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    John Gomezz
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    God b with u hope u dnt get caught

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    Hmm, I hope you won’t get caught

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    make your call quick and delete your call history before they catch you….

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    Just text him & delect the text

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    Lets c wot happns

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Richard please pick up fast cos ur help is really needed here!!!

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    You should avoid call Micheal, Richard is dangerous for your life

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    Episode 10
    The phone rang for some few minutes and stopped, I quickly redialled the number and it started ringing again
    Me: pick please sweet,pick up,take your calls honey please *I kept saying in a low tone*
    Richard didn’t take his calls till it stopped ringing again,I wanted to redial the number when I heard Obele’s voice from the sitting room
    Obele: whosoever that took my phone here should return it o,who took my phone?
    I quickly switched the phone off and took out the battery,I bent over and dropped the phone under the bed but I felt it wasn’t safe there,I was really shivering and trying to figure out what my life would be like if caught, took an empty pure water sachet and opened it wide making sure the water in it is dried off then I put the phone and it’s battery in it but the phone seem bigger than the sachet,I quickly opened the wardrobe and found a thick nylon in it,I supported it to that of the phone and tied it properly,entered the bathroom and opened the toilet flush valve,I placed the phone there and covered it back.
    I felt it was okay there though I fear water might get into it soon but that place happens to be the safest place to keep the phone to avoid being caught,thank God for the water prove I wore it.
    by the time I came back to the room I heard foot steps approaching my room,I quickly jumped on the bed pretending to be asleep.
    the person tried opening the door to the room but could so the person knocked loudly or should I say the person banged the door
    Me: *forming a sleepy voice* who is there
    Voice: open these door now
    Me: okay am coming.
    I stood up from the bed making sure the bed makes a noisy sound to prove I was standing up from it and got the door opened behold it was Tanko
    Tanko: I have forgiven you but don’t try it next time,bring the phone you stole.
    deep inside me my heart skipped,it was beating so fast and I asked myself how he got to know I was with the phone,I just stared at him confusedly
    Tanko: you heard me right I believe so go get the phone before I change my mind*I just kept staring* don’t give me that look,you know what I mean.
    I just decided to take my chances
    Me: I don’t understand what you are talking about that’s why am mopping at you so would you be kind enough to explain?
    Tanko: you think am joking? *forced out a pistol gun from his waist and pointed at me,fear gripped me* if I count three and you don’t give me that phone I will blow of your head.
    I was moved or rather shaken,I wanted to go get the phone and apologize believing he saw me take it but on a second thought I summoned courage and stood still
    Tanko: 1,2,3 oh you want to prove stubborn
    Me: no,am just waiting for you to kill me like you wanted maybe that’s the only way you would get to understand that I don’t get what it is that you talking about
    Tanko: Obele,pikin,biology* they all answered from the sitting room * come here immediately.
    they came into the room and met him still pointing his gun at me not smiling,he got one of his hand into his pocket and brought out a Nokia torchlight phone and dialled a number,I guess it was Obele’s number then he placed it on speaker while our eyes were still glued on one another,the response that came from the phone was”the MTN number you are trying to call is currently switched off please try again later” he pressed the red button and dipped back the phone into his pocket
    Tanko: Obele,take her to another room,Biology,you and pikin search these room even if it means turning these room upside down tonight and God help her if I get to find the phone here.
    Obele held my upper arm and lead me out of the room into another room,the tension in my heart was so much that I hardly recognized a second party in the room after Obele left.
    my heart was pounding real hard,the room was dark because the light in it was off.
    I sat on the bed wondering what happens if eventually the toilet flush valve gets opened and the phone found there but come to think of it where had Richard left his phone to,hope all is really well with him,it been closely six months we saw and talked last,I hope he still has me in mind and haven’t moved on,suddenly the bed sounded noisy like someone was rolling on it but before I could get up the person touched me,I quickly jumped on my feet and made for the switch,on switching on the light I found out it was no other person but Rita,she smiled at me almost immediately before speaking up
    Rita: what are you doing in here?
    I felt like telling her the truth maybe she would help out but on a second thought I decided keeping it to myself in other not to endanger any ones life anymore so I just stared at her,maybe she understood
    Rita: its okay,c’mon to the bed,you need rest
    Me: *walk back to the bed and sat back* thanks
    Rita: sorry I startled you
    Me: its no problem
    Rita: how is your baby?
    Me: fine,thanks
    Rita: okay,its late already let’s sleep.
    she laid down properly facing the walls then echoed the words “good night” I laid down too backing her,but each sound I hear got me scared thinking they found the phone. I just couldn’t sleep,I know Richard must had seen the miss calls now and would be trying to call back the number,I felt uncomfortable with the pillows and got it off under my head,I laid still till I slept off.
    By the next morning I felt so lazy getting up,I was still on bed when Rita brought my brought fast.
    I stood from bed collecting the food from her,a meal of fried plantain with sardine source and a cup of tea.
    after eating I picked the plates to the kitchen but stopped half way when I heard Tanko talking to his men
    Tanko: it so unfortunate that we can’t trust one another in these house,stealing from each other,it so very bad but I advice that these should be the first and last these action repeats itself,Obele missing phone should be the very first and last property to ever miss in these house,I don’t want to point accusing fingers but next time these repeats itself I will drop all of you and make new men,is that taken?
    All: yes boss
    Tanko: you can go and have your break fast now.
    I headed down to the kitchen and dropped the dirty dish,turning back I saw Obele,he just stared at me for some minutes before speaking
    Obele: I saw you take the phone,do well to return it after use *smiled* I will only keep you that secret and none again
    I mopped at him like I don’t know what he was driving at and without any response I left the kitchen
    To be continued

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