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    Nnnn disobidient child

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    Episode 3.

    Zila traced the rope again, checking if she will be able to see the person hiding up in a crowded leave, she tried to know where the rope is coming from and found out that the person was still hiding in a crowdered leave up on a tree.. She couldn’t see the person.. But she saw that there was somebody hiding there..
    “Who are you.. Show your face.. Show your yourself.. Who are you.. Am not scared of you.. Or what you look like, Why are do you have to save me.. And why are you hiding up there…
    She kept talking.. But got no reply..
    My name is Zila.. Am sorry I crossed my boundary.. Am harmless.. I have always been curios to know what was on this part of the wood.. That is the main reason I’m here, I meant well.. Am sorry to have crossed the boundary, I meant well.. Please show your face.. I just want to be a friend.. Please..” I’m not scared of what you look like, but please don’t hurt me, I have lost my way, don’t even know how to go back but I’m not in a haste to do that.. i just want to see your face, to confirm if the stories i was told are true..
    All her word were met with silent again but she continue to speak while looking up to the tree, trying to get a glimpse of the person up the tree but the tree leaves where hiding the person, she tried to let go of her fear and speak again, to see if she can convince the person to come down
    “I don’t care what you look like.. Am not scared.. I don’t care if you have horns, fawns and feed on human, as I was told, I don’t care if you uses sign language to communicate because you don’t have a voice…I’m not scared of all that, I just want to see what you really look like and all I want is to just see your face..
    Zila waited again but no response, she felt strange eyes watching her, but she was not ready to let go, she will keep trying.
    “Well since you don’t want to show your face.. I will sit here and wait until you are ready to make a sound or show your self… I only meant well, my name is Zila, I’m a twin to a boy, meaning i was once an abomination to our tribe, I was told that when i was born I was an outcast like you people over here, I was meant to be left in the wood to die, just like every other female twin born before me, but father saved me, I know you were cast off because of one thing or the other, which i may not know all the stories but I’m not different from you, some people still look at me as an outcast, they still reminds me of my birth but I can’t tell my Pah, it may bring trouble to those reminding me of being an abomination, I know what rejection feels like because i was once cast out to die, so you can see i meant well, you can see I’m not like everybody, I’m different just like you are…
    Silent met all her speech, only the cricket sound could be heard, Zila sat on the root of the tree praying and hoping the person up the tree will have a change of mind and come down,
    After sometime She hard a tick and heavy voice that got her to her feet, it was terrifying because she did not expect to hear a voice since she was told they can not speak but uses sign to communicate
    “Go home.. Go home to your moma and your Pah, you know you shouldn’t be on this part….. of….the..wood .Remember..curiosity kills the cat, I’m not a model and am not so good to be looked upon, we that lives over this part are very scary… young girl, and seeing our face is very deadly, it means terror for you, believe what you are told about this part and stay far off, go home right now. And never thread on this forbidden part again.. Is only a stubborn fly that follows a Corp to it’s grave.. Leave now and stay far off from us, we are not like your normal people,
    Zila stood still and try to see if she can have a glimpse of the man speaking from the tree but she couldn’t see anything, She shouted back so that whoever that’s talking will hear her very well,
    ” You are just like a sounding cymbal.. You are wasting your time trying to convince me to go home..Am sorry to disappoint you Mr invisible, am not going anywhere until you show your face..
    She waited.. The evening was going down.. She knows that her people will be looking for her by now.. But she has refuse to go.. She wanted to see what an outcast look like, as she has being told that they are very scary.. And no one should ever see their face.. Or the person will die.. And if you are ever caught trailing their side of the wood.. Or caught with them in anyway.. That person will be banish, and they don’t speak like normal people, everybody avoided the outcast side of the wood.. Our parents always warn her and us off this part.. We have live with fear of them.. Until she hard the story of her birth.. She was an outcast too.. And would have been gone if not for Pah, so she’s more like them.. She began to see them as helpless people who couldn’t help their situation.. Which if someone has intervened on their behalf.. They wouldn’t have been marked as an outcast” she wish the man could come out, so that she can see his face and find her way because it was already getting dark.
    As she was still thinking on what to do the voice came again.
    “Why are you so stiffed neck…young girl.. You are such a stubborn child.. Go home.. Your People are looking for you.. Do you realize the consequence of been on this part of the wood.. Please .. Go home young lady. Go home now.. Men are already on the other side of the wood looking for you, is so deadly to be here, we are not celebrities that people look out for.. We are “outcast” and we love to be hidden… Please go before you cause so much trouble for yourself, night is fast approaching.. If you don’t leave now.. You may not find your way back again..
    Zila gave up and decided to go home.. It was almost dark.. She has spend all afternoon and evening here, she has to go.. Even though her journey has proven to be abortive.. But she was glad to hear a voice from them which convinced her that they are not dumb or communicate with sign, they talk like normal people do.
    Convincing the invisible man to come down or show his face has fell on deaf ears..
    She felt more than one eye watching her now.. She hard mouth whistles from afar, two or tree persons has come to join the person on the tree, how did they even come to the tree without she seeing them, or do they leave up the tree.
    She felt more eyes watching her, the mouth whistle coming from afar continued, she knew it was time to go,
    ” I will go invisible man.. And whoever that has come to join you.. But don’t think you have won, by convincing me, I will be back here again.. Until you decides to show yourself.. you will see that all I want to be is a friend..
    The voice shouted back.
    “There’s no friendship for you here young lady, be friends with your kind.. With your people, we don’t belong with you.. And stay off our part just like you have been warned.. For your own good.. I repeat again is only a stubborn fly that follows a corp to it’s grave, stop calling terror when terror is far off..because when it finally answer your call.. You might not be ready for what it will bring along. Never you again come back to this part of the wood…never again.. And you dare not to tell anybody that you were on this part of the wood, follow the.. Rafico rot back home so that you won’t be caught.. Listen carefully.. The Rafico is by your left side.. Go straight down.. Then turn right.. You will see the Rafico tree. Run ahead and never look back until you get out of this forbidden side, From there you will know your way home.. Don’t mention to anyone of being on this side, Never come to this part of the wood, I repeat again stay off it.. Don’t say you weren’t warned..
    She shouted back ..
    “Thank you, atleast I know now that you aren’t dumb.. And doesn’t communicate with signs.. As I was told”.
    as she said that she wasn’t expecting a reply as she ran along the way, another strange voice echoed behind her..
    ” Is good you know.. And will be even better if you stop being inquisitive”
    she ran the path she was directed. When she finally got out of the forbidden side it was already dark.. She saw torch lights, and people calling her names, we, her brothers and some men who were looking for her,
    She ran up to them and fabricated a lie of where she has been all day, she lied she was picking flowers in the wood and later felt sleepy and slept off in the wood, it was the noise from them, calling her that awaken her, .. She left the flower she plucked at the place she slept off
    They took her home to a worried mother and father, .. They sent some people to go call the men that went to look for her in another side back, because they divide themselves in search of her,
    Everyday she thought of the outcast.. His voice and imagine what they will look like, she has been more to herself.. She had not talk much ever since she visited the forbidden part, she wanted to tell somebody that the outcast actually speaks fine, she needed to tell somebody about her adventure, somebody she trusted,
    she called me aside one day and told me everything that happened and I promised her not to tell anybody if only she will listen and stay off their part as she was warned but she wasn’t ready to stay off, she was eager to visit them again this time she begged me to go with her so that they will not feel she was missing just like the last time but i hushed her not to do that because is means trouble for us if we are found on that part, but Zila was determined, she was strong willed like father.
    One day as we all sat for dinner with pah and mother .. Mother asked if she was alright.. Because she was being too quiet, She smiled and said yes.. Trying to convince them that she’s fine, she gave me a pleading look, reminding me of going with her but I stylishly shake my head so that i won’t attract question from Pah,
    Deep down i also wanted to see what they look like, I wanted to go with Zila but what if our journey to the outcast turned sour, what do we do, do we become an outcast too, I was scared of endangering my only sister life to such evil but I so much want to know what was on the other side of the wood..

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    Jboy young
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    All diz babaric culture

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    D girl self get mind

    Nxt plis

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    she wan die abi

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    This is a serious adventure Zila , may your chi help you.

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