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    Chapter 859

    Broadcast of The Grandteacher

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    A faint smile showed on Yun Ming’s face. “I’m not worried about that. He isn’t only one of the academy’s Shrek Seven Monsters, he’s also a Tang Sect fighter at the same time. My actions this time have violated the rules set by the academy. Just think of it as putting him through additional trials. Arrange a meeting to inform the others that we’ll consider Tang Wulin as a prospective Sea God Pavilion resident elder. But, this information mustn’t reach the outsiders, including Tang Wulin himself.”


    Yun Ming stood up and held his wife’s hand. “Actually, I’m looking forward to the miracles that he might create in the future. The previous Sea God Pavilion Masters had to endure countless cycles of hardship before they were finally able to shoulder the heavy responsibility.”

    Yali smiled. “I like this child very much. I believe he can do it. According to the regulations set by the academy, a person who passes all the trials on Demon Island is qualified to become a Sea God Pavilion resident elder. If the person manages to break the record as well, then the person will be the next Sea God Pavilion Master. His results are obvious to all.”

    Yun Ming smiled. “I have my plans.”

    Tang Wulin exited the Sea God Pavilion, but he still felt puzzled. Did the Sea God Pavilion Master, Elder Yun come to fetch him by the shore just to give him a few tips on the cultivation method of his soul power vortex? He could feel that Yun Ming had something to say but refrained himself. Nonetheless, he did not know what it was that Yun Ming wanted to say.

    In any case, Elder Yun seemed to have accepted him to some degree. This was good news.

    Tang Wulin returned home and carried everything which he had stored with him. Then, he went to the wooden house where Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi lived.


    Zhuo Shi was basking in the yard. When one had achieved one’s cultivation base, there was no longer a need to cultivate all the time. More time was spent on understanding the world. Instant enlightenment was the insight needed for a breakthrough.

    When Zhuo Shi saw him, he was not shocked in the least. He smiled and asked, “Did you meet the Pavilion Master?”

    Tang Wulin answered curiously, “You knew?”

    Zhuo Shi said with a smile. “It’s only natural that he finds you. Come and sit by your grandteacher’s side,” he said as he pointed at the seat beside him.

    Tang Wulin went beside Zhuo Shi and sat down. Zhuo Shi said, “Tell me about your experiences during this trip.” After he finished, he closed his eyes.

    There was nothing that Tang Wulin needed to hide from his grandteacher. He then recounted the encounters he had together with his comrades. From the incident on the soul express train fighting powerful evil soul masters to their arrival in the Northsea City and their horrendous experiences on the Demon Island, he narrated the whole story in detail. The only thing he left out was the Tang Sect fighters’ mission in which he had participated after his military training.

    Zhuo Shi listened to him with his eyes closed. He only opened his eyes after Tang Wulin had finished his narration.

    Zhuo Shi sighed softly and said, “The peace in the continent seems to be coming to its end. My generation is old. The responsibility of transforming and protecting the continent lies on the young shoulders of your generation.”

    Tang Wulin looked at him with shock. “Grandteacher, is it really that serious?”

    Zhuo Shi lowered his voice and said, “It’s more serious than you imagine. There are some problems among the higher-ups of the Federation. Some of them are openly infighting themselves within the Federation. On the surface, the Federation is still calm and peaceful, but in truth, the infighting is quite serious. The incident of Heaven Dou City this time is a result of the infighting. As a Federation congressman, Mo Wu was a potential successor, but he died in the Holy Spirit Cult’s surprise attack. This escalated the conflict further among the members of the Congress. Although we can’t be sure which congressman is affiliated to the Holy Spirit Cult, there’s no doubt there’s an insider among the congressmen who protects them. Otherwise, there’s no way that the Holy Spirit Cult can hide while the Federation is powerless to act against a sect of the evil soul masters.”

    “It seems like we’ll be having troubled times soon. The Federation isn’t the only one facing problems. I’ve heard that there’s also an inner conflict in Spirit Pagoda. Even on Star Luo Empire’s side, the Green Skeleton Rebellion seemed to have received some form of support. Their war with the Star Luo Empire’s officials is escalating. It seems that the entire Douluo Star is going through troubled times.”

    Tang Wulin’s brain was in overdrive thinking about it. However, he was as puzzled as ever. After all, he had only been a mere student of Shrek Academy. He was not too familiar with the continent’s situation. He worked very hard and focused mainly on his cultivation.

    Zhuo Shi said, “There’s no need for you to trouble yourself with this matter yet. You’ll at least have to wait after your graduation from the inner court before you’re involved in any of this. But, you must remember, as the leader of this generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters, there’s no way you can evade this responsibility. Shrek Academy has always been neutral, but that’s during peaceful times. Once there’s a threat that can cause upheavals on the continent and endanger the lives of common people, the academy will take precautionary actions. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

    Tang Wulin nodded slightly. Without a doubt, Shrek Academy’s heritage had for tens of thousands of years been deeply ingrained on Douluo Continent. The outstanding graduates of the academy were everywhere holding various influential posts on the continent. Once the academy made a clarion call, the power it would amass was formidable.

    Zhuo Shi raised a hand and pressed down on Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “In the future, the pressure you’ll be under will only increase. You’ll then truly understand the benefits you’ve gained from your trip to the Demon Island. I only hope that the greater the pressure, the more motivated you will be. Come, tell me about the problems you faced while you were cultivating including the Golden Dragon Nine Moves.”

    Tang Wulin stayed in Zhuo Shi’s wooden house until evening came. After Zhuo Shi’s instructions, he overcame all the problems that had surfaced recently.

    He stayed on Sea God’s Island that night.

    He stayed in the wooden house Gu Yue left him. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the clear and bright moonlight outside the window. Her beautiful face surfaced in his mind. He seemed to feel her presence.

    The silver dragon scale on his chest reflected the gentle moonlight’s glow. He was sleepless during the night.

    The next day, Tang Wulin left the academy early in the morning. He had mentioned to Zhuo Shi that he would be in Heaven Dou City for a month. He would go there and learn to forge from the Divine Craftsman, Zhen Hua.

    His forging level had reached a crucial bottleneck currently. Once he could accomplish Soul Refinement, he would enter a new realm in the field of forging. As the youngest rank-6 blacksmith of the current forging world, once he achieved a breakthrough, he would have limitless possibilities in terms of forging.

    After he exited the academy, Tang Wulin did not go to the soul express train station to board the soul train. He was genuinely afraid of soul trains now, especially the route between Shrek City and Heaven Dou City. He had lost count of the incidents he had encountered on this route alone. For the safety of the passengers and himself, he decided that it was better not to board the soul train.

    He arrived at the Battle Soul Hall of Tang Sect. Tang Wulin proceeded to redeem a Tang Sect fighter vehicle with his points.

    After his prior experience riding a fighter vehicle, Tang Wulin had taken a liking to this mode of transportation. Its high speed aside, it was very stable. The only shortcoming was that it had no special features. Even so, the equipment on the vehicle far surpassed other ordinary cars.

    As for his mecha, he had retrieved it already. Now, he only needed to wait for it to be upgraded. Mechas and cars were different after all. The Federation had strict regulations on mechas, especially during an emergency.

    Tang Wulin had a lot of fighter points. He still had a large balance after redeeming a Tang Sect fighter vehicle. He stored the fighter vehicle in his storage ring and only released it after he was out the door.

    Unlike the fighter vehicle he rode the other day, he had redeemed one with three rows of seats. It was a Tang Sect fighter vehicle that could carry eight passengers at maximum capacity. Its speed was not as fast as the previous one, but it had better cross-country capabilities.

    There were seven members among the Shrek Seven Monsters. The extra seat was naturally kept for her

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    Chapter 860

    Suppressing Disturbances with Wisdom

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    He drove the car and went on his way. The camouflage system on the Tang Sect fighter vehicle was activated. The surface of the vehicle was covered by a layer of dark blue paint. Under low light, it appeared black. It showed a deep sapphire-like luster under the sun, and was extracted from a mineral. The color was known as cavansite blue. It was corrosion-resistant, and its application strengthened the metals. Some mechas also opted for these materials as their cover paint.

    Tang Wulin drove the Tang Sect fighter vehicle and went on the highway at lightning speed. He was headed toward Heaven Dou City.

    The feeling between driving a vehicle and riding in one was different. Tang Wulin noticed that the Tang Sect fighter vehicle was very stable and easy to control. He could easily attain the state of being one with the vehicle.

    Although it ran at high speeds, it was still stable. In merely two hours, the landmark of Heaven Dou City could already be seen from afar.

    It was not known if the Battle Soul Hall had arrested the evil soul masters from the Holy Spirit Cult. The incident at the abandoned factory still weighed heavily on Tang Wulin’s heart. The more he understood the Holy Spirit Cult, the more he realized how threatening they were to society and the Federation at large. Those crooks must be dealt with as soon as possible!

    Tang Wulin exited the highway and drove onto the main road leading to Heaven Dou City. The situation was almost similar to the day before yesterday. There were still many victims on both sides of the road. However, they were being taken care of by the official agencies, and their numbers had decreased.

    He reckoned that the reconstruction work would take a long time. After all, the damage done was quite extensive. It was inevitable that the Federation harbored animosity toward the Holy Spirit Cult.

    As he thought about this, Tang Wulin had already driven into the city center. There was order in the city as police cars were prevalent throughout.

    If the police cars were truly effective, there would not have been a surprise attack. Tang Wulin sighed inwardly. In any case, it was better than nothing. At the very least, the city folks would be at ease.

    Heaven Dou City’s Blacksmith’s Association remained as the headquarters of the Blacksmith’s Association. Tang Wulin drove his car near the building and stopped after he made a turn into an alley. He alighted from the vehicle and stored it into his storage ring and walked toward the Blacksmith’s Association.

    He made it as far as the door before he stopped in his tracks. It was not that he did not want to go in, but the main entrance of the Blacksmith’s Association was jam-packed like a can of sardines.

    “Hand over the murderers! Hand over the murderers!” There were at least a thousand people blocking the entrance to the Blacksmith’s Association as they shouted madly. The more agitated folks even picked up stones and began tossing them at the Blacksmith’s Association.

    A yellow tape was pulled across the association’s doors. There were policemen stationed behind the yellow tapes trying to maintain order. It was quite obvious that they would soon be overwhelmed by the frenzied crowd.

    Tang Wulin was shocked by the scene. He pulled a guy on the periphery aside and was informed by the guy that the Blacksmith’s Association was in deep trouble.

    According to the surveillance displays, before the surprise attack on Heaven Dou City occurred, at least a dozen of the terrorists who detonated the fixed soul ammunition were last seen heading into the Blacksmith’s Association.

    For a big city such as Heaven Dou City, soul surveillance cameras practically monitored all the major streets. That was why the terrorists were caught on camera.

    Even though there was no evidence that the Blacksmith’s Association was related to the Holy Spirit Cult, the footage was leaked by someone who had an agenda. The upset citizens of Heaven Dou City had found a scapegoat and came to the Blacksmith’s Association.

    The Blacksmith’s Association’s headquarters had been besieged for many days. The main doors were shut tight currently. There was no question that the incident had dealt a great blow to the reputation of the Blacksmith’s Association.

    Tang Wulin’s brows were tightly knitted together. He trusted his uncle master completely. How could the Blacksmith’s Association possibly have any relationship with the evil soul masters? Moreover, how could the surveillance footage be so easily accessed by the public? At the very least, it should not have been made public before the investigation was completed.

    When he analyzed the situation calmly, it was obvious that someone had an intention to frame the Blacksmith’s Association!

    Tang Wulin could still vividly recall the assassination of his uncle master. Without a doubt, the assassination was related to the Holy Spirit Cult. As the only Divine Craftsman on the continent, his uncle master was a thorn in their side because he would not take instructions from the Holy Spirit Cult. Hence, it was better for them to dispose of him.

    The majority of the citizens were driven by their emotions especially those who had lost their loved ones. It was tough for them to control their emotions. It was especially true when the Heaven Dou City’s administrative building was blown up. Almost all the high-ranking city administrative officials died. The new, inexperienced officials blundered as they tried to handle the incident. Who would be in the position to defend the Blacksmith’s Association?

    It was under such circumstances that the pressure on the Blacksmith’s Association grew.

    What should he do? Tang Wulin’s gaze reflected he was deep in thought. Since he came to know of the problem, he had to think of a way to assist his uncle master.

    He was in no hurry to enter the Blacksmith’s Association. Instead, he went to an inconspicuous corner and observed silently.

    There were probably a thousand citizens gathered here, and their emotions were running high while they lingered in the vicinity. They had been here for days creating such scenes. Most of the glass windows on the side of the Blacksmith’s Association’s building were shattered.

    What was their objective for making such a scene?

    If one wanted to handle an incident, one must first analyze it calmly. This was what Old Demon Sloth taught Tang Wulin. His notion was ‘the most brilliant people in the world are the laziest because only the lazy ones will think of ways to conserve time and effort’.

    If one did things recklessly when faced with a situation, one would only be wasting time and effort. Only by focusing on a target and achieving victory in one fell swoop could one conserve time and energy. Only then would one have more time to do other things, for instance, sleep.

    Tang Wulin did not completely agree with Old Demon Sloth’s statement. Nonetheless, he learned a lot from him on how to go about doing things.

    Previously, he would not have any idea on what he should do. He could only go in to look for his master uncle and ask about the Blacksmith’s Association’s current situation.

    However, he was much calmer now than he was before. He remained at the hidden corner and observed each and every citizen present who was causing havoc.

    With his Spirit Abyss realm spiritual cultivation base, he could easily scrutinize a person in detail. The first thing he did was to ascertain whether there were any soul masters amidst the crowd.

    There was not a single soul master to be found among the troublemakers. They were all ordinary people.

    However, he did not give up. Instead, he continued his surveillance. After a while, Tang Wulin noticed that there were a few leaders among the citizens who were making a scene.

    Each time the shouting citizens took a breather, the leaders would voice out their protests and set off a new wave of uproars.

    There were sixteen of them. They distributed themselves throughout the area occupied by the thousand-strong group. Tang Wulin also noticed that these people wore advanced micro-communicators on their ears.

    Tang Wulin was quite familiar with this tool’s value. It was not something an ordinary person could afford or would want to buy.

    When he concluded his findings, they did not mean a thing when viewed individually, but collectively, a number of things could be proven.

    Tang Wulin had no need for detailed evidence.

    He turned around and left. He walked toward the darker areas of the street.

    “Hand over the murderers! Punish the Blacksmith’s Association!” shouted the citizens at the top of their voices.

    “Bring the president of the Blacksmith’s Association out here to give us an explanation!”

    “The members of the Blacksmith’s Association should be sent to the guillotine! You band of evil soul masters should just die…”

    Shouts of curses punctuated the air.

    Suddenly, a figure charged into the crowd quick as lightning. He appeared in an instant. A formless energy was unleashed from his body. Wherever he passed, the crowd was being pushed aside.

    A yellow cloak and a yellow mask. He wore a Tang Sect yellow fighter’s badge on his chest.

    He raised a hand and grabbed someone from the crowd who was shouting for justice to be served to the murderers.

    Shortly after, without waiting for the crowd to react, he suddenly shouted, “There’s nowhere you can run!” Circles of soul rings shone brightly on his body. There were eight rings in total. Two yellows, two purples, and four blacks. The extremely domineering aura erupted from his body.

    Gigantic bluish-golden vines which appeared like huge dragons shot out with a whistle. They shot into the skies at first, then they plunged into the crowds. They wrapped themselves firmly around their targets whom they had locked onto earlier.

    The thousand-odd people shrieked hysterically because of the sudden, shocking turn of events.

    “The Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall is capturing the evil soul masters of the Holy Spirit Cult. There’s no need to be alarmed.” A stunning, spiritual force of the Golden Dragon Roar was contained within Tang Wulin’s voice. He managed to suppress the surprised shouts of the crowd in no time.

    The policemen behind the yellow tape ran quickly toward him. When they saw Tang Wulin’s attire, the fighter’s badge on his chest, and the soul rings on his body, they stopped in their tracks abruptly and went no further.

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