The Mermaid

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    don’t love gini wen fine boy like me day earth

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    i know if she see harzaro boy she must fall… following jejely @fb-daniel edem your attention is needed…….

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    It’s a crime

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    Nice Story

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    I guess she will be doomed because am sure she will fall inlove

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    ?{Love Is A Crime}?


    There was jubilation in Danny’s house. Everyone thought it was a joke when Esther started vomiting and having symptoms of pregnancy.

    She had to go to the hospital and it was confirmed positive by the doctor.

    She quickly called Agnes and told her the latest news.

    When Esther ran home, jubilating and showed the results to Danny,he felt on top of the world. Very soon,he was going to be a father.

    Mama showered Esther with care and made sure she was well taken care of.

    “No o. Let me buy you more fruits o. You are carrying my first grandchild and very soon,you are going to give birth to my grandchild.

    So,let me take care of you.” Mama said and Esther laughed.

    Three mouths later,she went back to mother of babies and showed her appreciation and branched to Agnes’s house to see her and thank her again.

    Agnes was happy to see her friend’s protruding tummy. It was a great sight.

    “Now I’m sure your mother inlaw now dotes on you.” Agnes said,laughing.

    “Abi now. In fact,she now forces me to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.” Esther replied,laughing.

    After discussing with her friend for some hours,she took her leave and went back home.

    Mama had already prepared her favourite on her arrival. Esther was happy as she ate to her feel.

    She was taking her bath when Danny arrived from work. He cane into the bathroom to meet her.

    He kissed her forehead and and belly,letting the water dripping all over her to wet his clothing.

    Esther laughed.

    “I’m so happy dear. This is our first child ever. I’m soon going to become a father.”

    Danny said as Esther wrapped herself with a towel and they came out of the bathroom.

    “I’m happy too dear. But what do we name our baby when it is born?” Esther asked.

    “Well if it’s a boy,we are going to name him Peter and it it’s a girl ….we are going to name her Cassandra. Good?”

    “Yes,good.” Esther replied.

    After dinner,they both retired to bed together.

    “How was work today?” Esther asked as she layed down beside his, putting her left arm across him.

    “Oh it was hectic but okay.” Danny replied.

    They discussed about other things and soon, Esther slept off……..


    She found herself running and screaming, shouting for help which looked like it was never going to help.

    Esther ran on and ran till she got to a beach and stopped.

    She looked back to see if the unknown creature was still chasing her.

    She looked at the wide ocean and shouted for help again. There was no way to escape.

    She couldn’t swim and couldn’t jump into the wide ocean.

    She heard laughter before her and turned, trembling.

    She screamed again as a mermaid appeared before her, holding a doll.

    “Hi new mummy.” The mermaid said and smiled evilly.

    “What… what…do you want!” Esther stammered, running back almost falling into the water.

    “What do I want? How could you ask your child that in such a manner?

    Well, mummy…very soon,you are going to be having me. I’m here to tell you my name.”

    The mermaid said, throwing her doll up as Esther waved her head,shifting back and back.

    “No….you are not my child! You can never be my child!” Esther shouted and the doll dropped from the mermaid’s hands.

    She turned to look at Esther,her face changing.

    The colour of her eyes turned bright red and fury circulated the frame of her face as she made towards Esther.

    “I said I’m here to tell you my name!” Her voice echoed, slamming into Esther who waved her head still,moving backwards and backwards, going deeper into the water.

    ” Listen, mummy! Listen to my name! I said listen to my name!” The mermaid screamed,almost making Esther deaf as she screamed too and fell straight into the deep waves.

    She screamed and screamed for help as the water covered up on her….. swallowing her whole body..her whole being…..


    “Aaaaaaaa!!!”Esther screamed out of sleep,panting. Danny woke up immediately too,alarmed.

    “What’s that? What happened!” Danny asked, taking her arms.

    Esther could not talk. She trembled so hard like a leaf.

    “Honey,talk to me. What’s wrong?” Danny persuaded but Esther continued panting as she remembered the strange dream.

    What sort of a dream is this? She asked herself,still staring around.

    Why would a mermaid be calling her,her new mummy and telling her to listen to her name? What sort of baby was she able to have?

    “Answer me, Esther! What’s wrong with you? Are you alright?” Danny asked again, probing into her thoughts.

    She couldn’t tell Danny about such a dream. How could she?.

    “I’m…fine,Danny it was only a night mare.” Esther replied, finding her voice once again.

    Danny petted her and they went back to sleep since she refused to tell him anything about the dream.


    “Hurry,mama! Help bring down the baby’s bag!” Danny shouted as he held Esther who was screaming. She was in labour.

    He led her downstairs and help her into the car. Mama rushed down with the baby’s bag, excited.

    Danny collected it sharply and threw it into the booth running to the driver’s seat.

    “Am I not going with you people?” Mama asked.

    “No mama. Stay at home. Take care if the house and await good news,okay?” Danny replied and zoomed out of the compound, speeding to the hospital.

    Mama returned inside, praying earnestly for a save delivery.

    They got to the hospital and Esther was wheeled to the labour room.

    Danny waited in the waiting room, praying to God.

    “Quick. Hurry and wear her the cloth.” The doctor ordered the nurses as he put on his hand gloves.

    Esther continued to scream, shouting Danny’s full name. Even his surname.

    The nurses layed her on the bed and dressed her for the delivery posture.

    The doctor got to work as two out of the four nurses held her hands.

    “Okay,madam. You are going to breath in and push when I order you to,okay? Now,one,two ready…..push!” The doctor said,and Esther pushed. She stopped and cried out Danny’s name again.

    “Oh please Daniel! Come and help me! It’s really painful!” She continued shouting.

    After several attempts of pushing,the baby refused to come out and complications became much.

    Two hours thirty minutes later,the baby came out with it’s legs. The doctor and nurses were confused.

    Babies like this were rare. And recently, babies coming out with their legs were always corrected during x-rays.

    “It’s coming out, doctor!” One nurse exclaimed as the baby began to come out on it’s own, without being pushed.

    Getting to the neck,it hanged.

    “Push!” The doctor shouted at Esther and she pushed out the baby as all the entire body came out. The cry of a new born baby, circulated the whole room.

    The nurses were silent as they left Esther’s hands. Normally,they would have told her well done. You did it but this was strange.

    Esther let in a deep breath and raised her head to look at her baby in the hands if one of the nurses and breathed a sigh of relief. It wasn’t a mermaid at all….

    “Doctor… doctor! Look at the baby’s neck!” The nurse holding the baby screamed as she was about to wash off the blood out of the body.

    They all looked at the crying baby and gasped.

    “What!!”they chorused.

    Esther raised her head too and gasped.”What…. what’s happening!!”

    Firmly balancing on the new baby’s neck was the medallion being given to the mermaid by the queen mother inside the ocean.

    The doctor pointed at the baby with a shaky finger, confused.”A necklace?? On a new baby??……….


    Your worst nightmare has arrived..??

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    Agu Amimu
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    Oh God Poor Ester

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    Itz Reindy
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    Time 2 fight ur foolish battle

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