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    *The Pain Within* 💔
    Written By:Abike 💋

    Author’s Pov👇
    Every one sat in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out; Prince, his dad and mum, Tina and her mum, Jay, Kelvin, David and few guards were there. Prince’s eyes were so reddish and swollen from too much of tears.
    Kelvin walked close to Prince who sat on the floor with his arms rested on his knees,He placed his hand on his shoulder gesturing to him that everything would be fine but prince only nodded in reply as he lowered his head.

    Not too long, The Doctor and two nurses came out of Audrey’s private room, Everyone stood up to them except Prince who looked so weak to even get up from the floor “how is she Doctor?” Prince’s Dad asked the doctor “She is ok sir, it’s a relief that you brought her out of the water quickly, but am afraid you can’t see her right now because she is sleeping and she really needs to rest for now sir” the doctor replied “Thank you very much Doctor,I really appreciate” Prince’s dad said “Sir you don’t need to thank me, I only do my job to a boss,you are a boss to all of us,So you don’t need to thank me sir” The Doctor replied with a smile “I need to attend to more patients, escuze me Sir” The Doctor said before walking away.
    “We should all put our minds at ease and go home to rest for now,then we come back tomorrow when she is up,we all heard what the doctor said,He said she’s sleeping for now and we need to give her some time to rest until tomorrow,then we all can come back and check on her” Prince’s dad said. “Thank you so much ma’am and sir. Despite your busy schedules you put up some time for Audrey, we really appreciate this Sir,Thank you so much sir” Tina’s mum said “You don’t have to thank me Madam, Audrey is like a daughter to me, even if she’s not biologically mine, I would still do the same thing for her, so you don’t need to thank me for anything Ma” Prince’s dad replied “I will appoint some of my boys to watch over her, don’t worry about anything, nothing is going to happen to her, so please just put your mind at rest and let’s come back to check on her please” Prince’s dad added.
    Tina and her mum left, leaving Prince and the others. “Dear you said you are travelling tomorrow morning,so I think you should go home with me and rest cause its really late already” Prince’s Dad said to his mum, she gestured her husband to look at Prince who was just quite Since, He walked to where Prince sat and bent down next to him “Son you need to rest so you can come back and check on her tomorrow,you are going to get weak this way,you have stressed yourself a lot today, Will you come home with me and come back to check on her tomorrow” his dad asked softly “No Dad, am not going home,I will stay right here untill she wakes up” Prince said as he got up and entered Audrey’s room. “Well, let’s allow him do what he wants, Jay and Kelvin, you guys should go home and rest to relive stress and don’t tell me no also” Prince’s Dad said with a smile while they both nodded “Good, you guys can go home, then you come back and check on her tomorrow, take care of yourselves boys” Prince’s Dad said to them while Jay and Kelvin left together. Daniel you should come home and rest with us, you can just appoint your boys to watch over them” he said “no sir, I will stay with him, I will just have two boys with me so the others can go home with you sir” Daniel replied “well no problem, please be very watchful of them please” he said “ I will sir” Daniel replied while Prince’s dad and mom left with the guards, leaving Daniel and two guards at the hospital…

    Prince sat beside Audrey looking at her, he placed his hand on her forehead just to check her temperature.

    Flash back👇
    “Prince she is gone, allow the Doctor to do their work please” Daniel said sadly “I told you she is not dead! SHE IS NOT DEAD!!!” Prince shouted angrily “Audrey look at me, please open your eyes, AUDREY!!!” he lamented as he grabbed her closer to himself with his arms wrapped around her as he drew her much closer to himself as he burst into more tears. Suddenly Audrey coughed, everyone got shocked “Audrey! Audrey! Can you hear me? Audrey” Prince said to her as she tried to open her eyes slowly, she moved her hand to his face, cleaning his tears while Prince just stared at her in surprise before giving her a deep kiss on her lips.
    Flashback ended🤞

    “Audrey please you need to wake up, you scared me and I thought I lost you already, I thought I won’t see you anymore. But am glad that we won, I won’t lose you anymore,I promise not to loose you again, it really hurts to see you this way so please, kindly wake up and talk to me, Please Audrey” Prince said sadly as he pecked her cheek before sitting down back on his seat, he watched her sleeping peacefully,suddenly he also got drifted to the dreamland next to her…

    Tina’s Pov👇
    My mum wasn’t strong enough to follow me back to the hospital so I told her to rest even though she still insisted .
    I stepped out of the house and I saw Kelvin’s car parked outside waiting for me. He came out of the car and opened the door for me while I just smiled at him.
    I entered the car even though am still surprise with his visit, we drove straight to the hospital to check on my friend, Goodness I lost my sanity when I heard that she tried to kill herself,I couldn’t believe it all that this is really happening, but am glad I have my friend back,I just can’t imagine what will happen if I should loose Audrey. We both walked into the hospital, then I saw Mr. Daniel who was assigned as my friend’s body guard with two other guards, He sat on a long chair with the other two guys inside the hospital.
    “you didn’t go home last night?” Kelvin asked him “yeah, Prince is still here too so I just cant leave him alone” he said looking so tired “you can go home and rest now since we are here” Kelvin said with a smile “are you sure about that?” Daniel asked “definitely, trust me on this” Kelvin replied with a smile.
    Daniel left with the other two guards while Kelvin and I entered Audrey’s room. We saw her staring at Prince who put his head on her bed and was in a deep sleep Audrey didn’t notice us so I had to call her name quietly “Audrey” I whispered, she looked at me slowly.
    She looked so weak and tired, Prince woke up as he stared at her, giving her a look of “are you feeling ok?” I moved closer to her and gave her a warm hug “Will you you go home and rest and come back to check on her cause I heard that you don’t go home last night” Kelvin said “actually I will come with you Prince” I said while they all looked at me “I need to come with you because I was unable to prepare food for her and my mum who wasn’t feeling well this morning, Audrey needs to eat something,you know” I said while Prince just nodded “Alright no problem, I will stay with her besides Jay is on his way here too so we will stay with her till you both comes back, and I wa…” Jay walked in while we all looked at him as he entered with a smile, Oh my gosh! I just noticed Jay,Why is he so cute? if not for some reasons I would have made him ask to me out; Firstly Kelvin is my boyfriend to be and I am in love with him, Secondly I heard Jay is not into ladies and besides he’s already taken, can a lady be more cute than him,I bet no” I thought silly to myself “Hi Tina” he said to me bringing be back from my stupid thoughts “oh..oh Hi” I quickly replied with a smile. “Audrey how are you feeling?” he asked my friend who only nodded in response that she is ok.
    Prince and I left the hospital and I noticed the way Prince looked at Audrey before leaving, I bet he has a lot to say to her but he’s trying to hold himself back for now.
    On our way home, he was so silent so I asked him if he is ok. “you are not different from Jay” he said with a smile “why?” I asked “because you both are not different from mama, you guys always notice me easily” he said “And who is mama?” I asked “oh! she is the woman who took care of me, They call her Mama Prince cause she literally took care of me ever since I was born till now” he said then I smiled at him “that’s nice, so whats going on with you?” I asked “just Audrey, nothing is going on with me, its just because of her and am still wondering why her Dad is this heartless, he should go to jail for this” Prince said angrily while I just smiled back at him.

    We arrived at his house as a guard opened the car door for us, Gosh is this house a Paradise or what “Is Dad at home?” he asked the guard “yes, he is having a meeting with someone “ The guard replied “What meeting, because he told me he has a contract deal that needed to sign with someone this morning, so why is he still at home” Prince asked the guard “actually, the person is already here for the Boss to sign the contract for him” the guard replied politely “oh I see” he said while the guard left.
    “This way Tina” he said to me, Goodness I can’t stop admiring this house. We met his Dad with two men in the living room,the two men were backing us so I couldn’t see their faces “oh Tina how are you?” Prince’s Dad said to me with a smile so I walked closer to greet him “Morning sir” I said with a smile,I was about to greet the other two men before I realized who they were.
    The last person I was expecting; Audrey’s dad “What!” I muttered out of surprise “Do you know him?” Prince’s dad asked me “y..yes sir…he is Audrey’s dad” I said “WHAT!” Prince’s dad yelled “you mean he is the father of the girl in the hospital right now,I mean he is the father of the girl who tried to kill herself yesterday?” he asked again in surprise “yes sir.. he is Audrey’s dad” I managed to reply even though I am feeling so weak in my legs.
    I could feel Prince walking towards us “Dad, have you signed the contract for him?” Prince asked angrily “ha! Please don’t do this to me” Audrey’s dad pleaded “are you kidding me right now, your daughter is in the hospital, battling for her life and you are here for a contract, what kind of father are you?” Prince asked angrily.
    “Prince let me handle this” His Dad said softly “Dad I don’t care about anything right now,I don’t even care about my name right now. But this contract, you can’t sign it Dad” he said angrily “I know, and I wont sign it,so can you please ju… oh mama! please take him inside” his Dad said to the woman who I assumed to be the one who take care of Prince “Ok sir, Prince let’s go inside, Please” she said to Prince softly while he just walked away angrily “sweetheart come with me please” she said to me while I took a few glances at Audrey’s dad who was sweating profusely under the AC.

    Author’s Pov👇
    After they left, Prince’s Dad sat down comfortably, he tilted his head to look at Audrey’s dad whose head was just down “Such a pity,I repeat that it such a pity for you, your daughter almost killed herself yesterday, is this the way you hate her so much? Even if she is not your daughter, don’t you have human feelings? am sorry to say but believe me when I say that you are a big disgrace to manhood. Even if my son didn’t say anything, I wasn’t going to sign the contract any longer and I am cancelling everything regarding the contract….and one more thing, I think you should get yourself a counselor. Get out of my house before I order the guards to throw you out please” Prince’s dad said angrily. Audrey’s dad and his manger left the house with shame and guilty written all over his face,He couldn’t justify himself with anything,so he just stood up and walked out silently “such a heartless being” prince’s Dad muttered angrily…

    Audrey sat in a room with a maid helping her with her clothes into the luggage; there was a knock on the door so the maid quickly went to open it.
    Prince walked in while the maid excused herself out of the room for both of them,He smiled at Her as he opened his arms to hug her,She smiled at him and walked closer to him while they both hugged each other .

    Prince’s Pov👇
    Audrey healed so fast and am glad she did, she has been living with us ever since she left the hospital. Even though she seems to be ok,But still she is yet to get a grip over everything.
    I know everything deals with time and am sure she will get over it very soon. karma can strike at anytime too, Audrey’s Dad was admitted to the psychiatric hospital because his new wife took away all his properties and it was a big shock to him, she forged his signature and took away all his money in his account and that also contributed to where he is right now.
    I decided to travel with Audrey to a quite place,even if it’s just for a month,I just want her to change her environment for awhile.
    I haven’t told her how I feel about her and am only waiting for the right time to do that,I know she’s mine,of course I know she’s mine and am not going to rush her yet.
    She is still not herself,sometimes she get lost in deep thoughts and sometimes she also cries in her room alone.
    Depression is a gradual process to overcome and Audrey was already in her last stage and that was why she tried to kill herself,And now that she made it back to life, I hope she heals gradually. She only needed the time, the love, the attention of good people around her and with that,I believe she will get out of it.
    “Are you ready?” i asked her while she gestured “yes” with a smile.
    We are both travelling tonight, I just want to create a lot of time for her and I also promised her that I will search for Deborah,of course I will make sure to search for Deborah.
    I know there are still people like Audrey out there that their *Pain Within* them is more than their strength,But what i believe the most is that they only need lots of love, attention and care and with that they will also get their cure naturally, Depression is not a day job to cure,it’s a gradual process…..

    THE END…❤️💄

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    Kudoz kudoz kudoz to u author….. Shame shame shame on u audrey father and that serve u right…. Prince and audrey plz enjoy urself…. Happy ending

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    Wow! Such a great story.

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    Wonderful ending

    Thank you

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    Good work

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    hmmm the suspend is too much pls

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    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 short and nice welldone @valentine. And this should be a lesson for those father that think female child is nothing….

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