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    MESSENGER – short story from Charliebryn

    He’s been out all day searching for who to deliver his message to,not that he hasn’t seen the person he’s was sent to,he has seen him and even try to deliver his message but the person is just too stubborn to accept it and the bodyguards following him didn’t allow him to penetrate his wall..Hmm seems he’s a very good person and seems to believe in who he’s worshiping..A STRONG FAITH

    Since the person didn’t collect his package,he must deliver it to someone else or else he’ll face the wrath of his master(Shaitan/Satan),he kept remembering his harsh and sorrowful voice telling “you must not bring this thing back here or else you’ll blame yourself” Satan said.
    Though he’s created from hell like his master,he knew his master Satan is capable and have a way of punishing them and they’ll feel the pain.

    He knew this is a suicide mission because during Ramadan Satan and his messengers are meant to be in prison and not do any harm to humans but Satan as a stubborn creature wouldn’t just sit without harming one or two human beings.He’s been out for like 14hrs and the time is 6:25,time is running against him,the Muslims would break anytime soon!,he need to do something now.Just as he was about to give up,he saw a girl.PERFECT!

    He change is appearance and walk up to her,his intention is simple,”make her sin” he said in his head.
    “Hello Zainab” he said,he knew her name the moment he changed his appearance..

    “Hi Hameed” she said…hameed is her boyfriend..

    “how’s fasting today”

    “alhamdulilah” she said while he smiled knowing that word would turn to Astagfirulah(lord forgive me) soon enough and it’ll be too late.

    “wanna discuss something with you,should we go in?”

    “yeah..anything wrong?” she asked

    “no..its just something we can’t discuss here”

    12 minutes later

    He came out smiling like the Devil he is,he glance at the room one last time to look at the girl crying profusely asking God for forgiveness cos he just had sex with her!.He faded away
    The Angel stare at the girl in pity,shaking his head cos he knew she’ll have to beg for 10yrs before she’ll receive forgiveness cos her good deeds as been shattered into debris and before it’ll take her 10yrs to regain Her faith back to stand.Though she worship God,her faith is not strong enough to hold down firmly her defensive wall so as not to allow the messenger of Devil to penetrate it,but he sure succeeded in delivering the package.

    He face the audience(me and you),he stare at us for a while then sighed…He has only one question in mind

    Choi na me write this one?

    @victoriouschild @sonshine


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    Etz Froshberry
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    Nice One!

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    Etz Froshberry
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    Learnt Something

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    na me write am
    good one bro ….
    nd for ur question am still looking for dey answer

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    may GOD help us

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    The answer is GOD KNOWS BEST.

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    Trying to make my faith strong

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