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    in case you missed the previous season, check below

    In the beginning,osanubua the Benin God
    watched kingly in heaven at the void planet
    and decided and decided to make the planet
    a beautiful habitat,so he asked his four
    children Esango,Esu, olokun and osun (Ekie)
    in heaven to choose whatever gift of nature
    that each fancied.the oldest Esango choose
    to take control of the sky and every other
    things attached to it.The next in age Esu
    choose to take control of fire which is the
    second element after the air that is immune
    to death.the third child and the only female
    among them olokun choosed to have
    control over the water.when the youngest
    child was about to announce his
    choice,owonwon (the toucan)who was with
    them to monitor their activities cried out to
    him to settle for a snail shell filled with
    sand.this did not make sense to him but he
    settled for it all the same.the brothers
    laughed at his stupid choice but osanobua
    said it was a wise choice,that when they get
    to the middle of the water the youngest son
    should pour the sand from the shell into the
    There was no land only water everywhere
    and the four children were in a canoe
    sailing by the power of Eziza (wind)which is
    part of the first son choice.
    When the children got to the middle of the
    water,the youngest son turned his snail shell
    upside down as he was told by osanobua
    and the sand pour into the water
    resulting to an explosion from the bottom of
    the water and it forced volumes and
    volumes of sand to gush out of the water
    and fill up space around them for as far as
    the eyes could see.with the explosion,the
    four elements of creation:Ame(water),Eziza
    (air),Arhen(fire)and Oto(sand)were in was everywhere but the kids did
    not know what it was,they were afraid to
    climb out of the canoe to step on the land,so
    they sent the chameleon to test it
    firmness,that is why the chameleon walked
    with hesitation and they called the land
    Agbon(earth)and they used their power to
    beautify the earth creating everything in it
    including trees,plants,flowers,grass and all
    the animals both on the air,water and
    land.then they created humans from the soil
    with their combine power and osanobua
    breathed air into their nostril from heaven
    and their creation became like them,And
    they called them no distance time
    the earth was filled with humans
    through procreation and the four brothers
    watches kingly over the human from a
    mysterious acient town called Evbiamen far
    from the humans reach until
    misunderstanding step into their mist when
    Esango choosed to fall in love with a human
    and she begat a son for him with the sole
    aim of giving all his power to the child and
    returned to heaven when the child has
    come of age.but his plan was cut short by
    Esu who was angry with his brother for his
    decision and he killed Esango with the
    of hell created out of the four element.then
    olokun and osun used their combined
    power to lock Esu deep inside a mysterious
    mountain where he was unable to use his
    power and the dagger of hell went missing
    and has never been seen by anyone since
    that day.
    Patrick,ezra and Brenda were arrested while
    sky and pelumi mysteriously find their self in
    the acient forest of evbiamen,meeting face
    to face with osun the last son of osanobua
    who choosed the element of land.
    What does the acient mystery have to do
    with the Dragon squad?.
    What is the fate of Patrick,brenda and Ezra?.
    Who is sky?.
    Find out the answers in the intrigue story
    THE NEMESIS OF EZRA 3 (road to amagedon)
    Brenda oviawe
    Ezra ikhiewen
    pelumi oladele
    Patrick umeh
    joy diamond
    sergeant tony
    and many others who will come up as the
    story continue…
    #ETZ_sky_prince is back again
    let the comment be flowing fast for more
    update and they must be good comment.

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    Etz Sky PrinceEtz Sky Prince
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    @ryder and @itzprince please help me out with the register


    Link to Available Episodes

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5

    Episode 6&7

    Episode 8-9

    Episode 10

    Episode 11

    Episode 12

    Episode 13-14

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    Etz Sky PrinceEtz Sky Prince
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    Please guys i need the register here and fast comment will bring the update faster


    @maths @fb-









    @sabinto @fii-fi
    etimaumoron @sanctus4real


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    right here

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    I can’t find the picture @fb-etzprince

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    senator danielsenator daniel
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    @myraruby come ooo season 3 is out

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    seated ooo

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