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    Ha! Zila, almost 4years and she still go back again, just be CAREFUL anyways

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    Episode 5.
    Towards the evening, pah called me and asked if I have seen my sister that afternoon, and I stammered through words, I couldn’t look my father in the eye and lie to him, but I have promised to keep every secret Zila laid at my feet, she was more close to me than any member of the family, I love my sister and i was ready to protect her with my last blood but Zila has made it known to everyone that she doesn’t need to be protected, she can protect herself
    Whatever god that was with Zila was doing a great work by watching over her since she was a baby,
    I have thought of what i was going to tell my pah, if he ask me about Zila, he will be so angry with me if he finds out that i know about Zila’s quest, it will be so bad for me, because i have being covering up for her not allowing anybody to know about her deadly mission,
    I felt so bad for not telling Pah and lying to him when he asked of her,
    Pah was very angry when he found out that Zila was missing, he called me again and ask if i happen to know where she could be, and i thought of what to say to him so that he will calm down
    “she said she was taking a walk in the wood, probably to pick Pebbles or flowers. Or she just wanted to have a quiet time for herself since her marriage ceremony is in a week time”
    “I lifted the restriction i placed on her so that she can be free to plan on how her future will be like, she is no more a child to be running off the wood, she suppose to be planing with her mother, getting herself ready for her wedding ceremony not always being on her own and running to the wood, what kind of child choses her own company than the company of her parents and siblings, she even hate to make friends with her follow mates, she spend more time with you Mbazi…i know she must have being saying some things she can’t tell anybody, what has she being talking about lately…you should know..
    “Pah, she only talk about her husband to be and….. And she’s excited about the wedding…nothing much..
    We waited till dinner hoping that Zila will be back but no sign of her, my mother started wailing, father knew something was wrong, the search team were alerted and they all swung into action, dividing their selves into different group,
    They went into the wood in search of Zila, I followed one group with my younger brothers,
    My conscience was at war within me because i know Zila was at the forbidden side, how can I even say that, if this is found out their will be a big trouble for both me and Zila, and a big fight may break out between our tribe and the outcast, the outcast are good with arrows and traps, they fly on trees like monkeys, and are always covered up in leaves, they maybe in the wood watching our people without them knowing because they can’t be easily seen, if they decided to fight back at us, despite how small they are compare to how large our tribe is, many of us will be injured if we attack them, since our tribe exclude them and send them far off, they created their own clan and there was a huge boundary, they stay off our side and we stay off them because anything they touch or come in contact with is tamed as forbidden thing. We were told they are dangerous and they act like animals, so many things we were told, which i don’t know how true must of them are.
    Zila didn’t show up or found despite the men tearing down the forest in search of her but they avoided crossing to the forbidden side, nobody ever thought a normal person will want to go over to the outcast clan but that’s where Zila was.
    Mother became very sick for a long time. Her body temperature was so high that it can boil an Ice water within a minute,
    That was after the mishap fell on the family.. Mother couldn’t bear it.. She became very ill, Father is always beside her.. Encouraging her, Telling her not to give up on fate
    Mother’s name is Tabitha, But father calls her Tabi’ he is just the only one that calls her that, Same thing with mother, She calls father a special name too,
    They so much love themselves, I will hear father say something like this to her..
    “Tabi.. you can do this.. Don’t give room for darkness.. Fill your mind and soul with light”.. “So that darkness can keep out.. “I can’t loose you now”.. How will I cope with life when you are no more”.. You can win this battle”.. I have known you to be a very strong person”.. Who doesn’t give up so quick.. I can’t loose two beloved at same time.. How do I go on.. Please.. Stay with me, Lan the medicine man said you have not been taken your medicine.. I’m worried about you Tabi.. You know Lan can be trusted.. He has been the only one all this while..
    That never gave up on you.. Other medicine men gave up when they saw your condition.. Please ..Tabi’ I need you to live for me.. I know you can.. Zila will return someday, our beloved daughter is alive some where, I can feel it Tabi…
    Father will hold onto her..while mother will clung to him, Both will be quiet for sometime, I started wondering if the hotness from mother’s body is not affecting father the way he always holds her to himself, Then i will hear mother call him his special name that no one else calls him aside her…
    Bazi” I never knew what Bazi means then.. But as I grew up I realize that Bazi was the name she pick up from father’s full name MukattaBAZIela, it sounded so special..whenever she calls him “BAZI”
    “Am pushing harder everyday.. But I hate to see you and our children worry about me.. I wish Zila was here, ooh! How I wish.. I miss her so much.. I wish I can see her before kissing the earth goodbye. Ooh Bazi…I’m making everyone to suffer more pain after the one caused from Zila’s disappearance, I hate it so much, It breaks my heart greatly.. It seems that the gods have refuse to smile on us by bringing our daughter back to us, we have done everything humanly possible and yet nothing, no news of Zila.. What is the use of taken medicine without result.. Bazi.. Even if am no more.. Wherever I am.. I will always be happy that I knew a great man like you.. A great husband and father.. You are just like your name.. You are my root, you and our children and the hope of Zila returning someday to us is the only thing still keeping me alive
    I hard father murmur something to her.. I strained my ear to hear them From where I was hiding and listening.. When I couldn’t hear their murmur any more I walked away sad, Just the thought of loosing mother gives me goose bomb.
    Zila was gone.. Mother want to go too.. And I have this secret i swore to Zila to keep, which is silently killing me, watching mother and father go through pain because of her was unbearable, Now here mother was loosing the battle, how do i live with myself if mother dies and Zila never returns home…how do i, what do i do now..
    I ran into the wood crying.. I climbed the cedar tree.. Where I have built a nest for myself.. Whenever I want to hide from everyone.. Is only Riko, my father’s personal guard that knows my hideout.. As I climbed into my nest.. I listened to the chirping of the birds.. The sound of the wind.. The whistling of the leaves.. I always enjoy the environment.. It sound so beautiful.. This is the best gift from mother nature Offered to mankind.. I smiled at my environment.. As the breeze graced my body.. I look towards the outcast rot.. I know soon.. Hand of time will change.. I can feel it for the better.. I wish things will start changing even now.. So that mother can see Zila again and live.. Her health is going down everyday.. The miracle we need was Zila,
    I will journey down to the outcast without anybody knowing, to fetch my sister, hopefully she is alive, just thinking of going down to the forbidden side makes all the hair on my head to stand still, it sound so scary but I need to rescue my sister, I need to go and look for Zila among the outcast, I need to.
    I relax back and closed my eyes.. I did not know when I dozed off to the other world.

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    But this Zila get liver o, let’s hope she’s alive.

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    Episode 6.
    As I finally got there, it was getting dark, every where was quiet, I quietly went round in search of Zila, no sign of anybody, there was a firewood fire burning, with a very big pot on it, I wonder what could be inside the pot, I hide in a crowded bush and watch while scanning for any sign of Zila, I started hearing a sound, I looked at my left side and saw lots of cage, I slowly moved close, human beings where in the cage, men, women, boys, girls and children. In different cage, I quietly started checking to see if i can see Zila,
    As i search anytime i hear a noise I will quickly hide, a horrible looking men passed by, they were three and speak a very strange language, while demonstrating with their hands, they have a very long ears, blood shot eyes, their teeth were shooting out from their mouth like vampires, they were not pleasant to look at, the rumors were true about them, they are horrible and forbidden from normal people, they marked their bodies with white clay, and has only their manhood covered, the rest of their body was bare, their head were covered with clay powder, I became even more scared myself, but I need to find Zila without being noticed, I looked for clay powder which was scattered around the bush and rub my head and face, I removed my neck and hand bead, I removed my weaved shirt and rub the clay all over,
    I looked at myself again, my leg was bare, no native leg bead as I saw on them, I don’t have ferns or long ears, but I know it will take a second look from them and i will be caught and probably stuffed into a cage and await my death,
    I quickly started looking from cage to cage, there was no much time for me, every cage I look the person in it is either sleeping or lying down weak, I was about giving up on finding Zila, after I was about rounding up with the search,
    I saw her, she was in the last cage, just to signify that she was the last person to arrive the forbidden clan, she was lying down and probably sleeping because her eyes were both shot, I whispered her name quietly twice, she opened her eyes, and saw me, immediately, I heard another group of ugly looking men passing by, I kept quiet and hide back in the bush, I thanked the gods for the fast approaching darkness, which is covering me from being detected, Zila shut her eyes as she saw them and pretend to be asleep, after they checked all the caged people, they stop over at Zila while speaking an unknown strange language, probably the huge pot on fire was dinner, they are cannibals, they feed on human beings, maybe it was Zila’s turn to be used, Immediately they left, I hurried up to Zila, and called her name again she opened her eyes and asked me to leave or I will be killed if I’m caught, she said her fate has already being decided, she was to be used for dinner tonight, I told her I was there to save her and i will, I asked her to show me how to unlock the cage and she did, we worked very fast on the cage and it was open, Zila quietly came out of the cage,
    a fierce looking man came out from a small hut, he made a funny face and looked round, he stood and widen his nose as if he perceived something, maybe a strange being in their midst,
    He spoke something strange and others came out, I was hiding with Zila, they lit up the whole darkened place with a burning stick,
    After which they moved close to the cages and and terrifying noise could be heard as they noticed Zila’s cage was open, with nobody inside,
    I dragged Zila along the bush path as we try to escape, she showed me the right way to follow, we started running so fast,
    They noticed our movement and ran after us, some were flying on the trees like birds, they have strange powers, they pursued us, but we ran knowing well our lives depends on it.
    I was loosing strength but I kept running, urging Zila who was also running behind me as fast as her legs could carry her,
    I ran like I have never done before, I was hitting off the over grown bushes, clearing way for Zila who was running with all her might, some sharp grass has cut my vein but all I care about was for us to get to safety,
    I heard them from behind coming with full speed after us, I began to wonder why I even came down to the forbidden side, the most wicked cannibals on earth, all the stories that we were told about them were all true, they are fierce looking creatures and they feed on humans, why didn’t Zila just stay and listen to father and mother who warned her to stay off their rot,
    I was still in my angry thought when suddenly three hefty looking creatures jumped in front of us, we try to run back but another set was also behind us, they rounded us, laughing with a long teeth pulling out of their mouth, I knew we were doomed,
    my pah and mother are going to loose two of their children to the outcast, indeed the constant saying that a stubborn fly follows a Corp to it’s grave is actually true, father said it was a journey of no return, a deadly journey, now i see he was right, I know mother will die quickly if she realize that two of her children are gone,
    As the strange looking beings pounced on us I screamed and landed hard on the ground in my own pull of sweat
    It was all a dream, darkness was everywhere, as I looked round, there was a man sitting down with a small set fire two trees away, I started shaking as he stood, he stood up and started walking towards me, I began to scream and shut my eyes, he held my hands and said quietly
    “Keep quiet or you will attract the unseen, Mbazi why are you shaking and shouting like a child that saw a ghost, your father was looking for you and i came here to get you because i know this is your relaxing place, I saw you sleeping and struggling in your sleep I allowed you, you needed the rest because of the recent happenings, everybody is so tensed, nobody gets enough sleep anymore, because of your sister’s disappearance, maybe the gods were revealing something to you and i don’t want to interrupt, I set a fire to keep watch over you, waiting for you to awaken, it was until you fell from your nest and landed on the floor like a bag of potatoes, I knew you must have had a terrible dream, now let’s go home, your pah is worried sick about you…
    I looked up at him again, Riko stood a head tall in front of me holding my shaking hands, a small knife was tugged into his waist belt, I wanted to be sure I was fully awake, it was a Terrible dream, as i thought of Zila again,
    I told Riko what I saw in the dream and also told him about Zila’s deadly mission, he said it was just a bad dream because i allowed the fear of the outcast to crowd my mind before i slept off, he said the outcast are not as terrible as people paint them,
    Riko seems to know a little about them which he never spoke or discus with anybody because it wasn’t allowed, he told me that my sister is safe because the outcast are not cannibals they feed like we do and they look like us, I should forget about all the rumors that we hear, they are not horrible looking things like the rumor says, those rumors are not true, Riko encouraged me not to be scared but I still have doubts comparing to what i saw in the dream
    I told him of my plan to go and rescue Zila, he encouraged me to go if i really want to, he volunteered to walk me deep down the wood, so that i can continue the remaining journey on my own, he said I should find something to tell father of my absence so that he won’t be worried about me if i happen not to return on time
    The following morning i told father I was visiting a friend of mine in another tribe and i may not be back the same day, I told him I will probably spend a day or two there before i return,
    father said okay that I should be safe, he even joked with me that I have probably seeing a young girl over there that i want to marry, he told me to make sure I brings the girl home, whoever that got my heart, I smiled and assured him that when i finally meet the right woman for me he will be the first to know, we joked a little more before I left
    I picked few things into an animal skin bag, and held out to the wood with Riko who wanted to make me feel at ease before I face the outcast and bring Zila back to mother and father,
    I pray to the unseen god of our land to protect and bless my journey. Only Riko knows of this our quest with the outcast and i trust him to keep it a secret.
    Despite everything that Riko was doing to help me ease off the fear, I still have fears growing in my veins, the dream still look so fresh in my mind, i hope it was only a dream nothing much to it as Riko assured me.

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    Merry Christmas 🎅 in advance

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    Terry Koko
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    My name no dey for register o

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