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    It’s getting tougher

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    Chapter 258

    Dominating the Third Trial

    Following the first guillotine blade, the rest began falling one after another, a metal clamor filling the air.

    “Get ready. The one-minute countdown begins now.” Without giving Tang Wulin and the others even a moment to digest the situation, Shen Yi began counting down.

    The gears of Tang Wulin’s mind began turning. “We need to cross through the guillotine gates within thirty seconds. The shortest path has six gates… Gu Yue, test the power of the guillotine blades.”

    Having a cool head was essential to passing such trials.

    While Xie Xie was eager to speed through the gates, Xu Xiaoyan stared at them pale-faced.

    Gu Yue was just as calm as usual, and following Tang Wulin’s order, she held out her hand and turned her palm to the sky. Blue light condensed in her hand, forming a two-meter long icicle that she shot through the bottom of the guillotine.


    The guillotine blade fell, instantly turning most of the icicle into a fine powder while splitting the thickest part of it into two.

    “The descent of one blade produces about three thousand kilograms of force,” Gu Yue announced. Her precise analysis was only possible because of her spiritual connection with the elements.

    “Can you do it?” Tang Wulin asked.

    “I can protect one person,” Gu Yue responded.

    “How about you, Xie Xie?”

    Leaping from the ground, Xie Xie said, “I’m fine.”

    Just as Tang Wulin was about the state their plan, Gu Yue said, “How about I protect Xu Xiaoyan and you carry me on your back. It shouldn’t be a problem with your physical strength. Xie Xie can then follow right behind us. That should work.”

    Tang Wulin considered it for a moment. The plan he thought up would have Gu Yue and Xie Xie pass through the gates by themselves while he carried Xu Xiaoyan. It was the most logical plan. Gu Yue’s arrangement would also work, but he felt that there was something strange about it, so he eyed her suspiciously.

    A slight blush appeared on Gu Yue’s face, but she quickly returned to normal.

    “Ten… nine… eight…”

    Shen Yi had begun the final countdown. They only had a few seconds left before the trial started.

    Tang Wulin s----d in a deep breath. There was no time left to change the plan. Gu Yue approached his back and quickly mounted him. With a wave of her hand, green lights enveloped Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan.

    Paralyzed by fear, she just stared at the guillotines.

    “Xiaoyan, don’t be afraid,” Gu Yue said. “You go first. I’ll use the earth element to hold the guillotine blades up and we’ll follow right behind you. All you have to do is run through quickly.”

    Xu Xiaoyan clenched her jaw and nodded.

    “Three… two… one… begin!”

    With Shen Yi’s declaration, the third trial began.

    Gu Yue chanted quietly, her hands raised toward the sky. She only managed to stay pressed close to Tang Wulin’s back by using her legs. They s-------d his waist tightly, his hands gripping the flesh of her thighs. A yellow light flashed as a stone pillar shot up underneath the first gate.


    The blade hurtled into the stone pillar, crashing against it. The pillar shook as cracks webbed throughout its stone.

    “Quickly!” Gu Yue shouted.

    In that instant, Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes became resolute. After all these years together, she had come to completely trust in her teammates. She leaned forward and dashed through the first gate, joining Xie Xie who had flashed through it earlier.

    With Gu Yue clinging to his back, Tang Wulin went through last. However, right when he passed directly underneath the guillotine, the stone pillar suddenly collapsed.

    The gigantic guillotine blade plunged downward!

    Gu Yue shut her eyes tightly, arms wrapped tightly around Tang Wulin’s neck as if she had no intention of leaving him.

    Her heart was racing, probably because of the tense situation.

    Tang Wulin, however, only felt her drawing closer to him, her arms and legs wrapped around his neck and waist.

    Faced with the incoming blade, Tang Wulin showed neither fear nor joy.

    Isn’t this just three thousand kilograms of force? And it has even been weakened by the stone pillar.

    Tang Wulin raised his right hand, his blood roaring as his golden dragon claw appeared. He t----t his arm above him, struck the enormous blade…

    …and held it aloft.

    From her position on the sidelines, Shen Yi was dumbstruck

    She had witnessed countless students face this trial in the past. Each and every one of them approached it differently, yet this was the first time she had seen someone brazenly grab the blade!

    That blade weighs over a thousand kilograms! With gravity added to that, that should’ve been over three thousand kilograms of force!

    He can’t…

    Shen Yi nearly shut her eyes subconsciously. She was afraid of the bloody scene she anticipated.

    But… of course that didn’t happen.


    Tang Wulin easily caught the blade, only squatting a bit to compensate for the force.

    “Up!” he shouted, his right arm filling with strength as fiercely pushed it up. Holding it high in the air, he stepped through the first gate with Gu Yue on his back.

    “Boss, are you even human!?” Xie Xie stared at Tang Wulin in horror.

    On the other hand, shock showed in Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes, forcing her fear into the back seat.

    “Gu Yue, you don’t need to do anything else. I can do this by myself.”

    Now that he had experienced the strength of the guillotine himself, Tang Wulin was confident. He walked toward the second gate with large strides.

    As the blade dropped, he held up his hand once more and grabbed it. He pushed the blade back up, letting Xu Xiaoyan and Xie Xie pass through before him and Gu Yue.

    Tang Wulin and his golden dragon claw treated the dreaded guillotine blades like toys. He held up each and every one of them easily.

    The four of them soon passed through six gates, the shortest distance possible.

    Shen Yi was speechless.

    This kid is looking more and more like a monster! This trial was supposed to test their ability to adapt, their reaction times, and their courage!

    Against such terrifying guillotines, with only a minute to plan, the ability to adapt quickly was essential to passing the trial. Furthermore, such adaptability could only be founded in courage.

    Many students who had what it took to pass the trial relied on things such as speed and strength. However, the enormous guillotines struck fear into these examinees who were under fifteen years old, leaving many of them too scared to move even an inch.

    For the students of class zero, this trial had been exceptionally easy, but for most examinees, it was the hardest trial of them all!

    With their time limited and their courage tested, many could not make it through the trial within the time limit.

    Even if examinees were the elite of the elites that major cities recommended, the first trial eliminated a majority of them because their spiritual power was usually just too weak. In comparison, most examinees passed the second trial since it was a simple battle. As for the third trial, over half of the remaining examinees were usually weeded out due to their lack of courage in the face of death.

    Examinees would normally go through the gates one at a time since they usually couldn’t formulate a plan of cooperation in the one minute given. Furthermore, there was the question of whether their courage, adaptability, and judgement were up to par. It was only because Tang Wulin possessed all of these qualities in excess that the third trial was so easy for his team.

    In such a trial, Tang Wulin single-handedly dealt with everything! The trial’s difficulty had never crossed his mind. The entire time, he just focused on passing.

    His courage wasn’t even tested here. Even if it were, he had never lacked it. If he had, then he wouldn’t have been able to decisively shield Gu Yue from a soul fusion skill with his own body.

    As for the rest of his team, they rode his coattails to the finish line.

    It was as if he were a propping up the heavens.

    Shen Yi called out their final time. “Fourteen seconds!”

    Tang Wulin swung his arm a bit, flexing his shoulder as he withdrew his claw and his hand returned to normal.

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    Chapter 259

    Testing Specialties

    Tang Wulin was quite pleased with the results of this trial. Apart from himself, who had called upon his blood essence and soul power, his team conserved almost all of their energy.

    Now that the third trial was over, Tang Wulin understood how crucial it was to ration soul power for the upcoming trials. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to last until the end.

    He had stopped Gu Yue from exercising control over the elements precisely to conserve her soul power. As the strongest of the four, she was better suited for handling the later trials. Tang Wulin took the brunt of the earlier ones.

    “You all scored ten points.” Shen Yi strained herself to maintain a mask of tranquility, promptly leading the way to the next test after announcing the results.

    She had harbored some worry for these kids in her heart, since taking these trials consecutively without rest would be tough, but now it was apparent she had been anxious for nothing. They had scored well on the first three, and even got full-marks on the third and hardest test. Although they didn’t break any records for speed, they were the only ones in history to have dominated the trial. That Tang Wulin really deserves to be class zero’s captain! No wonder the talented Gu Yue submits to him so willingly.

    “You can get down now,” Tang Wulin said, patting Gu Yue’s arms that were wrapped around his neck.

    Gu Yue buried her head into his back, clinging on to him, pretending as if she hadn’t heard his words.

    Confused, Tang Wulin asked anxiously, “Did you get injured back then?”

    Gu Yue shook her head softly and under her breath said, “J-just carry me for a bit longer. I’m a bit scared.”

    Both Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan pulled strange faces as they watched the two from the sidelines. What is there for Gu Yue to be afraid of? Does she even understand the meaning of fear? In the two bystanders’ eyes, Gu Yue was unaffected by such things, a paragon of indifference. Besides maintaining good relationships with her teammates, she would ignore everyone else. She looked at all strangers with cold, apathetic eyes.

    In the past three years, she hadn’t interacted much with Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, or Xu Xiaoyan. Whenever she had a day off, she would bury herself at the Spirit Pagoda. Yet, for some reason, after the start of the Shrek Academy entrance exams, she seemed to warm up a bit. More precisely, she became warmer toward Tang Wulin. The change was quite obvious, and now it was even clearer.

    Just what is going on here?

    What they didn’t know was that currently, in Gu Yue’s mind, there was the image of a naked Tang Wulin soaking in the bathtub, golden mist lingering around his toned body. His muscles shimmered in the moist, wet steam. Although she had gotten just a glimpse of his sculpted assets, it was engraved in her memories, anything and everything. It was at that precise moment that her attitude toward Tang Wulin began changing.

    Gu Yue’s legs were wrapped around Tang Wulin too tightly for him to peel her off. He resigned himself to carrying her.

    While Gu Yue’s heart pounded, Tang Wulin’s face grew crimson by the second. Though they were still young, the differences between boys and girls were already becoming apparent, making their marks. Tang Wulin’s figure was not bulky, but sturdy and lean. On the other hand, Gu Yue’s body was soft, and softness brought toughness, a sweet scent hanging over her form. As he carried her, locks of her hair fell onto his face, tickling him.

    Once they re-entered the building, they proceeded through another corridor, climbed up the stairs, and finally reached the building’s second floor. The walls and ceilings were pure white with gold lines etched into them, as if to portray something.

    “Those are… soul device blueprints?” Xu Xiaoyan asked. She had chosen mecha designer for her secondary profession, and as such she could instantly recognize what these golden lines represented.

    Why are they decorating the walls with soul device blueprints? Tang Wulin couldn’t make sense of the complex diagrams. If his spiritual power was weaker, then perhaps he may have gone dizzy just staring at the diagrams.

    They entered a large room as he was in mid-thought. Shen Yi pointed to some chairs on the side. “Wait here. I’m going to go get this trial’s administrators. This trial will test your personal strength. Only one of your specialties will be examined, so consider carefully what you will present. Your greatest specialty is directly related to your strength.” Finished speaking, she about-faced and left.

    “Our specialty?” Xie Xie was at a loss.

    Gu Yue finally got down from Tang Wulin’s back and sat cross-legged first, meditating and not uttering a word.

    Tang Wulin took a seat beside her. “This trial is pretty simple. Our specialty is just our greatest strength as a soul master. For example, Xie Xie, you’re an agility-type soul master, so you just need to show the limit of your speed. You just need to embody what it means to be an agility-type soul master. Of course, you’re not a normal one since you have twin martial souls, so I think you should show off both: a combination of speed and your twin martial souls. It should be the same for everyone else, so just show them what you’re best at.”

    Xu Xiaoyan furrowed her brows. “Captain, then what should I do? My full potential only comes up at night.”

    Tang Wulin flashed a wry smile. “You’ll just have to make do by describing it with words. You already used it during the second trial, so it shouldn’t be hard to find proof. It should be fine as long as you explain your ability thoroughly. As long as you’re speaking the truth, I don’t think they’ll demand you to show it.”

    Xu Xiaoyan’s expression eased. “I got it.”

    Tang Wulin said, “Alright, rest as much as you can everyone. This is a rare opportunity.” He closed his eyes in an instant and began meditating the moment he finished speaking.

    The strength of his blood essence was closely related to his soul power. The greater his soul power, the mightier his blood essence. With no food in sight, his only option was to recover his soul power.

    However, they weren’t given much time to rest. Not even five minutes later, Shen Yi returned with three people in tow. Two were middle-aged while the third was an elderly lady.

    The elderly lady held a walking stick in her hand, her gait unsteady as she walked over to a long table and took a seat. The two middle-aged men treated her with respect, sitting down on each side of her after she was seated. This left Shen Yi to stand on the side.

    The old lady scrutinized the still-meditating four examinees across from her, who were unaware of the three’s arrival.

    A smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, she said in a hoarse voice, “These kids sure know how to make the most of their time. Alright then, Little Yiyi, tell them we’re beginning.”

    “Yes, Elder Cai.” Shen Yi showed no discontent at how the old lady addressed her, and instead, answered deferentially. She took quick steps toward the four examinees to wake them up.

    “This trial’s administrators are here now.” Shen Yi asked, “Which of you will go first?”

    Tang Wulin studied his teammates as he considered. Since they were a team of four, he had to determine the best method for the whole group, especially since the first to go up would likely leave the deepest impression. The order they went in was crucial. The first to proceed needed to go with a bang.

    “Xie Xie, you’re up first.” After announcing his decision, he shifted over to Xie XIe’s side and whispered a few words into his ear.

    “Okay.” Xie Xie nodded then stood up, walking to the center of the room.

    “Hello teachers,” he said as he bowed deeply to the three examiners.

    The old lady chuckled. “Kid, go on and begin. You only have once chance, so show me what you’re best at.”

    “Yes,” Xie Xie answered respectfully while three soul rings appeared beneath him.

    Two yellow and one purple, the three soul rings twinkled in the air. A moment later, his third soul ring, the sole purple one, lit up.

    His body blurred into three identical clones standing side-by-side. They couldn’t be differentiated by the naked eye.

    The three Xie Xie’s bowed to the teachers, then, in an instant, their figures became transparent as they dashed off in separate directions with bizarre steps. Each one held a Light Dragon Dagger.

    The air hissed as each of the daggers sliced through the air. The slashes grew faster, blurred, until each of the three figures seemed like a thrashing whirlwind. The clones flitted around the area, the wind raging as they fought an imaginary opponent at the eye of the hurricane.

    The two middle-aged teachers were astonished. Using their soul power to envelop the arena, they could tell that these invisible clones were tangible existences!

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