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    Gu yue must be the beast that awakened in the beginning

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    Nice work

    I think Gu yue is the beast that awakened

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    I think u gotten enough comments, what is still holding thé updates.

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    Chapter 681

    Extreme Disorder Splitting Wind

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Tang Wulin used the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer technique whereas Long Yue unleashed a set of lancing techniques. Both of them fought remarkably well. With their head-on collisions, they truly challenged each other. Every intense explosion made the competition stage vibrate greatly. The situation was unlike two humans battling, it was more like two giant beasts clashing.

    By means of his Golden Dragon body, the speed of Tang Wulin’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer together with its strength increased.

    When they first began battling, he was sent flying like a spinning top each time he collided with Long Yue. Now, with the aid of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer, Tang Wulin’s strength had gradually and surprisingly become on par with Long Yue’s.

    The collisions between the two opponents increased in intensity. The densely packed bumps on Long Yue’s body were like mountains constantly spattering rocks and other objects that turned into light before vanishing in the air.

    En Ci sat at the platform. As he watched the scene on the competition stage, he felt out of sorts as well.

    He had never thought that there would be a person that was able to fight Long Yue head-on in terms of strength. Also, the cultivation base of his opponent was lower than Long Yue’s.

    Shrek Academy’s standing exceeded expectations, and it also had a reputation for nurturing monsters. For a fifteen-year-old to improve his strength to such an extent could only be described as a marvel.

    “Nice, nice!” Long Yue broke into laughter. Ever since he was accomplished in his cultivation base, he had yet to meet a match in terms of strength. Even some seven-ring or eight-ring assault system Soul Masters were unable to firmly suppress him in terms of strength.

    But currently, Tang Wulin was fighting him head to head. It was purely a collision of strengths between them. This match allowed Long Yue to fight without inhibition.

    When one was strong, one would hope to have an opponent that was equally strong. Only then could one unleash one’s maximum power to constantly improve oneself.

    In fact, even Tang Wulin felt that he could fight without having to worry about restraining himself. The tremendous energy in his body had, under the absorption of the Golden Dragon King bloodline and the cultivation method of Body Sect, improved to a doughty extent. Even he was unaware as to what level his body’s strength could attain. He had an inkling that his strength had exceeded five thousand kilograms of force.

    Today, when he collided head on with Long Yue, he felt the magical effect of his strength. The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer had stimulated his strength fully. With the addition of his two large hammers, he could feel the warmth of confidence that flowed through his whole body. The energy hidden within his bones, bloodline and internal organs were completely aroused.

    His body, which was awakened for the second time through Body Sect’s cultivation, had unveiled his explosive energy perfectly.

    In the waiting area, Dai Yueyan’s gaze was slightly out of focus. When he lost the match a few days ago, his condition had deteriorated much since then.

    As the crown prince, how could he not have felt disappointed for losing such an important match? If he could do it all over, he would have donned his battle armor the moment he got on the stage, suppressed Tang Wulin with his greatest speed, and defeated him.

    Nonetheless, when he saw Tang Wulin battling with Long Yue now, he understood that the Tang Wulin he faced the other day was not an opponent who had given it his all.

    When Tang Wulin unleashed the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer strike after heavy strike, could he have blocked them even if he had donned his battle armor?

    He, too, had many spars with Long Yue. However, throughout those sparring sessions, Long Yue had never used any weapon. But today, Tang Wulin had just got on the stage, and he had surprisingly forced Long Yue into using his double pointed lance.

    So, Long Yue had such a weapon ability as well. Although the lance was not used for agile attacks, the intensity of its dominance was something that he had witnessed for the first time in his life. With every t----t, the lance would split the air, merge seamlessly with Long Yue’s own dominance and the soul skill Mountain, and together crash his opponent like a big crumbling mountain.

    However, when Tang Wulin faced Long Yue, his weapons turned into mountain-breaking hammers. He shattered the lofty mountains that came at him ceaselessly.

    ‘Can I do this?’ Dai Yueyan asked himself. In terms of strength, even if he had worn his battle armor, he could not have accomplished this.

    There was only a handful who learned Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer because of its strength requirements that were overly high. Many viewed it as a hammering technique that was used in forging only. Besides, it was too difficult to control. Even among the blacksmiths, very few would opt to learn this.

    Dai Yueyan was also a Tang Sect disciple. Naturally, he had seen this hammering technique before. However, he never imagined that in this battle, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer could surprisingly be used to unleash such a shocking effect.

    This was a battle style that could not be mastered by humans! It was impossible for a typical human Soul Master to attain Tang Wulin’s level. However, what if it was a mecha? If one could control the mecha well, perhaps it would be possible to achieve it then.

    As the prince, not only did he have to think about his battle strength, but he had to consider the Empire’s future developments too. Martial power was the most important factor among them all.

    Tang Wulin’s battle style had created an opportunity for him. Many a time, there were areas in the military whereby miracles were created by modifying the battle techniques and applying them to the military.

    When he thought about this, Dai Yueyan suddenly realized that he was no longer depressed. Instead, there was some anxiety regarding Tang Wulin’s performance today. After all, losing a match because your opponent was too strong or because of your own mistakes was different altogether.

    “Boom!” Tang Wulin swung his hammers for the thirty-sixth time. He had made the Mountain Dragon King retreat for the very first time. Long Yue took two steps backward, the lance in his hands gave off a series of buzzes.

    “Good, again!” Long Yue howled furiously. His body swelled up and he took another step forward. This time, he used his lance as a long stick. He gripped his lance with both hands and struck down as he aimed for Tang Wulin’s skull.

    The dragon roar from Tang Wulin’s body sounded loudly, and the pair of giant hammers in his hands swung horizontally, his thirty-seventh strike.

    When he swung both his hammers this time, Tang Wulin felt hollow inside. A feeling that he could not control welled up inside him.

    ‘Not good, I’m about to reach my limit!’

    He who was intimately familiar with the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer felt that his body was almost at its limits.

    Under normal circumstances, with his current abilities, he could unleash the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer until the fifty-fourth strike. But, what he had in his arms right now were not forging hammers! They were super warhammers that were hundreds of times heavier than forging hammers. Even though he was using this pair of warhammers with the Golden Dragon Body, it was still taxing on his stamina and soul power. His arms began to ache and were going limp with fatigue. Every strike of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer would drain his strength further. Tang Wulin knew that he was about to reach his limits and lose control.

    “Boom!” They collided again.

    This time, Long Yue was sent retreating backwards for a full five steps before he managed to steady himself. His arms were shaking. He raised his lance high and exposed his chest.

    On the other hand, Tang Wulin’s body spun at high speed with the momentum he had built up. In the next instant, the pair of warhammers in his hands flew out of his grasps. Like meteors that chased after the moon, they flew straight toward Long Yue’s chest.

    Currently, Long Yue was retreating at a blinding speed under the guidance of an immense force. He raised his arms and seemed to have no energy left to block those warhammers. At the thirty-eighth strike, their force was more powerful than before. If this pair of giant hammers struck true on his body…

    The audience held their breaths. They had seen the overwhelming force produced by the collision of the two opponents. If Long Yue took a direct hit from the pair of warhammers of humongous proportion, even he would have a hard time bearing the brunt of it.

    “Rivers!” Long Yue growled with a deep voice. The second soul ring on his body shone. In the end, he could not help but activate his second soul skill.

    Huge torrents surged forth from the skies and the ground. The entire competition stage had turned into a place where countless rivers intersected each other.

    One river washed against the giant hammers. Nevertheless, the strong flowing waters could not stop the hammers. The giant hammers passed through the water to appear in front of Long Yue’s chest.

    “Swamps!” His third soul ring shone again. A dark brownish glow increased in size instantly. The forward charge of the giant hammers was finally slowed. Although they still passed through the swamps, by the time they landed on Long Yue’s chest, their speeds had slowed down tremendously.

    “Boom!” Long Yue’s colossal body was sent flying like a cannonball by the force of the impact. He flew straight for more than a hundred meters to crash directly onto the soul barrier and rebounded off it.

    The double pointed lance in his grasp stabbed the ground, and he did a somersault before landing steadily on his feet. By then, Long Yue’s breathing had become slightly ragged.

    At the moment, Tang Wulin’s body had just stopped spinning. His face was slightly pale, and he was taking deep breaths to regulate his breathing so that his bloodline and soul power could be spurred into recovering quickly.

    The collision which seemed short had directly brought the match to its c----x. At least, on the surface, it seemed that Long Yue had taken many losses. He was surprisingly sent flying by Tang Wulin’s hammers. Although it was uncertain if he was injured, those giant hammers could still make an impact. It might be just a scratch, but it would still not be pleasant.

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    Chapter 682


    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    ‘Is that guy even human?”That pair of giant hammers can’t be solid, right?’ Questions like these arose in the hearts of countless members of the audience.

    Tang Wulin shook his arms slightly. The giant hammers and their thirty-eighth Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer had pushed him to his limit. Even with his incredible strength, constant pangs of ache and pain shot through his arms.

    ‘I haven’t even hurt him after all that. This guy is way too strong.’

    Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. He suddenly took a great step forward and picked up his two giant hammers from the ground. With a flash, he returned them back into his storage bracelet.

    ‘I can’t use them anymore. My arms can no longer take it. Even if I used them again, I wouldn’t be able to recreate the same effects.’

    For his part, Long Yue also drew a deep breath. His chest which was slightly indented by the hammers puffed up once again. He held his double-pointed lance in one hand and raised his other hand. He extended a thumbs-up toward Tang Wulin.

    In the battle of brute strength, he had come up slightly short. He had to admit it.

    Tang Wulin’s arms were killing him, but he was not exactly in the best of shape either. The enhancement of strength from the Mountain Dragon King was already extremely terrifying in itself, and his cultivation base was far superior to Tang Wulin’s, but he still lost in a match of strength.

    His eyes gradually turned red. Tang Wulin’s power had aroused Long Yue’s fighting spirit. Initially, he was of the opinion that there was no opponent in this Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition who could fight at his level, which was why he lacked interest all this while. He started becoming more driven after the arrival of the group from Shrek Academy. Nevertheless, their age gap was clear for all to see. Even if the strengths that Tang Wulin and the others had displayed were truly outstanding, Long Yue had not taken them seriously as opponents. After all, he himself was no longer comparable to his own peers.

    “I’m getting serious now!” came Long Yue’s deep voice.

    Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. He extended his arms to his sides. Sparks of starlight stretched and spiraled around. Starting from his Golden Dragon Claws, they continued spreading upward.

    The golden armor rolled over his claws, arms, and shoulders. Under the glow of the dazzling starlight, it merged with his body.

    After the pauldrons came the breastplate. The breastplate protected his chest, but there was no sign of a core component. According to the design of this set of battle armor which Gu Yue made for Tang Wulin, the location of the core component was at the abdomen.

    Yes, only a few days had passed, and Tang Wulin had another breastplate. He now had five pieces of battle armor. Although he was still a few pieces short of a complete set, he was getting increasingly closer to that goal.

    On the platform, Dai Tianling looked at the stage with confusion. “Why did he let go of his weapons? Didn’t those hammers give him the upper hand?”

    En Ci said drily, “Yes, I didn’t expect Tang Wulin to be able to gain the upper hand in terms of strength. I’ve forgotten how long it has been since Long Yue lost to his opponent in terms of strength. However, Tang Wulin was only able to achieve that with the pair of giant hammers and Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer after all. Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer and the pair of giant hammers placed a great burden on his body. If he continued to use them, his arms would have been done for. Besides, he himself could no longer control such an immense force.”

    “I see.” Dai Tianling was only hit with a sudden realization now.

    Elder Cai sat there, wearing a poker face from the beginning until the end. It was as if the current match on the competition stage had absolutely nothing to do with her.

    In the waiting area, the team members from both sides were watching this match anxiously. When Long Yue was sent flying by the hammers, Dai Yun’er could not help but shriek. In her heart, Long Yue was undefeatable! But in that instant, her heart was already at her throat.

    “Mountains!” On the competition stage, Long Yue shouted again. Lofty mountains rose from the ground.

    “Rivers!” Great rivers formed a crisscross network among the mountains. It was like a classical landscape painting.

    Tang Wulin felt that amidst these mountains and rivers, he had become insignificant. It was as if he had turned into a grain of dust in the world.

    Long Yue disappeared among the mountains and rivers. There was nothing, but endless pressure from all directions.

    This place no longer seemed like the competition stage. It now looked like they were in a different world, a world in which Long Yue was the overlord.

    Could his soul skills really merge with each other to produce this otherworldly ability?

    As Tang Wulin felt fear creep into his heart, the mountains around him started crumbling. Chunks of colossal rocks fell from the skies and crashed down toward him. On the ground, the great Yangtze River surged madly and rolled straight to where he stood.

    Even if he knew that all these were only illusions, the immense pressure was not in the least fake. It was so powerful!

    He inhaled deeply. The golden light in Tang Wulin’s eyes intensified. Shortly after, a wild roar sounded. A faint shadow suddenly detached itself from his body.

    ‘Since this is an illusory world, I’ll fight illusion with illusion.’

    A huge figure appeared behind Tang Wulin, roaring furiously toward the heavens. It sent out a vibration so strong that the mountains and rivers rippled like water. The lashing force paused, then its huge tail swept sideways and instantly sent the mountain rocks around him flying in all directions.

    This was a giant Overlord Dragon that was more than sixty meters in height. As soon as it appeared, it brought with it a pressure that seemed to bear down on the entire world.

    Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly, and his body flashed with golden light. A golden vine transformed into a dragon. It carried his body and shot into the heavens. As it brought him into the skies, the golden figure increased in size and the continued merging with his bloodline aura. The golden dragon hovered in midair. Loud and sonorous dragon roars sounded. It shook the mountains and rivers so hard that they started crumbling.


    Finally, everything turned into bubbles and vanished all around him. The Overlord Dragon and the golden dragon disappeared, along with the mountains and rivers as well.

    A purple light flickered within Tang Wulin’s eyes. On the other side, the blood-red glow in Long Yue’s eyes was also extraordinarily bright.

    But in the eyes of the audience, the two of them were just standing there as they stared at each other as if nothing had ever happened.

    Long Yue had a cultivation base of six rings. Although he was already a Soul Emperor, he still had a long way to go before his power reached the true level of realms. The clash just now was a collision of spirits between the two opponents in which they merged their spiritual powers and their own personal experiences.

    Tang Wulin was obviously weaker than Long Yue in his spiritual cultivation base. The Golden Dragon King bloodline suppressed the Mountain Dragon King, and this was what made the collision between their spirits evenly matched!

    “Nice!” Long Yue shouted.

    “Swamps!” The land turned muddy. This time, it was not illusory. Tang Wulin leaped into the air to evade it, but the swamp surged upward and chased after his body. It was as if it wanted to swallow him within itself.

    Tang Wulin dared not slack off. His golden soul rings switched to his four soul rings. Tendrils of Bluesilver Grass were released and lashed at the swamp underneath him. Just like when he was fighting the Devil Soul Great White Sharks in the ocean, he ceaselessly whipped the swamp with his Bluesilver Grass. With blinding speed, he pounced in Long Yue’s direction.

    Long Yue snorted. He t----t the double-pointed lance in his hands directly into the ground. He twisted it, and the giant dragon’s illusory shadow appeared behind him again.

    His soul skills were more powerful than the previous ones. If it had been any other soul master with a four-ringed cultivation base, he would have already been completely overwhelmed by now, but Tang Wulin’s bloodline was truly unique. It was so unusual that Long Yue was astonished to find that he was unable to suppress him. His soul skills did not have the desired effects on Tang Wulin.

    If that had been the case, then he would have crushed him with brute strength.

    Tang Wulin was almost upon Long Yue. Bluesilver Grass vines swarmed outward like bees. His fourth soul ring lit up for the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation.

    The enormous Overlord Dragon head appeared behind him. Every Bluesilver Grass vine had instantly become as thick as huge dragons. They flew toward Long Yue and coiled around him.

    The shocking thing was that Long Yue did not dodge them. He allowed the vines to entangle his body. Tang Wulin’s pair of Golden Dragon Claws also arrived in the next moment and struck toward his chest.

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    Chapter 683

    The Horror

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    “Unmovable as the Mountain!” Long Yue roared aloud. His entire person suddenly turned lofty.

    Tang Wulin’s pair of Golden Dragon Claws clawed into his back, yet it felt like he was grabbing onto an enormous mountain. Although there were stone chips scattering everywhere, he could feel excruciating pain pulsing through his arms, and the intense reaction blew Tang Wulin away.

    Tang Wulin felt horrified in his heart. Based on his experience, he immediately understood what happened. The so-called Unmovable as the Mountain was the product of Long Yue fusing himself with his first soul skill, Mountain.

    Could this be done? It seemed soul skills could be used in such a manner. The Mountain could be used on the outside, but also on the inside. He was the mountain, Unmovable like the Mountain!

    “Surge as the River!” Long Yue moved just then. The mountain grew larger, pushing away the Bluesilver Emperor vines. His right fist suddenly flung forward with a ball of piercing blue radiance. Long Yue seemed to have turned into a great surging river and slid out of Tang Wulin’s grasp.

    The terrifying force charged nine times against Tang Wulin’s body. Tang Wulin could only summon the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens in a desperate attempt to withstand Long Yue’s barrage.

    Despite his efforts, the force was truly too powerful, like the mighty torrent that crashed against the shore. Tang Wulin’s battle was emitting golden light with streams of starlight coiling around, yet the terrifying force of the impact still blew him away.

    Fresh blood poured out from Tang Wulin’s mouth. He felt as if his body had been smashed into smithereens, and his internal organs were being tossed and turned about. He feared that without the battle armor’s protection, one blow would have been enough to end the fight.

    Long Yue was too powerful! He was crushing Tang Wulin with his cultivation base alone. He had a six-ringed Soul Emperor’s cultivation base in addition to his powerful Mountain Dragon King martial soul. Was Tang Wulin completely helpless against his attacks?

    Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and, with great effort, he aroused his bloodline’s aura to keep himself from falling to the ground.

    Long Yue swayed his body. In the next moment, he had vanished in a ghastly manner. His entire person seemed to have fused into the ground.

    Soon after, a pillar of dark brown mud surged out from below. It engulfed Tang Wulin’s body like a muddy geyser without warning.

    Tang Wulin could only release vines of Bluesilver Grass to guard the area surrounding his body, but the muddy swamp’s power was pulling him in.

    His bloodline source was powerful, but the huge disparity between his cultivation base and Long Yue’s was quite apparent.

    Of course, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline was more powerful than the Mountain Dragon King Bloodline, but he did not possess the whole Golden Dragon King Bloodline. He had only broken five seals up to this day. Thus, he could only bring his imposing manner to Long Yue, but not substantial compelling force.

    The terrifying attack produced from Long Yue’s own body fused with his soul skill was already similar to a soul master’s martial soul avatar. In fact, his was even more powerful than that. The Mountain Dragon King’s ability was vividly displayed by him.

    He was completely surrounded by the mud. Tang Wulin released his soul skills one by one in an attempt to struggle free, but the horrible mud was suffocating him in darkness.

    This was truly too horrendous. He could finally sense the enormous disparity of their cultivation bases. If he had six soul rings, six soul skills and had broken through even more Golden Dragon King Seals, perhaps he could really compete against Long Yue with his natural endowments. It was too late for that right now.

    Just like how everybody else had determined, at the age of twenty Long Yue was almost peerless among humans.

    “Boom!” The tornado-like swamp dropped from the sky and slammed ferociously onto the ground, pinning Tang Wulin down. Great blasts of mud pressed him onto the spot.

    Soon after, a mountain suddenly bored out from below and pushed his body up. He was raised to the top of the protective shield at two hundred meters high.

    Long Yue’s figure was revealed. The mountain and mud had all disappeared while Tang Wulin’s body dropped down from the sky like a stone.

    That was an altitude of two hundred meters! Long Yue’s huge tail broke out and lashed onto Tang Wulin’s body just as he was about to arrive on the ground surface. He was hit so hard that he was catapulted skyward and crashed into the protective shield before he fell back onto the ground.

    It all happened within a few short seconds. The entire process had utterly no transition from the moment Long Yue started fusing his soul skill with his body until Tang Wulin was completely engulfed.

    Tang Wulin was completely overwhelmed such that he did not even stand any chance against Long Yue who started the attacks with all his power.

    It was truly terrifying!

    These were the words that were most suitable to describe Long Yue. Even the Star Luo Empire’s common people could not help gasping in fear after witnessing such a battle scene.

    This was definitely not something that could be achieved by an ordinary person! The red glow in Long Yue’s eyes was turning brighter with time while the wild aura was beginning to burst out from his body.

    Usually, He had rarely devoted all his effort to a fight. Not that he was reluctant, but he found it very difficult for him to control his emotion once he had entered the state of focusing all his power for battle.

    It was just like the catastrophe that was unleashed when the Mountain Dragon King’s oppressed emotion burst out.

    Hence, the Long Yue who usually appeared easy going was in reality, Madman Long. He was the person who would sink into madness when he devoted all his strength to launch his power.

    Even the most formidable would have some kind of issue. The world was supposed to be balanced. Long Yue was strong but he also had this tremendous problem at the same time.

    It was Tang Wulin who was about to face this problem of his at this exact moment.

    His internal organs were burning and all of his bones seemed to have broken in half, but Tang Wulin still remained conscious. The intense agony made him clearly sense the surging of blood in his body. He turned over with great effort and slowly got up with his arms outstretched to support his body.

    ‘I haven’t lost; I haven’t lost yet!’ The idea sustained his body while a tinge of blood color made its way into his eyes.

    Then, he saw an enormous figure was walking in his direction.

    It was Long Yue, his body now filled with ferocity.

    Tang Wulin raised his head and looked up at Long Yue. His gaze was indomitable and determined.

    He relied on not only his power but also his companions’ help in order to come as far as he had. Ye Xinglan gave up her own match at all costs in order to ensure that he could become more powerful to resist Long Yue. She devoted all her effort to help him forge battle armor. Otherwise, how could he have three more pieces of battle armor in such a short period of time?

    Yuanen Yehui took the initiative to give up on the match between Tang Wulin and herself, so she could give him the opportunity to fight Long Yue.

    He held his companions’ hope and the honor of Shrek Academy in his hands. How could he allow himself to lose?

    The intense fighting spirit aroused Tang Wulin’s body. He flung out his hands abruptly as he focused all his strength into his right Golden Dragon Claw.

    Five streams of golden lights cut through the sky and had already slashed straight into Long Yue who was standing in front of him.

    ‘He can still attack?’

    Everyone on the audience platform was shocked by witnessing the scene. ‘What sort of willpower was this?! How could he still attack after suffering from such severe injuries?’

    “Oh no!” On the spectator stand, En Ci’s expression changed.

    He understood his disciple all too well. The series of flare-ups earlier had already triggered Long Yue’s feral nature. After so many years of continuous cultivation, Long Yue had been attempting to maintain his emotions with great effort so that he did not lose control.

    The red color in his eyes had already started fading away when he was walking toward Tang Wulin. This signified that he had already got his emotions in check. He should be able to exercise control over himself as long as Tang Wulin accepted his defeat or stopped resisting.

    However, En Ci had never expected that Tang Wulin, to still be able to launch an attack under such circumstances after being so severely injured, what more such a powerful technique.

    Long Yue raised his right leg almost subconsciously, using it to block the Golden Dragon Claw.

    Five streams of dark golden light sliced five deep cuts onto his knee. His hulking ten-meter tall body shook involuntarily. The intense agony made Long Yue roar in rage. Then, in front of the entire enraptured audience, he raised his massive right leg of his to stomp onto Tang Wulin.

    En Ci could have dashed outside immediately when he realized that something bad was about to happen, but instead he hesitated for a moment.

    Tang Wulin came from Shrek Academy. There was no doubt that he was the most powerful student in the age group of fifteen years old. Moreover, En Ci could tell from his previous battles that his bloodline power was even capable of producing some suppressing effect on Long Yue. Under such circumstances, he would undoubtedly become a huge threat in the future if he were to grow. He could even possibly become just like that person and suppress the entire Star Luo Empire’s soul masters’ world.

    Should this kind of person truly be allowed to exist in this world?

    Thus, En Ci hesitated. In the end, he did not do anything to stop Long Yue. Thus, Long Yue’s went ahead and stomped onto Tang Wulin’s body.

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    Chapter 684

    Mu Ye’s Return

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Cries of alarm echoed through the entire Star Luo Coliseum. Shrek Academy’s contingent dashed out from the waiting area promptly.

    Even Dai Yun’er could not help covering her dainty mouth. Her gaze was filled with fear.

    Madman Long, he was Madman Long!

    The audience saw blood splattering all over when he stepped onto Tang Wulin. Even a steel bar would be deformed from such a heavy stomp!

    Madman Long did not seem to be satisfied yet. His right leg was raised again and soon, he stomped ferociously on Tang Wulin’s body again.

    Meanwhile, a figure dashed toward the competition stage in a hurry. A stream of red light flashed past as he moved to the front of the soul protective shield which was breached by force to everyone’s surprise.

    The figure slammed angrily into Long Yue just as his right leg was about to stomp on Tang Wulin for the second time.

    A shocking scene ensued. Long Yue’s enormous body was blown away instantly toward the other side of the competition stage from the impact.

    On the audience platform, En Ci’s body swayed once, and he appeared on the competition stage in the next moment. He blocked the figure that knocked Long Yue away.

    “Who are you? How dare you make trouble in Star Luo City?” En Ci clasped his hands behind his back. His transcendent powerful aura burst forth from his body. In a flash, the entire competition stage’s soul protective shield was shattered instantly to everyone’s amazement.

    The individual was suspended in midair as he looked at En Ci coldly. There was a three-meter long epee in his right hand. The epee’s color was blood red while his skin was a ghastly dark golden color as he stared at En Ci grimly, with an aura no less inferior to En Ci’s.

    En Ci was astonished as he was the number one man who deserved his title Rank-98 Title Douluo. He was the absolute powerhouse, yet, the person before him had an aura that was no lesser than his. How high was the person’s cultivation base?

    Elder Cai had already flown out when Long Yue stamped on Tang Wulin the first time, but the unknown individual managed to arrive first despite moving later. Hence, Elder Cai arrived on the competition stage a moment later, right behind the mysterious individual.

    The mystery person who came was no other than Body Sect’s sect master Mu Ye!

    For the time being, Shrek Academy’s contingent had made their way near the competition stage. Nonetheless, the aura on the competition stage was so horrendous that there was no way they could approach it.

    Gu Yue’s hands and even her lips were quivering. She felt a crushing pain in her heart when Long Yue stepped on Tang Wulin with his foot.

    “Roar…” Long Yue had already stood up from the ground afar. His eyes had completely turned a bright red, and he was rushing wildly toward Mu Ye. The aura on his body was growing stronger and his fourth soul ring was about to glow.

    “Enough!” En Ci stretched out to slap the back of his hand. A stream of golden light descended from the sky and enshrouded Long Yue’s body like a chain, binding him so he could no longer move.

    “Is this a match?” Elder Cai’s furious voice echoed.

    En Ci had an apologetic expression on his face. “There’s a possibility of losing control when Long Yue’s martial soul is used at full force. In any case, everyone had signed the death disclaimer form in the individual match. I’m truly sorry. Save Tang Wulin first.”

    Mu Ye looked at him coldly. “Very well.”

    He only uttered those two words when he tossed the epee in his right hand. The red epee transformed into a stream of red light and vanished silently into thin air. He descended from the sky landing beside Tang Wulin. He pressed his right hand onto his body and carried out a simple examination. Then, he picked up Tang Wulin cautiously.

    There was no word fit to describe Tang Wulin’s condition at the moment. The battle armor on his body had disappeared and fused into his body once again. His chest had collapsed. It was apparent that his sternum was crushed. The golden scales on his body had a fading radiance. There was blood all around the surrounding area. He was worse than dead.

    Mu Ye picked up Tang Wulin and turned to take another glance at En Ci. Then, he transformed into a stream of light that shimmered once before vanishing.

    The Douluo Continent delegation leader Tang Bingyao stood up on the audience platform. He looked toward Dai Tianling. “Your Highness, I wish to ask for an explanation. Why didn’t you stop Long Yue from killing when it was obvious that he had an absolute advantage under the circumstance that his martial soul couldn’t be controlled? I don’t believe that the judge couldn’t do that.”

    Dai Tianling’s expression was gloomy. He did not expect such a situation to happen either. “We’ll provide an explanation to your respected delegation. I didn’t expect the match to turn out this way either. We didn’t manage to handle the emergency situation which happened in such a short time. The empire will be providing the best medical services for the contestant Tang Wulin.”

    The audience did not cheer because of the match’s result. Everyone could tell that Long Yue had lost control during the last few moments. He was going to kill Tang Wulin as this was no longer a competition to him, but a life and death battle.

    No matter how powerful Long Yue was, he would not be an asset to the country if he was incapable of controlling himself. On the contrary, he might even bring catastrophe to the man on the street.

    Thus, their gaze as they looked at Long Yue did not seem like they were looking at a hero, but someone fearsome instead.

    “What are we going to do? Where is that person taking the captain to?” Xie Xie asked anxiously. He had a very close relationship with Tang Wulin. They were well acquainted with each other having been among the earliest to join the group. He would never be who he was today without Tang Wulin’s help all these years.

    Gu Yue’s body was still quivering. Tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably. Her heart was in a chaotic mess at this moment.

    “Don’t panic everyone. Since the person has taken the captain away, it means that the captain’s still alive. There’s still a chance to save him. It’s not pragmatic for us to go searching blindly. Let’s return to the hotel and wait.” Ye Xinglan was the most clear-headed person at present.

    Yuanen Yehui nodded in agreement and spoke, “That’s right. Tang Wulin’s going to be fine for sure. His ability to take a beating is strong. He’s going to be fine.”

    Xu Xiaoyan bawled aloud.

    Anyhow, they had seen Tang Wulin’s battered body from all the trampling. There was so much blood on the floor.

    Gu Yue clenched her teeth as she turned and ran away. Everybody hastily chased after her in the exit direction.

    Elder Cai descended from the sky. Her expression was changing between worried and confused which left her heart at a loss. ‘Was I wrong? Allowing these children to face it all by themselves, was I wrong?’

    A figure skittered past her side. It was Wu Zhangkong.

    Elder Cai turned her head and looked toward him. Wu Zhangkong’s gaze now was colder than usual. “Elder Cai, I don’t care what sort of place this is, nor do I care whether I’m a delegation team member or not. If Tang Wulin dies, I’ll certainly kill Long Yue.” He turned around and left upon saying that. His figure shot out at a speed that was unusually swift.

    A match that was supposed to be fantastic beyond compare had turned into an unforeseen disaster during the grand finale. It was beyond anyone’s expectation.

    However, now that the situation had played out this way, everyone had only one question in their minds. Was Tang Wulin still alive?

    Long Yue had calmed down gradually on the competition stage under En Ci’s supervision. He was well aware of what happened earlier. His expression was gloomy as he walked down the stage.

    The audience had mixed emotions. They were obviously on the winning side, yet not many were feeling jubilant.

    “Teacher, is it true that Long Yue’s emotion is uncontrollable once he uses his martial soul at full force?” Dai Tianling asked En Ci.

    En Ci naturally understood Dai Tianling’s motive. He sighed. “I have been trying hard to help him control his emotions all along. However, it is very difficult to solve the problem caused by the Mountain Dragon King Bloodline. We can only proceed with caution at the moment. I’ll personally supervise him. If he’s incapable of controlling his emotions, I won’t allow him to leave the academy.”

    “Oh, what a waste.” Dai Tianling shook his head.

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    Chapter 685

    Dead or Alive?

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Based on Dai Tianling’s knowledge of En Ci, he could tell that En Ci could actually intervene at the final moment because En Ci understood Long Yue absolutely well. However, he did not blame En Ci. After all, it was for the empire’s benefit.

    In a quiet room, Mu Ye’s palm was fluttering about as he continuously tapped Tang Wulin’s body gently. His expression was awful.

    He had examined Tang Wulin’s body earlier on the competition stage, and would never have left the place in a hurry if not because Tang Wulin was still alive.

    However, he was holding on to a glimmer of hope as he took Tang Wulin with him.

    Tang Wulin’s injuries were severe. Let alone the initial attacks, Long Yue’s strength was so powerful that even his last trample was enough to flatten a hill, what more on a body of flesh and blood.

    Tang Wulin’s internal organs were seriously injured as well. Mu Ye was not particularly skilled in providing treatment but he was a Title Douluo powerhouse after all. If a shred of Tang Wulin’s vitality could be maintained, then he could at least ensure that Tang Wulin could make it past the critical stage before he figured a way to heal him.

    It would have been better if they were on Douluo Continent. The Holy Douluo from Shrek Academy was the best in the healing profession. Tang Wulin’s chances of survival would increase many times over under her care and treatment.

    His palms guided those pieces of fractured bones together cautiously so that the bones were at least returned to its original state and were reconnected.

    Many of Tang Wulin’s bones had punctured his internal organs, and the meridians in his body were in complete chaos. His injuries were definitely severe, not to mention he had a severe loss of blood. The fact that he did not die on the spot had proven that his vitality was truly resilient.

    Mu Ye felt like his heart was suppressed by a volcano as he thought about how it was not an easy task for him to come by such a disciple yet he had ended up in this situation. If Tang Wulin were to die during the treatment, he would certainly take vengeance on Star Luo Empire specifically Monster Academy.

    “Huh? ” Suddenly, Mu Ye discovered a peculiar situation.

    Mu Ye had healed most of Tang Wulin’s fractured bones, but he dared not touch some of the bones which had pierced his internal organs. This was because the injuries that involved Tang Wulin’s internal organs, if mishandled, could result in the failure of his vital organs.

    To his surprise, he discovered that the bones which pierced into Tang Wulin’s organs did not seem to be as deeply embedded as they were initially. In short, it seemed like his internal organs had somehow squeezed out the embedded bones.

    Mu Ye really felt odd. It was as if Tang Wulin’s internal organs were made of silicon and exceptionally elastic. Despite the condition of his internal organs which was not appealing, they were not too severely damaged.

    ‘How could this happen?’

    Mu Ye himself could only cultivate his internal organs to be as tough as his body. Even then, it was only after he had achieved seven soul rings in cultivation base. What was Tang Wulin’s cultivation base now? How did he achieve this?

    As Body Sect’s sect master, Mu Ye understood the human body’s structure and its bodily functions more than anyone in Star Luo Continent and Douluo Continent to this day.

    Hence, he immediately stopped the attempt to pull out the bones that were pierced into Tang Wulin’s internal organs upon discovering the peculiar changes in his body. He released gentle soul power with his palms and opened up his spiritual power to mindfully feel every minute change to Tang Wulin’s body.

    After every tiny fragment of bone was painstakingly squeezed out by his internal organs, Mu Ye consequently used his soul power to guide and attach the bone fragment back to its original position.

    This was a long tedious process, but Mu Ye was ardent in healing Tang Wulin. Even his eyes were glowing with iridescent radiance.

    Nothing was more alluring than the human body’s mystery for Body Sect. Such a situation which was happening to Tang Wulin’s body would never occur in an ordinary person. This was precisely the attraction for Mu Ye.

    After an unknown amount of time, Tang Wulin’s bones were finally restored to their original state. Tang Wulin’s internal organs were also rehabilitated to their initial condition under Mu Ye’s guidance.

    Tang Wulin was still barely breathing, but at least his body structure and bodily functions had been brought back to normal.

    Mu Yue squinted. He pondered for a moment before walking to the bathroom located in his room and filled the bathtub with hot water.

    Next, he removed bottles of liquid from his storage soul tool but hesitated for a while before he poured some of the liquid according to a certain prescription into the bathtub.

    Instantaneously, the water in the bathtub began to change its color turning into a unique indigo liquid.

    Tang Wulin’s body was slowly lowered into the bathtub with the aid of the soul power. A faint smile appeared on his face.

    “Young fellow, it seems that you won’t die this time. I didn’t expect your body to be hiding such a capability. Anyway, I’d like to see how you’ll be recovering.”

    Mu Ye pulled over a chair and sat next to the bathtub. His spiritual power continued to pay close attention to Tang Wulin’s bodily functions.

    “Not found?” Gu Yue stood in her room with a sullen expression. Inside the room, its ambiance had a faintly domineering aura.

    “I’m sorry, my lord. That person left too soon. We weren’t nearby at the time, so…”

    “Continue your search until you find him. If I’ve full use of my power, I won’t need you incompetent fools anymore.” Gu Yue’s aura was growing more ghastly with time.


    Tang Wulin was taken away by Mu Ye for a whole day without any news whatsoever.

    The Shrek squad and Star Luo Empire’s government officials were involved in searching for them. However, there had been absolutely no news of them.

    The Douluo Continent’s federation diplomatic corps proposed a formal protest of the grand finale match. Wu Zhangkong and Elder Cai were also engaged in the search for Tang Wulin. Unfortunately, there was still no clue as to his whereabouts till now.

    “He’s still alive!” Gu Yue’s hands clenched into fists slowly. A layer of faint silver scales gradually emerged on her skin.

    “If he’s dead, I’ll certainly feel it. He won’t die, he’s still alive for sure. Wulin, where are you?” The tyrannical aura on Gu Yue’s body gradually vanished. Her eyes were all red and misty with tears.

    The Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s individual match had ended. The champion was Long Yue while the runner-up was Tang Wulin. As for the subsequent ranks, were they still important?

    Due to Tang Wulin’s severe injuries and disappearance, Shrek Academy’s group of students refused to participate in the two-on-two grand finale match. Every one of them backed out from the match. There was only one thing they would do now, and it was to pray, to say a prayer for their captain.

    “Old Tang.” Tang Wulin looked at Old Tang standing before him in astonishment.

    He seemed to be acting like his usual self today as he had always exuded a gentle aura everytime Tang Wulin saw him. However, it was apparent that his aura today was unstable.

    “You must first protect yourself well when you’re fighting against a powerful enemy. Moreover, it wasn’t a life and death battle but only a match. Why did you’ve to risk your life? Do you know that you were on a fine line between life and death? If it wasn’t for the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power that protected you, you would’ve been dead.”

    Although Old Tang’s deep voice sounded solemn, it carried an oppressive feeling.

    “Truthfully, the match is too important for me. I must devote all my effort to fight. It’s for the honor of Shrek! I’ll sacrifice everything to defend it,” Tang Wulin spoke with determination.

    His memory halted at the moment when he was trampled by Long Yue who bore down on him with the weight of Mount Tai. Following that, he did not know what happened. He was with Old Tang when he woke up.

    “Honor of Shrek?” something changed in Old Tang’s voice.

    Tang Wulin nodded strenuously. “Yes! Ever since father and mother left, I’ve been attending the academy where I’ve devoted all my effort. I truly love the academy. It’s my home and I’ve my friends there. We represent the academy even when we’re on Star Luo Continent. As the team’s captain, how can I cower when I face a powerful opponent? Yet, I still lost…”

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