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    wow cool
    seated I have been waiting for this for long time now

    thanks for the beep

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    I Will not miss this for anything not even for my favourite bread&akara
    thanks for the beep @jummybabe

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    John Walter El Marshall
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    Hop in to my spaceship and heading to earth just because of you. Don’t keep me waiting.

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    Am right here….

    thanks for the beep

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    finally am already seated

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    a long waiting story. am at your door step so ride on

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    ride on man

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    ” We are the supreme Vikings and I want you guys to join us on a mission, the mission is worth two billion naira “_lex

    ”  We don’t stand a chance against the vikings,  our only option is to ambush them during the operation by using the bazooka because there is no way their charm will protect them from the rocket luncher “._kelvin

    ” lex killed Solomon and he must pay for what he did ” Daniel..

    ” Tessy!!!!!!!!! “uche scream..

    ” lex is going to pay for what he did to Tessy even if it means me dying in the process “_uche..

    ” lex is not the leader of the vikings, the real leader is a man named John,  he is known as the executioner_ Sharron

    “There is a war coming between a group called shadows and the vikings,  legend has it that the two leader of the group are brothers while rumor has it that they were twins “_Sharron

    ”  I want you to be prepare you know you are my number 5, my brother group are strong but they can’t defeat us ” John to lex.

    ” who are you “_kelvin

    ” We are the shadows ” .

    ” what do you want with us “_ uche.

    ” we’ve come to recruit you guys against what is coming “…



    Vivien was devastated,  kelvin is dead, the only man who made her heart beat is dead, she couldn’t help but whimper as she was packing her loads , she is leaving to Benin, there is no nobody she knew in logos,  the people she knew were all dead..

    She walked to the sitting room with her luggage, tears could be perceptibly seen in her eyes.

    “Good morning this is the AIT news,  it is said that the group that was apprehended known as the magnificent brothers had escape, no one know how they escape,  but according to one of the survival.” the news caster said while she showed the survival, he was injured in his hands. “they were marks men all dressed in black I didn’t see their faces but they were huge so as their gun,  they attack like trained soldiers,  they shot every living soul,  i was fortunate enough to have survive, they went to were the magnificent brothers were kept and freed them,  they took them to their bus and zoomed off ” the survival explained…”  the police had been searching for them,  hopefully they will caught  ” the news caster concluded.  Tears of joy was dropping down to Vivien cheek, she couldn’t believe kelvin and uche were still alive,  she quickly drop her luggage..

    Lex who heard the news was furious, he went to the capon who was sited in his throne room like a king he was not.

    Lex curtsied and greeted the capon.. 
    “what is it Lex! “the capon asked.

    ” the magnificent brothers are alive, the shadows rescued them “Lex replied drawing the capon attention.”  leave us “he told the two girls that sat on his lap.

    ” how did you find out ” the capon asked in surprised.

    ” I just heard it in the news that a group of men dressed in black rescued the magnificent brothers,  the shadows are known for their dressing which is black, and we all know  they are capable of pulling something like that “Lex explained apprehensively.

    ” I guess they want to recruit the magnificent brothers,  they knew they can’t take us on the own so they are using strategy 101 “the capon explained.. 
    ” what’s strategy 101 “Lex asked sounding perplexed.. 
    ” you are still a novice in this game” the capon said while lex bow in shame,  he knew he had no brain of planning operation.

    “strategy 101 simply means “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”  since the magnificent had become our enemy they went to recruit them to join forces with them and take us “the capon explained.

    ” my brother and I used the same strategy when we took Alora frat and  Aro beggars ” the capon added ..

    ” Okay boss, what should will do ”
    Lex asked.

    ” assemble the whole team, we shall discuss tomorrow “the capon said while lex nodded..


    ” this is not good, how did the magnificent brothers escape “the DPO asked the inspector who was deep in thought.

    ” I don’t know sir I am even surprise but who ever the group are they are dangerous ” the inspector answered..

    ”  We have to capture them “the DPO said..

    ” I will try my best but it will not be easy “inspector Mike replied prudently.


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