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    The continuation is here with the tittle ( Retribution)

    season 1 link >>

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    why not continue with the previous thread???

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    this is the season 2.
    that’s why am using a new thread.

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    Alex Rolland was only sixteen years of age, yet
    he had the body of a full grown wrestler with
    rippling biceps. His body was well built—forged
    in the dusty halls and gloomy rooms of the
    Institute. The Institute’s creed was simple: to
    rear one man armies, not from the Super Soldier
    Serum projects the Americans were pumping
    billions into, nor from the Enhanced Soldier
    project that the Brits were spending time and
    resources on. No. The Institute’s way was
    through hard work, toil, and sheer brute force.
    It had been more than ten years under the
    tutelage of the Institution, and Alex was now the
    perfect fighting machine, ready to rip and rend
    flesh, with the necessary cunning to carry out
    the job.
    Alex was crouched in the back of a small
    moving van. There were four other young boys
    with him, who were members of his group—the
    Alpha Pack. The Institute currently had about a
    hundred teenagers, of a narrow age range,
    undergoing training to become skilled assassins.
    These boys, and a few girls, were divided into
    different groups. The Alpha Pack was the name
    of the lead group, and the members were the
    most highly skilled and most powerful and
    resourceful among the entire students.
    It was night, and the wintry air penetrated Alex’s
    joints in spite of his heavy winter clothing,
    woolen garb, feathered head gear, thick parkas,
    leather boots, reaching up to his shin, thick
    clothes beneath the outer layer of protective
    clothing, and the reassuring nudge of a small
    concealed Swiss Blade. The van smelled of
    engine fuel and made an annoying, incessant,
    and atrociously loud noise, yet Alex enjoyed the
    bumpy ride. He took a deep breath of the chilly
    air and breathe out through his mouth, the air
    exhaling as white smoke.
    The night Alex Rolland had killed the wolves and
    gained entrance into the Institute was the last
    time Alex Rolland had smelled the air outside the
    walls of the Institute. He hadn’t as much as
    stepped foot outside until this day. Ten years he
    had been holed up in the Institute. Ten years he
    hadn’t seen the outside world. And even now, he
    was crouched in the van unable to see the
    outside. But even if there were windows in the
    back of the van, Alex knew what he would see:
    nothing. Absolutely nothing but desolation, ruin,
    and sadness. Because they were currently
    traversing the wintry wastelands of Siberia, en
    route to infiltrate a terrorist stronghold and
    assassinate its leader Al-Hassid Farooq Bin
    Laden, the infamous and terrible.
    Alex closed his eyes for a moment as panic
    flooded his heart. Against his better judgment,
    he removed his thick gloves and rubbed his
    palm in the freezing cold. Right now they were
    quite warm, but he knew within a few seconds
    they would become rigid as a result of the cold.
    If he left them exposed for more than five
    minutes, he would begin to develop frostbite,
    and if he didn’t cover them for up to thirty
    minutes, his fingers would break off his hand like
    biscuits—he wouldn’t even feel any pain.
    “You scared?” said one of the boys directly
    opposite him in the van. It was more of an
    accusation than a question. A test to see if Alex
    should still be the leader of the Alpha Pack; to
    see if he was really weak. If Alex had learned
    one thing in his stay in the Institute, it was never
    show weakness, regardless.
    Alex kept his eyes closed. It was only a taunt. A
    show of strength demanded that he ignored the
    taunt. It demanded that he treat the taunt with
    the levity it required. Alex added a smile to his
    silence, and he could almost feel the fumes of
    anger emit from the one who had dared
    challenge him.
    The truth was, Alex was petrified. Beyond that,
    he was mortified at the idea. Back at the
    Institute, Alex was the first person to have
    finished the first phase of his training. He was at
    least a couple of months ahead of all the other
    students because of his determination and
    dedication to avenge his parents. As such, he
    was the only one going for this mission. The
    mission was an exam. If he failed, he would
    most likely end up beheaded or, worse, a
    permanent prisoner of terrorists, torturing and
    all. If he succeeded, then he would begin on the
    next leg of his training.

    “Alex Rolland,” called the driver of the vehicle.
    “We are almost there.” And at that, the van
    pulled off the main road and began a very
    bumpy and steep climb off road.
    Alex Rolland opened his eyes to see his mates
    look at him with hardened expressions and envy
    — backstabbing envy. The Institute was
    structured in such a way that it obliterated
    virtues like compassion, forgiveness, and love. It
    promoted stiff-necked competition, betrayal,
    distrust, and fury. In more than ten years of
    these, Alex had managed to maintain his
    humanity—nobody knew this of course, because
    if they did they would think him weak.
    The van came to a stop.
    “Alex?” said Alpha Pack’s instructor, whom they
    knew simply as Vector.
    Alex craned his neck to look through the metal
    mesh protector that separated them from the
    forward compartment. Vector looked at Alex with
    a softness that Alex didn’t know he was capable
    of. Vector was naturally cruel and dismissive. It
    was an arduous task to please the man, yet Alex
    had effortless done so. Maybe it had to do with
    the grace and class with which Alex fought and
    killed, which none of the other students had. Or
    maybe it was because of the situation under
    which he had been abducted—Alex was the only
    student who had been abducted at the crash site
    of his parents’ car.

    “Yes, sir,” Alex said, putting his gloves back on.
    His hands were already rigid and bitingly cold.
    “What’s your plan of getting past the guards?”
    Alex shrugged. “Stealth?”
    Vector shook his head. “This is unknown
    territory. Without knowing the base plan, you
    can’t effectively use stealth. You know this,
    Alex nodded. “I do, sir. But it’s my best option.”
    “Why not walk through the main gates?”
    Alex looked at the man as though he had
    spoken heresy. “Sir?”
    Vector sighed and said, “Some days ago, we
    intercepted chatter about a group of terrorists
    that went to Moscow for a mission. It went bad.
    Some died; some survived. But the mission was
    a failure. The surviving terrorists are making it
    back to this camp in trickles, because there is a
    manhunt for them. You can gain entrance as
    one of these terrorist.”
    Alex thought about this for a moment. Then he
    realized there was only one problem. “Wouldn’t
    they be able to tell I’m not one of the terrorist
    sent out?”
    Vector said, “Maybe, maybe not. The base is
    pretty big, and people come and go all the time.
    If you have the code word, then you would be
    allowed in.”
    Alex tried considering Vector’s proposition.
    However, he could not get past the question,
    why was Vector helping him?
    One of the other four boys said, “Sir, is this
    allowed? Telling Alex how to accomplish his
    task? Isn’t that against the Institute’s rules?”
    Vector ignored the accusation and said, “Look,
    Alex, it’s your best play, but you can go ahead
    with stealth if that works best for you. If you
    choose to go through the gate, the code word is
    May The Enemy Burn In Hell . You may proceed.”
    Alex only nodded. He patted his right abdomen,
    where the Swiss Blade was secreted before he
    climbed out of the van. His boots crunched on
    semi solid snow. For as far as the eyes could
    see, in every direction, the world was white with
    snow and barren. It was bitter cold. Alex was
    already freezing, in spite of his clothing—they
    were proving to be ineffective.

    “ Dasvidanya ,” said Vector as the van turned and
    drove down the slope towards the road.
    Goodbye .
    Alex stood with his hands folded underneath his
    armpits and watched as the van faded into the
    darkness. The clouds were thick overhead, and
    there was no moonlight or stars. It was a cold
    and dark night, and it was filled with terror.
    The van had dropped Alex near the top of a
    small ridge. He walked the remaining few feet,
    slowly crouching to his knees as he came to the
    crest. He peered over it. A little ways past the
    foot of the hill a small settlement spread across
    the white surface. It blazed bright with firelight
    everywhere. It was surrounded with a tall,
    interlocking metal fence, which was patrolled by
    men in twos, hefting AK 47s and moving around
    with war dogs. Alex spotted several SAMs
    spread across the settlement, as well as RPGs
    and Machine Guns mounted on Humvees.

    A dog barked at him, and the guards the dog
    was with turned to look up at him. Alex pushed
    away from the crest, falling on his back. He held
    his breath, his heart pounding, as he listened.
    The dog kept on barking for a few seconds
    before it fell quiet.
    Alex swallowed hard and tried to gained control
    of his terror. This settlement didn’t look like a
    terrorist settlement. It looked like a goddamn
    army installment! It was either this was a secret
    army base or these terrorists were well funded
    and highly trained. In Alex’s mind, the threat
    matrix shot up several thresholds.
    Alex stood to his feet, s----d in a deep breath,
    and banked the crest, headed straight for the
    main gates.
    There were about seven, heavily armed men at
    the gate and all of them aimed their weapons at
    him as he descended the slope towards the
    Alex raised up his hands. He wanted to tell them
    not to shoot, but then he wondered what
    language the men spoke. Was it Russian? Or
    was it Arabic? A returnee would know the
    commonly spoken language; if Alex was going
    to impersonate a returnee, he better get the
    language right.
    Alex kept on approaching the gate. When he was
    about twenty yards away, one of the men
    stepped forward and said, “ Allah ‘Akbar …” Allah
    is great .
    Alex relaxed a little. They spoke Arabic. Instead
    of replying, he spoke the code word, “May the
    Enemy Burn In Hell.” He said it with all the
    hatred and anger he could muster.
    For a few seconds, the man in his path glanced
    at him with mild shock, which immediately
    melted into fury. Alex held his breath and began
    to calculate how he was going to kill all the
    seven men and make a run for it.
    Then suddenly the man let go of his gun,
    slinging it behind him and said with a cheerful
    air, “ Shaqiq ! ‘Ahlaan bik !” Brother. Welcome .
    Alex and the man hugged, while all over the
    place, the aims of the men fell and they
    continued their patrol.
    “Ma ‘asmk, shaqiq?” asked the man. What is
    your name, brother .
    Alex said, “Mohamed.” And he began walking
    into camp. He didn’t want the gate master too
    ask too many questions that would compromise
    his position.
    He was almost nearly though when he heard
    behind him in English. “I can’t remember a
    Mohamed going on the mission…”
    Alex came to a stop, even as he heard the guns
    beginning to aim at his head again. Straight
    ahead, men, women, and children went about
    their businesses. The camp was warm, what with
    the fires everywhere. Tents dotted the landscape,
    however far away in the center of the camp was
    a huge tent, which Alex assumed was where his
    target was. If he could get through this
    Alex felt a hand on his shoulder and a gun
    muzzle poking into his spinal column. He made
    sure to keep his heartbeat steady and his
    breathing nonchalant.
    “What nonsense is this?” Alex replied. “I was
    sent out with the rest! Is this how you treat your
    brothers who are willing to die for the cause?”
    “Don’t be furious with me, brother,” said the
    gate master, his gun nudging deeper into Alex’s
    spinal column. “It is for precautions. I will have
    to take you to see our leader. He will know if
    you were sent or not.”
    And then Alex felt it: panic .
    The man nudged him forward towards the center
    of camp.

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    episode 2

    My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler,
    I watched my parents get murdered by a man in
    a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to
    the USSR, where I was made into someone else
    … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria
    to avenge all those who have suffered, like me,
    at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am …
    The Nivenger!
    Breaking News: We the armed forces of Nigeria
    are now in control of the Nigerian Government,
    and we are legally in control after the President
    of the Federal Republic of Nigeria declared
    martial law and ceded authority to us. Do not try
    and stop us because we have zero tolerance for
    deterrents. We have only one purpose in mind;
    to bring law and order back to major cities of
    Nigeria that have been ravaged in unlawful
    violence and destruction. Once we achieve this
    aim, power will be returned back to civilian
    hands. Nevertheless, note that anyone caught
    harboring the Nivenger, who is a pariah of
    justice, shall face the same punishment as he,
    and this punishment is death by the firing
    squad. As of this moment, the Nivenger is the
    most wanted man in the entire African continent.
    He is considered armed and extremely
    dangerous. Any useful information leading to his
    capture will be rewarded by a $1,000,000 cash
    gift. Keep your eyes sharp, and beware for the
    Nivenger may be coming for you…
    Alex Rolland remained low in the bushes just
    outside the one story bungalow, watching. He
    had been in this exact position for close to two
    hours, and in that time not even a muscle had
    twitched. Soldiers roamed the grounds. Any one
    of these soldiers were given the order to shoot
    at the sight of any intruder. There was a small
    compound surrounding the house and high
    fences with barbed wire hedging the house in.
    The house was somewhere in Ikeja.
    It had been two weeks since he had received the
    call from Lexie, since he had almost been shot
    to bits on that roof with the LCDA Chairman dead
    behind him. Since that time he had been on the
    run. He had lived on the streets and in
    abandoned houses, moving from one end of
    Lagos to another. Alex had ditched his gear in
    the Eko Lagoon, and now moved around wearing
    plain clothes to reduce the chances of him
    getting caught. Nevertheless, the Army, at least
    the higher ups, knew who he was and were
    particularly gunning for him.
    Sometime last week, he had returned to his
    house to find it in a state of dishevel. The DSS
    had stormed his place and ransacked it, looking
    for him. It was in the cover of dark that he had
    come, nevertheless, he had seen the clue that
    Lexie, whom he hadn’t spoken to since the night
    on the roof, had left him. Lexie had managed to
    clear up every evidence implicating Alex Rolland
    as the Nivenger and fled from the house in time
    before the DSS or the Army or the Police
    showed up.
    Alex now knew where Lexie had set up shop, but
    the problem was getting there.
    A light came on in one of the rooms upstairs.
    Standing in the middle of the lit-up room was a
    tall, pretty lady. She wore a red dress and she
    was looking in the mirror. Alex could only see
    her side, nevertheless he began to feel blood
    flow down south. He held his breath even as a
    group of four patrol soldiers passed him by.
    Then he began to countdown from forty, which
    was the exact time he had to make his move
    before they passed again.
    He waited for a few precious seconds, watching
    as the lady unhooked the straps of her gown and
    undressed. Alex shot to his feet and skipped
    across the grounds, the darkness covering his
    approach and his feet light and nimble on the
    paved floor. He leapt into the air just as he
    approached the wall. He landed on the wall, and
    pushing against the wall as he leapt higher. Both
    his hands caught the ledge of the window of the
    lady’s room, and he pulled himself inside.
    The lady was about to scream when Alex looked
    up at her and placed a finger on his lips in a
    sigh gesture.
    Recognition filled the lady’s eye and then
    extreme embarrassment for her semi nakedness.
    She grabbed her dress and ran into her
    bathroom, locking it.
    Alex went for the lights and flipped the switch.
    Then he moved towards the window and peered
    down. The guards were coming around again.
    He watched as they passed by the window and
    continued on. He had successfully infiltrated the
    house of the Officer Commanding of the Nigerian
    Army Regional Command in Lagos.
    Alex waited for about ten minutes before the lady
    came out again. The light from the bathroom
    partially illuminated the room.
    Ola waited on the threshold of the bathroom,
    looking at Alex. At first, Alex couldn’t tell what
    she was thinking or how she felt. Was she mad
    at him for sneaking into her room the way he
    had done?
    Without warning, Ola ran into him and hugged
    him fiercely.
    “Oh, Alex…” she sobbed. “Thank God you’re
    alive! I was scared when I saw what they said of
    you on the news.”
    Alex hugged her back. The feeling of her soft,
    succulent body on his sent sparks up and down
    his body. He felt an urge to kiss her, but before
    he could act on this impulse, Ola broke the hug.
    She took a few steps back so they weren’t in
    each other’s air. The electricity between them
    was tangible. Alex was now panting. And he
    could see the desire in Ola’s eyes as well. He
    took a step towards her, but she took a step
    back, raising her right hand to stop him.
    “No, Alex,” she said. “No. You made your
    Alex said, “I’m sorry, Ola…”
    “What do you need, Alex?” Ola said, folding her
    arms. “It’s not that I am not happy to see you.
    It’s just that, you’re a wanted man. If you’re
    found here, I and my family can get into a lot of
    Alex nodded. “I need your help, Ola. This
    military government is a hoax. The President
    was misled into declaring martial law. I am
    going to topple it and restore civilian rule.”
    Ola said, “What do you mean a hoax? If it were a
    hoax, the international community would not
    have praised the President’s decision. The US
    would now be sending in troops to restore
    civilian rule. And so on.”
    “That’s what I’m saying, Ola. It’s all part of the
    plan. The world has been deceived. The Cabal…”
    “The Cabal is a hoax, Alex,” Ola said with a
    slight laugh. “Don’t believe everything you hear
    on TV.”

    Alex felt hurt sting his heart. This must have
    shown in his eyes because Ola became rigid.
    “Alex, what are you not telling me?”
    Alex said, “The Cabal killed my parents.”
    Sadness flickered across Ola’s face. She
    wavered for a moment even as tears filled her
    “So, they are real…?” Her voice trailed off. Then
    she said, “I’m so sorry.”
    Alex said, “The Cabal perpetrated the violence
    that ensued the night I killed The Colonel so that
    they can enact Military Government. The Military
    Government is a puppet for the Cabal, and they
    would stop at nothing to stop their secret from
    coming out.” Alex didn’t tell her about the
    Lazarus Protocol. She didn’t need to know at
    this point.
    Ola thought about what he said for a brief time,
    before she said, “What do you need from me?”
    “I need you to use your dad’s car and drive me
    to the private section of MMIA.”
    Ola frowned. “What? Why?”
    Alex said, “I can’t say, Ola.”
    Ola’s frowned deepened. “You’re going to have
    to do better than that, Alex. I can’t just drive you
    to the airport with my dad’s car. If you kill
    someone important there, my dad will come
    under investigation. Also, I told you that I don’t
    want to be involved in your escapades. It’s
    against my Faith.”
    Alex surged forward before she could think and
    kissed her on her lips. Ola fought it at first, but
    then she wrapped her hands around his neck
    and kissed back. And for that brief moment, their
    pent up passion exploded around them. Alex’s
    hands roamed her body, even as their tongues
    merged in an indescribable ecstasy.
    Then it was all over as Alex withdrew. He
    remained in her space, breathing her scintillating
    air. Everything in him was screaming for him to
    kiss her again and carry her towards her bed,
    but he mustered the last of his shredded will to
    resist. He had a mission to do. He had a people
    to save from the horrors of Military Government.
    And he will not fail this country.

    “I promise you, Ola,” Alex said. “I will never do
    anything to endanger you and your family.”
    Ola looked in his eyes for a long time. Alex
    could see her struggle with his request. He knew
    he was asking her for much. He had not spoken
    with her since they broke off their relationship
    about four months ago. Now he was showing up
    in her room out of the blues, when he was the
    most wanted man in Nigeria, asking her to risk
    her life and that of her family for him.
    Alex sighed. He was asking a lot, and he was
    wrong in doing so.
    “Okay, Alex,” Ola said with resignation. “Wait for
    me outside the house. And don’t get caught
    leaving.” She leaned into him and kissed him on
    the cheek.
    Alex watched her leave the room. He went over
    to the widow and waited until the guards passed
    before he leapt through the opening and landed
    with a crouch. He dashed into the bushes and
    scaled the fence, using his jacket to defeat the
    barbed wire. The street was deserted this time of
    night, nevertheless, Alex remained in the
    shadows of the flowers lining the fence of the
    house and waited.
    Ola didn’t drive out the house for another thirty
    minutes. During this time, Alex heard her
    arguing with her father about leaving the house
    so late in the night. Then she was having
    troubles getting past her mom’s scolding
    remarks about disobeying her father. During this
    time, Alex felt nothing but compassion and
    anguish that he was putting Ola through such
    emotional pain.
    A green sedan with hidden license plates drove
    out of the compound and headed up the street
    towards Alex. Just before she passed by him, he
    jumped into the road. She came to a halt and
    waited for him to enter the back before she
    continued on her way.
    They didn’t speak the whole journey, mostly
    because Ola was frowning and Alex didn’t want
    to worsen the situation. She was probably still
    upset about arguing with her parents. There
    were several check points on their way to
    Murtala Muhammed International Airport. In fact,
    as they approached the check points, the
    soldiers came to attention until they were
    passed before they became at ease.
    They drove past the last checkpoint without any
    problem and entered the airport via a private
    gate. Ola drove him through the airport grounds
    to another gate marked Private Wing. The gate
    was open, and there was no one around. She
    parked by the gate and stopped the car.
    The cool, silence stretched for a minute. Alex
    didn’t know what to tell her. He didn’t know how
    to make her feel safe or good. All he knew was
    that he was consumed with the desire to make
    her feel okay. Furthermore, he didn’t know what
    their kiss meant. He hoped to god it meant they
    were getting back together; he wanted her back.
    He needed her back.
    “Thank you, Ola,” Alex said.
    Ola nodded.
    Alex waited for her to say something. She didn’t.
    So, deflated, he began to climb out, when she
    held his left arm and pulled him back into the
    car, towards herself. And she kissed him. This
    time it was slow, deliberate, and intense. Alex
    grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer,
    but then the seat belt resisted and snapped her
    back in her chair, causing their kiss to stop
    They both laughed at this.
    Then Ola unhooked her seat belt, leaned into
    Alex properly, and Alex kissed her.
    When the kiss was over, Ola whispered, “Be safe,
    Alex. Come back to me safe.”
    Alex replied, “I will. I promise.” And he was out
    the car.
    Alex stood by the gate and watched as Ola drove
    back the way they had come. He waited there
    with his arms folded in the chilly night until he
    couldn’t see her taillights again. He had a smile
    on his face, and a little bubble of pleasure in his
    heart. He was definitely going to see her again.
    He was getting his baby back.
    Alex sighed and said into the air, “Lexie, how
    bad is it?”
    There was no reply for about thirty seconds,
    before a voice came from behind him. “How did
    you know I was here?”
    “Lexie, I am the Nivenger. No one can sneak up
    on me.”
    “You knew I was here the whole time?” There
    was a tone of incredulity in his voice.
    Alex snickered and turned to face the lanky
    genius. He was wearing a T shirt and a pair of
    jeans. He was now standing on the other side of
    the open gate, looking at him with a happy
    “I saw you sneak up to the gate, when I and Ola
    “Kissing?” Lexie’s smile broadened.
    Alex smiled back. He walked through the gate
    and gave the tech wizard a brief hug. “How bad
    is it?”
    Lexie said, “Bad.” He began leading him to their
    new hideout and narrating just how bad things
    have gotten for Nigeria. Tales of human rights
    violation had all but destroyed the economy.
    Corruption had revived with renewed vigor.
    Military propaganda airing on TV and radio.
    Public opinion for the Nivenger on an all-time
    “People are saying you’ve abandoned them,”
    Lexie said as they approached a small hanger

    on the west most corner of the private wing, near
    the fence. It looked abandoned and even had a
    sign that declared it a hazard and marked for
    “I’ve not abandoned the people, Lexie, if that’s
    what you’re asking,” Alex said. “We need to
    overthrow the Military Government and restore
    civilian rule.”
    “And forget the Librarian?” asked Lexie. They
    had stopped by the side of the sealed hanger.
    There was no visible entrance. The closest
    hanger was about a hundred yards away, and it
    looked deserted as well.
    “We are not forgetting the Librarian,” replied
    Alex. “We will find the Librarian just after we
    restore civilian rule.”

    Lexie nodded. “Good. Because you’re going to
    Abuja next.” Then he brought out a fob key and
    pressed a button. Immediately, a door appeared
    on the side of the hanger just before them and
    slid away, revealing a beautiful interior. Lexie led
    Alex in, and as soon as they were past the door
    the door slid back closed.
    “What am I going to do in Abuja,” Alex asked as
    he looked around at the huge space. There were
    lights and gadgets everywhere. To one corner
    was a stand with a newly designed suit. Next to
    it was a weapons stand with a new bow that had
    buttons on it. There were arrows with different
    heads and different sizes.
    Towards another end were rows of high speed
    computers and equipment that Alex didn’t know
    what they were for. There was a staircase that
    led to an upstairs compartment.
    “What’s upstairs? Alex asked before Lexie could
    answer his last question.
    Lexie was already tapping away at his computer.
    He answered halfheartedly. “Living quarters and
    a small holding cell.”

    Alex was amazed. “How is all this possible?”
    Lexie sighed and looked up from his bank of
    screens. “Look, Nivenger, I could spend hours
    telling you how I made this place happen, or I
    could tell you how we are going to defeat this
    military regime and restore powers to our
    president. You choose…”

    Alex cocked his head, a smile tugging at the
    corner of his lips. “Alright. Tell me…”
    “Your next target is the Special Assistant to the
    President on Military affairs. His name is Mr.
    Lawal Adesan. He is presently holed up in his
    mansion in the FCT.”

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