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    The photographer-1
    “Hurry we’re late,” she yelled at her
    bestie. The wedding preparations
    had just begun and the date was very
    close, gosh! What was she thinking.
    Nadina Patrick Essien was a typical sanguine; loud and friendly,
    extremely emotional and this
    endeared many people towards her.
    Since childhood, Nadina was treated
    specially from other kids due to her
    charisma, this attracted envy even from her own friends. She was
    extremely pretty and intelligent, with
    a bubbling social life, one could
    hardly imagine how a Law student
    combined clubbing and school. “You
    see what I warned you about? We should have started earlier.” Udeme
    complained as she struggled with the
    tight fitting pencil jeans trouser. Her
    friend Nadina was almost the
    opposite of her; while Nadina was
    carefree, Udeme was very careful and planned everything she wanted
    doing. She shook her head as she
    stared at the mirror; she was going to
    be the maid of honor. Nadina had
    fallen deeply in love with her friend
    Duncan Ette. She remembered introducing them on one birthday
    party, which was her mistake. She
    didn’t expect their friendship to bloom
    the way it did. Nadina always took
    everything; her friends, her attention
    and the way people flocked around her, calling her Nadie lovingly. She
    finally took Duncan’s heart. Duncan
    was every girls dream, he was rich
    and hardworking, even while in the
    University He had his own business,
    although it was on the small scale, it got bigger after being merged with
    his father’s company. This made his
    progress explosive. He was average
    in height, dark with features so lovely;
    his eyes were shaped like almonds,
    giving him a seductive look, in addition to his well chiseled nose and
    attractive lips and a muscled frame.
    Duncan was for the kills! But he used
    to be her best friend. Unlike before,
    he no longer spent time with her,
    neither did he take her on dates nor call her daily as he used to. She had
    fallen in love with him and he used to
    call her “baby” before he started
    dating Nadina. Maybe she should
    have opened up to him about her
    feelings. “And what is going on through your mind?” Nadina asked an
    absent minded Udeme. Her friend
    had been acting strange since this
    wedding thing; she had become
    withdrawn and sad. Well she had to
    be, as she would miss her bestie once the wedding was over, Nadia thought.
    Duncan was the love of her life, she
    was extremely lucky to have him,
    thanks to UD who introduced them!
    Duncan had changed her life; from
    holiday trips to Dubai to expensive gifts, even paying her fees. He
    worshipped her, she was his Angel;
    that was what he called her. The trip
    to the boutique was slow and quiet,
    each lady to her thought. They had
    three place to visit; first the boutique, the caterers shop and the
    photographer’s. Visiting the boutique
    was quite thrilling. Bee’s House was
    the biggest wedding boutique in the
    country. “Let’s do this,” Nadina yelled
    excitedly as she stepped out of the car, “You no go calm down? No fall o.”
    UD exclaimed, and shook her head.
    “Yeye girl,” she added jokingly. They
    spent over one hour in the boutique
    as Nadina kept having problems
    making up her mind. “I want this one, no, wait! That’s better!” She kept on.
    UD had actually gotten tired of
    waiting for the Queen of England to
    choose a dress for the royal ball. She
    strolled to a nearby fast food joint,
    picked the menu, well well, She was in the mood for something chill due to
    the sunny weather. She beckoned on
    the waitress, “I need ice cream,” she
    requested. “What flavor do you want?
    We have strawberry, blueberry,
    ginger horse, vanilla…” “Oh just bring whatever,” she interrupted the
    waitress with a wave. She was tired
    and needed to save her strength for
    the rest of the shopping. That
    sadness returned, she was filled with
    envy but she pushed it aside. She had heard of besties betraying
    themselv es, she could never bring
    herself to hurt Nadina, no. If Duncan
    was ever hers, then it would have
    happened. For now, she was going to
    enjoy her ice cream with all serenity. Her phone rang and pushed her out
    of her thoughts. “Give me twenty
    minutes, yes…OK.” As she looked up,
    there was a male stranger before her,
    looking at her with a smile. My my!
    Her mind exclaimed. If Duncan was considered handsome then this man
    in front of her was the god of
    handsomeness himself. “Hello UD,
    are you there?” Nadina was still on
    the other end of the phone. “Hello
    Princess,” the Adonis greeted. “Can I help you?” She asked curiously. Yes
    you can, he thought; I could kiss your
    pretty lips. He was drawn by her
    beauty, that angelic aura that
    surrounded her, he knew a beauty
    when he saw one, after all he was an artist. “It appears your ice cream is
    running out. Can I get you another?”
    He replied cordially. “Hmmm, I don’t
    talk to strangers,” she replied and
    made her way to leave but she was
    too late. He cornered her and they stood looking deeply into each
    other’s eyes. They must have roused
    attention in the restaurant. Too late!
    Jeez was he gonna kiss me? Udeme
    thought. Duncan and Nadina walked
    in looking shocked as th ey saw the fearful look in her eyes. “Excuse me?
    Is he disturbing you?” Duncan asked
    looking the stranger up and down.
    Who was he, hovering over Udeme?
    Duncan thought. He studied him
    some more, the man was way too fly, he felt threatened. “I’m sorry,
    nothing’s wrong. He’s just a new
    friend I met. See?” She hugged the
    stranger lovingly, “Oh, you mean it?
    Alright.” Duncan backed out. “I’m in
    love with your friend,” the stranger smiled as he shook Duncan’s hand,
    Udeme blushed shyly. The stranger
    winked at her. All this while, Nadina
    felt lost, she just stood there staring
    at the most sexy man ever! She felt
    weird. He somehow looked familiar. She felt jealous this once for her
    friend UD. She, Nadina always got
    the attention, after all she was light
    skinned and prettier with a sexier
    figure. She smiled as the stranger
    took her hand in his and kissed it. “You’re such an angel,” the stranger
    remarked and found UD staring
    jealously. He winked again. Duncan
    actually felt jealous of this man,
    complimenting his friends like that.
    “Have my card, my love. Please make sure you call me,” he stretched out his
    card to Udeme, kissed her fore head
    and left. For the first time in her life, a
    man wanted her for her, and not as a
    means to get her friend.

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    Wow some people still get brain oo, to write meaningful things like this, good one @mubarak but this your name day fear me oo. “It sounds terroristic”

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    Is dat all ?

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    Completed as in finished?

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    Completed as in finished?<>

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    Na long-throat u wan do us?

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