything and just follow what I do,” I beg to her in a whisper.

    It seems like Nora understands what I am trying to do because her stiff expressions loosen a bit she does not resist when I kiss her again.

    After a few more seconds of passionate kissing, I separate my lips while still fondling her ass and look at Chloe again.


    I spank Nora’s ass sharply.

    “Ahan,” Nora leaks out a small voice.

    “Hahaha, see this?” She isn’t resisting at all, is she? By the way, this one loves the kisses I give her…everywhere in her body,” I tell Chloe with a wink.

    “N-No, I g-g-get it!” Chloe says. Her face is bright red for some reason.

    “Wait, let me show you something else as well,” I say while separating myself from Nora whose face is slightly red now…

    …and pulling Zoe closer to me this time.

    Like Nora, Zoe’s extremely soft body also crash against mine.

    F.u.c.k! What is this!?

    Her heavy and huge t--s are squashed against me such that they are even spilling from the sides of my chest.

    The extreme softness of these bountiful meat pillows is transmitted to me directly…

    Zoe is looking at me as if she couldn’t believe what is happening.

    F.u.c.k! She is going to kill me later but still…

    I move my hands’ behinds her to hug her as I did with Nora and start fondling her ass as well…

    D--n! It is even bigger and softer than that of Nora’s!

    My fingers are going in so deep inside Zoe’s plump ass-cheeks that a different kind of pleasure is taking over my senses.

    Again, I start moving my face forward… but Zoe comes out from her shock before I could do anything.

    “I get what you are trying to do so I won’t resist much, but if you kiss me, consider yourself dead already.” She whispers in my ears.


    I change the direction of my head mid-way and make it go down a bit towards her neck.

    There, I start kissing and s-----g on the smooth and white skin of Zoe’s neck.


    “Ahan” Zoe leaks out a small voice as I spank her ass as well.

    “See this one is not resisting as well,” I say to Chloe with a laugh.



    I again spank Zoe’s ass.

    “I-I get it! T-These girls like you!” Chloe answered.

    She is looking a bit uncomfortable and her cheeks are bright red now.



    “That’s right, they all like me very much! This one never leaves the bed before s-----g me dry!” I answer with another wink.

    “O-Okay, okay,” Chloe answers while stuttering.



    F.u.c.k! Zoe’s ass feels so nice and soft against my palm when I spank it…



    What an amazing feeling…


    “Hit me one more time, bastard and I will kill you,” Zoe whispers to me.

    Shit! I got carried away.

    I quickly separate my body from Zoe’s. I can tell that she is somehow controlling her extreme anger for me right now.

    I can see that Nora’s cheeks are still a little red too.

    “W-Well, I guess that—”

    Chloe starts to speak but stops in the middle suddenly.

    Her bright red cheeks turn white in an instant and her eyes open wide in surprise.

    She quickly stands up from the sofa and bows down deep in my direction.

    “King,” she says softly.

    What? You think of me as King just from this much? Don’t tell me that you would like your ass spanked as well!

    No, that’s would be a bit too much…

    I look at Zoe again in confusion, but our eyes don’t meet. She is staring behind me with a mixed expression of shock and fear is on her face.

    Instinctively, I too turn around…

    Standing at the doorway from which we just came inside, is a man wearing a pure black suit and a black hat which is hiding half of his face from my view.

    He seems like an average man with medium height and a thin body but for some reason, I can already tell from the strange aura that is filling this room right now, that this man is as far away from normal as anyone could get.

    Slowly, the man lifts up his head a bit, such that his face comes into my view.

    “What the…” I leak out a voice.

    His sinister-looking eyes are dark red in color and have a strange glint into them. There is also a large scar covering his whole forehead which is making him look even scarier.

    Just by looking at him, anyone can tell who he is…

    “Let’s talk, shall we?” the King of Yreles says while directly looking at me.

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    Chapter 19;Meeting the king (part2)
    The King of Yreles; Maxim Bosi slowly move inside the room and leisurely sits down on the chair where Chloe was sitting moments ago.

    He did not even take a glance at Chloe who is now just staring down at the floor beside his chair with a grim expression completely unlike the one she had before.

    “So, you are Caiden Black, huh?” The King asks in his deep voice while removing his hat.

    For some reason, I am feeling an instinctual fear of how this person looks. His hairs are short and pure white. The scar on his forehead scar is looking even more sinister now that the light from the fireplace is reflecting on his wrinkled face. Even his voice is heavy and scary.

    F.u.c.k! I am so going to stutter if I speak to him now…

    And I know for sure, that unlike Chloe, this man would easily guess my lies if I make any mistakes in front of him.

    I take a deep breath to calm myself down before speaking again…

    “Isn’t that obvious? Well, I am the only other man here… That is dumb, to be honest,” I say with a fake sneer.

    The whole room freezes.

    Holy shit! What the f.u.c.k did I just say!? I totally forgot to come out of my movie persona!

    No one speaks any further. Zoe and Nora are staring at me as if looking at a madman. Even Chloe is looking at me with a pitiful glare as if looking at someone who recently died.

    I look at the King’s face again and see that his eyebrows are raised and his mouth is formed into a slightly surprised smile.

    “You are better than I expected. I cannot even remember the last time someone had talked to me with such confidence,” the King says.

    W-What? Seriously? You are not angry about the insult? And you even though of that as speaking with confidence?

    Well then, should I continue like this?

    “Hahaha, I talk like this to everyone! Why should you be any different?” I say.

    Another frozen silence.

    I can already tell that all the women in this room are close to fainting with shock. Even I can feel cold sweat forming all over my body.

    Man, I am just babbling everything I heard in the movies because if I try to think of anything by myself, it will surely end with my death… not that this is going in a different direction right now.

    “Well, you seem like an interesting man, let’s talk,” King says with a smile while gesturing at the sofa in front of his chair.

    … is this guy for real? Don’t tell me that he is playing with me…

    I reluctantly start to move forward but then I remember my act…


    I tightly slap both Zoe’s and Nora’s meaty asses.

    “Come one, girls!” I say while grabbing hold of their butt and pulling their bodies close to mine.

    Man, Zoe is glaring at me like mad now. Well, she did tell to not hit her again…

    But you know what? F.u.c.k you, b---h! I will do everything I can to make it out of here!

    With a fake smile, I guide Zoe and Nora to the sofa and make them sit beside me.

    All three of us are jam-packed here because this sofa is clearly made for only two people to sit and even though there is an extra chair right next to us; I do not let Zoe or Nora sit there.

    I can feel the angry glare of Zoe intensifying on me.

    Removing my hands from both of their asses, I put it around their waist.

    Yeah, this is necessary. I said I am a playboy; I need to act like one…

    To my surprise, before I can do anything else, Nora herself leans her body on me such that her large and soft t--s press sideways against my chest. She also puts one of her hand on my back and the other one on my left thigh… and start rubbing it lewdly.

    Holy shit! What the f.u.c.k— no wait, I think Nora is trying to act along with me…

    What a fine and understanding woman she is…

    I see Zoe looking at Nora in shock but in the next moment, I find her t--s squashed against my chest as well and she also starts rubbing my right thigh lewdly like Nora.

    Really, Zoe? You will act along with me as well?

    At least you are useful when necessary…

    By the way, do I need to do something more to look like a playboy or this much is fine?

    In that a.d.u.l.t movies I have seen, wasn’t it a bit different? Shouldn’t it be more like…this?

    I move my hand up from the waists for Nora and Zoe… and grab both of their t--s above their dresses.


    Both of their b.o.o.b.s are extremely soft and Zoe’s one is especially huge and heavy as well.

    This time, Nora is not much affected but Zoe surprises me by giving a huge smile and moving her head closer to my ears as if trying to whisper something loving to me.

    “I see, so, you like to take as much advantage of the situation as you can, huh, bastard? Looks like I will have to teach you a few things later,” Zoe faintly whispers.

    Yeah, say what you want, I am not backing down this time.

    I give Zoe’s t-t a strong squeeze such that my fingers dig deeper inside.

    “Aahan,” she leaks a voice before looking away frustratingly.

    Yay! Finally, my win!

    “Are you done now?” A voice calls out to me.

    Shit! I forgot about the king!

    “Ha…Hahaha… you need to wait like everyone when I play with my women!” I say daringly again.

    Chloe, whose face had turned red from my little play with Zoe and Nora before turns white again, but the king looks unperturbed.

    “Understandable,” The king says simply.

    Woah, really? This is going better than I thought.

    To test one last time, I massage Zoe and Nora’s soft t--s again…


    Well, the test is successful… I guess.

    They both are staring at me…

    Okay, okay, I couldn’t resist, fine!

    “So, I heard you talking to Chloe before,” the King says while lightly glancing towards a camera attached to the wall.

    “And I just want to ask you a few questions, after that, you and your ladies can go,” he continues.

    Really? Just a few questions? Okay, this is it! I will answer them quickly and get out of here.

    “So, it’s obvious that you are really young. How old are you and how did you come to be the leader of a criminal gang?” He asks the first question.

    My grip tightens on the t--s and even Zoe and Nora don’t react to it at all.

    Seriously? You are going to ask that right off the bat? What the f.u.c.k?

    Hmm… I don’t think I can lie about my age here…

    Somehow keeping up my fake smile up, I open my mouth to speak.

    “Well, I am 17 now, but does it really matter how old I am? I got into the underworld early and my gang is because of my own hard work,” I lie with fake confidence.

    The King just stares directly into my eyes and even though I am feeling scared, I do not turn away my eyes from his intense gaze…

    “Good, I will believe you… for now. Even I got into this work when I was just 9, but to become a leader of a gang? Let’s just say that you might be even more gifted and lucky than me,” He says with a nod.

    Me? Gifted and lucky?

    Yeah, right…

    I cannot read his face that well, but I think he is not getting suspicious yet.

    “So, I have another question, why are all the members of your gang women? Were you serious about what you said to Chloe?” he asks.

    F.u.c.k man! Can’t you ask something simple like what my grades were last time?

    Well, here I go again…

    “I-Isn’t it obvious? I love women,” I say while hugging Nora and Zoe tightly.

    F.u.c.k! My voice shook there…

    Please believe this one too!

    The King says nothing but turns his face towards the fireplace. The light from the fire dances in his dark red eyes and makes his scar on his face appear even deeper and grotesque.

    None of us speaks. Chloe looks from my face to the King’s and to mine again after every few seconds. I think even Zoe and Nora have completely stopped minding my hands on their t--s.

    “You know, a few years earlier—” suddenly, King speaks again while still staring at the fireplace.

    “—an organization tried to attack this city of mine. Twice, they give their all to try to invade… but I stopped them. They had more money, more power, and everything better than me but still, they failed because they lacked one thing… Determination, which I had way more than them.

    “I am not saying that I am a saint or anything to protect the city. I am a criminal and my hands as dirty from my deeds as any other person in my profession, even more so… but I will never let this city of mine fall to any foreign gang or organization…”

    I can see a strange maniacal glint in his red eyes when speaking the last line.

    “And do you know about another interesting fact?” He says while turning his gaze to me again.

    “The organization behind the invasion, which is probably my biggest enemy out there, has only women in it…”


    “It’s shocking, right? An international level organization with numerous branches and probably thousands of members… and all of them women?” He asks me.

    His eyes are boring into mine as if trying to see within my mind…

    “Y-Yes, it is quite shocking…” I say.

    My heartbeat is so fast and hard right now that I fear it might be heard by everyone.

    “Now, what would you do if, after all this, a strange young boy shows up in your city with a gang full of women in it except himself, claiming to be their leader? Won’t you doubt him?” he asks in a low voice.

    “Y-Yes, I will,” I answer while trying to hide my fear.

    “Yes, Yes, of course, you will. It’s really suspicious, isn’t it? So, what would you do about him?” King asks while increasing the intensity of his glare.

    I will just send him home and never talk to him again?

    F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k! F.u.c.k! I can’t say that! I am dead meat!

    No, I need to calm down and think properly…

    “I-I will try to investigate him,” I answer.

    “Hmm…” The king simply mutters with his eyebrows raised and leans back on his chair.

    Again, silence fell in the room. I can tell that Zoe and Nora are equally disturbed as I am right now.

    Well… are the questions finished? Should I go?

    Please say that I can go!

    “Chloe!” he says suddenly.

    “Yes, King,” Chloe answers in a low voice.

    But the king did not speak to her any further and looks at me again.

    “Take her with you. She was lying to you before about being my right-hand woman, she is just a newbie and in need of some experience in our field. Teach her.,” he tells me.

    “Teach her?” I ask in a weak voice.

    “Well, you got your own gang at such a young age. You don’t mind teaching her a few of your skills, do you?” he asks with another strong glare.

    “N-No” I answer with a stutter.

    “Good. You all can go now.” He says.

    I just keep staring at the Kings face…

    Zoe slightly hit me with her elbow, urging me to move.

    I look at her and Nora’s face and see a fearful expression reflecting there.

    “Do you have anything else to say?” the king asks.


    Me, Zoe and Nora quickly stand up from the sofa and start moving towards the door. I can see that Chloe is silently coming along with us as well.


    Suddenly the king calls me from behind again.

    I look back and see that he is looking at me with a much more serious and scary face than before.

    “I heard you calling yourself a playboy before and I really don’t care in the least, how you behave with your women…” he says in a cold and chilling voice.

    “… but try to touch my only granddaughter and you will wish you were never been born…”


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    Chapter 20;Truth Finally Revealed

    “Can you just tell me what I have to do already?” I ask Valerie.

    “I already told you, I am not allowed to say anything about it while we are still outside the base,” she answers in a toneless voice.

    Really? I am finding that you really useless, to be honest…

    Right now, I am sitting on the passenger’s seat of a small silver-colored car and beside me, Valarie, whom I remember to be the subordinate of Abigale with huge t--s, is driving the car.

    Four days have passed since I met the King of Yreles after which he told me to take his granddaughter, Chloe, with me and teach her about the underworld.

    After we got out of the hotel then, Nora secretly told me that they would distract Chloe for a few days before I would be needed again.

    And to be honest, I didn’t think that they would call me just four days after.

    When I ask Valarie more about this, she again told me that she couldn’t answer…

    In these four days, to tell the truth, I rarely even give any thought about Chloe or the meeting with the King because of a few things which happened after that.

    Some of those things are still making me feel really worried while the other things are making me feel confused.

    The thing which is worrying me the most right now is related to my girlfriend; Lily.

    In these last four days, Lily didn’t come to school at all.

    I myself didn’t want to go the day after meeting the King, but then I remembered the incident with Ava where Lily started thinking of me as a pervert and felt that I should clear things up with her as fast as possible.

    But well, as I told you, she didn’t come that day…

    I thought she might still be in shock because of what happened and decided to skip school for a day but the next day also, she didn’t come.

    After the third day, when my doubt grew that this might be something else, I finally decided to ask our class teacher, Neustadt, if he knows anything.

    He ignored me at first but after I nagged him for the whole day, he finally told me that she is sick and that I should get lost before he calls my mom.

    This got me really worried. The reason why I didn’t call Lily before this, even after I bought my new phone, is because I couldn’t think of what to tell her.

    I thought that maybe if I meet her in person, the pressure of the situation would surely give me some idea.

    But if Lily’s health is seriously bad… I don’t think I care for anything else other than making sure she is fine.

    That day after school, I tried calling her many times but her phone was switched off the whole time.

    Even today, when she didn’t come, I finally decided to go to her house.

    The reason I don’t fancy this idea much is that Lily’s father basically hates me to his boot and I hate him equally back. I don’t even want to think about the things he had said to me behind Lily’s back.

    But well, if it concerns Lily, I don’t even mind seeing him even if I have to do it a hundred times…

    But my shitty luck shined upon me again and the moment I snuck out of the house (I had to because I am grounded), I found Valerie standing there beside her car right in front of the house’s gate.

    She immediately told me that I have to come with her no matter what and that she cannot take “no” as an answer whatever I say.

    And well, here I am now…

    Seriously… F.u.c.k you all!

    I give a huge sigh and start looking outside the window aimlessly…

    Why am I always in so much trouble, huh?

    I don’t even know where my life will lead from here on with these many troubles…

    The biggest of them being that I still haven’t told Lily anything about her ****.

    And then there is Ava. To be honest, I thought that she will make my life a living hell after what happened but surprisingly, she still hasn’t done anything of notice other than looking at me angrily from time to time.

    But for some reason, I have a strange feeling that this is just the calm before the storm she is going to create…

    And also, the last but not the least, Chloe. What will I do with her? I can clearly tell that teaching her about the underworld is nothing but a farce and that she is just here spy on us… but it’s not like I can just ask her to f.u.c.k off.

    And who knows? I might be going there now just to see her again.

    How long can I keep up my act of a playboy gang leader in front of her before she finds out the truth?

    It does not end here, other smaller problems along with these like my mother’s misunderstanding, Pig, Neustadt and being inside a criminal gang itself, are together making my brain and body take a huge toll…

    Suddenly, my body jerks forward as the car stops moving.

    “Let’s go,” Valarie says to me while unbuckling her seatbelt.

    What? We are at their base?

    I don’t actually know where the gang’s base actually is because the only time I have been brought here was in a fainted state.

    I look out and see that we are on a lonely looking road which is surrounded by trees on both of its sides. It looks likes the border area of Yreles where there is a dense forest.

    Wait, where are we?

    I remember that their base was sort of building and I cannot see anything like that here…

    And also…

    “Why are you showing me your base this time? Shouldn’t you have blindfolded me?” I ask Valerie.

    “Well, things have changed and there is no point in hiding it from you now,” Valerie answers.

    It sounds strange for them to do this… But well, at least Valerie answering me now…

    “Please follow me,” She says before starting to move towards the forest.

    Woah, they have their base inside a forest?

    Kind of cool, to be honest.

    I just simply follow behind her and after a few minutes, a small clearing in the forest comes before us.

    In this small clearing, there is a small, abandoned-looking shed standing alone in the middle.

    Wait, there is no way in hell their base was this small!

    Why the heck is Valerie bringing me here then?

    Don’t tell me that she wants to have… in the shed with me…

    No, no, no… this is what Emily would have done… and Valerie doesn’t look like a pervert to me at the very least…

    Before I can ask her anything about it, she starts moving towards the shed and opens its door to get inside quickly.

    Reluctantly, I too follow behind her…

    The shed is filled with useless things like old and rusty parts of vehicles, a few broken tables and chairs, a torn sofa and other garbage.

    At the corner of this shed, Valerie is bent down on the floor with a dusty little carpet lying beside her.


    To my surprise, Valerie raises a small and round metallic sort of lid from the ground and starts claiming down inside.

    “Follow me,” She says when half of her body gets lowered inside.

    What the heck? Seriously? An underground base?

    In amazement, I again follow behind Valerie inside this hole in the ground with the help of the ladder attached to its circular wall.

    In less than two minutes, I land upon a hard surface and a familiar-looking surrounding comes in my view.

    I remember these dark colored walls and this familiarly shaped corridor from the last time I was in this place.

    “We should get going,” Valerie says before moving further on inside this corridor.

    Wait, before that…

    I quickly move towards Valerie.

    “So, we are inside now, right? Can you tell me what I have to do now?” I ask her.

    “I can tell you a little but you will know already when we get to Zoe in a few seconds…” she simply says while opening a door.

    We both got inside and into a small square room with doors on each side.

    I think it is better to know about this from someone else than Zoe because that b---h won’t tell me anything properly…

    “I think I would like to know now,” I tell her firmly as she opens the left door and we both move inside to find ourselves into another similar corridor again.

    “Okay… so, do you know that Abigale made you do this meeting with the King of Yreles without informing the higher-ups?” she asks.

    “I do,” I answer her.

    “Well, we told them all about it in the last few days and while they were really angry that we did all of this by ourselves without informing them and even more so that declared you, a male, as our leader, Zoe still somehow managed to calm them down.

    “I think it’s mainly due to the fact that everything went fine and the King still hasn’t figured out about us,” she tells me.

    “That’s good for you and everything, but what does it have to do with me being here?” I ask her while feeling confused.

    “Well, after everything got settled down, the higher-ups told us to continue the task they had given us with more cautiously and that they will also be sending a supervisor to look after us from now.”

    What the f.u.c.k?

    “Supervisor? Why?” I ask in shock.

    “For many reasons. First is that so we won’t be able to make decisions on our own the next time something like this happens without informing the higher-ups first. Second is that we will be under the King’s gaze all the time from now, so, we all need special advice on that matter and yeah, she will also be seeing that you do the task we give you properly,” She answers.

    Do the task properly?

    Wait… she is talking about that **** video I did with Lily…

    “What do I have to do!? Don’t tell me that I will—”

    “I won’t tell you anything else because it’s not my place to. I will just inform you this, that right now, you will be meeting a person who will help you with this task,” Valerie answers while cutting in-between.

    Help me with the task?

    “Has the supervisor came already?” I ask.

    “No, it is someone else.” She answers while moving towards the room.

    Someone else? How many people will help me with this task?

    Suddenly, a strange feeling takes me over.

    My heart starts to pound really hard as if trying to tell me something…

    I don’t know why but I am having a really strong premonition that something really bad will happen if I go inside that room right now.

    That I should just run away before it’s too late…

    “Why are you stopping?” Valerie asks while turning back.

    “I-It’s nothing,” I answer with shaking voice.

    Why am I feeling like this? What the heck?

    It makes no sense at all!

    I start moving forwards but the premonition gets stronger with each step…

    Valerie opens the door of the room and gestures me to get inside.

    Suddenly, my breathing to get rough as well…

    I really shouldn’t go inside…

    “They are waiting for you,” Valerie says.

    No, I think I am just feeling a bit sick… it’s nothing…

    With shaking steps, I move inside the open door and in the next moment, the familiar dimly lit room I was in the last time, comes into my view.

    There are many women here whom I have already met but my gaze fell directly upon the silvery blond-haired girl standing in the middle of the room right next to Zoe…

    … and everything stops around me as if frozen in place.

    “Lily,” A whisper leaks out from my mouth.

    Lily is standing right next to Zoe with her eyes wide open in shock as she stares as my face.

    It is clear that she couldn’t believe her eyes that I am here right now.

    Her lips move slightly and I can trace them to tell that she has just whispered my name as well.

    “Ah, you are late, bastard!”

    Suddenly, Zoe’s snarling voice enters my ears.

    Unconsciously, I remove my gaze from Lily to looks Zoe but she is already done addressing me.

    “He is the one I told you about,” She says to Lily.

    “The one on your mother’s case and also the one who…”

    “…r.a.p.ed you.”

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