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    Let see how you will get out, hm

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    Episode 9
    I was shown to a room with strick instructions from Tanko
    Tanko: *opens the room door* these is your room from now on and as you can see,whatever you might be needing to keep yourself company is in these room including video games that’s if you are the type of person into game but on no account,I repeat,on no account should you come out of these room without being called by me and I alone,if you do otherwise you will have yourself to blame,is that understood? *I just stared at him till he shouted* is that understood?
    Me: stop shouting at me,am not your salve to take instructions from you
    Tanko: *kind of shocked from the way I replied him,he tried to recover by forcing out those wicked laughter* oh really? you now have guts right?
    Me: I was never scared of you and if I was,then I am no more
    Tanko: do I need to remind you that I can kill you whenever I want? oh for your information you are my salve and a dead one at that,the only thing keeping you alive now is these pregnancy
    Me: *lol* am so scared,why not just kill me right now and here rather than suffer me more
    Tanko: *looked flabbergasted* suffer! have you suffered yet? no no no because I don’t think so,those those you had at the prison and called suffering were all child’s play or do you think I don’t know how much you enjoyed in there with the help of those two you made friends! I had my eyes on you all through your stay in prison and those friends of yours are just so lucky I was in a good mood as at when they got out of prison and also you have saved they a big deal because if you had mistakenly followed any of them home like they had asked you to,their selves and their families would have been in hell by now running errands for the devil himself*he said in a disgusting manner,I was so shocked*
    Me: so its been you all these while! *I noticed tears dropped from my eyes* it is you who killed the warder and the pastor! *shouts out* you are wicked,you are so wicked and God will punish you *broke down in tears*
    Tanko: *lol* it would have been anybody,it would have been me too but no offence,its to teach people to learn minding their business especially those two *lol* am sure,in their next life,they won’t poke nose into issues that does not concern them so stop crying
    Me: *crying* God will punish you,God will punish you and your sender,God knows I did no one no wrong
    Tanko: hey keep shut,save your self strength for you delivery because someone has already paid for that child you have in there *lol*.
    I don’t know what actually happened when he made that last comment but it was as if my spirit left me for sometime before coming back into me,my hands holding my chest due to the way it skipped
    Me: please tell me you were joking
    Tanko: you had me right,your unborn child has been bought
    Me: *quickly I went on my kneels with tears rolling down like an open tap,I suddenly forgot I was weak and hungry* please Tanko please,don’t sell my unborn child,please,you can kill me,do whatever you want with me but please do not take my baby away from me when I put to bed
    Tanko: * he gave a wicked laughter * why are you suddenly pleading,I thought you said you are not afraid of me*made to walk out but I held his right leg*
    Me: *in tears* please,am begging you,haven’t I been through enough,haven’t I suffered to Clara’s satisfaction,why want to suffer my unborn child for a crime he knows not
    Tanko: that reminds me,I have my eyes fixed on your two prison friends,if they make any attempt to visit the president,maybe to see you are something,then you won’t blame me for their death*he forced his leg off my hold and walked away*
    Me: *crying* pleassssse,ha ha ha ha,what have I done to deserve these.
    I sat by the entrance of the room crying,simply forgetting I was to take my bath,I was lost in the agony of life,I felt like committing suicide but I was only afraid of hell.
    As I start by the door crying,Obele came to call me that food is ready but I didn’t even give a second thought of looking up to him and he didn’t repeat his self,he just turned and left me in my sorrow.
    Memories of my old self ran though my mind,memories of Richard and his sweet coated tongues,the first day I saw him staring at me at the road with Michael standing by my side,the first day I met him in school,how I had tried to avoid him but fell in love with him at the process, my engagement night to him and all that made me cry the more.
    yesterday I was so happy I was going home out of prison to announce to Richard that am expecting our first kids,his twin but now look at me,from grace to grass,from prison to another prison,waiting for death,waiting to give birth for my kids to be sold,I wonder what happens when Tanko finally discovers am with twins,oh my God,I won’t even have the opportunity to nature my children,the only thing that has been consoling me all these while is soon to be given out to another woman who probably don’t know the pains of bearing a child,who probably don’t have any idea how it feels in pregnancy.
    I prayed to God to take my unborn babies,I don’t want them yo see the surface of the earth anymore,I can’t stand another woman taking them from me for God knows what.
    I was still wiping when Tanko came back again
    Tanko: where you not told I called you to come and eat
    Me: you are mean,you ate so wicked and heartless,how do you expect me to eat when you are about taking the only thing thay consoles me since you took my freedom and replaced it with sorrow and pain,when you took my freedom and replaced it with everyday agony *I cried the more*
    Tanko: I didn’t take your freedom,am only under instructions and carrying out my duty,you should be happy I decided selling your unborn child because the order was for me to kill him or her as soon as its born. you better come and eat before you starve to death
    Me: let me starve,let me die,what do you care! what did Clara tell you I did that is so unforgivable and warranting these punishment
    Tanko: what’s my business with what you did to her as long as she is giving me a good pay
    Me: you are worst than the devil *crying*
    he said nothing,he just said at me for a while before taking his leave
    by evening they were able to arrange a female doctor to come always look after me,she looked so mean in appearance and after checking on me that evening in my room she asked that I follow her to the sitting room where Tanko was,on getting to the sitting room she asked if I had eaten
    Tanko: she has refused to eat
    Doctor: hmmm,its not good to starve in pregnancy so try get her something to eat and make sure she eats well always
    Tanko: food is no problem
    Doctor: another thing,did she by any means fall?
    Tanko: I don’t know of that,hey did you fall.
    I just stared at both like I was deaf and dumb but deep inside me I tried remembering if I fell at anything and o yes I did,I can remember I fell trying to escape Tanko’s men the previous day
    Tanko: am asking you
    Doctor: well never mind,she did fell and from the test I ran on her she might have complications during child birth if not taken care of
    Tanko: do everything humanly possible and necessary to advert the issue
    Doctor: I will,by tomorrow I would get her drugs to help her
    Tanko: thank you
    the doctor picked up her things and left while I just stood up and went back to the room.
    for the rest of that day I didn’t see Rita again.
    At about 11 pm I felt so uneasy in the room so I decided to come out not minding Tanko’s earlier warnings and surprising enough I met only Obele in the sitting room but fast asleep while his phone was lying close to him, without a second thought I made for his phone and tapping the phone screen it gave light showing it wasn’t locked,I hastened back to my room with the phone and as soon as I got in I locked it properly,I tried to remember my dad’s number but couldn’t, I was obviously missing up numbers,even Ella’s number was no go area,oh Richard,I can never forget his number,I quickly dailed his number and get the phone closely to my ear,it was actually rining.

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    that heartless bi.tch paid for your child?

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    You are facing a lot Precious

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    I hope u will not be caught trying to reach Richard and i pray richard picks his fone early before u will be caught

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    Nw it sim as u r getting a beta life

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    If you’re caught while making the call ehn

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    i only pray GOD help u

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