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    Episode 1
    *************** *
    Dear Employee, It is
    time for your complete
    medical check up. You
    have been booked into
    the Franklyn Medical
    Center for two nights
    for a complete physical
    examination. This will
    take place from the 3rd
    to the 5th of next
    *************** ** I
    hate hospitals and
    dislike check ups and ….
    But my contract
    stipulated that a
    complete physical every
    five years was a
    requirement so I sighed
    and got tried to
    mentally prepare for
    the ordeal. I arrived at
    Franklyn Medical Center
    at 9 am. “Good
    morning,” a huge
    woman with oversized
    breasts and a red face
    said as I approach the
    reception. “What’s the
    name” She said in a
    gruff voice. I tell her
    she rings a bell like a
    mistress at the front
    of a hotel. A diminutive
    man comes to the
    “Follow Ralph,” the red
    faced woman barked.
    Ralph totters off with
    me just behind. He
    brings me to a small
    room on the top floor.
    “Strip and put on one of
    these gowns,” Ralph
    said opening the closet
    filled with ten or so
    identical surgical gowns.
    He left. “Great,” I
    thought taking off my
    clothes and dropping
    them down a shoot
    marked laundry and see
    them disappear from
    sight in a long round
    chaft of black, down
    deep in the center of
    the building. I get to the
    closet and push my
    hands through the
    sleeves of a gown and
    reach behind and try to
    tie the three ribbons in
    the back, hearing the
    door open behind me.
    “Ralph, could you tie
    these things, I cannot
    manage, myself.” Your
    voice cool and low, so
    excellent in woman,
    speaks, half whispers.
    “Of course, sir. But I’m
    not Ralph.” I turn quickly
    and there you stand, A
    smile on your face, your
    chin down, your eyes
    looking at me. As I
    stand there aghast at
    the beauty of your
    You step slightly closer
    and wrap your arms
    around me and looking
    at me close in the eyes,
    you tie the three
    ribbons on the back of
    the gown; the top, the
    middle then the bottom
    one. As you, do your
    breasts touch at my
    chest and rest there …
    do I feel them linger
    there. “There you are all
    dressed now,” you say.
    “And leave as quickly as
    you appeared.” Soon
    after, Ralph arrives,
    drops me in a
    wheelchair and wheels
    me to pokes and
    probes, needles and
    knitted brows, toilet
    samples and
    testosterone tests, X-
    rays and back stays.
    Late in the afternoon, I
    find myself on my back
    in brightly lit
    examination room.

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    U ve started another story again yet u ve not complete d girl he never notice nd others pls try to complete ur stories bf jumping to another pls @ Famous pen

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    Penniton looked at me
    and with a gruff bark,
    “We need a to draw a
    little blood now, just
    stay there.” He walks
    out. I lay there my eyes
    closed. I hate it when
    they draw blood form
    my veins. My eyes
    closed I dose off a
    moment, and in what
    seems a moment. I
    hear a soft voice say,
    “You Ok.” I open my
    eyes and there you are
    again. Standing over me,
    smiling in my eyes. You
    turn away and press
    the needle into a vial
    and fill the sample tube
    with my blood and turn
    back do to me. “That
    mustn’t have hurt,” you
    smile. “You didn’t even
    wake up till I spoke.”
    Well, not your mind
    anway.” And suddenly I
    feel your hand rest on
    my hard p---k, that has
    been standing stiff in
    my surgical gown the
    whole time, quite erect,
    quite visible under the
    thin cotton cloth.
    “Relax,” you say closing
    my eyes with your long
    shapely fingers. I feel
    the cloth of the gown
    raised by your hands
    and then your fingers
    wrapping my c--k,
    slowly stroking it up
    and down, the soft skin
    of your palms running
    up and down the
    thinness of the under
    skin of my s---t. You
    hold your hand straight
    out and press down on
    my hardness, and run
    the stiff surface of
    your palm up and down
    the flesh. You relax your
    hand and run my rod
    between your finger
    tips, running your
    fingers under my up
    pointing flesh, touching
    the head softly with
    light presses of
    fingertips, your mouth a
    fraction of an inch from
    me you blow soft
    streams of hot breath
    against the skin of my
    hard place. Then your
    take me between two
    fingers and touch your
    lips to the head of my
    c--k, and just hold
    them there, lightly
    lipping at the soft
    spongy head, pressing
    your tongue at the slit
    there. Then in a long
    sudden stroke you lick
    up and down my s---t,
    then down again,
    around the balls then up
    the hardness and a
    single stroke fill your
    mouth with me, now so
    hard and thick as I have
    ever been. In long slow
    strokes that make
    s-----g sounds, you
    s--k me in and out of
    your mouth softly and
    then harder and with
    more feeling and deep
    presses of lips on hard
    s---t. Till you feel the
    throbs, my p---k being
    to give up a load of c-m.
    You hold your lips parted
    your tongue slightly out
    as I open my eyes while
    my c--k opens its
    warm semen for you.
    You lap at the head as
    strings of c-m hang
    from your tongue and
    lips to my p---k. You lick
    it up softly and carefully
    till only a touch of a
    towel dries me as I fall
    into a sleep. I wake in
    the morning in by bed
    unclear how I got here
    and Ralph but somehow
    I feel Ralph’s fingers
    prints on my legs and
    arms. He arrives again
    soon with his
    wheelchair from hell. He
    wheels me to the cat
    scan room where I am
    stripped and lain on a
    table and my prone
    body long and stiff in is
    slowly passed through
    a circling emanation of
    vibrating waves filling
    me with probings that
    are recorded by you in a
    booth far away. You
    watch the curves of my
    flesh and the pulsing of
    my blood and the
    surging of the juices in
    me on the flickering
    screen as you press you
    hand between your legs
    and find your hips
    pressing your c--t
    against your finger wet
    now entering you and
    drawing in and out of
    your p---y, that drips
    wetness down your
    legs under your skirt.
    You press a towel there
    to keep the wetness
    for staining your
    clothes. My body
    emerges from the
    testing device as your
    head lays back and a
    moan of complete
    passing through
    touches out of your
    vocal chords, in tune
    with the writhing moan
    deep within the warm
    movement inside your
    c------s. My eyes open
    there on the table as I
    rise up, and relax on the
    bed, slide over and back
    into my chair. Later,
    after skin samples,
    saliva tests, eye
    probes, hands testing
    the beating of my
    heart, eyes carefully
    examining the pores of
    my neck, fingers
    touching the softness
    of the lobes of my ears,
    drips applied to the
    folds of my skin, long
    silvery pieces of metal
    forced deep inside the
    edges of my epidermis,
    and hot pads pressed
    to my flesh an inch
    from pain, all carefully
    noticed by your eyes
    from video feeds, or
    felt by your fingers as
    they apply the media to
    my bones, or tasted by
    your tongue as the you
    lift the glass slide to
    taste, or heard by your
    ears as the heat of my
    breath touches you
    leaning down to remove
    a sealing tape, or smelt
    by your nostrils and
    your carefully lifted a
    gauze from my private
    parts. The night was
    deep then, as you
    entered, my eyes open
    my mind awake, my
    senses all alive and rich
    in the experiences of
    the day. I feel you kneel
    over me and reach
    behind me and undo the
    knots on the ribbons
    behind my surgical
    dress, the top the
    middle and the bottom
    again bringing your
    breasts to my chest.
    This time the gown is
    removed and tossed
    aside. You reach up and
    toss the white nurses
    cap aside, remove the
    few pins in your hair
    that falls to your
    shoulders. You kneel up
    over my naked body,
    probed and tested and
    poked so often during
    the day, and your look in
    my eyes, unbuttoning
    your white blouse one
    button at a time, slowly
    your top opend till it is
    pulled off and thrown
    beside the bed. You
    reach behind, your
    breasts jutting out then
    revealed suddenly in the
    subdued light as the bra
    is tossed aside. You
    reach behind soon the
    skirt is gone and your
    panties too, you
    kneeling over me with
    only your white
    stockings held up by a
    white garter belt. One
    more shot, you say. You
    swab my arm with a
    cotton and quickly press
    a needle into my artery
    and press the plunger
    down. This time it
    hurts, hurts very much.
    And you pull it out
    letting blood bead out
    just a bit. “Open up.” You
    order and I open my
    mouth a bit and you
    squeeze the last of the
    liquid on my tongue.
    Testosterone is what I
    taste. You lean down
    and lick the bead of
    blood from my arm, and
    I see it go into your
    mouth and your throat
    maked a swallowing
    motion. My c--k already
    erect feels like a piece
    of steak ready to be
    broiled and feels
    thickening as the
    hormone coats my
    throat. You take one
    hand and hold my p---k
    up and gently rest on it
    with your p---y, your
    head held back, your
    mouth open, your finger
    moving in and out of
    the open cavity of your
    mouth, as you slowly
    rock up and down on
    my swelling manhood.
    You take both hands
    and hold my hips and
    run the tightness of
    your loving p---y up
    and down my
    screaming p---k, in rolls
    of laughing delight, the
    muscles of your back
    feel the massage of my
    s---t deep in your
    recesses. The egress
    and ingress of the
    heated flaming hard
    penis, feels your body in
    a way that makes your
    sides tingle at the
    rubbing of skin to inner
    skin. It makes you rock
    your hips from side to
    side so all of the
    recesses inside your
    enjoy the feeling of the
    widening c--k there.
    You start bucking on me
    in uncontrolled rhythm.
    You start moaning in
    large waves that come
    from deep inside. You
    start shaking all over in
    the music of the
    orgasms that rock your
    being. You start digging
    your fingers in me flesh
    as you fall on me and I
    roll you over. On top of
    you now, I f--k the
    c--k now even thicker
    than ever in your c--t
    with animal fury born of
    desperation, of
    hormones, of year end
    desire, of great
    affection and interest in
    this woman of flame,
    of desire, of care and
    attention. My hips ram
    at yours, the deep
    strokes feelingly in the
    back of your throat, the
    sliding of my skin
    against the wall of your
    c--t emanating out to
    your hips glowing your
    skin, the press of my
    body, spreading your
    legs, sending icy chills of
    hot pleasure through
    your thighs. The
    pressing of my mouth
    on yours, tingling the
    back of your neck
    causing your to wrap
    me in your arms and we
    lay, body on body, body
    in body, mouth on
    mouth, tongue against
    tongue, chest presses
    to chest as we c----x
    together. The throes of
    love fill the pores of
    skin inside you. My heart
    racing well with yours in
    a beat of music. The
    innards of each of us in
    tune with the waves of
    pleasure, the wall of
    your c--t thrill into my
    stabbing c--k the mash
    of my body against
    yours sending a
    tsunami gushing hot
    flashes of lightening up
    your spine, spinning
    around your stomach,
    thrilling up you c------s,
    shacking your head,
    clutching your hands,
    curling your toes, rolling
    your eyes back. My c-m
    flows, not in waves but
    in sprays of wetting
    filling masses in you.
    You can feel the pools
    of semen pounding up
    inside of you and sinking
    in, deep in your cavities.
    You feel another
    massive jerk of o----m
    in your p---y, coating
    the walls, dripping out,
    you feel a lasting
    gyrating stream
    emerge from my balls
    to gush inside your body
    as I collapse beside you.
    You hold me carefully
    and reach down holding
    my diminishing p---k.
    Circling it with your hand
    your jerk me a bitand
    feel a last wad drip out.
    On your thumb. You
    bring it to your face and
    let it slowly drip down
    into your mouth. You
    lean over and kiss me
    so I can taste it and
    feel you swallow. Drift,
    drift d…r…i…f ….t The
    morning has Ralph toss
    my clothes on my bed.
    “Get Dressed,” he
    orders and I do. I walk
    to the front desk and
    the red faced woman
    says, “Sign here.” My
    company letterhead is
    evident as I sign the
    form. “We are finished
    with you,” the large
    breasted woman barks.
    I walk to the door and
    exit. And there you are.
    Standing there in civies.
    Looking quite cute in
    your boots, fancy
    stockings, just above
    the knee skirt and
    waist long winter coat.
    “Hi,” I say. You say
    nothing, just start
    walking toward a car,
    your car. I follow.

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    i wil read dis tori later

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