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    Episode 3.
    © Benson Mphandika Lungu III. All rights reserved.
    When his wife asked him he was back home early on that day, his blood pressure started rising as he had no slight idea on how would break that news of retrenchment to her. He knew that she was not in good emotion terms and telling her that he was no longer working felt like doing her bad.
    “Am asking why you are home early” she repeated seeing him quiet.
    He looked down not knowing what to tell her. He then remembered that ‘a man who does not care about the emotions of a woman doesn’t truly love her’. So he thought of not telling her the truth and save it for later when she would be a bit stable.
    “I know it’s something bad, don’t you dare lie to me. Tell me the truth so that we can handle all these issues together” she said to him.
    It then dawned on him that it was better to tell her the truth so that they could then start the helping process rathan than hiding the truth and bringing it back later to hurt her again.
    “I have been retrenched from work”
    “The company is not doing so well so they thought of letting some of us go”
    “Why are bad things happening to us like this?”
    “I am also failing to understand. We have a lot of problems on our table which need money and our only sources of income have been shuttered. Maybe there is something we have done wrong to God” he said.
    “No. God can never punish us in this way. He is our loving heaven father who is now near to us than before since we have problems. He will comfort us and give us strength if we tell him our problems.” Said the wife.
    “I have been praying for long but nothing has been changing. I feel like my prayers are not being answered. I don’t have energy to pray now”
    “Have you lost faith in God? Are you not the one who usually encouraged me to pray? Don’t lose hope. Let’s pray and leave our problems in His hands.”
    The wife then started praying telling God all the troubles they were having and seeking for help. It was a long powerful prayer which was given. Edmond felt touched with the prayer and wished there could be help but he still doubted that help may be given.
    “You can’t be sleeping here. Go outside and make yourself busy. By doing that you won’t have to think much about what has happened to us.” She said.
    “I will do that later. Let me rest a bit. And there is an envelope of my last pay at the company.” He said as he lay on bed to rest.
    Later in the afternoon of that day, Edmond was outside making some checks on his car to keep himself busy. He checked oil, water levels and other things he felt like checking in order to pass time. Whilst doing that, his phone rung and found that it was his former workmate who had called. He picked the phone up not knowing what his friend was to say to him.
    “Yeah am home just checking my car”
    “It’s really something else. I don’t even know where to start from”
    “Heard what?”
    “What?! But why now?”
    “Okay thank you for letting me know”
    He then went quickly into the house and headed to the bedroom where his wife was applying body lotion on herself as she had come from bathing. The burging into the room made his wife a bit scared as she had also gone into deep thoughts while doing what she was doing.
    “You scared me” she said.
    “Am sorry. James, my workmate has committed suicide”
    “He couldn’t handle retrenchment, so he went ahead and drunk poison”
    “Iyeeeee. Please no matter what don’t think of that way”
    “No I can’t. Let me go and appear at the funeral house. I will be back”
    Edmond left his house for the funeral house of his former workmate. After his leaving, his wife also left home heading to meet his friend who had called her for link up. She left the two kids home with her brother and went.
    In the evening of that day, the couple sat in the sitting room eating their supper. Edmond asked about the brother to his wife as he was not home by that time. His wife mentioned that she also had left him home with the kids but she did not find her and the kids were also not aware of where he had gone. They decided to wait thinking that he could be somewhere and would come back later.
    After some time, Edmond went into their bedroom and for an unknown reason, he decided to check the envelope with money. He then wanted to count the money as he had not done that since being given that morning. The envelope was not where he had put it. He then checked where they usually put their money with his wife but there was nothing. He then called for his wife and asked her if she had shifted the envelope. She also denied touching it as she was also still emotional.
    “Then we’re could it be?” He asked.
    He immediately called his two kids to the bedroom and asked them if they had seen an envelope on the table. The children refused touching it.
    “If you don’t tell me, I will beat you up right now” he threatened them.
    “I did not touch it. But I saw uncle coming out of here.” The boy who was in grade 3 said.
    “You mean he was here?” Asked the wife.
    “Yes mummy. After coming from here that’s when he left when I told him that ‘I will tell mummy that you have entered her bedroom’ ” said the boy.
    It immediately dawned on both of the that there was high chance of the brother to the wife having taken the envelope.
    “Could it mean that he has started again stealing?” the wife asked not really expecting an answer.
    Watch out for episode 4.

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    Dãñîél wírê
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    eyaah sowee

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    imagine what they’re going through

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    Haha! This is to much na

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    God will see you through

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    This just too much for one family.its realy a life in the lions den

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Ah Ah,what do u mean by he’s started stealing again? So u knew ur brother was a thief n u decided to accommodate him? Hmmmmm nawa for u oo!!!

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