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    ??? ???? ???????
    W?????? ??:????? ?

    (Please note that this story is based on my imaginations)✌️

    ?E͜͡p͜͡i͜͡s͜͡o͜͡d͜͡e͜͡ O͜͡n͜͡e͜͡?
    At a nice flat in a quiet portable room, a lady woke up from her bed. She sat up on the bed looking around her room with no reason. She was looking so gloomy and dull. Sluggishly, she stood from her bed and walked to her window, opening the curtain to allow the reflection of the sun to enter her room. She walked straight to the bathroom to do her morning hygiene. Coming out of the bathroom she sat at the front of her mirror, staring at herself for some minutes. Suddenly her eyes became so heavy with tears which were ready to drop at the slightest moment, she quickly held it back and stood up at once, coming out of her room she dashed into another room but no one was there. Entering the room she called “Mum! Mum!” but there was no response. Rushing out of the room she arrived at the living room. And there, she met her Dad eating at the dining table. Without bothering herself to say anything to him, she rushed out of the living room to the compound, And there she found her mum on the wheel chair in the sun, she quickly ran to her. Bending down at her front, she noticed that there was tears on her mum’s face which she quickly wiped away the tears and embraced her softly. Few drops of tears were dripping down her cheek but she wiped it away so her mum wouldn’t notice them. Releasing her mum from the hug, she wheeled her back to the house.

    Getting to the living room she looked at her dad with so much hatred in her. “Dad! How could you do this to mum?” she said softly. “Who is mum? You mean this imbecile?” Her Dad replied. “Mum is not an imbecile, Dad you know mum wasn’t like this when you married her. Dad how could you put her to the sun?” she said in a shaky teary voice. “When you got out of your room, no good morning from you to your father. Besides when you got to her room don’t you perceive any smell in her room? She is making the room so stinking, so I had to take her to the sun” her Dad said. Deborah! Deborah!! She called out to their house help, A young lady came out. “Yes Audrey, you called me” Deborah said as she rushed to the living room. “Deborah, please go and check my mum’s room and see if there’s any odour coming out of that room” Audrey said while Deborah left and came back shortly saying she didn’t perceive any smell from the room. “Deborah please take my mum back to her room and put her back on the bed” Audrey said. “OK” Deborah replied while she took in Audrey’s mum.

    “Dad there wasn’t any odour in that room, how could you drag her to the sun? I met her crying there. It’s really unfair if you continue treating mum this way. Dad you never make mum smile for once, why are you like this Dad?” She said in a tiny voice. Her Dad stood up to her “Do you want me to repeat this for you every day? Huh! I told you not to raise your voice at me in this house. Secondly, I told you not to call me your Dad. Assuming your imbecile mum gave birth to a son, maybe I would have loved her and you; but she only gave birth to a dumb and stupid female child like her. You are not even beautiful, you’re not bright, you ain’t smart, you lack charisma, you are so ugly, Gosh! And you don’t have a way of making people to like you. Believe me you ain’t different from your imbecile mother; you both are the only misfortune in my life. I wish I never meet you both in my next life! Stupid girl!” Her Dad yelled and walked in straight to his room, slamming the door behind him. All these words left Audrey soaked in tears as she became dumbfounded.

    Audrey entered her mum’s room and met her sleeping peacefully. She went to her wardrobe, got her pajamas and headed to the bathroom. Later she came back and sat beside her mum on the bed, placing her hands on her shoulder softly she tried waking her up, her mum turned slowly to her and faced her. Audrey tried smiling at her mum, “Mum I had to take a shower for you, Today I am going to check if my admission is out” she said softly while her mum tried to hold her hands. She smiled back at her and lifted her mum up, Making her sit on the bed comfortably,she placed the pillows at her back to make her feel comfortable. They both stared at each other. “Mum you need to pray for me; your daughter needs to get an admission into the university” she said to her mum who stared at her sadly. “I know you’re thinking about Dad, but I don’t want you to think about him again. He is the cause of all these, I mean look at you mum; it’s all because of Dad this is happening to you. It’s because you keep thinking about him. Just let him be and let’s focus on your recovery.Please Mum!” She said softly with tears in her eyes, “you are the reason why I’m living,You are my hope. So please mum I beg of you, stand back on your feet. I know what he did this morning hurts you, but I don’t want you to think about it again, So please mum” Her mum who was just staring at her in silence gently raised her hands to wipe her daughter’s tears. Audrey who wasn’t aware that her tears was already rolling down her face quickly wipe her face. “I’m sorry mum; I don’t know why I’m crying, I didn’t mean to….i already promised you not to do this again, I’m sorry” she said as she quickly wiped her tears and smiled at her mum. “So, let’s give you a clean shower” she said and went straight to her mum’s wheel chair to help her get on it. She assisted her up from the bed to the wheel chair and drove her to the bathroom. Audrey prepared a hot shower for her mum; smiling at her she began to undress her to take shower a quick shower for her…

    Audrey arrived to where she is going to check her name; there were few students who also came to check their names on the list too. Audrey was putting on a blue jean trouser, a black turtle neck top and a flat black shoes to match. She has a black backpack with her, her natural hair in ponytail, she had no makeup on but she made use of a golden necklace and earrings to make her look attractive a bit. She boarded a cab and paid him off. As she got there, she moved closer to the students to check her name on the list,Some who saw their names jumped up for joy while some left sadly. She prayed silently in her heart as she moved closer to the list to also search for her name. Suddenly she saw ‘Bright Audrey’ she almost jumped out of joy but she had to control herself because of others who were there, she smiled after seeing her name and left to give her mum the good news.

    Audrey arrived home, She’s both happy and sad at the same time. She was happy she that got an admission to her favourite school but at the same time she was sad because of her dad, she didn’t know if he would help her with her studies. She entered the living room but her dad wasn’t there so she left and went straight to his room. Getting there, she knocked softly but there was no response from him so she knocked again “whosoever is there should come in and stop disturbing my peace” her dad fired from room. She was a bit shocked at first so she thought of leaving and to come back later and talk to him, but then she thought of giving it a trial and talk to him at once. She entered the room slowly and met him sitting on the bed reading a newspaper.
    “What do u want?” he asked “I….I.…I….” she stuttered “What’s the meaning of all these, can’t you for once be smart” Her Dad said angrily “You are so dumb and sluggish; you are twenty-one years old but you’re acting like an eight years old kid. Some eight years kids are perfectly smarter than you; I see no difference between you and your mum; it’s just that you are not sitting on a wheelchair yet. If you have anything to say, open your mouth and say it at once, not to be stuttering like some imbecile” Her Dad said angrily. She couldn’t help but to stare at him while he was speaking; there were some tears in her eyes but she had to take it back without letting them drop on her face, she had gathered her courage to speak. “I went to check my name today, and my name is there” she said. “So what do you want me to do; to pay for all the expenses or what? Her Dad asked harshly but she couldn’t know what reply to give him, so she just stared at him silently. “Wait a minute; do you think I will sponsor you for that school? You must be kidding” He said. “But I need to study” she said, almost in tears. “If you drop any tears in my room, I will slap you so hard” He said. “I need to go to school, please Dad” she pleaded. “I told you not to call me that again!” He fired back. “I’m sorry” she quickly apologized to him.
    “Anyways, If not that you are my blood and I already promised your imbecile Mum to send you to any school of your choice. I told her that I’m only going to help your study and not to help you with any admission and there you go; you proved yourself to be useful a bit. You’re not going there to study for me; it’s your life and your choice. I just have to assist you because you are my blood even though you didn’t come out of love; I don’t want to know anything about your school or anything, do whatever you like; I will send my P.A to you so you can talk to him on that. For the last time, I have to repeat myself, don’t come to me for your studies; go straight to my P.A, now out of my room please, I’m busy for now” He said to her. “Thank you” she said sadly “you don’t need to thank me, I don’t want to be a bad father because people will talk about It behind my back, so I have to do it, Now can you please get out of my room” He said to her while Audrey just went out of the room quietly. “Sluggish” he muttered…

    Audrey entered her room; she dropped her bag on her bed and walked straight to the bathroom to wash her face and her hand. After finishing, she came out of the bathroom and sat at the front of her mirror. She stared at herself through the mirror, remembering how her Dad had insulted her earlier, suddenly tears dropped on her face, but she quickly wiped them away as usual. She stood up and walked straight to the kitchen to make lunch for her mum. Deborah came into the kitchen to assist her. While cooking the food. Deborah looked at Audrey and said “Sorry Dear” Audrey looked so surprise. “Sorry about what?” she asked. “You are so strong to endure everything; I’ve been working with your family for more than five years but the way you just handle everything makes me respect you every day. Even though you are not happy, but you still try to put a smile on your face for your mum and that has made you a strong lady. I just wish for you to be happy at the end” Deborah said while Audrey just stared at her with tears forming in her eyes, Deborah moved closer to her and gave her a hug “Thank you Deborah” Audrey said “You are welcome, we are like sisters; even though I’m two years older than you, but what you’re passing through every day makes me feel like you are my elder sister and that is because you are very strong; never stop hoping for the best to come” Deborah added while Audrey smiled at her. They both quickly finish the cooking, and arranged the foods in a big tray. Deborah was the one who took It to Audrey mum’ room while Audrey followed behind with a cold bottle of water and two glass cups in her hands. When they entered the room, Deborah placed the tray down on a table and went out. Audrey dropped the water and cups beside the food on the table, she moved closer to her mum who was sleeping; she sat beside her and said “Mum! It’s time to eat”. Her mum woke up and looked at her, she smiled at her mum. “I also have a goodnews for you, so stand up and let’s have lunch while I tell you my goodnews” she said with a smile


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    Wao what a heartless and manaless father… Plz letz keep itz roolling

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    nice start, what kind of father’s that so heartless just be calm and get ur certificate you will take care of ur mother

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    Huh, like the pain is too much, what a strong young lady indeed

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    What a heartless husband! Ride on

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    Bring it on
    Thank god that he his still helping over study

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    Next please

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