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    Monitoring spirits too much for you at that prison oooooooooooo………. Anyone that comes in contact with meets their untimely death…. Nawow!!!!!!!!!!

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    You better use Alice and Vero to spread you message to people who want to help you.

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    I believe that the president is aware of this

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    Episode 6
    everything about life for me really became boring,as each day passes and i remember my pregnancy is getting due,my heart skip at every thought of it.
    soon I was five months gone,life became scary to me,I was even noticing some funny changes in my body like I added weigh, my curves seem increased and my skin complexion lightened. most times when I stand on the ground I feel weightless.
    Most times I feel some funny sound from my tommy and most of all my tommy that has refused to raise just to indicate I was pregnant started raising though not much.
    it looked so funny and surprising to me.
    Something new started,and these was getting me so scare that most nights i force myself to stay awake all night just to prevent these new development and that was my continuous seeing of Warder Bisi that died about 3 months and some weeks ago in my dreams.
    I can’t really remember what the dreams are always all about but I can vehemently remember her stretching her hands forward to my tommy while she cries ” the child,the child,give me the child,the child now” and i have always rebuked her. some times when she appears to me in my sleep blood would be dripping from her mouth,she really looks horrible. in fact i do have illusions of those dream like its happening real.
    I had to relate these dreams to Vero and Alice
    Alice: God forbid,she should go after those that killed her and not you
    Vero: the living has nothing doing with the dead so she better go her way,don’t worry nothing would happen to your babies
    Me: those dreams scare hell out of me
    Alice: it is well,just don’t busy yourself thinking about it,God is in control
    Me: Amen.
    The dream soon changed,she could appear to me in these dreams and rather than ask for the child as she usually does she would try telling me something in the dream but once I wakeup I forget all she said immediately though even with what and all she said in these dreams I never understood any.
    I told Vero and Alice again and they said I forget my dreams simply because I don’t pray before sleeping but I have always prayed.
    one certain dream I had that made me cried though it was just a dream but it reads more sense than a dream was and it happens that a male warder asked to see me and I went to see him as requested
    Warder: *smiling* fine girl,chai you fine o
    Me: thank you sir,you called me
    Warder: *stilling smiling* yes I did,you are very pretty o * placed his hands on my shoulder* see eh,I want us to be close,very close so you won’t have any problem here
    Me: *no longer comfortable* what do you mean sir
    Warder: *gave a sheepish smile as he looked left and right* I want us to mingle so we can be doing those things men and women do
    Me: *getting his hands off me in shock* God forbid, you and who
    Warder: * mood changed * see let me tell you,if you don’t accept these my kind proposal more people close to you will die o
    Me: meaning?
    Warder: *looks left and right* see am the one planted here to monitor you,I give report of your daily activities to my boss
    Me: *confused* I still really don’t get you
    Warder: what did you think kill that warder and pastor eh? its because they spoke to you on how to help you,am always aware of everything you do and my work is to give feed back on who speaks to you
    Me: * shocked * you mean you kill pastor and warder Bisi?
    Warder: no I only give report while my boss get the killers
    Me: *kneeling down weakly* why,so you are the one behind all these
    Warder: better you think about what I have told you if not I would also take the case of your closeness to those two other prisoners to the boss and you know what that means,she would get them killed once they get out of prison
    Me: *no no,please don’t do that please*
    Warder: then accept my proposal
    I was about screaming when I woke up,I was really sweating,I thought it was all reality at first,looking around in the dark prison and the only thing awake were the mosquitoes singing those annoying melodies of theirs,I got a bit relief
    Me: *my hands on my chest* thank God its just a dream.
    The next day happened to be the presidential election and two days after we all were glued to the radio to hear the out come,with every party vote counted called out my heart skip,I really felt like I was one of the running party with the tension I felt deep in my heart and only Vero and Alice understood why. then the final result was finally called with Richard’s father winning for a second tenor.
    days after,the thought of the dream didn’t leave my mind,I decided sharing it with Alice and Vero,that was few days after the presidential election
    Me: I had I disturbing dream
    Vero: when?
    Me: some days ago
    Alice: you and dream eh
    Vero: don’t mind her,abeg tell us *I narrated the dream to them* hmm nothing would happen,just get that off your mind and stop thinking so it won’t affect the baby o
    Alice: but wait o,that seem like a revelation o,the warder then pastor,what do you think?
    Vero: I just know an eye is closed up on Precious
    Alice: it might be we are been planned too
    Vero: hmmm,you have a point there,we should be careful then
    Me: am just so speechless
    Vero: don’t worry,everything would be fine soon
    Then we heard other prisoners shouting,we thought there was a fight going on at first but it happened the shout was raising cell to cell then ours,when I got the news,I forgot immediately that I was pregnant, the kind of celebration I gave I can’t explain,yes,the president actually kept to his words even without noticing it,he kept his word of sending back for me once he wins his second tenor but without his own knowledge of it.
    the news that we just received was that the president just gave an open speech for every prisoner to be freed with immediate effect not minding the jail term he or she is serving.
    by the time the three of us embraced in celebration,tea
    rs ran down my eyes,then our cell was opened,the warder that opened the cell gate was smiling
    Warder: am happy for you people o,you are free to go now.
    as we all marched out of the prison,walking to the room where we are to pull off the prison wear and wear the one we had come with,I suddenly felt cold,I needed to get home immediately to know if my parents are fine but I knew I was going to miss Alice and Vero greatly,I wasn’t going to waste time in seeing them again,I promise myself that.
    After we had had our prison wears changed,we *myself,Alice and Vero* stood to take a second look at the prison before leaving,some persons parents were already present at the prison to take their child ,wife,father,brother or sister.
    Vero: finally we are free
    Alice: yea,I guess the president kept his words to Precious
    Me: hmmm,yes he has but am sure he has no idea of it
    Vero: its time for that Clara of a girl to pay for her crimes
    Alice: I wish say I fit follow you Precious make I beat death comot for her body
    Me: your addresses please,by next week tuesday I would visit you guys
    Alice: make we visit you for aso rock na,you no understand as e dey go?
    Me: no no no,don’t try that,am keeping off there for now
    Vero: for what,are you scared of her?
    Alice: I wonder o
    Me: no not that,I must get to my parents first,maybe when I come to see you guys we all would go
    Both: correct girl
    Vero: take care of our unborn babies o
    Alice: yea
    Me: sure I will
    Vero: Alice see your people don come
    Me: even your own don come,write your address for me jhoor.
    we got a pen from one of the warders,they both wrote their address and gave me then we walked down to greet their parents,Vero and Alice even collected money from their parents and gave to me for my transport before they left,we hugged again and cried like the world has just ended.
    alone I walked out of the prison compound,my head resounded what Vero and Alice had told me before they left..

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    Am Sure The President has a Hand in u been in prison. Anyway congratulation.

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    So Precious,where is ur help really gonna come from? hmmmmm!!!

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    omowunmi olabisi
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    precious i will advice you stop people from going to the President or Richard it is suicide mission.. instead tell them to call your brother he will get in contact with Richard

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    CONGRAT Presh

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