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    now getting real messy

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    Ohh odikwa risky o

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    so scary

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    Who is going to survive this

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    Chapter 17

    While all attention was paid to Melinda, Verah was slowly bleeding to death. It took pastor Idika to call to her condition. He was the only one bold enough to get close to Verah’s body. When he did, he saw a gash at the back of her head spurting blood. He shouted “The demon possessed lady, she is losing blood!” At first the doctors and nurse were too afraid to get close, Austin had to go and open her eye lids carefully, when he saw her eyes had turned back to normal, he put a piece of cloth on her wound to stop the bleeding and told the doctors and nurses in the room, “Her name is Verah, she is a friend of us. You won’t be able to understand what happened to her. Just help her please!” Even though Verah had lost the power which took hold of her, doctors and nurses were still afraid of her. When she was wheeled off the room for treatment, Austin had to follow the doctors and nurses to the theater; he feared they might out of fear leave her to die.

    No one saw it, when Verah lay on the floor; something had creapt out of her body and went through the wall. It was like a giant black scorpion in smoke form.

    By late evening, Verah had recovered fully from the blow she took to her head and the consequent unconsciousness. Melinda who was still in several bandages, and Austin could not wait to hear her narrate how she came to be possessed with the sort of power they saw earlier in the day. “I was in my little apartment at Bay Ground trying to fix myself some junk food, when I heard a noise in my room. I peeked into the room only to see Simon seating in my chair and smiling at me warmly………” “You saw Simon? How did he get in?” Asked Austin. “I don’t know. I still can’t explain it. I did the only thing that came to my mind; I shouted the Holy Ghost fire for sometime, I don’t know for how long. When I felt he must have left, I opened the kitchen door to check if he was still there. Thankfully he had gone, or so I thought. So I ran into the room to get my things and run away from the apartment. Actually I had taken some of the things I needed and was on my way out when I decided to check the smoke coming out from my kitchen. When I opened my kitchen door, guess who I saw?” Austin and Melinda sat staring at Verah speechlessly. Melinda managed to ask, “Who was in your kitchen?” “My dead grandmother! I saw her in my kitchen preparing the Quaker Oat I had abandoned in fear. The last thing I remember clearly was my grandmother turning into thick dark smoke and moving into my body. Every other thing that happened afterwards are like bits of hazy dreams to me. I remember having a minor misunderstanding with a taxi driver and telling him to die. I saw him pounding his head on his steering. I don’t know if he died. I also remember hearing Simon’s voice when I was at the reception waiting to be shown your hospital room. After I got possesed I had only one desire, to kill the both of you”. “You said you heard Simon’s voice, what did he tell you?” Asked Melinda. “He told me to fight the urge to kill the two of you”. “From now on we all are going to stick together until we find a way to fight this renewed attack against us”, said Austin. Melinda and Verah nodded in agreement. “Melinda I am sorry I did all this to you; look at your body. I can’t believe I wanted to kill you. I am sorry please forgive me”, said Verah amid sobs. “Babe I understand, you don’t need to cry about it: obviously we are at war”, responded Melinda.

    “Austin, Verah saw Simon at her apartment; does that mean he has assumed Michael’s position?”

    To Be Continue………

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    Chapter 18

    “I don’t know that yet, I need to speak with Osoba”. “I don’t think that Simon had accepted that position yet. Like I said, I heard him in my head telling me to fight the urge to kill the both of you. If he has become the Lord of stars, why would he tell me that? I know Simon, they will have to kill him first to get him to become one of them”. “Then there is hope. Austin we need to act fast we need to find a way to stop the mindless attacks against us and save Simon”, said Melinda “Yes, I am trying to get in touch with Osoba, the network service here is rather too poor”. Austin clutching his phone went outside hoping to get a better network coverage to place a call to Osoba.

    They didn’t see it, but above their heads was that gigantic dark scorpion in smoke form crouching on the ceiling.

    As Austin went outside, it followed him with amazing speed, just like natuaral scorpions do. While Austin walked through the passage way he kept trying to call Osoba. Eventually he got through to his phone, It was ringing and so Austin paused, waiting for Osoba to pick up, while he stood waiting for Osoba to pick the call, the gigantic dark scorpion moved exactly above his position on the ceiling; at that very moment, nurses were wheeling in a patient into the hospital, and were shouting for people to make a way for them. The scorpion let itself loose from the ceiling decending towards Austin’s head, the nurse got close and shoved Austin out of the way, the dark smoke scorpion landed on the patient instead. The patient was a woman in her mid-sixties. The nurses didn’t see the scorpion land on her and move into her body.

    Austin on his part was busy talking with Osoba over the phone, trying very hard to get him to come down to the hospital. Osoba assured him that he and some of his guys would be at the hospital that evening. Austin was glad to hear that. He wanted them to have a collective front against the attack from the elders of Circle of stars.
    About 7:00pm, Osoba and three young men arrived at the hospital. Austin took his time and filled Osoba in on all that had happened at the hospital while he was away. Osoba suggested that they leave the hospital feeling it was no longer safe for Melinda or any one of them.

    Austin thought they all should give their opinions about moving out of the hospital and the new place they would go. His reason was that Melinda and Verah were not in good conditions to leave the hospital yet. They all clustered around Melinda’s bed to discuss the issue, even Verah had to be moved into the room. While they were discussing, the ceiling fan in the room began to spin around with unnatural speed; they all paused to watch it for a while. No one had touched the ceiling fan regulator. One of Osoba’s colleagues went to the regulator to reduce its speed. For no explainable reason, the ceiling fan unhooked from the ceiling, decending with the same speed it was rotating. Osoba’s colleague, OLISEH, had no chance to duck; the ceiling beheaded him,, splashing his blood all around the room. The ceiling fan continued to decend, cutting into the human flesh closet to it and spraying their meat and blood all around the room. Another colleague of Osoba’s, OCHUMA, raised his hand in defense and the demonized ceiling fan sliced it off like it had no bone. Austin who had made it to the floor had to raise a metallic seat toward the direction of the ceiling fan to quench its monstrously rotating blades. When the blades hit the metallic seat, two of the blades pulled off and whizzed past their heads and burried themselves into the wall, the only remaining blade twisted upwards. Austin couldn’t hold the seat for long, the blows from the three blades of the ceiling fan sent it out of his hands. Though they were shouting not one soul in the hospital came to their aid. As the whirring sound of the rotating motor of the fan died down, Osoba and Austin sprang to their feet to attend to the others…..

    To Be Continue……….

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    very scary

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    This is really scary

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