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    am here again with another story……..this its a christian/gospel story….enjoy all the way!!!™™

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    Links To Available Episodes

    Scroll down for episode 1&2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

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    Episode 1

    “Tricia” Nath called as he sat beside his
    wife on one of the living room couches.
    “Are you sure you’re fine? You’ve been
    quite moody and it’s unlike you.
    What’s the matter?” he asked with
    great concern.
    “I’m not too sure. I thought it was a
    slight fever when it started two days
    ago but it seems to be more than that
    now as I see it.
    “You don’t think you should see the
    “Yes I do. I should and I will. I’ve fixed
    an appointment with him for tomor…”
    She couldn’t complete the statement as
    she ran to the bathroom holding her
    “Babe, I think you’re…” he moved
    closer to her and whispered in her
    “You must be joking”, she said shaking
    her head and pushing Him aside.
    Nath could be humorous but in this
    case something told him he was right.
    And he was!
    She was at the doctor’s place the next
    “Madam, congratulations! This is a
    miracle!” the doctor said staring at the
    test result in his hands with a broad
    She couldn’t believe her ears.
    She got into her car and drove off to
    another hospital.
    Nothing was different. She put a call
    through to her husband.
    “Hello sweet!”
    “Hi dear, how are you feeling and how
    did your appointment with the…”
    She didn’t let him finish.
    “That’s why I called you. You were
    right! Nath you were so right! I’m
    pregnant, two months gone!”
    “Wow! Nath exclaimed. “Yes! Yes!
    Thank you Jesus!” he screamed into
    the phone his hand flying in the air.
    The noise from his office didn’t go
    unnoticed by his secretary. She ran into
    his office forgetting to knock on the
    door. Confusion was written all over
    her face.
    “Yes Jane”
    “Is everything alright?”
    Oh absolutely! There’s no cause for
    alarm. It’s all good news.” he said as he
    picked up his briefcase.
    “I’ll tell you about it when the time is
    ripe. I have to go now. Take care of the
    office.” he said, beaming with a wide
    Jane could only watch on…
    The Christmas celebrations had been
    wonderful for the duo that year. The
    news of the pregnancy had hit them
    about three weeks to Christmas. They
    decided to share only with a few family
    members who were very close. They
    believed such news had to be handled
    with care and caution.
    Days rolled by speedily and it was New
    Year’s Eve, everyone was so excited.
    The tail end of the year had shown
    good signs that the New Year was going
    to be great.
    In fact, God had given great promises
    to Nath and Tricia about their home. As
    they drove home early on New Year’s
    day, they chatted about their hopes and
    God’s promises for the New Year.
    Just then, a motorcycle rider who had
    been drunk bashed into their car from
    the rear.
    “Gosh!” Tricia exclaimed. “What a
    terrible way to start the New Year!”
    “Shhh…” Nath motioned to his wife to
    keep quiet. “You shouldn’t say such.”
    “But it’s true. This is a bad omen for
    the New Year. I’m scared.”
    “Now Tricia, stop it and stop it right
    now! I’ve told you to be careful about
    what you say when things seem to turn
    out bad. You make them worse by
    confessing the negative.”
    “Well, I only say things as they are”
    Tricia argued.
    “What did you just say? You should be
    grateful that it wasn’t worse than this.
    God have mercy on you.”
    Nath got down to check the extent of
    the damage done to the car.
    It required just a little panel beating.
    The motorcycle rider was nowhere to
    be found.
    Nath got back into the car and
    muttered the words, “Thank you Jesus”
    as they drove home.
    Tricia knew deep within her that what
    she said was wrong, but wasn’t willing
    to come to terms with the truth.

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    Episode 2

    The New Year was going on quite well
    for the Daniels.
    Nath was promoted at work.
    Tricia also resumed her new job.
    The unborn baby was doing quite fine.
    “I’m so glad and excited, God has been
    faithful to us you know”, Nath said one
    evening as he and Tricia sat in the
    garden to relax.
    “Yeah. He’s been so good”, Tricia
    “How’s my baby doing today?” he
    asked rubbing his wife’s tummy
    “He’s quite fine, only that he’s been
    giving me a little bit of trouble lately.”
    she smiled coyly.
    “He’s probably eager to see our faces”,
    Nath said, smiling heartily.
    Tricia couldn’t help laughing.
    Just then a call came in from her office.
    “Hello Tricia.”
    “Hi Tara, How are you?”
    “I’m good, and you?”
    “I’m doing just fine!”
    “That’s good to hear. Well, the boss
    came in this afternoon. He would like
    you see you at the head office
    tomorrow morning.”
    “Is anything the matter?” she asked a
    bit jittery.
    “Well, I don’t know but I don’t think
    “What was the look on his face when
    he gave you the message?”
    “Not strange. It was just that usual
    straight face. You know that look now.”
    “Oh. Yeah. Ok then. Thank you.”
    “You’re welcome.”
    She placed her phone on the stool
    before her, looking straight.
    “Who was that?” Nath asked.
    “Tara. She said the boss would like to
    see me tomorrow morning at the head
    “Hmm… Maybe a promotion or
    “Promotion? Mr Dreamer, I’ve spent
    barely five months in this company.”
    “You never can tell.”
    He began singing a hymn and swinging
    his hands like a song director “God
    moves in a mysterious way His
    wonders to perform…”
    “Oh Nath, away with this afternoon
    comedy. Honestly I have a bad feeling
    about this.” she said with a worried
    “Hey ma’am, what’s this again with the
    negative thought? Stop it! Go see the
    boss tomorrow. I’m sure it’s something
    This time he was wrong…
    She was right!
    Nath opened the door to welcome his
    wife, soaked in her own tears.
    “Babe, what’s the matter?” he asked,
    wiping her tears with his handkerchief.
    She handed him the letter in her hands.
    He unfolded the letter and he looked
    utterly shocked.
    “Suspension? For what?”
    She pointed at the letter signifying that
    the reason was stated therein.
    He checked again.
    “No! Not you” He held her with his two
    “You didn’t do it.”
    Tricia found her voice.
    “No I didn’t, I can’t do such a thing.
    You know it Nath.” she cried further,
    her chest rising up with each pant
    “Yes I do. So, who could have done
    this?” He asked taking a seat and
    staring closely at the letter as if he had
    not read it properly.
    “I don’t know, I really don’t. I’ve been
    suspended till the investigation is
    “Don’t worry dear, all will be well.”
    “I just hope so”, she said faintly.
    She was already weak from crying.

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    Bring It On

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    emmanuel daniels
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    Nice story!…. Bring it on man!

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    Faith suit me
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    NICE START though i’m not invited

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    am sorry @peculiar

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