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    Precious, your adversaries are much stronger than you think. Praying for death is not the best option

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    God will surely make a way

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    see more troubles ahead

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    God will see u tru

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    Episode 5
    like Michael would always say any time he faces misfortune,” my life had become a miss call direct from MTN customer car service. ” I was more or less like an abandoned project by the federal government.
    I wasn’t tired of praying,I prayed for my death,I prayed for my unborn child to die too rather than coming into these world to suffer unnecessarily.
    I had just one reason to smile each day when I wakeup and that was because Alice and Vero were always there for me. when we are given labour to work they would share mine into two and add to theirs,when their people bring food,they would divided it for me to eat morning and night or afternoon and night pending on the time the food was brought. they went as far as collecting money from their people each time they bring food just for my up keep and these has made it be that whenever I want to question God for not haven’t taken my life so far and I remember the suffer and stress Alice and Vero had gone through so far for my sake I have a change of mind instantly.
    soon i was 3 months gone,though in prison I was looking so good and fresh,my beauty was glooming each day,my stomach refused giving any sign of me being pregnant but my friends Vero and Alice were those suffering it,they were so unkept and slim,most times I found myself crying whenever i remember the suffering they were taking just for my sake and for that of my unborn child. most times they could stay two days without food and working on empty stomach just to provide enough for myself and my unborn child.
    Alice: see Precious,if you know anything wey you go do for these child to resemble go do am o because if these pikin no resemble me e go be war o
    Vero: you don try,but na me the pikin resemble
    Alice: tah machionu gi,pikin wey I don see for dream
    Me: you both should stop these jhoor,na una give me belle ni?
    Both: *lol*
    Vero: well I just want a fat baby o,I mean healthy
    Alice: yes I support you,the pikin should have my shape
    Vero: hahaha,you don kill English,see bomb,the pikin should have my shape
    Me: *lol*both of you please don’t kill me o,who even gave you both the idea that the baby would be a girl
    Vero: before nkor,no be girls surround you here so,na girl you go born.
    Alice: see let me tell you,once you just give birth to a baby boy,just from hospital yell the warders to change cell for you
    Me: *lol* yes ma,I have heard you.
    Well the only food you would see both not sacrifice to me are those their meal of beans,they know I hate it so much, then soaking of garri,because Vero wouldn’t let that
    Vero: no just try take that tasteless garri o make our baby no vomit o.
    Another thing was that the memory or warder Bisi couldn’t just leave my head,I think of her most of the time,I had just an opportunity speaking with her but I must confess she was indeed a nice person,if I had known I wouldn’t had ever asked her of my pains maybe she would have still been alive.
    Though treated like a queen in prison by my two friends my life was still complicated and being that I now have enough reason to think of Richard.
    Four months gone and my stomach was still flat,most times my friends would jokely say
    Vero: bae you sure say you get belle?
    Alice: me mah wan ask say question o abi we no dey feed you well
    Me: I myself am really confused,I wish i can open my stomach and check
    Both: *lol*
    Vero: no fear,na joke we dey
    Alice: I heard most women don’t really get big tommy on pregnancy and am certain that’s the kind of stomach Precious has
    Vero: I hope I have that kind of stomach o
    Alice: who dash you,abeg bae how the antenatal of yesterday go,hope say that doctor no demand money again
    Vero: yes,you just reminded,sorry I forgot to ask,so how was it?
    Me: she said am fine and I should try do much Uncooked meat or fish.
    Raw or partially cooked eggs, and products such
    as fresh mayonnaise which may contain raw
    Milk that has not been pasteurised.
    Soft cheeses which are mould-ripened or made
    from unpasteurised milk, such as Brie and
    Camembert, or soft blue-veined cheeses such
    as Danish Blue.
    Pâté of any sort.
    Raw shellfish.
    Shark, swordfish and marlin (due to high
    mercury levels).
    More than two portions per week of oily fish.
    Unwashed fruit or vegetables. (Fruit and
    vegetables should be washed due to the small
    risk of toxoplasma from soil.)
    Vero: abeg e don do,na were u wan see all those ones for here
    Alice: nna tell us the important aspect
    Me: all are important na,well she said I should increase my exercise and the level of vitamins D
    Alice: that’s no problem,just don’t worry you would have a fast and safe delivery
    Vero: yes that’s true
    Me: thanks to you both a lot
    Vero: do born make I carry pikin
    Me: am worried
    Both: about what?
    Me: my child,I don’t want to give it out to anybody
    Vero: that shouldn’t bother you,my parents would take care of the child
    Alice: if her parents no still f
    gree,mine will accept
    Me: really?
    Both: yea
    Me: oh thank God,one of my worries is gone,guess what girls
    Both: what?
    Me: guess jhoor
    Vero: you are happy?
    Me: of course I am but that’s not it
    Alice: you met a new guy at the hospital who is willing to help
    Me: craze girl,man call woman no
    Vero: tell us na
    Me: hmmmm,the doctor said I should expect a set of twins
    Both: heyyyy
    Me: stop shouting jhoor
    Alice: oh my God,you don’t mean it
    Vero: tell me its a lie,you just joking right?
    Me: no,the scan showed it
    Alice: for these small belle you wan born twin?
    Vero: na same question me wan ask be that o
    Me: if una ask me all these question na who I go ask kwanu?
    Both: baba God
    All: *lol*
    As time goes by,a pastor came to the prison to take fellowship,when he saw me he asked to speak with me but the warders refused,he insisted so he was permitted to chat with me in private
    Pastor: am pastor James
    Me: Precious sir
    Pastor James: I saw you locked up alone in the prison while the rest have fellowship with me,why?
    Me: nothing sir
    Pastor James: no no dear,talk to me or are you not a Christian?
    Me: I am sir,just that they don’t want me to associate with anyone here,especially visitors sir
    Pastor James: why?
    Me: nothing sir
    Pastor James: nothing? oh c’mmon,talk to me,no matter what the problem is I want you to know God is in control
    Me: sir its really nothing
    Pastor James: hmmm,so tell me,what brought you to prison
    Me: nothing sir,I rather prefer not to talk about it
    Pastor James: oh c’mmon,just trust God
    Me: *whisper* sir you better leave,your life might be at sake
    Pastor James: don’t worry,am under the protection of the most high God.
    I tried to make him leave me in peace but he insisted and insisted till I decided giving him a trial.
    He was touched by my story and promised to help,he said he would be going down to Richard immediately he leaves and promised talking to Richard alone,I was grateful and thanked him,I wasn’t that excited,I only prayed he succeeds but the next morning I was greeted by a shocking news, pastor James had been murdered in cold blood the previous day on leaving the prison.
    I couldn’t cry,I was shocked to my marrow,but it wasn’t my fault,I tried warning him but he insisted,now look the outcome,first it was warder Bisi,now pastor James,I wonder what the future holds,now I know close eyes are fixed on me and when I finally put to bed,whom so ever I gave my children to nature might be in serious trouble..
    To be continued..

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    Hmmmmm. Instead of sending the warder. Why not collect her phone to make a call

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    So deep

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