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    Chapter 1190

    Dragon King Avatar

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    However, Yue Zhengyu seemed to have completely entered a wonderful state at present. Streams of golden lightning shimmered continuously as the Saint Sword in his hand turned incomparably heavy. On the other hand, the twelve-winged angel that had already fused into his body and vanished earlier once again appeared behind him.

    Yue Zhengyu’s eyes were shimmering with divine light as he stood facing the blue-gold giant dragon. His eyes had already turned transparent. It was as if he had been the true angel all along and had only entered the mortal world.

    The Saint Sword suddenly turned illusionary and an enormous golden sword shadow appeared soon after. The sky abruptly took a bright appearance for a moment. It felt as if the entire underground gymnasium had begun to shake at this moment.

    No matter how one saw it, the illusionary yet transparent golden sword shadow and the blue-gold giant dragon did not appear to be on the same level. However, an exceedingly shocking scene appeared when the two came into contact with one another.


    A ghastly sound was heard as the blue-gold giant dragon sluggishly moved in the air. One should know that this was Tang Wulin’s blood soul fusion skill! However, a gold thread appeared from the head to tail of this blue-gold giant dragon.

    On the other hand, the golden sword shadow that appeared to have slightly weakened had already chopped onto Tang Wulin’s body.

    At the very moment, it struck Tang Wulin as it spun around. It was the sword’s blade that was supposed to chop onto Tang Wulin’s body but due to the spin, it was the sword’s flat ridge that slammed onto Tang Wulin instead.

    “Bang!” Tang Wulin’s entire person was instantly blasted away by the impact and crashed on the ground in the distant.

    “Poof!” At the same time as when Tang Wulin was blasted away, Yue Zhengyu spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in the air before he descended from the sky. The soul rings around his body completely vanished while falling and he slammed on the ground.

    He had recently comprehended the Holy Fusion Skill so it was still extremely difficult for him to use it. He had even forcefully changed the direction of the attack at the final moment, turning a cut into a slap. This had already exceeded his control range so he was immediately struck by the countereffect.

    The entire audience was in perfect silence.

    The battle could be described as unconstrained and was filled with fluctuations. When Yue Zhengyu first attacked Tang Wulin, he launched waves of powerful attacks as if he was fighting against a formidable enemy. Each wave of his offensive attack was more powerful than earlier. He did not have the slightest bit of reservation as he chose to use his Holy Angel Avatar at once, then followed by unleashing exceedingly powerful abilities. He fought so hard that Tang Wulin had almost no way to counterattack.

    The spectators discovered that Yue Zhengyu’s powerful attacks did not seem to have had any effect when used against Tang Wulin’s body when he soon began to counterattack. On the other hand, Tang Wulin rapidly launched an exceedingly terrifying attack that oppressed Yue Zhengyu so much that he was completely rendered helpless.

    Meanwhile, Yue Zhengyu used something that they had never even heard of before. He surprisingly fused his three soul skills together. His soul rings overlapped and fused before he launched an overwhelming attack with his sword in the end.

    The attack came from the sword ridge yet it had managed to blast Tang Wulin away. What would have happened if the attack came from the blade? Would it have immediately killed Tang Wulin? Or at least have compelled him into using battle armor?

    The power of Yue Zhengyu’s final strike had definitely already achieved the extent of a Title Douluo. Not many of the numerous inner court disciples were at that level, but everyone had been learning in Shrek Academy for over ten years. They were experienced and knowledgeable so they could naturally sense the power of sharpness during that split second.

    Just as their hearts were filled with shock, Tang Wulin who had crashed onto the ground had already patted away the dust on his body as he got up from the ground. He acted as if nothing had happened to him. The one strike that struck him earlier appeared to be intense but it did not seem to have caused any injury to him except for the little dust on his body.

    Tang Wulin moved in a flash and arrived by Yue Zhengyu’s side to help him to get up. A stream of Holy Light descended from the sky at present and landed on Yue Zhengyu’s body. It added a tinge of color to his ghastly pale complexion.

    “Impressive?” Yue Zhengyu sniggered to Tang Wulin.

    Tang Wulin nodded. “Impressive indeed. I think that you can hurt me if you use the sword blade.” It was enough to tell how powerful Yue Zhengyu’s strike was just by judging at how Tang Wulin had directly launched the Blue Emperor Soars to the Heaven.

    For that, Tang Wulin was not only not feeling dejected but on the contrary, his heart was filled with surprise. What else could make him happier than seeing his companions growing stronger? The more powerful his companions were, the more they could help him to share the burden in the future!

    “Heh-heh, you must be scared of me huh!” Yue Zhengyu could not help feeling slightly proud. It had been too long since he had engaged in a situation where he was capable of defeating Tang Wulin.

    Tang Wulin took a glance at him. “You aren’t thinking that you won, right?”

    Yue Zhengyu puffed up his chest. “Could it be that I didn’t?”

    Tang Wulin could not help chuckling. “We shall consider it your win then.”

    Yue Zhengyu widened his eyes and said, “big brother, you are not refusing to admit your defeat, are you?”

    Tang Wulin looked at him then looked to the numerous inner court disciples in the distance. He stood up straight and looked in the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue’s direction. “Elder Long, I would like to request for your assistance.”

    Radiance flashed once on Long Yeyue’s body. In the next moment, she had already arrived in the competition arena.

    Tang Wulin said, “Zhengyu showed mercy when he attacked me earlier so it is difficult to tell victory and defeat in our spar. I would like to cast an attack. Would you please take the attack on behalf of him and then help us to judge the result?”

    Long Yeyue looked at Tang Wulin with a spurious smile. “Do you think that your attack this time will surpass the Holy Fusion Skill?”

    Tang Wulin figured out that the Holy Fusion Skill mentioned by Elder Long was the ability Yue Zhengyu had used earlier so he softly nodded.

    Long Yeyue spoke, “sure. You can attack freely then. Do your best.”

    Tang Wulin took a few steps forward. His expression became stern as a layer of golden light mist spread out from underneath his feet.

    A deep low dragon’s roar repeatedly spiraled around his body such that his entire aura was soaring and surging with exceedingly shocking speed.

    Tang Wulin was originally a competitive person. However, there was no need for him to behave as such when he was sparring against his closest companions. There was an even less need for him to prove that he was more powerful than Yue Zhengyu.

    However, when he saw the doubt in the inner court disciples’ eyes, he remembered Elder Long’s words. He was no longer a Shrek Academy’s student and a Tang Sect disciple at present. He was now the Shrek Academy’s Sea God Pavilion’s Master and even the Sect Master of Tang Sect.

    In order to convince the powerhouses of these two great forces to have trust in him as the new leader, he would first have to display adequate abilities.

    Thus, he made this request to Elder Long. He wanted to show his true abilities to everyone. He wanted to receive recognition for his position as their leader.

    He held the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. Tang Wulin’s entire person seemed to have entered an ethereal state. The misty golden light gradually became dense such that his entire person was enshrouded in Dragon Air that was over three inches thick.

    Elder Long’s lips were still curled up in a smile, but her expression soon turned into astonishment. She had just discovered that Tang Wulin was exuding a formless overbearing aura from his body that made her feel very oppressed.

    What was that?

    Was that the bloodline suppression effect of a throned Dragon from the Dragon Clan? Was this the Dragon Might?

    One should know that she had the lineage of two top-grade Holy Dragons and she was the Light Dark Empress that was once invincible on the continent! Yet despite her Limit Douluo status, she felt the pressure as she stood before Tang Wulin right now.

    The Light Dark Dragon Empress had never encountered such a situation before now. She had never ever encountered such direct pressure that originated from her martial soul even when she was young. Despite her status as a Limit Douluo, this disparity between bloodlines could still affect her.

    ‘This boy…’

    ‘I would really like to see how far can he go!’

    Tang Wulin’s eyes suddenly glowed. Two streams of cold golden lightning suddenly spurted out from his eyes. In the next moment, his left foot took a step forward as a valiant dragon’s roar echoed through the entire place.

    The Dragon King Avatar that he had never used before even when fighting against Wu Zhangkong was finally unleashed by him.

    His entire body was rapidly becoming larger and bulkier. He had not transformed into a dragon but remained in his human form, but his entire person had turned illusionary. It appeared as if there was a crown on his head and endless dragon’s roars were heard from all directions. It was as if thousands of dragons were worshipping him! His Dragon Might was also increased to its maximum in an instant!

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    Show them how powerful you are

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    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step…..
    But I can say u are running in kilometers Wullin.
    Ride on bro

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    Ride on, I’m so overwhelmed by d turn of events

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    Chapter 1191

    One Strike of Storing Force

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The scene where thousands of dragons were worshipping in unison was too shocking. The clamor surged and filled the entire gymnasium that was five hundred meters in diameter. Long Yeyue was not the only person feeling the pressure from confronting Tang Wulin, even the inner court disciples who were not involved in the competition and only stayed outside the protective shield were all feeling their bloodlines fluctuating as dread filled their hearts.

    There were very few ordinary soul masters bestowed with dragon-type bloodlines, but the Shrek Academy’s inner court was once the gathering ground for the most powerful youngsters of the generation. So there was quite a number of inner court disciples that had a dragon-type bloodline. Every one of them could feel the dread that came from the depth of their hearts as they listened to the sound of the dragons chanting in unison. They felt like they should join in and worship Tang Wulin.

    It felt as if he was not just a soul master, but an emperor that controlled the entire Dragon Clan.

    “Golden Dragon King! He is that champion, the Golden Dragon King from the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge!” an inner court disciple involuntarily shouted.

    In order to conceal their identities, none of the inner court disciples had taken part in the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge but how could they not have had some expectations in their hearts over the supreme competition between the younger generation. They had watched every battle in the competition, but they had never expected the final champion that had managed to suppress countless powerhouses, the Golden Dragon King to be standing before themselves.

    Moreover, just by judging with their eyes they could tell that Tang Wulin was much more powerful than the time when he participated in the competition. The Golden Dragon King should only have had six-ringed cultivation at that time but he was already a seven-ringed Soul Sage right now.

    Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue was initially standing with her hands clasped behind her back however, her arms were already hanging by her sides without her notice. This was a completely subconscious posture produced from the accumulation of countless experiences over the past two hundred years. It was very apparent that she could sense the threat coming from Tang Wulin.

    The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand was slowly raised. Following the simple movement, the aura emitted from Tang Wulin’s body kept soaring wildly. Regardless of attributes, the energy molecules in the air were surging toward him like rivers converging into the sea. He was wildly devouring all these energy molecules resembling a black hole.

    He could not possibly fight in this manner under ordinary circumstances because it would take a truly long time to prepare for this. However, in order to display his abilities that he could bring to use for Shrek Academy and Tang Sect in the future, Tang Wulin chose to unleash this today.

    At this very moment, his spiritual consciousness had completely entered the realm of clarity. He could only feel as his body continued to enlarge. On the other hand, he was visualizing the scene after being blessed by the lord of the plane when his entire body was absorbing a massive amount of origin energy to convert it into his own energy so that he could fight against the Black Empress and the rest of the countless abyssal powerhouses when fought against the abyssal plane.

    At that time, even a powerhouse like the Black Empress was incapable of rivaling him. If not for the abyssal Sage King’s appearance, Tang Wulin’s ability alone was enough to defeat the abyssal tide.

    Without the Blood Gods Great Array, he would have been unable to absorb the origin energy in a terrifying manner but he could have mobilized a portion of the origin energy by relying on his Spirit Domain cultivation base. As for his body’s endurance, it was utterly beyond consideration for even a Hyper Douluo to compare with his body’s strength. It was also his biggest advantage at this point.

    Yue Zhengyu’s Holy Fusion Skill was albeit powerful earlier, but even if the sword’s blade had landed on Tang Wulin, he would be suffering from some mild injuries at most.

    “Boom!” The radiance that surrounded Tang Wulin’s body suddenly exploded. All the Dragon Air transformed into flames before fusing as one with the shocking Dragon Might. A dragon’s roar that was sonorous enough to shock the heaven and move the earth was heard from Tang Wulin’s body. An enormous golden dragon suddenly rose into the sky behind his back.

    The first thing that appeared was the dragon head. The gigantic golden dragon head was as natural as if it was living. The dragon’s head soared straight up into the sky with its eyes filled with ferociousness. It was followed closely by the gigantic dragon body that was close to a hundred meters. Just as it appeared in the gymnasium as a complete whole, the entire gymnasium was illuminated golden by the color of its body.

    Long Yeyue finally had a change of countenance. Even though she was feeling gratified from watching Tang Wulin’s display of such massive energy fluctuations at present, the level of fear in her heart had also elevated to its peak.

    The disparity between their cultivation base was closing up at full speed. The energy fluctuation radiated from Tang Wulin’s body at this moment had already exceeded a Title Douluo and she could also clearly sense that her soul power was being weakened before the presence of the pressure.

    ‘Such a powerful bloodline! Could it be that his fame of being nicknamed the Golden Dragon King in Star Dou Battle Network competition followed its merit in real life too? Could it be that the Dragon God’s division into two and transforming into the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King in the legends was real? On the other hand, had he truly inherited Golden Dragon King’s bloodline?’

    ‘Yes! It’s impossible for my Light Dark Holy Dragons martial souls to react so intensely when confronted by an ordinary elemental dragon king. He is definitely the owner of the Golden Dragon King Bloodline.’

    Long Yeyue did not attempt to resist Tang Wulin’s attack anymore and slowly lifted her right hand. The light and darkness alternated in her palm and shimmered like a magnificent-looking vortex that absorbed the energy molecules in the air.

    She deserved her reputation as one of the highest grade powerhouses on the continent and the main pillar of Shrek Academy. She had just raised her hand when Tang Wulin could immediately sense that he was already rendered incapable of absorbing the light and dark elements in the air.

    On the other hand, Long Yeyue’s aura too had stabilized following the action of raising her hand. After all, the disparity between their cultivation base was still large. As a Limit Douluo, Tang Wulin could not possibly exercise restraint on her no matter how powerful was his bloodline’s overbearingness was.

    Meanwhile, the Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand had already been raised to level with his body.

    A valiant dragon’s roar was heard from his mouth as the enormous golden dragon behind his back spun around once and remained suspended in the air behind him.

    When Tang Wulin strenuously flapped the golden dragon wings behind his back, the giant dragon replicated the same movement. Two silhouettes instantly melted into one.

    At the very moment they fused, a ring of black halo suddenly appeared in the surroundings. If felt as if the entire space had shattered and they had completely sunk into a black hole.


    Dragon’s roar echoed through the entire scene. The protective shield that covered the sparring arena was twisted violently for a moment as its endurance capability suddenly reached its limit.

    The group of people watching the battle could only see an illusionary light shadow. It was as if the golden giant dragon struggled free from the black halo and had only shimmered for one moment in the air.

    The entire competition stage was in chaos. The ground curled up in a split second. The protective shield did not seem to be able to withstand such energy fluctuations. A sound similar to the breaking of glass was continuously heard.

    It was about to fail soon! Was the protective shield going to be shattered soon?

    Shrek Academy’s numerous students unleashed their martial souls one by one so that they could prepare to defend themselves. On the other hand, their hearts were even filled with disbelief!

    Was he still a human? Was he truly a Soul Sage? This had occurred when he had not even donned his battle armor yet! This outburst of power displayed by him was something not even seen from someone of the Title Douluo-rank. Even a full-force strike from a Hyper Douluo couldn’t be more powerful than this, right?

    Yue Zhengyu was similarly stunned from witnessing the scene. He was aware than Tang Wulin was very powerful and he understood that he may not necessarily be able to defeat Tang Wulin even if he relied on his Holy Fusion Skill.

    However, it turned out that he had not closed the disparity between Tang Wulin and himself but the distance seemed to have grown even more when he witnessed Tang Wulin demonstrated his power. Tang Wulin was simply inhuman!

    A light screen that alternated between illusion and reality enshrouded the competition arena in a timely manner to completely isolate the energy on the inside.

    Countless rays of golden radiance shot out violently before it finally stopped in front of Elder Long’s right palm.

    It appeared to be a humongous vortex. There was no way to tell what sort of terrifying power was contained in it. The tip of the vortex’s core was right in front of Long Yeyue’s palm.

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    Chapter 1192

    Gu Yuena At the Auction Market

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The light screen was alternating between illusion and reality and similarly interchanging in light and dark. It appeared to be normal-sized with Long Yeyue’s palm as the center and was only about one meter in diameter. Yet, it had managed to block Tang Wulin’s Final Stake.

    The enormous golden giant dragon slowly revealed its magnificent figure in the vortex. Even though it had been blocked by the vortex, it was still enough to shock the heart of everyone on the scene.

    Lan Muzi’s expression changed because he knew that he would never be able to withstand a strike of such caliber. Even if he was clad in his battle armor, he would not be able to withstand the attack. ‘Had Tang Wulin’s power truly grown to this extent?’

    Who would have thought that this would happen?

    Other than Elder Long, who else present at the scene was capable of withstanding such an attack? Perhaps the Holy Spirit Douluo was capable of doing so, but she was not a battle-type soul master so she would mostly be evading when fighting against an opponent of such strength.

    The inner court disciples with powerful abilities could feel fear from Tang Wulin’s strike even more clearly. They watched helplessly as the golden radiance gradually vanished and Tang Wulin appeared on the scene once again. The group of people was looking towards him with a gaze that had slightly changed now.

    On the other hand, what came next was even more shocking for them. Long Yeyue’s upper body swayed as she retreated backward by half a step.

    What was that?

    Did he just manage to push Elder Long by half a step?

    All at once, the entire scene was in perfect silence.

    What sort of person was Long Yeyue? She was the highest grade Limit Douluo in today’s world. She possessed twin martial soul and she was also the most senior Limit Douluo with a lot of experiences. If one must discuss and elect the number one person in this world, it could very possibly be her! Despite her old age, she was almost invincible.

    However, she was pushed half a step back by Tang Wulin with only a seven-ringed cultivation base. How was that possible?

    Golden Dragon Spear landed on the ground to support Tang Wulin’s body as his chest violently heaved.

    His heart was filled with the best feeling at this exact moment. The Final Stake that followed after the storing force allowed his spirit, energy, soul and everything else to fuse as once and launch the most powerful strike. He could completely confirm that his strike earlier was enough to rival a Hyper Douluo.

    Ever since his cultivation base had elevated, he had never devoted all his efforts to launch an attack like now. He could not help feeling awesome. It felt as if he had vented everything in his body when he put his body, mind, and heart into this.

    Moreover, he was now able to comprehend the level of his abilities in a more profound manner when his body was under such an ultimate state. He could comprehend the transformations of his abilities in a more profound manner and could now look for an even better application style.

    Even though the Holy Fusion Skill did not harm him earlier, but it enlightened him. There was no doubt that Holy Angel’s martial soul could launch the Holy Fusion Skill because of the martial soul’s own distinctiveness. Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor martial soul was incapable of this of course, yet his Golden Dragon King Bloodline was equipped with its distinctiveness too so could he draw reference from Holy Fusion Skill to a certain level?

    He could tell from Yue Zhengyu’s condition that Holy Fusion Skill was an ability that immensely exhausted the body. On the other hand, Tang Wulin had the least fear of overloading his own body. Who else could triumph over him in the competition of the body’s capacity?

    His attacking ability would certainly be more powerful if he was clad in his battle armor earlier! The spear technique he used was definitely the best he had ever done in the course of history.

    Long Yeyue retracted her palm and nodded towards Tang Wulin. “You’re capable of withstanding the Holy Fusion Skill. Impressive.”

    Yue Zhengyu did not have the mood to compare himself with Tang Wulin anymore. He said with a sad expression, “you’re not a human, you’re definitely not a human. I’m not speaking to you anymore.”

    Tang Wulin softly smiled. He then respectfully bowed in salutation towards Long Yeyue. “Thank you! Elder Long.”

    “You’re welcome, Pavilion Master. This old woman is happy to see such abilities. Alright, that’s all for today. Everyone is dismissed. Go ahead and cultivate on your own.” Long Yeyue said and left.

    Tang Wulin gazed after Light Dark Douluo’s departing figure as he heaved a sigh in his heart. Elder Long would truly spare no effort in order to help Tang Wulin achieve his aim!

    Others could not tell but how could Tang Wulin not notice it? Long Yeyue’s final half-step fall back did not result from his attack but she fell back on her own.

    One should know that Light Dark Douluo had excess strength to exercise control over the defense of the entire gymnasium at the time to prevent the energy from leaking, so how could she be incapable of withstanding Tang Wulin’s attack?

    At the very moment when his attack collided into Long Yeyue, Tang Wulin felt as if he was confronting the very core of the entire heaven and earth. If one were to describe Tang Wulin as one hundred meters tall at the time, then Long Yeyue felt like a bottomless chasm in his feeling. Long Yeyue could easily withstand Tang Wulin’s attack regardless of how ferocious and tyrannical it was.

    This was no more a simple issue of one’s ability but it was completely due to the disparity in levels. Tang Wulin wondered how hard he would have to cultivate in order to reach Elder Long’s level.

    Today’s battle could be described as being full of gains. Not only was Tang Wulin surprised to learn the power of Yue Zhengyu’s Holy Fusion Skill he had also fully unleashed himself during the collisions with Elder Long. He felt like he still had a long way to go in his future path. Long Yeyue’s palm attack appeared simple but it made him understood that he must guard himself against conceit and impetuosity at all times no matter how fast he was growing and that he would need to cultivate even harder.

    Gu Yuena sat by Qingu Dongfeng’s side. There was a sudden peculiar change in her eyes.

    The pupils in her purple eyes suddenly turned into vertical slits, because she felt as if she had heard his voice during that moment earlier. It was that familiar roar and the boiling of his bloodline.

    Had he already advanced to this extent?

    Her gaze immediately became a little dim. He was so close yet so far because she could not meet him herself. She truly missed him!

    “Na’er, it’s here.” She heard Qiangu Dongfeng’s voice in her ears. Gu Yuena had only recovered from her surprise as she shifted her gaze toward the auction platform.

    A golden cart was pushed onto the auction platform with a red cloth covering the item. The color that was originally repulsive appeared very harmonious in the auction market’s splendidly-decorated elegant hall.

    The old auctioneer had an excited expression on his face. “Next, we are going to auction this piece that can be described as the most important item in the history of our auction market. We have already prepared for a very long time for it. Almost all of the important honored guests on the continent have gathered here in our auction today. I would like to represent the Heaven Dou Auction Market to thank everyone’s presence. I believe that everyone is already growing anxious from the wait. We shall begin immediately.”

    “Even though our honored guests have already learned about this item from all sorts of channels, but as your auctioneer, I’ll still introduce this piece of divine weapon that can only be described as the ultimate treasure.”

    As he was speaking, the auctioneer’s expression became solemn. The lighting in the hall dimmed leaving only a stream of golden light that illuminated the cart on the platform. What sort of item lied underneath the red cloth?

    “The auction shall retain secrecy regarding this item’s source. However, we can say that its existence is enough to influence the future. It is not a piece of heaven and earth treasure nor is it a piece of rare metal, but it is an item that no other person knows about since its origin back then. We have given it a name and it is known as the ‘Ice God’s Heart’.”

    The auctioneer abruptly removed the red cloth by his side as he was speaking.

    At the exact moment when he removed the red cloth, everyone’s gaze was attracted by the item under it. Everyone was confused.

    It was a glass box and there was no way of knowing the material of the glass it was made from. A jewel-like item was placed inside it.

    It was about the size of longan fruit in the shape of a water droplet. There were countless fine facets on its surface and it was ice blue in color.

    Even though its size was not considered to be large but when the golden light beam illuminated on it, it reflected countless magnificent rays of radiance that had turned ice blue in color.

    The dazzling ice blue radiance transformed into streams of laser-like radiance in the air and scattered all over the auction platform. Just by gazing at the refraction of radiance, it made one feel cold all over their body.

    “Even though it looks like a simple diamond, I believe that our honored guests can see how extraordinary it is. Nine Title Douluos have sacrificed their lives until now in order to acquire it. We have meticulously verified this point. I believe that our honored guests can figure out some of its functions from its name. Yes, its ability is ultimate coldness.”

    “We’ve examined with our device that the temperature that surrounds Ice God’s Heart is maintained at minus two hundred to minus two hundred and thirty-seven degree Celsius at all times. In other words, it’s temperature is moderated around the absolute zero. We have a reason to believe that it is the core of coldness and it should have come from Thule. On the other hand, we have discovered the amount of energy it contains after careful examinations. Its energy content is about the energy intensity produced at the center of the blast of a rank-9 or rank-10 fixed soul ammunition.”

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    Chapter 1193

    Ice God’s Heart

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    “Not only that, the energy from the Ice God’s Heart is pristine. It is the purest form of ice attribute. Some of the nine Title Douluos died grappling for it, and there were also three who died from the cold current that attacked their hearts after coming into contact with it.”

    “Thus, the fact remains that no one knows how to utilize it or its energy until today. However, we dare to predict that, in the entirety of human history, it will be one of the best core materials to produce the fourth Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition.”

    The entire auction market immediate broke out in a clamor of voices upon hearing those words.

    The terror of Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition was already proven when all of Shrek City was flattened by two of them. There were so many powerhouses from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, yet they were incapable of stopping their terrifying power. One could only imagine how horrifying the Ice God’s Heart would be when put to use.

    ‘Use it to make the core of another Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition?’ The words sounded quite appealing. The people permitted to enter the auction market today were all elites from each of the great forces. They were either mavens ahead of their time or they represented a faction of the major players.

    All of them understood the significance of possessing a Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition. It would be an immense threat of strategic importance!

    Qiangu Dongfeng listened to the auctioneer’s charismatic introduction as his lips cracked into a faint cold smile. If the real proprietor behind the Heaven Dou Auction Market had avoided provoking the military, there would have been no need for Qiangu Dongfeng to come and bid for the Ice God’s Heart personally.

    He was even aware of some of the untold stories that the auctioneer would never speak of. The Ice God’s Heart had already been researched by the military and the federal government countless times. The auctioneer was right. It was genuinely suitable to be used as a Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition’s core. Nevertheless, it was apparently impossible to do so because, not only was its temperature ultra low, but it would also not mix with any other form of energy. There was no way whatsoever that one could utilize the energy inside through the use of any soul device or soul circuit.

    Given that, the Ice God’s Heart could never possibly appear in the auction market.

    Of course, since Qiangu Dongfeng was here, he came for it, so he was naturally aware of its real purpose.

    At this point, he took a glance at Gu Yuena by his side as his lips cracked into a faint smile.

    The auctioneer’s introduction was coming to a close. Regardless of whether the Ice God’s Heart was usable, there was one thing that was beyond all doubt: it was an item of the ice attribute that was definitely of divine weapon standard.

    “Alright, we shall begin the auction immediately. The starting price is five billion Federation coins. Each bid must be no lower than one billion Federation coins.”

    There was no doubt that this was an enormous amount. It had been a very long time since the Federation had auctioned anything at such a price. Moreover, there was still no confirmation as to whether the Ice God’s Heart was a genuine divine weapon.

    If it was truly a divine weapon, then one could not possibly sell it. The auction market’s purpose for doing so was to attract bids from all of the great forces so they could find a way to use the Ice God’s Heart. Whether it was to make Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition or for other purposes, as long as the item was able to be used, its value would far exceed the auction price.

    “Our honored guests can begin the bidding,” said the auctioneer with a smile on his face. However, there was only an awkward silence after he had ended his speech.

    No one placed a bid as everyone’s gaze was fixated upon the Ice God’s Heart on the auction platform.

    Five billion Federation coins was not a pittance by any means. Even for many of the major powers, it was not easy to mobilize such a large amount of cash.

    The auctioneer was not in a rush as such a high-grade item was not supposed to be auctioned off so easily. The price was not considered high given the energy contained in the Ice God’s Heart. It would not mean anything even if no one placed a bid for it in the end. His superior was not forcing him to auction off the item.

    It took a full three minutes before he reminded everyone once again. “Our honored guests may start bidding.”

    “Five point one billion.” This time, someone from the crowd began to bid. It was a bidder sitting in a darkened corner on the left side.

    “Sure, five point one billion.” The auctioneer immediately became high-spirited when he heard someone call out a bid. He replied at once.

    “Five point two billion!” Another bid was proposed.

    The most important step after acquiring the Ice God’s Heart was to carry out research to learn its function and method of application. Like Qiangu Dongfeng, most of the bidders here today were aware that the military had yet to crack the mysteries of the Ice God’s Heart, but they still hoped to take it back to undergo a series of studies.

    Qiangu Dongfeng was right. If someone were to find out the application method for the Ice God’s Heart, it would still be considered worth paying even trillions. A divine weapon was not something one could come by on a regular basis!

    Qiangu Dongfeng was not in a rush to bid, but he watched with cold eyes as the others fought for it.

    Naturally, bidding for such an extremely valuable item was not something that everyone could take part in. There was a very small group of people that could participate in the auction. Only representatives from four clans were bidding. The price continued rising and soon surpassed six billion Federation coins.

    The price was not considered too high considering the energy contained in the Ice God’s Heart. However, the participating bidders were not overly enthusiastic because the fact was that nobody knew how to make use of that energy.

    The auctioneer quoted the bid while he continued to expound on the numerous qualities of the Ice God’s Heart. He had mentioned something about how having the Heart would allow anything to remain decay-free for a million years.

    Qiangu Dongfeng’s lips curled into a smile. ‘We’re not buying a coffin. What’s the purpose of being decay-free for a million years?”

    Gu Yuena’s gaze was calm, as if the Ice God’s Heart was unrelated to herself.

    In reality, she had come here with Qiangu Dongfeng today because she had told him that she could use the Ice God’s Heart to control her state of mind so she could break through to the Spirit Domain spiritual level in the shortest period of time.

    Her martial soul was elemental control which allowed her to command all sorts of elements simultaneously. The significance of spiritual power was more important to her than to any other soul master. One could even say that her spiritual power would determine the speed she could elevate her cultivation base.

    Even though she was the disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, her presence was valued by Qiangu Dongfeng ever since she passed the reserve spiriter examination with ease. She was too young. At the age of only twenty-one years old, her cultivation base had already broken through to eight rings. She was definitely the future of the Spirit Pagoda.

    More importantly, the Spirit Pagoda was currently empowered because of Gu Yuena’s research.

    One month ago, in view of Gu Yuena’s contributions to Spirit Pagoda, Qiangu Dongfeng did his utmost to override all objections and installed her as one of the four great spiriters of Spirit Pagoda, even though she had yet to achieve the rank of Title Douluo. This made her the youngest spiriter in the history of the Spirit Pagoda.

    Qiangu Dongfeng once questioned Gu Yuena as to how he could reward her, given that her research was truly of the utmost importance. How could he not rope in Gu Yuena when she was so gifted with natural talent? Moreover, Qiangu Dongfeng expected that her research would advance even further. If that was the case, he would certainly be able to get closer to his goal. In time, Qiangu Dongfeng believed that he would be able to not only exercise control over the Douluo Continent, but the Star Luo Continent and the Dou Spirit Continent would also be under the Spirit Pagoda’s control provided that nothing got in the way. Then, he could proceed to the next step to gaining control over the entire Douluo Planet.

    Thus, in Qiangu Dongfeng’s eyes, Gu Yuena was definitely the most precious treasure in the entire Spirit Pagoda. He treated her as if she was his own child.

    At first, Gu Yuena did not have any particular requests until Qiangu Dongfeng told her about the auction market’s auction recently. Moreover, he attracted her attention when he told her about the Ice God’s Heart.

    Even though she had only seen it in photos, Gu Yuena swiftly informed Qiangu Dongfeng that she must acquire the Ice God’s Heart. With it, she could make a breakthrough to Spirit Domain spiritual level and as a result, she could be promoted to Title Douluo within a year.

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