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    Chapter 260

    The Fourth Trial

    Soul skills that produce clones weren’t anything special, and were actually a common sight among agility-type soul masters. Three clones were fairly impressive, but still couldn’t be considered much to Shrek Academy. Six clones, however, were a different story, especially since half of them were invisible.

    Thirty seconds later, the three clones merged back into one figure. Sweat dripped from Xie Xie’s forehead as he bowed to the three teachers three times. “I’m finished with my performance.”

    The old lady looked at him with interest. “Kid, your twin martial souls are similar to one another, correct?”

    “Yes, that’s right.” Xie Xie wasn’t surprised at the elder’s insight into his secret. This was Shrek Academy after all!

    The old lady nodded. “Not bad, but you still lack control. You’ve only scratched the surface of the Tang Sect’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Don’t try to rush progress and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Refine your Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track more before giving all of your clones the same abilities. Furthermore, your spiritual power is too weak at the moment. It’s impossible for you to have complete control over three clones at once. Focus on strengthening your spiritual power first. If you can reach the Spirit Sea realm within three years, your future will be boundless.”

    Xie Xie had been quite proud of himself. With his Twin Dragon Clones, each one utilizing Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track against one target, he considered himself quite formidable.

    However, he couldn’t say a single word to refute the old lady’s criticism. She had hit each nail right on the head, pinpointing each and every one of his weaknesses.

    Xie Xie happily bowed once more, his head nearly dipping below his knees. Admiration welled from the bottom of his heart.

    “Thank you for your guidance. I will do my best to improve myself.”

    “Mn.” The old lady nodded. “Next.”

    Xie Xie returned to the others in humiliation, shoulders drooping and his face bitter. The next person to go up was Xu Xiaoyan. Similar to Xie Xie, she had received some instructions from Tang Wulin.

    “What’s wrong with you? Are you depressed?” Tang Wulin asked Xie Xie softly.

    Xie Xie laughed bitterly in response. “That’s right! I originally thought I was pretty amazing, but I don’t think I did too well in this trial.”

    Tang Wulin smiled calmly. “It’s fine. Actually, I think it’s the opposite. I bet you scored quite highly. That grandmother is clearly the central figure among the three teachers. If she thought you were rotten wood that couldn’t be carved, would she have given you so much advice? Besides, we’re students! We came to Shrek to learn. What would be the point of coming if we already know everything?”

    Xie Xie was dumbstruck.

    That’s right! I’m not horrible, that grandmother was just telling me how to make future progress!

    Tang Wulin patted him on the leg. “Let’s watch.”

    Xu Xiaoyan stood in the center of the room and bowed to the three teachers.

    “You may start,” the old lady said.

    “My sincerest apologies to the three examiners” Xu Xiaoyan said. “I am unable to show you my specialty because it is still daytime. My martial soul is different at night. From a certain perspective, I can be considered a monster of a soul master. That is why I have come to Shrek.”

    Moving the examiners with words alone was not an easy task. Tang Wulin knew this, so he had instructed her to immediately point out her uniqueness. Being a “monster” was Shrek’s motto. Calling herself one would instantly draw the attention of the examiners.

    “Oh? Then how are you different at night?” the examiner on the old lady’s left asked.

    Xu Xiaoyan summoned her ice staff and grabbed it with her right hand, two yellow soul rings rising as she did so. “During the day, my martial soul is just the Ice Staff, which excels at controlling the battlefield and long-ranged attacks. At night, I gain the power of starlight, and my martial soul transforms into the Starwheel Ice Staff, changing my soul skills.”

    A spark of excitement appeared in the old lady’s eyes. “I know of the Starwheel Ice Staff. It came from the Xu family long ago, but not many of them had it. Your surname is Xu?”

    The old lady’s words took Xu Xiaoyan by surprise. “That’s right! You know about my family?”

    The old lady smiled calmly. “There are very few things in the world of soul masters that Shrek doesn’t know about. You can go back now.”

    Xu Xiaoyan gaped at her. “But I’m not done explaining.”

    The old lady’s brow wrinkled. “Since I know about your origins, why wouldn’t I know about the absolute control of your starlight soul skills? Now go on back to your friends.”

    “Oh.” Xu Xiaoyan bowed again before leaving.

    Tang Wulin was already standing to welcome Xu Xiaoyan back, nodding with approval. “You did great. Relax.”

    His words of assurance caused the tension to flow out of her body. Tang Wulin walked past her toward the center of the room.

    The old lady inspected Tang Wulin curiously. “You seem quite confident!”

    “Huh?” Her words caught him off guard, but he quickly realized his mistake and bowed. “Greetings to the three examiners.”

    The old lady smiled strangely. “They seem to trust you. Show me what you can do. Show me… why they have so much faith in you.”

    “Yes.” Tang Wulin didn’t explain himself. He now realized that the three examiners had likely heard everything he whispered into Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan’s ears. They were truly formidable, worthy of being teachers of Shrek Academy!

    “My speciality is power,” he said.

    A golden light flashed in his eyes and his blood essence erupted outward.

    In a world of his own, he could hear the sound of his blood pumping through his veins like a mighty river. His right arm swelled with strength, golden scales covering it. Then a golden soul ring appeared.

    “Ah!” Shock wiped the smile off the old lady’s face, her eyes wide at the resplendent soul ring.

    Beside her, the other two examiners similarly gaped at the sight before them.

    All of the colors a soul ring could be had long since been established in the world of soul masters. White represented a ten-year soul ring, yellow meant hundred-year, purple stood for thousand-year, black indicated ten-thousand-year, and red signified hundred-thousand-year.

    Normal soul rings could be one of those five colors. However, in the entire history of the Douluo Continent, soul rings with special colors had appeared. The appearance of such a soul ring signified immense power.

    In the history of Shrek Academy, a golden soul ring had appeared once.

    Tang San of the original Shrek Seven Monsters, the founder of the Tang Sect, had killed a million-year soul beast and obtained a golden soul ring.

    Yet million-year soul rings had only appeared twice in the history of the Douluo Continent. The second person to possess a million-year soul ring was the legendary figure that the plaza was named after, the founder of the Spirit Pagoda, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao!

    However, Huo Yuhao’s million-year soul ring was different from Tang San’s. His was white and could easily be disguised as a ten-year soul ring. According to the analyses of later generations of soul masters, Tang San’s million-year soul ring had been directly obtained from a soul beast, resulting in its golden color. Huo Yuhao, on the other hand, had been lucky enough to fuse with the million-year Skydream Iceworm which had slept all the way until it reached the million-year level. This was the supposed reason for the difference in color. Although the Spirit Ice Douluo’s soul ring became very powerful, it wasn’t on par with Tang San’s golden soul ring.

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    Chapter 261

    A Test of Strength

    After creating spirit souls, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao managed to obtain an orange-gold soul ring somehow, one that provided multiple soul skills from a vicious spirit soul. He was truly outstanding.

    Soul rings with special colors rarely appeared throughout history, and the legendary Huo Yuhao and Tang San were the most prominent examples of people who possessed them.

    In light of this, even though Tang Wulin only had a single golden soul ring, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

    After recovering from her surprise, the old lady furrowed her brows. “Your soul ring is quite unique. It doesn’t seem to be made of soul power. I sense blood essence fluctuations coming from it, but your soul power is completely serene. Just what is going on?”

    “Honestly, I don’t know either,” Tang Wulin answered calmly. “I only know that my blood essence is very powerful. I think this ability came from my bloodline, but since it granted me a soul skill, it seems to be a type of soul ring.”

    As Tang Wulin spoke, the golden ring lit up, and the roar of a dragon erupted from his body. His muscles swelled as a layer of golden light enveloped him.

    “Th-this is… Golden Dragon Body? You have the Golden Dragon bloodline?” the old lady sputtered.

    Her words stunned Tang Wulin.

    The name of the soul skill appeared in my mind, so how does this old lady know it? Has someone been in a situation like mine in the past?

    No. That’s not possible. She said Golden Dragon, but what’s sealed inside my body is the Golden Dragon King. They should be two different things.

    As his mind worked in overdrive to understand the situation, the old lady appeared in front of him in a flash.

    “Punch me.” The old lady stared at him with profound, thoughtful eyes.

    “Punch you?” Tang Wulin hesitantly asked, clearly taken aback.

    Although he knew how mighty a Shrek Academy examiner had to be, the old lady before him looked as if she already had one foot in the grave. He doubted that she could take one of his punches.

    My strength surpassed five hundred kilograms long ago, but with Golden Dragon Body, I think it might be over five thousand kilograms!

    “Don’t worry about me,” the old lady said impatiently. “My old bones are quite tough. If you actually kill me, you can just immediately enter the Sea God’s Pavilion.”

    At her words, Tang Wulin s----d in a deep breath and said, “Please be careful then.”

    And he threw a punch at her.


    Tang Wulin suddenly felt something strike his arm, instantly slapping his punch aside.

    “Have you not eaten yet?” the old lady barked in a scolding tone. “Use some strength!”

    The people watching from the sidelines had clearly seen what happened. The moment Tang Wulin’s scaled fist shot out, the old lady casually swatted it away as if it were a housefly!

    Their awareness of his strength only made this sight all the more shocking. Even if it wasn’t a full-power punch, Tang Wulin was still a dragon in human form! Yet… she simply…

    Realizing what had happened, Tang Wulin felt better about punching the old lady. He s----d in a deep breath, his belly seemingly inflating as a sharp whistling sound pierced in the air. His arms swelled with even more power than before, their golden scales shining brilliantly. With a loud grunt, he threw all of that power into an explosive punch directed at the old lady.

    However, this punch was different. A deafening boom rumbled through the room in the wake of his fist, even leaving a golden afterimage.


    His fist came to an abrupt halt in the old lady’s palm.

    The old lady hadn’t moved an inch and was just as expressionless as before. Tang Wulin felt as if he had struck a wall of rubber, all of his force instantly dissipating.


    Tang Wulin felt just as powerless as Xie Xie had. She can actually take my punch without using her martial soul or soul power? She’s crazy strong!

    “Is that all?” the old lady asked dryly. “You’re only this strong?”

    The disappointment in her eyes provoked his sense of pride.

    “I’m even stronger than this,” he declared, preparing his fist once more. Golden tendrils of light danced about as it transformed into a golden dragon claw.

    With Golden Dragon Body activated, low rumbles could be heard radiating from his claw, as if its oppressive magnificence alone was enough to make the air tremble.

    Light flashed through the old lady’s eyes.

    “Come,” she said.

    Breathing in deeply, Tang Wulin hurled his third punch screaming outward.

    This time he held nothing back, pouring all his strength into this punch. Unlike the second punch, his blood howled as all of his blood essence converged on his right arm. The roar of a regal dragon filled the air as he punched. No sonic boom accompanied his fist this time because the air itself parted before its might.

    Although the old lady remained nearly as motionless as before, this time she threw a punch of her own.

    Xie Xie, Gu Yue, and Xu Xiaoyan saw light warp around the old lady as nine resplendent rings of light appeared. Before they could comprehend what was happening, the two fists met.


    Flying backward like an artillery shell, Tang Wulin struck the wall twenty meters behind him, embedding himself into it.

    The old lady remained where she had been standing, unmoving. After a moment, she returned to her seat at the table. “Next.”



    The members of class zero shouted in unison, immediately rushing to his side.

    “I’m fine,” Tang Wulin said with a cough.

    Debris tumbled from the wall as he extricated himself from it.

    This wall is really thick!

    Tang Wulin truly was fine. During the clash of their two fists, he felt as if he were punching a gigantic balloon. A simply overwhelming elastic force had sent him flying into the wall.

    His was more than tough enough to experience being embedded into the wall and walk away unscathed, but still, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Those three punches had depleted him of blood essence, and now his body felt weak.

    Gu Yue helped him up. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

    Tang Wulin nodded. “Relax. I just need to rest for a moment and I’ll be in prime condition. Actually, I guess I’m still a bit hungry.”

    If I had a good meal right now, would my blood essence recover even faster? Too bad there isn’t any food here.

    Preoccupied with Tang Wulin’s condition, the students hadn’t seen the looks of shock painted on the faces of Shen Yi and the other two examiners. Their jaws had dropped.

    Tang Wulin sat on the chair, took in a deep breath, and began using the Mysterious Heaven Method to adjust his soul power and recover his blood essence. His breathing was still a bit rough as his eyes flitted toward the old lady, awe lingering within them.

    Her strength is unfathomable! I don’t think that even Teacher Wu could compare!

    Gu Yue walked to the center of the room, her expression somewhat grim. She did not bow like her three classmates before her. Instead, she simply nodded. “I’m beginning now.”

    Shen Yi frowned. This was the first time someone ever dared act so haughty in front of a Shrek Academy examiner.

    The old lady narrowed her eyes and leaned back in her chair. “Go on then.”

    Gu Yue’s eyes sparkled as three soul rings appeared beneath her, two yellow and one purple. She flipped her hands to form the shape of a bowl with her palms, a yellow light gathering in them a moment later.

    That yellow light was steady and gentle, the characteristics of the earth element.

    The earth element spun within her hands and gradually congealed into a physical form.

    Elemental control. So she’s showing the strength of her spiritual power.

    The three examiners instantly came to the same conclusion.

    However, what happened next challenged their understanding.

    Gu Yue took the ball of yellow light in her left hand, then began sculpting it with her right. Each soft touch of her fingers created a petal, until finally, she held a yellow flower with nine petals.

    The nine-petaled flower spun slowly, its otherworldly nature a mesmerizing sight.

    The middle-aged man on the right gave a slight nod of approval. Elemental-type martial souls were rarely seen, and Gu Yue’s wealth of spiritual power and steadfast control over the element proved impressive. However, this still fell within the boundaries of what was considered normal.

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    Chapter 262

    Title Douluo

    Gu Yue suddenly reached out and grabbed the air, then slowly opened her hand to reveal sparkling specks of blue light. They began to multiply and merge together until a spherical blue light levitated above her palm

    She’s using the water element?

    Just like the earth element, Gu Yue fashioned azure water-element petals from the light ball and floated them above the yellow earth petals. There was one less water petal than earth petals, the two layers occasionally overlapping as they rotated in sync.

    Gu Yue’s three soul rings lit up in turn, each aiding her in a specific manner.

    Dual element control! What a remarkable martial soul! The two middle-aged examiners nodded in approval.

    But it didn’t end there.

    Gu Yue grabbed at the air again. Strands of green light winked into existence and flew in her hand.

    Wind element?

    The two middle-aged examiners leaned forward in anticipation. Dual element soul masters existed in Shrek Academy, but a soul master that wielded three elements was unprecedented!

    More elements was not necessarily better; soul rings usually only affected one element at a time, and it was difficult to control multiple elements as they exerted a greater influence on the body In fact, it was impossible in theory for soul masters to wield so many.

    The green light transformed into a whirlpool in Gu Yue’s hand, condensing into a ball of the same color. It flew above the water petals before separating into seven petals.


    She can actually manipulate three elements, and with such precision and harmony! What skillful control! Her spiritual power and comprehension of the elements must be deep!

    But this was still not the end.

    When Gu Yue clutched at the air once more, the examiner on the right couldn’t help but shoot out of his seat. Even Shen Yi’s eyes widened in disbelief.

    She had witnessed Gu Yue use multiple elements simultaneously before, but not to this degree!

    The air came alive as embers of red light gathered in Gu Yue’s palm. A blink later, a fireball stood in its place. Despite the telltale beads of sweat rolling down her forehead, her eyes were never lost their calm.

    The old lady leaned over slightly, cracks forming in her mask of indifference.

    Four elements? She’s actually controlling four elements!

    The difference between wielding three and four elements was an uncrossable canyon.

    The Douluo Continent’s soul masters all understood that everything was composed of elements. Moreover, earth, wind, water, and fire were the four fundamental elements that made up the world.

    For her to be capable of wielding these four elements, it meant she also possessed the power of creation! . Shrek Academy had records of a three-element soul master, but that person only reached the Soul Sage level before he was overwhelmed by the difficulty of balancing all three elements..

    Legends had it that should the four basic elements ever come into harmony, harnessing their immense power would become possible.

    And she was to wield all four elements in the entirety of Doulou Continent history!

    Gu Yue’s performance won over all the examiners.

    The fire in her hand trembled as all three of her soul rings lit up.

    Not much of each element was used, but in order to give them each a concrete form, she needed to split her mind into four parts, paying attention to the equilibrium between elements.

    The relationships between earth and water, water and wind, and wind and fire strained her mental faculties, with each additional one increasing the burden exponentially!

    Yet, she managed to maintain this fragile balancing act!

    The fire congealed into six blazing petals, blossoming above the previous ones.

    The quad-colored flower slowly spun, a peculiar sight to behold.

    Not to mention the examiners, even the three people most familiar with Gu Yue, the other students of class zero, gaped at her display. Now that her elemental control was so great, she could unleash a four-element fusion attack in battle! Of course, whether she’d have enough time to prepare one in battle was questionable, but the fact that it was possible was a testimony to her skill.

    The examiners knew that Gu Yue had reached the Spirit Sea realm; otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a feat.

    Still, she was not finished. Gu Yue clawed and grasped at the air for the fifth time.

    This time, even the old lady couldn’t help but stand up. There’s still more?

    The light beaming in through the windows became tiny golden specks, all converging in Gu Yue’s hand. However, she did not force them into petals, but instead, spun them around the four-colored flower.

    “I present this to you!” She raised her head, shooting her gaze at the elderly lady like a laser beam. Suddenly, the flower vanished from her palm in a flash of silver light, reappearing before her target.

    “Careful.” Shen Yi cried out in alarm.

    No longer controlled by a soul master, the four elements composing the flower descended into chaos and could explode at any moment!

    Gu Yue was fully aware of this fact, but chose to do so through a grudge. She did not like that the woman had harmed Tang Wulin.

    The old lady’s surprise quickly dissipated and she bent her lips into a smile, waving her arm, billowing sleeves trailing behind. A crescent moon appeared behind her, shining down upon the flower.

    Nine soul rings rose from beneath her.

    This time, the four students of class zero could make out their levels.

    Four purple, four black, and one red. Power rolled off her body as the soul rings surrounded her.

    The moment the moonlight engulfed it, the flower froze in place, as if caught in a trance. Then, ever so slowly, it melted away. The elements returned to their origin. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

    Nine rings! She’s a Title Douluo!

    It was class zero’s turn to shoot out of their seats.

    All of the children trembled with shock.

    Nine rings! She’s a nine-ringed Title Douluo! I-is that a legendary hundred-thousand-year soul ring? Heavens! She has a hundred-thousand-year soul ring!

    She’s a Title Douluo… This Shrek Academy examiner is a Title Douluo!

    Their hearts were all thrown into pandemonium. Even the calm Gu Yue had a lifeless look in her eyes.

    To annihilate a four-element explosive flower in an instant, the same flower that took Gu Yue five minutes and over sixty percent of her power to create, spoke volumes of the old lady’s strength. She hadn’t even used her full power!

    “Good, good, good!” A grin was plastered on the old lady’s face as she turned to Shen Yi. “Zhuo Shi did quite well to have me extend the exam period for these kids. This girl doesn’t need to take the following trials. Let’s have her directly enter the inner court. Even I can’t help myself at the thought of a six-element soul master. This has to be a first in the entire history of the continent!” The old lady walked over to Gu Yue and looked her up and down.

    “Girl, do you want to become my disciple?” she asked with a smile.

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    Chapter 263

    I Don’t Want To!

    “Girl, do you want to become my disciple?” she asked with a smile.

    Gu Yue was taken aback, but immediately shook her head. “I don’t want to.”

    “You don’t want to?” The old lady was dumbstruck. “Why?”

    “No reason. I just don’t want to.”

    “Gu Yue, don’t speak like that.” Shen Yi quickly approached to reprimand her. “Do you have any idea who this is? Elder Cai is an elder of Shrek Academy’s most guarded Sea God’s Pavilion. Her title is Silver Moon. She’s the Silver Moon Douluo that stands at the summit of the continent! You’re lucky to have the chance to become her disciple!”

    Obviously, none of the students were familiar with of this esteemed old lady before.

    However, the mere mention of the Silver Moon Douluo sent shivers down countless people’s spines.

    Six years ago, she had a reputation throughout the continent as a heaven-shaking eccentric, yielding to no one and always doing as she pleased. Her common rampages had flipped the entire soul master world upside down. Peace only returned to the continent when Shrek Academy dispatched people to retrieve her. Like so, she vanished without a trace from the public’s eyes.

    Gu Yue met Shen Yi’s eyes, but she gnawed at her lip, shaking her head again. “She hit Wulin so I don’t want to be her disciple.”

    Neither Elder Cai nor Shen Yi had expected this to be Gu Yue’s problem! Her petulant behavior was actually fueled by Elder Cai’s punch that had sent Tang Wulin flying.

    Disgruntled, Elder Cai said, “Nonsense! That kid’s claw is special! If I hadn’t used some strength to send him flying, his claw would have gripped my old bones and injured me. I didn’t even harm him.”

    The two middle-aged examiners were stunned at the elder’s outburst. There’s an apology hidden in her words! She’s actually apologizing to a thirteen-year-old kid?

    Gu Yue turned to face Tang Wulin.

    “Gu Yue, I’m fine! Really! Think about this carefully!” The words tumbled out of Tang Wulin’s mouth, clumsily and without grace. He understood how great an opportunity this was.

    Gu Yue turned back to Elder Cai, her eyes earnest. “Wherever they are, I will also be. We won’t be separated. If they enter the inner court, then I’ll enter too.”

    “Why are you such a handful? Fine, have it your way then. I don’t care anymore.” Elder Cai flicked her sleeve before storming off.

    Elder Cai’s fury shocked Shen Yi. A moment later, she quickly followed to explain on behalf of the students, but Elder Cai would not have it.

    Tang Wulin approached Gu Yue, tugging her arm. “Why did you do that? Why did you let such an amazing chance slip away? Didn’t you see how strong that Elder Cai is? She’s a nine-ringed Title Douluo! And her weakest soul ring is still at the thousand-year level! She even has a hundred-thousand-year red soul ring! Do you have any idea how rare people at her level are on this continent? I can’t believe you turned down her offer.”

    Gu Yue met his gaze, the pools of her eyes swirling with honest intention. “She hit you so I’m not happy.

    These simple words put a lid on Tang Wulin’s mouth. Meanwhile, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan pulled strange faces.

    Xie Xie couldn’t help but say, “You know, I always thought I was prideful, but now I know what true arrogance is. Gu Yue, you’re so awesome!”

    Xu Xiaoyan laughed. “Big sis Gu Yue is so honest. Really…”

    Tang Wulin sighed within his heart. Will this affect our exam? That Elder Cai seems to be really influential in Shrek Academy. Is there anything good waiting for us now that we’ve offended her?

    Sure enough, Shen Yi returned moments later with an ashen expression. She pointed a trembling finger at Gu Yue. “You! Who do you think you are? Do you know how many people dream of the chance to become Elder Cai’s disciple?”

    Gu Yue remained silent, her head lowered. She had already given Tang Wulin her only explanation; there would be nothing else coming out of those lips.
    Anxious, Tang Wulin said, “I’m sorry, it was our fault. Gu Yue is a bit tired right now so she’s not thinking properly. Teacher Shen Yi, can we still continue with the exam?”

    Shen Yi sighed. “Your exam should finish here, but you can all continue. I’ve notified Teacher already, so hopefully he can placate Elder Cai’s rage. Let’s go now.”

    In a quick shuffle, she led them out of the large hall and into the depths of the school building.

    “The fifth trial tests your talent. Well, more like your second profession,” Shen Yi said.

    Xie Xie asked full of confidence, “Teacher Shen, how many points did we get for the fourth trial?”

    “Zero points. You all got zero points.” Shen Yi glared at him.

    “Zero points? Isn’t that too little? Even if we weren’t amazing, shouldn’t we still go some points? Or are you telling me Shrek Academy can’t be impartial? Is this because we offended that Elder Cai?” Xie Xie nearly exploded on the spot when he heard their score. This was a major setback! Moreover, he felt that their performance had been quite spectacular!

    Shen Yi swept a deep gaze at them. “In Shrek Academy, the Sea God’s Pavilion makes the rules. If Elder Cai says you get zero points, then you get zero points. No one can dispute it, not even another elder. And now that you’ve scored zero points, you can’t enter the inner court even if you’re absolutely amazing in the later trials.” Her eyes shifted to Gu Yue. “Do you understand the consequences of impulsiveness now?”

    Gu Yue did not retort, following Tang Wulin in silence.

    They soon arrived at another chamber. It was about the same size as the previous one, but there were tables spread out across this room, mountains of of miscellaneous items littered all over.

    After surveying the room, Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. Among the many tables was one suited for blacksmithing.

    However, his elation was short lasting. Sitting behind the examiner’s table was a familiar figure. It was the elder who had stormed off in the previous trial. Elder Cai. She sneered at him when their eyes met.

    “Elder Cai, you..” Shen Yi was at a loss for words.

    Elder Cai snorted. “For the fifth trial, you all score zero points.”

    Rage bubbled to the surface of Gu Yue’s eyes at Elder Cai’s words, but just as she was about to lash out, Tang Wulin pulled her behind him. Then, he directed a forceful look at Xie Xie to stop him from speaking out too.

    This was Shrek Academy, the home turf of Elder Cai. It would be pointless to argue against her here.

    “Elder Cai, isn’t this a bit too much…” Shen Yi made an expression of helplessness and surprise. Although Elder Cai was famed for being an eccentric, righteousness was not part of her character. In the years where she had been stirring up trouble across the continent, she had acted a bit too excessively. Otherwise Shrek Academy wouldn’t have dispatched people to retrieve her.

    But her current conduct…

    “Don’t say I didn’t give Zhuo Shi any face. If they do well in the following trials, they will still be able to enter the inner court despite scoring zero twice. If not, they can go back to where they came from.”

    Zero points. We got zero points again. Tang Wulin didn’t know how many trials there were, but this was already their fifth one. The burden would be hard to overcome. Just what is the passing score?

    When Gu Yue squirmed behind him, he restrained her with an iron grip. It would be stupid to infuriate Elder Cai any further. He suppressed his fury for the sake of the team. As the captain, he couldn’t act first and think later. The future of his team depended on him.

    Shen Yi’s face twisted into a mask of ugliness and she didn’t move until a while later.

    She knew that the entrance exam had ten trials, each testing something different and awarding a maximum of ten points. The highest score possible was one hundred points, with sixty needed to enter the outer court. On the other hand, entry to the inner court required at least eighty-five points scored.

    Normally in every outer-court entrance exam cycle, one or two outstanding individuals would make it into the inner court. It was a tremendous challenge to do so.

    Now that the students of class zero had lost twenty possible points, they had no choice but to score exceptionally in all of the following trials! However, these trials were no laughing matter.

    Shrek Academy’s entrance exam was comprehensive. Although they had done well in the first three trials, that did not necessarily mean they would be as lucky in the rest. The upcoming trials all tested different aspects of their ability, not just their combat strength.

    Shen Yi did not criticize Gu Yue. There was no point in doing that now.

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